Satya Ranjan Saha, PhD

Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Agricultural University (BSMRAU), Gazipur-1706, Bangladesh.
E- Email:,
Cell: +8801712-541000 (Bangladesh)
Office: +88(02)9205310-14(2037 Ext.)

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Present Position

Department of Agroforestry and Environment
Faculty of Agriculture &
Provost, Ladies Hall (Temporary), BSMRAU



  • Post-Doc, RDA, NISA, South Korea
  • PhD, BSMRAU, Gazipur, Bangladesh (2001)
  • M.Sc. Ag in Horticulture, Bangladesh Agricultural University (1986)
    Bachelor of Science in Agriculture (Honours), Bangladesh Agricultural University (1982 held in 1984)

Professional experiences

  • Professor, BSMRAU (2016 to till date)
    Associate Professor, BSMRAU (2012-2016)
    Principal Scientific Officer, BARI (2009-2012)
  • Senior Scientific Officer, BARI, Gazipur (1999-2009)
  • Scientific Officer, BARI, Gazipur (1985-1999)

Research interest

Development of Multistoried Agroforestry Model; Alley Cropping System; Climate Change Issues; Improvement and Development of Horticultural Crops especially Fruits, Vegetables and Spices with a view to incorporate into the Agroforestry Model; Stress Physiology Particularly Heat and Salinity Stresses.

Course affiliation

Post Graduate Courses

  • Tree Physiology
  • Methods in Agroforestry Research
  • Homestead Agroforestry and Management
  • Soil Conservation and Watershed Management
  • Hill Ecosystem and Management
  • Forest Ecology
  • Seminar Courses (598/698)

Under Graduate Course

  • Introductory Agroforestry and Environment


Sl. No.

List of Publications

1. Rahman, M. M; M. G. Miah and S. R. Saha. 2016. Combat Climate Change challenges in Considering Climate Vulnerabilities and Risk factors for Wheat Production. SAARC J. Agri. 14(2): 143-155.
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