• More than 38 years experiences in education and research
  • Research and development with RDRS Bangladesh for more than 7 years funded by BARC
  • Served as team leader in a consultative group for study ‘A Comprehensive Study on the Rice and Vegetable Seed Sector of Bangladesh’ under Agribusiness for Trade Competitiveness Project (ATCP) Bangladesh funded by Swisscontact/DBSM, Katalyst, Bangladesh.
  • Served as short term consultant in the project “The assessment of the maize sector of Bangladesh: Present scenario, its opportunities and growth hindrances” funded by Swisscontact/DBSM, Katalyst, Bangladesh.
  • Principal Investigator of the RMC funded project “Development of short duration, high yielding, premium quality rice variety for Aus and Aman season”.
  • Principal Investigator of the MoST funded project “Adaptability trial of promising advanced lines of mungbean”.
  • Principal Investigator of the MoE funded project “Development of blackgram variety tolerant to soil flooding”.
  • Co-Investigator of the BARC funded project “household consumption of pulses, rice and vegetables in selected areas of Bangladesh”.
  • Principal investigator of NATP-KGF funded project “Impact of rice – wheat / potato – mungbean cropping system on farmers’ employment opportunity, food security and livelihood in selected Monga prone areas in northern districts of Bangladesh.
  • Program leader of BARC funded project “Increasing pulses production program.”
  • Co-Investigator of the SID/DANIDA, MoA funded project evaluation of farmers’ seed quality.
  • Co-Investigator of the EU-FAO cotton IPM in Bangladesh project. Survey work.
  •  Site Coordinator of farming system research site, Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute. Worked at farm level in different districts of the country. Involved in crop research, survey, monitoring and impact assessment.

Other experiences

  • Course Coordinator for 14 batches (20 in each batch) for 3 month long Postgraduate Certificate Course on Seed Technology, funded by MoA.
  • Course Coordinator of Short Course on Seed Science and Technology, funded by IRRI


BARI-ACIAR awarded Certificate of Scientific Achievement in recognition of outstanding contribution to research and development of pulses.

Crop variety developed: 10 (Rice 2, Mungbean 6, Chickpea 1 and Soybean 1)

Technology developed: Four crops in sequence viz. T. aman rice (BU dhan 1) – potato or mustard – Mungbean (BU mug 4) – T. aus rice (Pariza)

External peer reviewer for academic quality assurance

  • Bangladesh Agricultural University
  • Bangladesh Open University
  • Green University of Bangladesh


  • Krishibid Institution Bangladesh
  • Bangladesh Society of Agronomy
  • Bangladesh Society of Seed Technology
  • Bangladesh Society of Advancement of Science
  • Plant Breeding and Genetics Society of Bangladesh

Position in professional society

  • General Secretary, Bangladesh Society of Seed Technology
  • President, Teachers’ Association, BSMRAU