Department of Animal Breeding and Genetics (ABG) has started its journey in 2011 as a department under the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science (FVMAS). The department of ABG is committed to the policy of providing educational opportunities to all qualified students regardless of their economic or social status, and will not discriminate on the basis of race, colour, sex, creed, age, marital status or national origin. In this consequences, department offers courses for DVM students, and to conduct research on Genetics, Breeding, Reproduction, Molecular Biology and Biotechnology in the field of animal agriculture. The department has already developed the course curricula and course contents for the degree of MS in Animal Breeding and Genetics and submitted to the Academic Council for approval. Hopefully the department is going to offer MS degree very soon.

Laboratory for practical classes and Research facilities are available in the field of Genetics, Molecular biology, Animal breeding, Animal Reproduction and biotechnology.