Students Supervised

(As Major Professor=13; As Committee member= 30)

A. As Major Professor and Chairman of the Advisory Committee: 13

Sl. No. Name of the student with Registration No. Title of Thesis Degree Term of graduation
1. Mohammad Matin Akand
Reg. No. 11-08-2715
Department: Horticulture
Heterosis and combining ability in line × tester crosses of Summer Tomato MS
Autumn 2013
Mohidul Islam
Reg. No. 11-11-2723
Department: Horticulture
Effect of boron on yield and quality of different broccoli genotypes MS Winter 2013
Md. Mamunur Reza
Reg. No. 11-11-2725
Department: Horticulture
Influence of GA3 on growth, yield and shelf life of broccoli MS Summer 2014
Zakaria Alam
Reg. No. 07-05-1940
Department: Horticulture
Effect of potassium on yield and storability of different potato varieties under natural condition MS Summer 2014
5. Sabnam Moonsat
Reg. No. 11-08-2707
Department: Horticulture
Effect of potash fertilizer on yield and chips quality of different potato varieties MS Autumn 2014
Kazi Tahmina Akter
Reg. No. 08-05-2041
Department: Horticulture
In vitro regeneration of mint (mentha sp.) using different growth regulator and explant MS Winter 2014
Orthita Howlader
Reg. No. 08-05-2075
Department: Horticulture
Growth analysis and yield performance of four potato varieties MS Winter 2014
8. Jamila Akter Tuly
Reg. No. 12-11-2896
Department: Horticulture
In vitro regeneration of nine mint genotypes using different explants MS Summer 2015
Raihana Rumman
Reg. No. 13-05-3086
Department: Horticulture
Characterization and evaluation of twenty two mint genotypes MS Autumn 2015
10. Mahbuba Rahman
Reg. No. 13-05-3087
Department: Horticulture
Performance of tube rose under saline soil MS Winter 2015
11. Md. Masud Karim Prodhan Reg. No 16-11-4161 Department: Horticulture Influence of GA3 on seed production of BU cauliflower-1 MS Winter, 2018
12.  Md. Ajimul Haque
Reg. No. 14-05-3236
Department: Horticulture
Performance of cucurbitaceous and leguminous vegetables in modified floating bed MS Winter 2020
13. Md. Asif Khan
Reg. No. 18-08-4891
Department: Horticulture
Growth and vase life of gladiolus influenced by different chemicals and plant growth regulators MS Summer 2021