DPS 161 General Dairy Science

Theory: Definition, disciplines in dairy science; zoological classification; different species of dairy animals; terminology; history of dairying, dairying in Bangladesh vs the world; animal behavior, animal comfort; life cycle; site selection, classification of dairy farms; Housing; biosecurity; dairy animals feed; lacteal secretion & products; milk marketing channel in Bangladesh; present & future prospects of dairy business & career in Bangladesh.

Practical: Introducing BSMRAU dairy farm; dairy animals housing; dairy animals behavior; identification of common feedstuffs; milk & milk products; milk marketing channel; routine work practices in dairy farm.

DPS 261 Dairy Animal Production & Management

Theory:  Advanced studies on breeds of cattle, buffalo, sheep and goat; dairy farm operation; daily routine work; record keeping; types, layout and measurement of different houses; management of heifers, lactating cows and others; physiology of milk synthesis, milk secretion and letdown mechanism; milking procedures and use of milking machine; planning of small and large scale dairy farm, ideal layout of a dairy farm; reproductive management, common diseases, vaccination schedule.

Practical: Acquaintance with different breeds of dairy animals; dairy farm plan and layout for successful dairy operation; housing of dairy animals; routine work practices in dairy farm; judging and selection of dairy animals; condition scoring; record keeping; methods of milking; tests for detecting abnormal milk and mastitis; visit to a dairy farm.

DPS 331 Dairy & Poultry Product Technology

Theory: Market Milk and  its physical properties;  food value, grades and classes , contamination of milk, milk borne diseases and its control;  collection and transportation of market milk; milk processing ; milk products cream, butter, butter oil, ghee, cheese, yoghurt and whey milk;  milk processing plant and its management .

Importance of poultry products technology; physicochemical changes of preserved eggs, uses of egg; preparation of egg recipes; poultry meat quality; processing and cut-up parts of broiler; preservation of poultry meat and meat products, nutritional value of meat, meat safety and hazard analysis and critical control Point (HACCAP).

Practical: Milk platform test; determination of acidity, fat, total solids, solid not fat and ash in milk; cream separator and separation of cream; manufacturing of of butter, butter oil /ghee, Cheese, yoghurt and whey milk.

Preparation of mayonnaise, pudding, nuggets, meat ball, chicken soup, kebab and sausages; demonstration of broiler processing and cut up parts; visit to broiler processing plant.

 DPS 131 General Poultry Science

 Theory: Scope and importence of Poultry and Poultry industry in Bangladesh; origin, domestication of poultry spices; terminology and classification of Poultry; breed and its characteristics; housing, feeds and feeding: nutritional quality, ration; eggs: types and composition, incubator and incubation of poultry; brooding and rearing.

Practical: Handling of poultry, identification of poultry breeds; external body parts and internal organs; identification of feed ingredients and farm equipments; identification of feathers; visit to poultry farm.

DPS 201 Poultry production and management

Theory: Problems and prospect of specialized fowl rearing in bangladesh; profitable poultry production; Site selection and construction of poultry farm; feeding methods and standard; forms of feed; Nutrient requirements and formulation of ration for poultry- poultry breeds, layer and broiler strains and its management;  formation, structure and nutritive value of an egg; egg production and its persistency; grading and packaging of egg; Integrated duck and fish production.

 Practical: Identification of breeds, variety (ies) and strains of poultry; design of an poultry farm; preparation of brooder house; debeaking of chicken; formulation of ration for poultry species; meat yield of chicken and duck; farm planning of chicken and duck; visits to specialized fowl production farm.

 DPS 401 Breeder farm management and hatchery operation

Theory: Breeder farms in Bangladesh; concepts of pure line; breeding programme for poultry improvement; selection and culling of parent stock, Parent stock management; Bio-security measurements;  litter management; Prevention and control of diseases; Vaccination for parent stock; Disposal of dead birds, manure and  litter materials; Hatching egg production and design and construction of hatchery; Incubator and  incubation of egg; Sexing, delivery and transportation of day-old chicks.

 Practical: Selection and culling of breeding stock; good and poor layer; Selection of hatching eggs; design and construction of hatchery; sanitation of  incubator and hatchery building; Fumigation of hatchery;  hatching  and candling of eggs; Sexing and delivery of day-old chicks; visit to commercial hatchery.