Dr. Shahahas engaged in teaching since 2011. He offers the following courses.

Courses Taught at BS level




FMG 461 Fisheries Management & Conservations

FMG 161 Biological Limnology



FMG402 Oceanography & Marine Biology

FMG101 Physico-chemical Limnology



FBE 131 Aquatic Biodiversity

FMG 131 Freshwater Ecology

FMG 131 Freshwater Ecology


Courses Taught at MS level:


Winter-term     FMG501 Fisheries Resources Management

Summer-termFMG560 Integrated Coastal Zone Management

Autumn-term   FMG 545 Marine Ecosystem, Biodiversity and Conservation

FMG 533 Estuarine and Coastal Dynamics


Taught Seminar Courses at MS and PhD levels:


Winter and Autumn-term: Seminar 598/698