Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Agricultural University (BSMRAU)

Salna, Gazipur-1706

Thesis and Dissertation of MS & Ph.D. which are available at the BSMRAU Library

Up to December, 2020

Sl.# Author                           Title Dept. Degree Year Page Remarks
01. Kamal Uddin Mollah Effect of Bulb size on Seed Production of two onion varieties. HRT MS 1982-83 56  
02. A.K.M. Shahriar Management of rice Seedling Damping off caused by achlya spp. In green house condition. PLP M Sc. 1983-84 33  
03. Naresh. Ch. Dev. Barma Variability, interrelationship in their relationship and path coefficient analysis in bread wheat. GPB MS 1983-84 59  
04. Mansura Begum Seed maturation of four varieties of rice AGR MS 1982-83 57  
05. Md. Ismail Hossain Mian Fungi of rough rice grains during storage and their relationship with germinability. PLP MS Oct./ 1974 53  
06. A.G.M. Shah Alam Mazumder A study on the performance of thir een chinese cabbage lines HRT MS 1982-83 31  
07. A.M. Md. Mosiul Hoque Growth yield and seed quality of two snap bean (phaseolus vulgaris L. ) varieties as affected by Irrigation frequency and fertilizer materials. HRT MS Mar./ 1988 212  
08. Md. Tajul Islam The effect of long term cropping pattern on the productivity of selected farms in Batangas. AGR MS Dec./ 1985 80  
09. Md. Ashraf Ali Choudhury Effect of water regime on yield and nitrogen up take of boro rice AGR MS 1983-84 45  
10. Malay Chandan Saha Inheritance of yield and Component characters in Brinjal HRT MS 1983-84 48  
11. Md. Hasan Hafizur Rahman Response of soybean to rhilzobium inoculation and fertilizer application SSC MS 1983-84 47  
12. Sushanta Majumder Influence of root and shoot pruning on seed preduction of carrot. HRT MS 1983-84 41  
13. Paresh Chandra Golder Effect of fertilizers and organic manure on the growth and yield of Banana on hillslope HRT MS 1983-84 69  
14. Jatish chandra Biswas Influence of carbo furan on leaf senescence Nitrogen uptare and yield attributes of mugbean AGR MS 1983-84   43  
15. Md. Nurul Islam Effect of mixed cropping Aus rice and foxtail millet at varying seeding ratios. AGR MS 1983-84 38  
16. Md. Ayub Ali Mechanism of resistance of some rice varieties to rice tangro virus complex PLP MS 1983-84 58  
17. Md. Sakhawat Hossain Efficicy of nematicides and oil cakes for control of root knot ( meloidogyne incognita) on potato seedlings. PLP MS 1983-84 43  
18. Golenur Begum Effects of date of planting on the growth and seed yield of cabbage. HRT MS 1983-84 40  
19. Md. Rafiqul Haque Yield and quality of radish seeds as influenced by different levels of root and shoot cuts. HRT MS 1983-84 45  
20. A.K.Md. A Hannan Bhuiyan Annalysis of the role of contract farmers in the traning and visit system of extension in comilla district of Bangladesh


AEE MS 24/6/69 250  
21. A.K.Md. A Hannan Bhuiyan A Qualtative evaluation of two integrated pest management training programs in nueva ecija province philippines, AEE MS 24/6/89 178  
22, Md.Sirajul Islam Stddy on different analyical methods for potassium deter mination in some Selected soils of Bangladesh SSC M.S 1983-84 81  
23. A. W.R Hassan Effect of rhizobium indculation and nitrogen fertilization on nodultion growth and yield of groundnet SSC M.S 1983-84 56  
24. Md. Abdul Matin Effect of sowing time on performance of two hyacinty bean varieties HRT MS 1984-85 46  
25. Md. Wahiduzzaman Mia Genetic analysis in country Bean sweet GPB MS 1984-85 73  
26. Saiyed Md Ibrahim A study on the variabilityand character association in tomatoes GPB MS 1984-85 59  
27. Md. Aminul Islam Response of two radish varieties under different moisture regimes HRT MS 1984-85 49  
28. Paul michael Hasewa Further investigations on shoot apex culture of asparagus officinalis L. PLSC MS March/1992 59  
29. Younes Rabi Studies on graft compatibility of some varieties of lemono pammelo rootstock. HORT MS 1984-85 55  
30. Jakhro Anwar Ali Variability of Rice yield Response to fertilization in A santa rita series in ILOILO  in relation to some soil chemical properties. SSC Ph.D 1980 227  
31. Francis Bolton Double cropping Rainfed Rice in iloilo  province central Philippines TAD Ph.D.   264  
32. Md. Nur-E Elahi Growth & Development  characteristics affecting the yield permormance of nine varieties of soybeans planted immediately after rice in two climtic regions of the phillipines AGR Ph.D   203  
33. md. Shafiqul Islam Mamin Effect of different population densities on the yield and other characters of two groundnut varieties AGR MS 1984-85 73  
34. Kazi Mamtazur Rahman Response of soybean (Glycine max L. merr) to rhizobium inoculation and urea application. SSC MS 1984-85 62  
35. Md. Nazibur Rahman A Comparative Evaluation of different methods of pollination on sunflower seed production ENT MS 1984-85 36  
36. Amanda Chandra Das Effect of cultural practices on the damping off incidence a of STPS seedling and its chemical control in vitro. PLP MS 1984-85 50  
37. Md. Asadul Haque response of soybean (glycine maxl merr) to Rhizobium inoculation and fertilizer application SSC MS 1984-85 59  


Mir Shah Alam Response of groundnut (Arachis hypoguca linn) to Rhizobium inculation and fertilizer application




MS   48  
39. Quazi Liaqat Ali A Study on the evaluation of growth of and yield performance of rape seed cultivars.


AGR MS 1984-85 39  
40. Md. Zohural Islam Effects of manuring on physical propertiss of soil SSC MS 1984-85 58  
41. Dewan Nesar Ahmed Mycoflora Associated with developing wheat grains PLP MS 1984-85 50  
42. Bilash Chandry Roy Effect of seedling age on growth and yield of Boro Rice AGR MS 1984-85 50  
43. A. Jalal Mondol Effect of different mini mum tillage techniques and mulching on the performance of potato. AGR MS 1983-84 38  
44. Sioddique Shafiul Basgar Variability in seed Dormancy and tolerance to accelerated ageing of seed in rice oryza sativa L. AGR MS 1986 146  
45. Firozahmed Control of foot and Root Rot of wheat. PLP MS 1983-84 44  
46.   A study on the prospect of growing wheat mustard and gran under zero tillage condition AGR MS 1982-83 25  
47. Alam Md. Zinnatul A Nuclear polyhedrosis virus (NP) of Pseudoplusia includens (Walrer) (Lepidopterh. Moctuidae) Effects on larval feeding and biological control potential. ENT MS 1983 60  
48.   Effect of different levels of nitrogen on the growth yield and quality of Banana cv. Amritasagar. HRT MS 1982-83 47.  
49. Abdul Hamid Effect of seed rates on the yield and yield contriibuting characters of two mutants of black gram and their parental cultivar. AGR MS 1982-83 34  
50. Abdul Hamid Performance of upland crops and their residual effects on rice in the humid tropics. AGR MS 1982


51. A. B. M. Mafizur Rahman Growth and metabolic response of saccharum species in relation to flooding. AGR Ph.D. 1983 102  
52. Mohd. Abdul Quadir Performance of a few Varieties of Banana under two soil condition. HRT MS 1975


53.   Effect of soil texure and soil moisture on germination of wheat seed under different soil types AGR MS 1981-82 41  
54. Abdul Quadir Chilling injury studies with the pickling cucumber (Cucumis sativusl) HRT MS 1983. 112  
55. Anan Polthanee The effect of nitrogen fertilizer application method and depth  planting on dry seeded rice


AGR MS 1980 118  
56. Md. Matiur Rahman Attitudes of the farmers towards high yielding variety of rice and organizational effectivness of ARPP.


