The medical center is situated at the focal point of the university campus and is easily accessible from all the students’ dormitories, offices and residential areas. It is open on working days in two shifts from 9am to 9pm (February 01 to Nov 30) and from 9am to 8pm (Dec 01 to Jan 31) and renders routine and essential medi-care services to patients. After the shift hours, a duty doctor and supporting staff are available on call who can be reached any time at the Hotline Number (+88-01723-200168).


  1. Routine and emergency medical services to students, teachers, officers, staff and their families & dependents. This service is provided round-the-clock throughout the year, including weekly and university holidays.
  2. Regular ante-natal, natal and post-natal advice are given to pregnant and lactating mothers.
  3. Regular vaccines are given to children in compliance with National Immunization Days.
  4. Regular monitoring of hypertensive and diabetic patients is done and advice given about therapeutic and non-therapeutic regimen.
  5. Blood glucose screening and monitoring services are available. ECG is also regularly done here, both for diagnostic and treatment purpose.
  6. Oxygen therapy and nebulization are given to respiratory distressed patients.
  7. The medical center has an air-conditioned ambulance which is well equipped for carrying emergency patients to hospitals.

The medical center is run by a team of experienced physicians and supporting staff. The existing manpower will be increased within this year to render more efficient medical services.


  1. Last year a total of 8,717 patients were treated at our medical center. Of them, 3823 were students and the rest were varsity employees and their family members. The female to male patient ratio was 1.5:1.
  2. The most prevalent diseases were of respiratory tract, both upper & lower, followed by gastrointestinal, musculoskeletal, urinary tract and dermatological problems. One notable feature was the increase of psycho-somatic symptoms amongst students, especially female, during exam times.
  3. The medical team also provides on-the-field treatment to school and university students during annual sporting events. It also provides emergency treatment to university school students and their guardians.
  4. With logistic assistance from Shandhani, voluntary blood donation programs were organized on the National Mourning Days, 2017 and 2018, where students, teachers, officers and staff participated spontaneously.

Important Service Only For Students

All the students are entitled to free treatment from the Medical Center including medications. But to avail this privilege, the students have to register at the Center and are issued with a Health Card which they are required to present whenever they come to the center for treatment.

The following documents are required for issuance of a student health card.

a/ Identity Card issued by the university authority

b/ One copy of passport-sized photograph

c/ Blood group report

Students who need medical treatment at their dormitories are requested to contact their respective Provosts or Assistant Provosts.

Future Plans

  1. To upgrade the outdoor-based medical center to a centrally air-conditioned full- fledged hospital with admission facilities for 10 patients (5 male, 5 female) and to keep the medical center/hospital open for 24 hours throughout the year.
  2. To establish a laboratory with the basic latest testing equipments, including X-ray and ultrasonogram.
  3. To make the dental unit functional with all the necessary instruments and supporting staff.
  4. To ensure specialist consultations for referred patients.


Our motto is to serve humanity to serve God