The Faculty of Graduate studies offers MS and PhD Program in specialized disciplines of Agriculture. The academic wing con­sists of 17 aca­demic departments and one academic unit. The Dean of Graduate Studies coordinates the academic activities of the University at graduate level. The Department Head administers the academic programs of the respective department. Each academic department has a Board of Studies (BOS) comprising of all faculty members of respective department/unit and an external expert member of the same discipline.  The BOS is chaired by the head of the respective department/ unit. The BOS reviews departmental academic programs, course require­ments, course offering plan and related matters. The Dean is the Academic Head of Graduate Program. The Dean is assisted by an Additional Registrar for academic matters and an Additional Controller of Examinations for examination issues.

The academic issues are discussed at the academic council and approved or recommended to the syndicate for approval. The Dean brings the Graduate Program related academic issues to the Academic council.