AEE MS 1974 135  
57. Md. Abdul Awal Growth and yield of gima Kalmi as influenced by organic manuring and harvest frequency.


HRT MS 1984-85 51.  
58. Md. Ismail Hossain Mian Organic Amendmcnts of soil control of plant parasitic nematodes.


PLP MS 1982. 102  
59. Md. Tauhidul Iqbal Performance of mustard and lentil grown in different mixed and intercrop combinations AGR MS 1984-85 59  
60. Md. Shan-E-Alam Study on the varietal response of mustard to ethyl methanesul Phonate (EMS)and diethyl solkate (des) in M Generation GPB MS 1976 130  
61. Arun Kumar Biological effects of gamma-Rays and ethylmethane sulphate (ems) on dry seeds of tetraploid and hexaploid wheats. GPB MS 1976 138  
62. A. J. M. Abdullah Bari Effect of gypsum top dressing in groundnut inter cropped with maize AGR MS 1984-85 44  
63. Md. Badre Alam Role of Honey Bee blowfly and open pollination on onion seed production. ENT MS 1985-86 35  
64. Farhad Jameel Agricultural knowledge flows: A systems analysis and its application to the design of an operational model for Bangladesh BRRI Ph.D 1988 237  
65. Pankaz Kanti-Majumder Control of Damping of diseases of TPS seedlings PLP MS 1985-86 52  
66. Md. Firoz Alan Sikddar Studies on some epidemho calogieal Aspect of Rice seedling Dampings off PLP MS 1985-86 35  
67. Md. Rafiqul Islam Studies on the seed Borne fungal and nematode pathogens of Rice in Bangladesh PLP MS 1985-86 51  
68. Md. Abdus Samad Suitability of different puls as host of calloso bruchus. Chinensis line and C. Maculatus fab in storace. ENT MS 1985-86 48  
69. Arunendra Bhowmik Study of Heterosisin 22 rice crosses. GPB MS 1974 111  
70 Md. Mustafizur Rahman A Study of the quantitative characters of mutants in M3 and M4 Generations of Rice (oryza satival.) Var nizerail. GPB MS 1974-75 104  
71. A. H. Jaffor Ullah A study of the variations in some Quantitative characters of rice varities pular and IR 8-288-3 after Hybridization and seed IRRADIATION. CBT MS 1978 2/91  
72. Md. Abdus Samad Effect of Different leaves and their sizes on yield and some yield controibuting characters in Rice (oryza Satival.). GPB MS 1971-72 50  
73. Md. Abdul Mazid Effect of Chemical weed control on yield of direct seeded rainfeed lowland rice. AGR MS 1985-86 24  
74. Shahabuddin Ahamad Studies on the comparative performances of 15 cauliflower varieties HRT MS 1984-86 45  
75. Satya Ranjan Saha Performance of Radish seeds obtained from different time of sowing and spacing. HRT MS 1985-86 45  
76. Md. Zinnatul Alam Studies on the  mating behavioue and sex pheromone of jute hairy chterpillar, diacrista obliqua waiker (Leplooptera : Arctidae) ENT MS 1974 58  
77 Tapan Kumar Paul Some quantative aspects of two tomato cultivars at different stages of fruit development and maturity. HRT MS 1985-86 49  
78 Paritosh Kumar Malakar Development of Root knot nematode (Meloidogyne in cognita) in Jute and susceptibility of three fibre crops to the pest. PLP MS 1985-86 67  
79 Md. Hasan Ashrafuzzaman Studies on the chemical control of rice blast caused by piricularia oryzae cav. PLP MS 1968 91  
80 Md. Khalilur Rahman Variavility and character association in wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) under different growing conditions. GPB MS 1985-86 56  
81 Md. Zakir Hossain Stability analysis for yield and its components in brassica. GPB MS 1984-85 67  
82 Shamsul Arifin Bhuiya Seed borne nature of pyricularia aoryzaecav. PLP MS 1985-86 39  
83 Jamil Hyber Effect of different herbicides on nitrogen fixation of symbiotic system viciafaba Rhtzobium Leguminosarum. SSC Ph.D 1983 110  
84 Mohammad Ali Breeding Eggplant Rootstock of multiple Disease Resistance GPB Ph.D 1991 139  
85 Manir Lal Banirk Effect of water table depth. On growth and yield performance of Mungbean AGR MS 1985-86 33  
86 Md. Abul Kalam Azad Personnal functions and Job satisfaction a case study of the institute of post graduate studies in agriculture IPSA Admin. MS 1990-91 103  
87 Md. Kamruzzaman Influence of different types and methods of cuttings on the succsess of propagation for some ornamental plants. HRT MS 1986-87 60  
88 Md. Moinuddin Contribution of splitting Tiller(s) from mother plant of T-Aman its Economic I. Importance AGR MS 1986-87 50  
89 Swapan Kumar Dakua Performance of chickpea and wheat under mixed and intercropping at variable seeding rations. AGR MS 1986-87 48  
90 Dilip Kumar Pyne Variation in isolates of colletotrichum falcatim went the causal fungus of red rot of  sugarcane. PLP MS 1986-87 52  
91 Abu Hena Mohamad Jafar Prevalence pathogenicity and control of seed borne fungi of true potato seed (TPS) PLP MS 1986-87 62  
92 Md. Jahidul Amin Performance of chick Pea and linseed Intercropping at Variable Row Ratios AGR MS 1986-87 43  
93 Shamsun Nahar Development of Meloidogyne Incognita in three Fibre Crops and its control through seed treatment. PLP MS 1986-87 47  
94 Md. Hohiuddin Alamgir Khan Development of Meloidogyne Graminicola in Rice Root. PLP MS 1986-87 47  
95 Mahamood Hasan Competitve behaviour of four Rice (Oryza Sativa L.) genoty grown in mixture AGR MS 1986-87 67  
96 Md. Rezaul Karim Effect of Decomposition period on the Efficacy of mustard and cotton seed oil cakes for control of root-Knot nematode (Meloidoeyne Incognita)in Eggplant PLP MS 1986-87 40  
97 Sayed Zahirul Islam Growth and pathogenicity of some isolates of sclerotium rolfs 11 sacc. PLP MS 1986-87 34  
98 SK. Abdullah Chowdhury Yield of carrot as influenced by Different water regions


