Research Collaboration






“Adaptation of Improved Soil Fertility Management Practices for Variable Soil Conditions under Intensively Cropping Systems” Funded by KGF/World Bank


“Quantifying System of T. Aman and Wheat Yield Gap in the Rice-Wheat Cropping System in Bangladesh” Funded by CIMMYT


2014-2016 “Pollution Assessment of Industrial wastes and Management Strategies for Food Security” Funded by BENBEIS, Ministry of Education of Bangladesh


2011-2014 “Rice Production in Drought Areas of Bangladesh” funded by KGF/World Bank.


2010-2014 “USDA-Cornell University (USA) Food for Progress (FFP) in Bangladesh”-arsenic toxicity in soil-water-plant system and its possible mitigation; and liming for increasing crop production in Acid Soils of Bangladesh, Funded by USDA.


2012-2013 “Adverse Effect of Climate Change and Adaptive Researches for Vulnerable Areas in Bangladesh” Funded by DANIDA/PSU-PC.


2009–2010 “Household Wastes Compost: It’s Effects on Soil Fertility and Productivity for Vegetables Production in Monga Area of Bangladesh” Funded by KGF/BARC/ World Bank.


2008-2009 “Arsenic Contamination in Groundwater to Soil and Their Impacts on Agriculture of Bangladesh” Grant Agreement (RGA) No. 07-135 LDC/CHE/AS – UNESCO FR: 3240170581, Funded by TWAS.


2007-2008 “Toxic Metals Contamination in Soil and Crops Environment through Industrial Wastes at Gazipur District” Funded by Ministry of Science & Technology (MOST), Bangladesh.


2002-2005 “Impact of Arsenic Contamination on Agricultural Sustainability and Food Quality” Funded by USAID.


1991-1995 “Phosphorus Chemistry Research at the Soil Science Laboratory of BINA” Funded by CIDA/BARC.