MS Thesis supervised as Major Professor

Effect of Salinity on Germination, Dry Matter Accumulation and Yield in Mustard Genotypes. Md. MollikZaman (MS in Agronomy).

Growth and Physiological Response of Mustard to Salinity. JohirRaihan, Reg. No.: 12-11-2899.

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Performance of Tidal Local Aman Rice at Non Tidal Condition Using USG. S. M. ShafiulAbedin, Reg. No.: 10-05-2482.

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Growth and Yield Performance of Foxtail Millets Under Salinity, AshrafunNahar, Reg. No: 13-05-2919.

MS Thesis supervised as member of the Advisory Committee

Performance of Soybean Genotypes as Affected by Spacing and Nitrogen Management. Mst Papia Sultana, Reg. No.: 08-05-2038(MS in Agronomy).

Food Security Assessment in SylhetHaor Area Emphasing Homestead Soil Productivity and Agricultural Resource Utilization. Md. RokunuzzamanTalukder, Reg. No.: 08-05-2110(MS in Agronomy).

Effect of Organic Amendments on Germination and Yield of Potato in Saline Soil. MstUmmeMariyaAkterShimu, Reg. No.: 13-11-3126(MS in Horticulture).

Effect of Dose of Herbicide on Weed Infestation and Performance of Wheat under Irrigated and Non-Irrigated Condition. SayedEshtiakAkter(MS in Agronomy).

Morpho-Physiological Changes of Wheat Varieties under Water Deficit Condition. TaheraTasmima, Reg. No.: 10-05-2423 (MS in Agronomy).

Farmers’ Preference for Selcted Rice varieties at MirzaganjUpazilla of Patuakhali District. Ahsanhabib Khan, Reg. No.: 15-05-3760 (MS in Agricultural Extension and Rural Development).

Amelioration of Salinity on Tomato by Exogenous Application of Calcium. KhurshidaJahanReg. No.: 11-05-2600 (MS in Agronomy).