To enroll in the M S in Agro-processing program one needs to complete Bachelor in Agriculture or Bachelor in Agricultural Engineering or Bachelor in Food Science or Bachelor in Food Engineering or equivalent.

A. Major Courses   Minor Courses
1a. Core   2a. Core
AGP 501 Processing of Field Crops   AEC 520 Agril. Marketing and Trade
AGP 502 Processing Technology of Fruits and Vegetables   PLP 540 General Microbiology
AGP 503 Processing of Fish, Meat and Dairy Products   2b. Elective
AGP 504 Product Packaging and Quality Control   HRT 616 Post Harvest Physiology of Horticultural Crops
1b. Elective   AGR 525 Principles of Seed Science & Technology
AGP 510 Basic Thermodynamics, Heat and Mass Transfer   STT 501 Methods of Statistics
AGP 511 Refrigeration, Air Conditioning and Cold Storage   AFE 510 Utilization of Tree Products
AGP 512 Beverage and Fermentation Technology   ENT 518 Integrated Pest Management
AGP 513 Agro-industrial By-products & Waste Management   HRT 621 Processing of Horticultural Crops
AGP 514 Foods and Nutrition    
AGP 515 Plant Design, Layout and Management    
AGP 516 Unit-operations in Agro-processing    
AGP 517Agro-product Storage and Inspection    
B. Seminar

AGP 598 Seminar

C. Thesis Research

AGP 599  Thesis Research