The Proctor Office of BSMRAU


Proctor office is a part and parcel as well as plays many important roles to maintain the rules and disciplines for running a university smoothly to ensure a quality education. This section was established in the university started from the year of 2000. Now it is situated in the 1st floor of TSC building. A proctorial body which consists of one proctor and two assistant proctors, maintains this section of the university. The section is responsible for the discipline and conduct of the students within the university campus outside the residential Halls.The security section of the university worked under the supervision of the proctorial body.

Activities of the proctor office

  • To advise the university student disciplinary committee on the critical and sensitive issues of the students which may hamper the peace and stability of the university.
  • To maintain discipline among the student community of the University.
  • To keep the office fully geared up to deal with the day-to-day security chores and also to meet out any contingent situation.
  • To observe student’s activities and also provide strong security activity by setting up IP cameras in different places of the university and
  • To protect the wealth and assets of the university.


Existing proctorial body of the university


Prof. Dr. Farhana Haque


Dr. Sabuj Kanti Mazumder

Assistant Proctor 

Dr. Foyez Ahmed Prodhan
Assistant Proctor





A list of former proctors of the university

Dr. Md. Abdul MannanAkanda

01-05-2000 to 31-03-2002

Dr. Md. ZinnatulAlam

31-03-2002 to 14-06-2005

Dr. Md. Abul Hossain Molla

14-06-2005 to 15-09-2005

Mr. Md. Nasimul Bari

15-09-2005 to 02-04-2006

Dr. Md. Abu Ashraf Khan

02-04-2006 to 01-03-2007

Dr. Jalal Uddin Ahmed

01-03-2007 to 01-06-2010

Mr. Md. Nasimul Bari

01-06-2010 to 01-10-2011

Dr. A. K. M. Aminul Islam

01-10-2011 to 24-04-2013

Mr. Md. Roshidul Hasan

24-04-2013 to 31-07-2017


Security section of the university

University security section plays a vital role to ensure the security to the employees and also to protect the property of the university under the close monitoring of proctor office. Mr. Md. Golam Jelani as Deputy Registrar and Mr. Md. Rofiqul Islam serve as senior security officer and Mr. Md. Safiqul Islam performs as assistant security officer. Besides one security assistant, one MLSS, two permanent guards, three muster roll guards, thirty seven man-day guards and fifty Ansars deploy in security section.