Research interest:

My research interest is focused on the physiology and biology of fishes in response to climate changes. This field of research required detailed understanding of fishes’ biology and physiology and specific organ function. Development of resiliency in response to climate changes parameters such as temperature and salinity in many fishes are species specific. Conducting this research in the field are cumbersome due to many un-control variables in the surrounding. Therefore, laboratory validation of the fishes’ response to various climate changes parameters has expended greatly due to the development of high-throughput experimental methodologies. These experimental methods provide the keys to a greater understanding of resiliency in response to climate changes parameters. These approaches can discover truly novel bio-physiology, and I am committed to apply the results of the experiment in the real-world system. Other research interests I have explored in the past few years were the genetic structure and stock discrimination identification of our national fish Hilsa shad through michondrial DNA D-loop region study and contributing to reducing the load of WSSV shrimp viral infection through the PCR diagnosis and development of management strategies for these two-fascinating species.