HRT MS 1986-87 56  
99 Radheshyan Sarker Effect of Inoculum levels of meloidogyne Javanica an root-knot of jute and suscepilibility of some varieties of Jute and Brinjal to the nematode


PLP MS 1986-87 34  
100 Main Uddin Ahmed Studies on Reproduction : Mating and oviposition in Nezaraviridula linnaeus (Hemiptera. Pentatomidae) ENT MS 1986-87 45  
101 Md. Ashfaqul Islam Babool Effect of planting patterns and different Nitrogen levels on the performance of Tomato HRT MS 1986-87 92  
102 Md. Nazrul Islam Performance of Guava (Psidium guaval) Varieties planted at different Hill Elevations. HRT MS 1986-87 59  
103 Md. Mahbub Shaheen Effect of soil temperature on the decomposition of plant residue and microbial biomass in upland soil of Bangladesh SSC MS 1986-87 47  
104 Md. Moniruzzaman Water use of wheat in relation to management practice and Irrigation SSC Ms 1986-87 50  
105 Md. Noakharul Islam Effect of Moisture Regimes on Growth and Yield of Boro Rice SSC MS 1986-87 39  
106 Zahir Uddin Mahmud Influence of sowing time on forage and seed Production of two varieties of spinach HRT MS 1986-87 60  
107 Md. Sukur Ali Crossability studies in Capsicov. GPB MS 1986-87 50  
108 Banik Ram Krishna Time of Nitrogen application in direct seeded low land rice AGR MS 1986-87 39  
109 Md. Mahbubul Islam Influence of stage of Harvest on yield and quality of jute fibre AGR MS 1986-87 33  
110 Syeda Shahnaz Akkas Effects of spacing and support on the growth and yield of lablab bean (Lablab purpureus (sweet) HRT MS 1986-87 36  
111 Md. Masud parves Effect of clipping at different stages of growth on the performance of grasspea (lathyrus sativusz) AGR MS 1986-87 53  
112 Md. Akhteruzzaman Effect of planting time and spacing on the seed yield of cabbage HRT MS 1986-87 40  
113 Md. Mostafa Kamal Trichoderma species in Bangladesh soil their straw decomposition abilities and effects on rhizoctonia solani kuhn PLP MS 1986-87 73  
114 Md. Nazrul Islam Resistance in solanum species to meloidogyne incgnita and patgoganibity and control of the nematode PLP MS 1986-87 40  
115 Momtaz Ahmad Colour polymorphism in adult nezara viriduza linnaeus (Hepliptera: pentato midae) ENT MS 1986-87 41  
116 Md. Anwar Hossain Growth anazysis of BR3 & BR14 grown under different nitrogen levels during aus season. CBT MS 1986-87 56  
117 Abdullah Al amin A study on the effect of seed size and seeding depth on the yield performance of wheat. AGR MS 1986-87 30  
118 Nilufar Islam Canopy structure dry matter production and light interception in brassica species grown at varying population densities.


AGR MS 1986-87 45  
119 Anamul Haque Bhwyan Effect of different levels of phosphorys on the growth and yield of lablab bean lines.


HRT MS 1986-87 43  
120 Md. Mohidur Rahman Seanal variation on growth development and yield of seame/sesamum indicum CBT MS 1986-87 63  
121 Md. Abdul Hafiz Effect of accelerated ageing on germination seedling emergence and seedling growth of some rice cultvars (oryza satival) AGR MS 1986-87 58  
122 Md. Rafiqul Islam Effect of plant density on the yield and quality of cabbage head and seed. HRT MS 1986-87 41  
123 Albert Heinrich vandar Influence of nitrogen and calcium on cooking quality and minaral content of xauthosoma sagittae folium HRT Ph.D. 1970 55  
124 Jayantiprasad Purusottamdas Bhatt. Protein and amino acid contents of southern peas (vigna sinensis(L) endl.) and their relation ship to anthocyanin development. HRT Ph.D. 1970 139  
125 Kazi Benozir Alam Genetic regulation of Host selective toxin production minus mutant of pyrenophora ability to produce Host selective toxing in Wheat. PLP MS 1989 129  
126 Chowdhury Doza Md. Sarwar Genetic Analysis of physiological and Morphological traits associated with potential plant reproductive proten  in mungbean (Vigna rariata (l) wizczer) GPB Ph.D 1989 155  
127 Piter J. Bartny Elusive villages : social structure and community organization in rural east Pakistan)     1993 203  
128 Md. Nurul Islam Effect of intercropping onion garic and coriander with cabbage and cauliflower HRT MS 1985-86 39  
129 Md. Khirul Bashar Genetic studies of rice xlemuessels and related characters in relation to drought avoidance mechanisms. GPB MS 1987 179  
130 Farhad Jameel An evaluation of the four month rice production specialist training conducted by Bangladesh rice research institute AEE MS 1980 151  
131 Salah Uddin Ahamed Influence of seedling age and transplanting time of the day on the plant establishment of some transplanted vagetables HRT MS 1980-87 67  
132 Nilufar Hye Karim Photosynthesis and growth of rice (oryza satival.) as influenced by potassium nitrate and urea fertilization AGR Ph.D 1978 114  
133 Md. Nazrul Islam Sarker Induction of genetic variability in wheat (Triticum asetivuml) through gamma Irragation. GPB MS 1986-87 69  
134 Md. Ramjan Bahar Control of ufra and its influence on severity of Blast brown spot and sheath blight of rice. PLP MS 1986-87 36  
135 S.B. Naseem Influence of water deficit and water relations growth and yield of dry seeded rice. AGR Ph.D 1993 200  
136 Md. Tajul Islam Eco physiological studies on photosynthesis and dry matter production in mungbean (vigna radiata(L.) wiczer. AGR Ph.D 1994 212  
137 Nahida Akter Effect of Naa and planting time of the yield and quality of summer tomato.


