Vision, Mission, Goal and Objective


Fostering Quality teaching and research that develop highly skilled and educated people necessary to advancing the well-being of the nation in general and farming communities in particular.


Contributing to society through the pursuit of agricultural education, research and innovation for sustainable development.


Enhancing the growth and Development of the farm economy in Bangladesh by providing intellectual leadership and producing quality graduates in different fields of agriculture.


  • To serve as a “Center of Excellence” for agricultural education leading to BS, MS and PhD degrees.
  • To provide an education consistent with international standards through well designed academic programmers.
  • To conduct basic and applied research to generate appropriate and sustainable technologies in the different fields of agriculture.
  • To disseminate and transfer generated technologies to the end users through training and outreach activities
  • To provide policy support focusing on local and national issues within the national agricultural research framework with emphasis on food and nutrition securities of the country.