Proctor office of the University has been well developed  including university security system. The Proctor office consisting of;

  1. One Proctor and
  2. Two Assistant Proctors

   is responsible for the discipline and conduct of the students within the University Campus outside the Residential Halls.

Currently the proctor office is also taking care of university security and discipline with the help of security section of the university. Security section consists of

  1. Two senior security officers
  2. One security assistant
  3. One hundred and fifteen security guards including ansar

The team also performs other duties required by the Vice-Chancellor regarding discipline of the students and security of the university.  Dr. Md. Arifur Rahman Khan and Dr. Mohammad Abdus Salam are the present Assistant Proctors of the University.

The Proctor shall be an officer of the University directly responsible to the Vice-chancellor and would be assisted by Assistant Proctors and security officers who would be responsible to the Proctor.


  1. To advise the University disciplinary committee on the critical and sensitive issues which may disturb the peace and stability of the University.
  2. To maintain discipline amongst the student community.
  3. To keep the office fully geared up to deal with the day-to-day security chores and also to meet out any contingent situation.
  4. To protect the property of the University.

Total manpower of Proctor office, Security department and Ansar are as below:

Designation Name


Teacher(Additional Duty) From To
Assistant Proctor Dr. Md. Arifur Rahman Khan 18-06-2017 Till date
Assistant Proctor Dr. Mohammad Abdus Salam 18-06-2017 Till date
Officers and Employee (security)
Sr. Security Officer Md. Rofiqul Islam 16-05-1996 Till date
Sr. Security Officer Md. Golam Jelani 25-02-2015 Till date
Asst. Security Officer  Md. Safiqul Islam  27-10-2016  Till date
Security Assistant Md. Aiyub Ali 03-11-2013 Till date
Permanent/Master roll/Man-day Employees      Number
Permanent guards 02
Master roll guards 04
Man-day guards 34
Computer Operator (Man day) (Proctor Office) 01
MLSS (Permanent) Md. Belal Hossain (Proctor Office) 01
MLSS( Man-day) Ahsan Habib (Security Section) 01
Total Manpower = (Proctor Office & Security Section) 50
Ansar Number
PC 01
APC 03
Ansar 56
Total Ansar = 60
Total Manpower = (Proctor Office + Security Section + Ansar)                    110