HRT MS 1987-88 50  
138 Md. Kamrussaman Miah Influence of honey bee on pollination and seed production in synthesized cabbage (Brassica napusl.) ENT MS 1992 55  
139 Md. Arshad Hossain Effects of low temperature on bulbil formation and Yield of four Genetics HRT MS 92-05-109 48  
140 Kanai Lal Das Effect of Phosphorus on growth modulation and enzymatic activities of Mungbean SSC MS 91-08-046 59  
141 Md. Aziz Zilani Chowdhury Genetic Divergence analysis in soybean (Glycine max(L) Merril) GPB MS 91-08-006 68  
142 Md. Shafizuddin In-Vitro Propagation of Thuja(thuja Orientalis) Through shoot tip culture HRT MS 92-05-100 36  
143 Md. Siddiqur Rahman Study on the Mode of pollination and Role of Pollination Agents in Mustard. ENT MS 91-08-005 45  
144 Md. Nurul Islam Effect of Soil Amondments with or without effective microorganisms on growth and yield of string bean (Viona sesquipedalls) HRT MS 91-11-093    
145 Abul Kassem Md. Rafiul Alam Study on Genetic divergence in Radish. GPB MS 91-08—52 47  
146 Dipak Kumar Roy Studies on the prevalence and some properties of Bottlegour Mosaic virus. PLP MS 91-08-052 51  
147 Md. Hamim Reza Yield Attributes and cytology of some local and exotic Allium species HRT MS 91-08-031 47  
148 Md. Amir Hossain Intra and Interspecifi cross compatibility in momordica Momordica. GPB MS 91-08-29 59  
149 Md. Nazmul Amin Majumder Water Stress Effects on cell membrane stability Gas exchange Seed yield and yield attributes of synthesized Brassica Napusl. AGR MS 91-11-062 42  
150 Md. Abdul Maleque Talukder Effect of Crop density and time of weeding on the performance of Mung Bean AGR MS 91-08-013 52  
151 Md. Saraf Uddin Yield Nutritive value and post harvest loss of ascorbic acid in photoinsemsitive lablab bean (Lablab purpureus) during summer. HRT MS 1993 58  
152 Md. Motiul Quader Control of Root-Knot of tomato Grown in infested jute Field. PLP MS 1993 36  
153 Farid Ahmed Damage Potential and Parasitolds of mango defoliatori cricul trifenes trata Helfer (Shturnibae: Lepidoptera). ENT   91-08-053 57  
154 A. K.M. Mzibur Rahman Induction of genetic variability in Mung Bean (vigna Rapiata (L) wilczer) Through Gamma-Irradiation) GPB   91-08-030 73  
155 Md. Ezaz Al Mamun Genetic Analysis and Heterosis in Cucumber GPB MS 1993 60  
156 Shaheen Ahmed Comparative Performance of Tomatoes during summer and winter HRT   92-05-108 38  
157 Md. Wahiduzzaman Studies on the insect predatory of the black drongo in rice ecosystem. ENT   91-08-028 59  
158 Kaiser Khan Comparative Studies on yield and Quality of some cultivars of yardlong Bean (Vigna sesquipedalis L.) HRT MS 91-08-025 48  
159 Sheikh Md. Mobarak Hossain Seedling Mortality due to rice root-knot Nema tode and varictal suscep Tibility to the pest and its control PLP MS 91-08-016 55  
160 Mian Sayeed Hassan Genotypic variation in yield of Blackrgram (Vigna Mungo (L.) Hepper) in Relation to morphological and Physiological characters AGR MS 91-08-032 49  
161 Nasreen Nuzhat Hoque Micropropagation of native and Exotic Orchids. HRT MS 92-05-107 49  
162 M. M. Anwar Hossain Effect of Manures and Nitrogen on Microbial Biomass After two different cropping seasons. HRT MS 91-08-004 35  
163 Md. Zashim Uddin Influence of Pre-conditioning seed Treatments on Emergence and Seedling Vigour of Indian Olive and Jujube. HRT MS 91-08-007 76  
164 S. M. Zamir Hossain Control of Potato Tuber Moth (Lepidoptera: Gelechii DAE) in storage. ENT MS 91-08-058 46  
165 Noor Alam Md. Shfiqul Huda Evaluation of the rice production specilist Training progran of Bangladesh Rice Research Institute  








166 Abdul Hamid Seed Development. Quality and yield of five selected Mungbean Genotypes. AGR MS 91-11-038 50  
167 Md. Altaf Hossain Chowdhury Water Stress effection leaf photosynthesis and yield of Mung Bean AGR MS 91-08-038 52  
168 Md. Korban Ali Farmers Response to spaced transplanting technology of sugarcane. AEE MS 91-08-039 74  
169 Md. enamul Haque Adoption of BR14 during Boro Season AEE MS 91-08-045 89  
170 Babu Lal Nag Evaluation of Richness of upland and Lowland soil seed bank at three. Selected Temperature Regimes. AGR MS 91-08-039 43  
171 Md. Nurul Islam Problem and prospects of small scale poultry farming in Bangladesh AEE MS 91-11-071 100  
172 Md. Humayun Kabir Howlader Some qualitative aspects of local chilli morphotypes at diferent stages of fruit development CBT MS 91-08-020 59  
173 S. M. Suhrab Uddin Performance of Four heat tolerant interspecific hybrids in brassica for their physiological character is tics, yield and seed production in Bangladesh HRT MS 91-08-057 67  
174 Ziauddin Ahamed Water Stress Effects on leaf gas exchange nitrogen and Mirate Reduction Acitivity in soybean. SSC MS 91-08-059 49  
175 A.K.M. Habibur Rahman Impact of weeding and rice Irrigation on yield performance of BORO rice SSC MS 91-08-021 48  
176 Manjur Ahamed Crop Productivity in Mize and chickpea Intero dingp systems in relation to light interception AGR MS 91-08-0    
177 Md. Abdul Latif Morphology, Behavior and Fungal Hosts of ditylenchus Angustous. PLP MS 91-08-049 33  
178 Md. Mazedur Rahman An Investigation in to characteristics of the farmers related to adoption of Improved farm practices BORO Rice cultivation AGR MS 91-11-066 43  
179 Md. Nurul Islam Planting density effect on tiller dynamics and yield performance of late transplanted sugarcane. AGR MS 91-11-66 43  
180 Md. Mahabubur Rahman Growth yield and nitrogen sulfur nutrition of wetland rice as affected by nitrogen and sulfur fertilization. SSC MS 91-11-065    
181 Kamron Nahar Physico chemical properties of soil and performance of cereals as influenced. by soil amendiments. SSC MS 92-05-089 73  
182 Md. Masud Karim Assesments of farmers Agricultural Knowlege in Sugarcane cultivation AEE MS 92-05-115 87  
183 Md. Khurshed Alam Bhuiyan Pathological and physiological study of Rhizoctonia oryzae (Ryker et gooch) causing rice Boro ered sheath spot disease. PLP Ph.D 1995 139  
184 Md. Nurul Islam Effect of salinity on germination and seedling growth of rice (Oriza sativa) L. CBT MS 1993. 61  
185 Md. Mukarram Hossain Socio-Economic Factors contraining yield of rice in selected sites in the Bangladesh Rice Research Institute Pilot project area  Dhaka Bidm 76-77 AEC MS 1978 160  
186 Md. Abdul Awal Analysis of Problems in Deep tubewell Irrigation of Boro rice in Kalia and Dhamshar union of Daulatpur Thana Under Manikgonj District. AEE MS 91-05-97 104  
187 Mir Bazlur Rashid Effect of Irrigation and Management practices on yield of wheat. SSC MS 92-08-121 44  
188 Md. Mohiuddin Fruit setting in lablab Bean During Summer as Influenced by flower Thining and Growth Regulators. HRT MS 92-08—21 58  
189 Mallick Anwar Hossain Tiller Removal and double trans planting effects  on yield and grain fillimchara cteristigs of rice. AGR MS 91-08-034 58  
190 Abul Hashem Effect of density Proportion and spatial arrangement on the competition of winter and Italian Ryegress (Lolium multiflorum lam). AGR Ph.D 1991 230



