Participation in Notable Research Activities

  • Have been serving as Principal Investigator in the long term research project “CRP Hill-1: Harnessing the potentialities of Harnessing the Potential of Hill Agriculture: Enhancing Crop Production through Sustainable Management of Natural Resources” funded by the Krishi Gobeshona Foundation, BARC, Dhaka.
  • Served as Principal Investigator in the research project “Evaluation of herbicide use in Bangladesh agriculture with special reference to wetland rice” funded by KGF/World Bank.
  • Worked as Co-Project Director in the project “Impacts of shrimp farming on agriculture, ecology and socio-economics in the coastal region of Bangladesh” (funded by USDA).
  • Worked as Co-Investigator in the project “Impacts of anthropogenic activities on natural resources and food security in the coastal region of Bangladesh” (funded by USAID/FAO).
  • Worked as a Co-Investigator in the UNESCO funded research project “Agricultural practices and their impacts on the ecology and biodiversity of the Sundarbans area of Bangladesh.
  • Worked as Co-investigator in the research project “A Preliminary Assessment of Peri-Urban Agriculture in Bangladesh: An Agronomic and Socio-Economic Analysis of Production, Consumption and Marketing of Agricultural Produces in Dhaka City” funded by the Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of the Peoples Republic of Bangladesh.