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The department of Dairy and Poultry Science was established in 2011 with the objectives of teaching, research and extension activities under the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science at Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Agricultural University. The department has included two major disciplines; Dairy Science and Poultry Science containing specialized fields such as management, nutrition , breeding a nd genetics, and molecular genetic in both of undergraduate and post graduate levels. The courses at undergraduate level in the above mentioned field are made giving emphasis on production and improvement of livestock and poultry, and its products as per need of the consumers. The department has also developed courses for post graduate program, which was functioned since March, 2016. It has a wide scope and research facilities to provide basic and applied knowledge to undergraduate and graduate level students. Dairy and Poultry farms are facilitating the practical knowledge to the students and extension workers, and conducting need based research to improve dairy and poultry products. The department is also engaged in cutting edge research to increase livestock and poultry production, while reducing costs, ensure its products are free of disease and contamination and safe to eat. The department is inevitable to provide meat, egg and milk as a source of animal protein to the human being by developing new technology. The department is also providing technical services to the national organization who are working in the relevant field (production of livestock and poultry) through training program, and consulting stake holder and farmers directly.