191 Md. Nurul Islam Mondal Response of Buckwheat (Fagopyrum Esculantum) to dates seedling rates AGR MS 1993 28






192 Jiban Krishna Biswas Physiological aspects of seedling establishment of direct seeded Rice under simulated low land condition AGR Ph.D 1994    
193 Saiful Huda Profile and loan repayment behaior of Boro rice farmers in Mirzapur Union of Gazipur Sadar Thana AEE MS 1995 54  
194 Faruque Ahmed Productivity of potato and wheat in inter cropping systems as afected by population Bensity annrow Arrangement of Wheat. AGR MS 92-05-094 67  
195 Bimal chandra Kundu Yield seed production & selected nutritional Characteristics of chinese cambage Genotypys. HRT MS  
196 Md. Abu Zaman Sarker Effect of Nitrogen and duration of weed competition on weed growth and derformace of Wheat.


197 N.M. Mozoddedul Haque Effect of Grain Moisture and Temperature of the infastability of rice weevil sitophilhs oryzae and its comparative in festability on different cereals ENT
198 Md. Shahidul Islam Khan Growth yield and water use of onion under different irrigation schedules SSC MS 1995    
199 Munnujan Khanam Nitrogen and population density effects on Growth, Nitrogen uptake and yield of long grain rice. AGR MS 1994    
200 Md. Sirajul Islam Genetic divergence in Groundnut. GPB MS 1995    
201 Dewan Ali Monsur chowdhury Effect of variety fertilizers and water regimes on development of Brown plant hopper ENT MS 1995    
202 S. M. Nazmul Islam Factors associated with the adoption of aquacuiture-technology throagh trickle down system of extension in selected thanas of Rajshahi Division AEE MS      
203 Md. Sarwar Hossain Hawlader Utilization of self imcompa tibility in Hybrid Radish Production GPB Ph.D. 1994    
204 Ratan Kumar Charaborty Study on Quantitative char acters in M2 Generation of Mungbean GPB   1994    
205 Nur Mohammed Mezbaul Quddus Effect of Rhizobium Inoculation Phosphorus Place ment and water management on soybean. SSC MS 1994    
206 Md. Jalal uddin Evulation of physical and chemical properties of gerua soil series SSC MS 1994    
207 Md. Shafiqul Islam Woman Participation in selected agricultural come generating activities under rural dev. prog. of BRAC at shibpur Thana in Narsingdi District. AEE MS 1994    
208 Rezena Akter Resistance of wild Egg plants to meloidogyne incognita and their use as root stocks to control Root-knot of Tomato and Bacterial wild of Eggplant PLP MS 1994    
209 S. M. Golam Kabir Water stress effects on flowering pod set and yield performance in chickpea. CBT MS 1994    
210 Md. Anisur Rahman Growth and yield of Tomato asinft ueced by fertilizer and manure SSC MS 1994    
211 Md. Awlad Hossain Genetic divergence and path analysis in mung bean GPB MS 1988-89    
212 Sahadat Hossain Kmowledge level of Block suppervisors of sadar Thana under Gazipur Dist. Towards BARI inmovated vegetable technology. AEE MS 1988-89    
213 Kazi Abdul Kader Studies on virus diseases of Ribbed Gourd. PLP MS 1995    
214 Mst. Afrose Jahan Effect of nitrogen phosphorus and potasium application on growth and yield of Brassica gren. SSC MS 1995    
215. Md. Abul Hasnat Yield and water use of cabbage under different irrigatin schedules.


SSC MS 1995    
216 Md. Amiruzzaman Heterosis in Relation to genetic divergence in Radish GPB MS 1995    
217 Md. Sajjad Noor Farmers attitude towards the cultivation of high yielding varities of potato. AEE   1995    
218 Jotish Kumar Sarker Leadars opinion towards the impact of proshikas social forestry program AEE        
219 Md. Zulfiqur Ali Firoz Fruit setting in lablab bean as influenced by flowering thining and pronning during summer HRT   1995    
220 Md. Ruhul Amin Effect of some indigenous materials and insecticides in controlling fruit fly bactrocera cucurbitae conquillet on cucumber ENT   1995    
221 Md. Bashir Ahmed Indentification of farmers communication behavior and nature of information exchange during bs farmer interaction in selection area of dinajpur sadar thana. AEE   1995    
222 Md. abdul Hye Impact of strawmuich on yield and water use of potato under varying soil moisture regimes SSC   1995    
223 Asis Kumar Saha Effect of manganese sulphate boric acid and sawbust on common scab of seed potato PLP MS Aut/95    
224 Md. Mahfujur Rahman Trainees perception toward the training of trainers (tot) programmes conducted at cerdi AEE MS Aut 95    
225 Abdul Muqit Studies on virus diseases of ash Gowrd. PLP MS Aut/95    
226 Md. Saleh Ahmed Diversity genetics analysis and character association in sweet potato HRT


227 Md. Serajul Islam Indigenous potato varities of Bangladesh charcterization by Rapd markers and production of virus free stock. HRT Ph.D      
228 Md. Nasir Uddin Ahmed Growth and bulb development in garlic. HRT Ph.D 1995    
229 Md. Moynul Haque Productivity of maize sweet Potato in AGR Ph.D 1995    
230 Md. Rezaul Bashar Siddique Effects of Drought stress on the physiological characters and yield of wheat AGR MS 1995    
231 Shapan Kumar Saha-Roy Productivity of Mungbean and Blackgram inter Cropped with Action densities AGR MS 1995    
232 Delwar Ahamad Choudhary Yield Potentials of modern and old cultivars of Rice in Relation to growth characteristics AGR MS 1995    
233 Mikail Shipar Extent of Adoption of Crop diversification programme supported crops by the farmers of kapasia Thana Under Gazipur District AEE MS Win/ 95    
234 Md. Ekramul Haque Effect of Irrigation and Nitrogen on the yield of Broccoli SSC MS Win/ 95    
235 Ismat Ara Reduction of Shoot and Fruit Borer (Leucinodes or Bonalis Guenee) in Festation in Eggplant Grafied on wild solonum


ENT MS Win/ 9 5    
236 Salauddin Ahamad Induction of Somaclonal Variation Through Tissu culture in Rice (Orizasatival) GPB MS Win/ 95    
237 Md. Sirajul Islam Effect of Shading on Gas Exchange chara Cteristic and Productivity of Mungbean and Blackgram AGR MS      
238 Sumanta Kumar Dey Comparative Economic analysis of Robicrops cultivation in selected area of Bangladesh AEC MS Win/ 95    
239 Sarder Md. Jamil Azad Sex Modification and Exploitation of Parthenocarpy 110 Kakrol. GPB MS Win/ 95    
240 Mahabubar Rahman Growth and Yield of cauliflowers as influenced by polye thylen mulching. HRT MS Win/ 95    
241 Md. Azizul Hoque Studies on Stability of Hybrid TPS Families under different Agro-Ecological Condition of Bangladesh HRT MS Win/ 95    
242 Md. Jainal Abedin The impact of Water and Nitrogen on yield of Wheat SSC MS Win/ 95    
243 Md. Mahidul Islam Ownership and Utizization pattern of Draftand Mechanical power in a selected area of Bangladesh AEC MS      
244 Sumanta Kumar Paul Sustainability of Production of Cereal crop in Bangladesh AEC MS Win/ 95    
245 Md. Zahidur Rahman Characterization of Isolates of pseudomonas solangcerarum from three districts of Bangladesh PLP MS Win/ 95    
246 Anwar Hossain Howlader Influence of source manipu lation on photosynthesis and dry matter partitioning in Mungbean AGR MS      
247 Shaon Hossain Detection of polymor phism of the elte rice lines and their parents using perbased restriction analysis. GPB MS      
248 Md. Amzad Hossain Competition Between sugarcane (Saceharum officinarum) and Torpedo grass panicum repines L. AGR Ph.D Feb/ 96    
249 Md. Firoz Alam Protoplast culture and transformation in rice oryza sativa (Order poales family peace) GPB Ph.D Feb/ 94    
250 Mst. Afroze Jahan Effect of Nitrogen Phosphorus and potacsium application on growth and yield of Brassica green. SSC MS Aut/ 95    
251 Md. Nazrul Islam Performance of Guava (Psidiusl) varieties planned at different hill elevations. HRT MS May/ 92    
252 Bimal Chandry Kundu Yield seed production and selected nutritional characteristcs of chines cabbage genotypes. HRT MS      
253 Mukhlesur Rahman Performance of Rice as influenced by soil amendments. SSC   Sum/ 96    
254 Md.

Akhteruzammn Sarkar

Biology and management of the sweet potato weevil cylas formicariud (FAB) ENT   Sum/ 96    
255 Md. Shahidul Haque Pathogenicity and Host subitability of Root Knot nematode of wheat PLP   Sum/ 96    
256 Md. Ziaul Ahsan Chowdhury Economic of Winter Maize in a Selected area of Dhaka District. AEC   Win/ 95    
257 Md. Saifur Rahman Development of Integrated pest management package against Brinjal shoot and fruit Boro Leucinodes or Bonalis Guenee. ENT   Sum/ 96    
258 Md. Jashim Uddin Development of suitable pakckage(s) of IPM components for the management of selected tnsect pests of cucumber. ENT   Sum/ 96    
259 Md. Tariqul Islam Analysis of Genetic Arctitecture and Inheritance of Photosensitivity in mungbean (Vignaradiata)L. Wilczer. GPB   Sum/ 96    
260 Md. Khalequzzaman Pollen viability and pollen tube growth behaviour in off season tomato (Lycoper sicon Esculentum) GPB   Sum/ 96    
261 Md. Anowarul Islam Growth and yield response of onion to different sources of postash and their fertilization method SSC MS Sum/ 96    
262 Jahan Afroze Cultivar differences in germination vigor and quality of rice seeds. AGR MS Sum/ 96    
263 Abu Khaled Md. Ibrahim Potentiality of wild solanum as rootstock of Tomato GPB MS Sum/ 96    
264 Abdullah Yousuf Akhonda In Vitro propagation and flower induction in elephant fact YAM GPB MS Sum/ 96    
265 Rafiquzzaman Some indigenous plant and tnert materials for the management of the pulse beetle calloso bruchus chinensis (Linn) on chickpea in Homestores. ENT   Aut/ 98    
266 Md. Rezaul Karim A comparative economic study on production of green and fibre jute in and area of Pabna District. AEC        
267 Md. Shafiur Rahman Grain growth and yield performance of wheat (triticum aestivuml.) as affected by sowing dates nitrogen leves and water stress. AGR   Aut/ 96    
268 Shaikh Iftekhar Hossain A comparative study on yield and quality of some amaranth genotypes (Amaranthus tricolor L.) HRT   Aut/ 96    
269 Md. Musleh Uddeen Influence of uniconazole on bulbing and biochmical changes in onion. CBT   Aut/ 96    
270 Md. Shawquat Ali Khan Effect of sodium chloride on germination growth and some physiological characters of rice cultivars AGR   Aut/ 96    
271 Indrajit chandra Shil Optimizing fertilizer requirement for grafted tomato cultivation SSC   Aut/ 96    
272 Md. Zulfiquer Haider Effectivness of some IPM packges for the management of virus disseminating whitelty of Tomato. ENT        
273 Md. Ali Afzal Genotypic variation for seed characters in grass pea (lathyrus sativus L.) GPB   Aut/ 96    
274 Ashraf Uddin Ahmed Variation in twenty-seven isolates of bipolaris sorokiniana from wheat. PLP   Aut/ 96    
275 A. N.M. Manzoor Murshed Influence of management conditions on growth flowering and pod set, seed development and yield of   chickpea AGR   Aut/ 96    
276 Md. Mahbube Alam Effect of soil amendments on the growth and yield of Onion (Allium checkpea L.) HRT   Aut/ 96    
277 Md. Saiful islam Bhuiyan Effect of plant growth regulators to induce-parthe no carpic fruit in pointed gourd Trichosanthes Dioicn Roxb) CBT   Aut/ 96    
278 Shankar Kumar Mazumder Relationship of the selected characteristics of vegetable growers with their levels of knowledge in vegetable production technology AEE   Aut/ 96    
279 Md. Mizanur Rahman Factors affecting the communication behaviour of winter vegetable growers of sherpur Thana under Bogra District. AEE   Aut/ 90    
280 Md. Ashraf Ali Effect of seedbed moisture level and sowing depths on stand establishment and yield of chickpea. AGR   Aut/ 96    
281 A.K.M. Jahangir Choudhury Factors affecting aoption behavior of boro rice growers a case study of farmer’s attitude and accepted practices in Nowabgong Dhaka. AEE   Aut/ 96    
282 A.K.M. Wali Ullah Information media used by vegetable growers in Kashimpur union under Gazipur Sadar Thana AEE   Aut/ 96    
283 Md. Sarwar Hossain Floral Biology of gourd GPB   Aut/ 96    
284 Md. Mohiuddin Chowdhury Response Mungbean (Vigna Radia)(-TA(2) Wulcbzk) to rhizobium inoculation and phosphrous application SSC   Aut/ 96    
285 Benoy chandry Sen An investigation to the diseases of sweet pepper. PLP   Aut/ 96    
286 Mohammad Ali Growth and yield of mukhi Kachu (Cotocasia Esculental.) as influenced by soil amendments. HRT   Aut/ 96    
287 Md. Amir Hossain Mollah Chemical control and genotyppic tolerance against aphids on ashgourd ENT   Win/ 96    
288 Golam Murshed Faruque Effect of Fertilizer Nitrogen and seedling (s) per hill on the growth and yield of long grain rice. AGR   Win/


289 Md. Samiul Haque Drought stress effect on some selected genotypes of Jute. AGR   Win/


290 Bimal Chandra Dey Effect of Growth regulators on the growth and yield of oyster mashroom (Pleurotus satrl –A) UFK. HRT   Win/


291 Dulal Chandra Roy Effect of Naphthalene acetic acid (NAA) on the growth and yield of Garlic (Allium sativum L.) HRT   Win/


292 Md. Abu Sayeed Evaluation of Hybrid true potato seed progrenies as in fluenced by nitrogen spray at seedling stage. HRT   Win/


293 N.M. Zahangir Effect of Organic Manure and chemical fertilizer on the yield of cauli flower (Brassica Oleraceavar Botrytis) SSC   Win/


294 Md. Mostafizur Rahman Floral Biology of Ash gourd. GPB   Win/


295 Gazi Md. Mohsin Performance of Backcross populations in Hybrid Seed Production of Radish. GPB   Win/


296 Md. Abdus Sattar Khan Training needs of farmers on rice production in sadar Thana Under Gazipur District. AEE   Win/


297 Md. Mohashin Adoption of High yelding winter vegetable varities by the farmers of Mainamati Union under Comilla District. AEE   Win/


298 Md. Ekramul Hoque Sex Modification in Vitroculture and cross Compatibility in trichosanthes spp. GPB   Win/


299 Md. Robiul Islam Optimizing Fertilizer Requirement for Grafted Tomato in Pot Culture SSC   Win/


300 Md. Atiqul Islam Study on the residual effect of long term use of in organic N Fertilizer and Organic Residues on soil plant parameters and Nitrogen Nutrition of wetland rice. SSC   Win/


301 Sayed Sarwar Jahan Attitude of Extension personnel of the Department of Agricultural Extension towards Agricultural Support services Project. AEE   Win/


302 Munshi Rashid Ahamad Study on Floral Biology of Guava HRT   Win/


303 Swapna Shanaz Banu Evaluation of some edible and non edible plant oils against pulse to be Callo sobruchns Chinensis (Linn) on chickpea in storage. ENT   Win/


304 Md. Mizanur Rahman Pesticides use and its impact on MV rice product wity and farmers health. AEC   Win/


305 Md. Gofran Loan Utilization and repayment behaviour of woman member’s basan Gazipur Branch of Grameen Bank. AEE   Sum/


306 Abul Kalam Azad Decomposition of plant residues by effective microganisms and changes in soil microbial biomass C and N SSC   Sum/


307 Sazzad Mahmud Optimizing Fertilizer Requirement for broccoli cultivation SSC   Sum/


308 Debasish Sarker Biology and control of the red pumkin Beetle aulacophora Foveicollis (Lucas) in cuckmeer ENT   Sum/


309 Md. Enamul Haque Effect of Soil Amendments and nitrogen of some physiological parameters and yield attributes of Wheat. CBT   Sum/


310 Md. Rafiqul Islam Genetic Divergence corchours olitorius L. GPB   Sum/


311 Kamal Krishna Kundu Factors associated with the extent of Vegetable production activities by the woman members in Homestead area under world vision project. AEE   Sum/


312 A. F.M. Saiful Islam Achievement from and utilization of teaching methods training course by the subject matter officers. AEE   Sum/


313 Kabita Anzu-Man Ara In Vitro propagation of Rose (Rosa sp) HRT   Sum/


314 Md. Masud Sultan Achievement From and Utilization of foundation training course by the subject matter officers conducted at Cerdi. AEE   Sum/


315 Mist. Masuma Alam Shaheed Effect of Manures and Nitrogen Fertilizer on performance of grafted tomato in pot culture. SSC   Sum/


316 Md. Sakir Hossain Inheritance of Yellow vein clearing mosaic virus (YYCMD) resistance and yield compoments in okra (Abel moschus esculentusl) Moench) GPB   Sum/


317 Md. Musharraf Hossain Khan Clonal propagation and flowering conditions in african violet (saintpaul in Ionantha welvd) HRT   Sum/


318 Md. Nazrul Islam Induction of genetic variability in wheat (Triticum aes tivuml) Through gammair radiation GPB        
319 Md. Kamruzzaman Growth and factor demand analysis in rice sector of Bangladesh. AEC   Win/


320 Md. Mahabub Alam Effect of Soil Amedments on the Growth and yield of Onion (Allium cepal) HRT        
321 Md. Moshin The structure and performance of poultry marketing in some selected areas of Dhaka City AEC   Sum/


322 Md. Akramul Alam Study of Floral Biology and par the no carpy in pointed gourd. GPB   Sum/


323 Md. Monir Hossain credit Utilization and Repayment behaviour of cereal crop farmers. AEE MS Aut/


324 Meer matiar Rahman Impact of  loan on income and employment of Dairy farm owners in a  selected area of Bangladesh AEC MS Aut/97 89  
325 Md. Shah Alam Studies on the identification population dynamics and control of the whitefly in Guava. ENT MS Aut/


326 Md. Safayet Hossain patwary Yield and pest harvest beh aviour in Tomato HRT MS Aut/


327 A.S.M. Nazrul Islam Modern variety transplanted aman Rice Adoption production performance and its constraints at Kapasia Gazipur. AEC MS Aut/


328 Subhas Chandra Sarker Profitability and economic efficency of commercial poultry farms in Gazipur Sadar Thana. AEC MS Aut/


329 Md. Muzibur Rahman Commponents of Resistance in Wheat Seedling to blpolaris Sorokiniana. PLP MS Win/


330 A.T.M. Batan Economic Assessment of IPSA Bean cultivation by farmers in Chittagong Area. AEC MS Win/


331 Md. Sazzad Karim Heterosis in Ash Gourd (Beaninoas a hispida (Thunb Cogn) GPB MS Win/


332 Proloy Chisim Impact of Inoculation and Irrigation on growth and yield of chickpea. SSC MS Win/


333 Md. Tajul Islam Biochemical Chages in Tomato Fruit caused by Tomato Yeilow Leaf Curl Virus. CBT MS Win/


334 Md. Ruhul Amin Khandaker Yield Gap and Relative Profitability of Modern Transplant Aman rice Demonstration versus Farmers Field. AEC MS Win/


335 Mohammad Amin Seedbed conditions sowing depth and phosphorus fertilizer effect on Root Growth Nutrient uptake and yield of Wheat. AGR Ph.D Win/


336 Md. Habibur Rahman Influence of Irrrigation and planting density on growth and seed yield in edible poded pea. AGR MS Win/


337 Sunil Kumar Roy Factors Associated with the exten of Adoption of Intergrated pest management practices by the Boro rice growers in Sadar Thana of Magura District. AEE MS Win/


338 Md. Mazharul Haque Economics of Pound Fish Production under the Mymensingh Agriculture Extension Project AEC MS Win/


339 Md. Mahmudul Alam Sugarcane Pricing and its Impact on sugar Production in a selected Mill Zone area of Bangladesh AEC MS Win/


340 Nirod Chandra Sarker Study on the Inheritance of Yelo vein mosaic disease Resistance of Okra. HRT MS Win/


341 Md. Shahidul Islam Off-Season performance of Okra for vegetable and seed production HRT MS Win/


342 Md. Atiqur Rahman Impact of Different Levels of Pest Management of Okra Seed Production HRT MS Win/


343 Abdullah-AL- Mahmud Performance of Chinese cabbage genotypes in Winter and Summer conditions in Bangladesh HRT MS Win/


344 Md. Ibrahim Seed germination, Production and graft compatibility of wild solanum as rootstock of Tomato and Eggplant. HRT MS Win/


345 Kabir Ahammed Optimination of Organic residues and urea for potculture of grafted Tomato HRT MS Win/ 97    
346 Gour Hari Ghose Yield and seed production of synthesised Brassica. HRT MS Win/ 97    
347 Abul Kalam Md. Monjurul Alam Chowdhury Effect of Nitrogen and Phosphatic fertilizers on the yield and post harvest potential of Broccoli. HRT MS Win/ 97    
348 Md. Altaf Hossain Effect of Intercroppings and dates of sowing on pod Borer Welicoverpa armig era (Hubner) Infestation in Chickpea. HRT MS Win/ 97    
349 Emdadul Islam Performance of Rice varieties as affected by seedling quality and Nitrogen Levels. CBT MS Win/ 97 44  
350 Reshma Sultana Yield Attributes and Sugar Content in Vegetable pea (Pisumsat Ivuml.) GPB MS Win/ 97 88  
351 Mst. Khaledum unira Yield potential and natural storage Behaviour of True Potato Seed (TPS) Progeny GPB MS Win/ 97 77  
352. Mosfeka Sultana Effect of Irrigation and Nitrogen on the growth and yield of Radish. SSC MS Win/ 97 60  
353 Md. Rafiqul Islam Response of Garlic on Different Soil Moisture regimes SSC MS Win/ 97 55  
354 Shaikh Mozameel Hossain Impact of Agricultural Programs of Grammen Bank on Employment Productivity and Income generation of rural Poor in Gazipur. AEC MS Sum/ 98 73  
355 A.K.M. Manjoor Morshed Biological and Chemical Control of fusarium wilt and collar Rot of Chickpea. PLP MS Sum/ 98 51  
356 M. A. Latif Floral Biology of Drumstick (Mor in gaoleifera lamk.) GPB MS Sum/ 98 45  
357 Md. Areef Hussain Influence of Bradyrhizobium Japon icum on Nodulation growth and yield of Soy-Bean. CBT MS Sum/ 98 57  
358 Ibrahim Khalil Information Sources used by Farmers in Producing HYV RICE AEE MS Sum/ 98 72  
359 Tozammel Hossain Effect of Industrial

efflunents on growth and yield of Rice

CBT MS Sum/ 98 44  
360 Abdullah Shiblee An Economic analysis on different cropping patterns practiced by the farmers in Rainfed Rice Environment AEC MS Sum/ 98 73  
361 Jahangir Alam Characterization of some Rhizobium strains and their Influence on chickpea. SSC MS Sum/ 98 88  
362 Sariful Islam Storage life and quality of Banana as affected by packaging and Coating Materials. HRT MS Sum/ 98 79  
363 Akhtaruzzaman Abu Influence of Rates on Nitrogen and Phosphorus Fertilizers on the Productivity on MungBean AGR Ph.D Sum/ 98 181  
364 Arman Haider Effect of Organic and Inorganic amendments to Soil on Root-Knot of Jute. PLP MS Sum/ 98 43  
365 Sarwar Jahan Allometry dry matter Allocation and yield in Mungbean Effects of Population Density and Planting Configuration AGR MS Sum/ 98 56  
366 Omar Sharif Components of Resistance of Wheat to Bipolaris Sorokiniana under Natural Conditions. PLP MS Sum/ 98 4  
367 Alamgir Hossain Selection of Parents Transferring Tgms Gene in Rice. GPB   Sum/ 98 54  
368 Lutfur Rahman Studies on the Races of Fusarigm oxysporum F. SP. Ciceri and inter action among four Root Infecting Pathogen of Chickpea.` PLP Ph.D Sum/ 98 102  
369 Shah Alam Sikder Assessment of Yield and quality of Fruits in Cucumber HRT MS Sum/ 98 57  
370 Sharifuzzaman Physio-Morophological characteristics and yield potentials of Bush Bean. HRT MS Sum/ 98 74  
371 A.K.M. Khorsheduzzaman Integration of some control methods to evaluate their effectivness against Brinjal shoot and Fruit Borer. ENT MS Sum/ 98 71  
372 Shyamali Saha Yield and quality characters of local and modern rice cultivars. GPB MS Sum/ 98 76  
373 Mohasin Hussain Khan Relative role of trichome and plant introgen in determining the population of aphis gossypii clover ash gourd ENT MS Sum/ 98 101  
374 Monoranjan Dhar Technique of vegetative and invitro propagation of Jackfruit. HRT Ph.D Sum/ 98 151  
375 Tahmina Begum Floral Biology and gross compatibility in sponge gourd. GPB MS Sum/ 98 65  
376 Shahidul Islam Effect of Soil Moisture deficits on Root and shoot growth and yield of seiected dry seeded aus Rice cultivars. AGR MS Sum/ 98 67  
377 Hari Das Chandra Mohanta Effect of Phosphorus and genotypes on the yield and yield contributing characters in Okra. HRT MS Sum/ 98 46  
378 Shahjahan Mujumder Variation in pathogencity of Bipolaris sorokiniana Isolates from Wheat. PLP MS Sum/ 98 40  
379 Md. Jamal Hossain Genetic Divergence of Dioscorea Species. GPB MS Aut/ 98 59  
380 Kamal Krishna Mistry Determinatio  of Physiological Maturity in Okra(Abelmoschus Esculentus (L.) Moench) Seed CBT MS Aut/ 98 45  
381 Md. Kanjurul Islam Marketing system of local aman Paddy in some selected areas. of Bogra District. AEC MS Aut/ 98 97  
382 Shaharuk Ahmed Participation of Female group menbers in Homestead vegetable production programme orgaized by Rangpur Dinajpur rural Service at sadar Thana in Kuirgram AEE MS Aut/ 98 73  
383 A.T.M. Shafiqul Islam Differential rection of Wheat Genotypes to bipol air srokiniana PLP   Aut/ 98    
384 Saleh Ahmed Performance of Different substrates on the growth and yield of oyster Mushroom HRT MS Aut/ 98    
385 Mir Sharfuddin Ahmed Studies on variability and Heterasis in Snake Gourd. GPB MS Aut/ 98    
386 Md. Shahidul Islam Effect of Different Water regimes and Nitrogen levels on the yield performance of BR-28 Boro Rice. SSC MS Aut/ 98    
387  Nasrin Akter Ivy Combining Ability and Heter osis in Mabe. GPB MS Aut/ 98    
388 Md. Nazmul Islam Manik Parthenocar pic fruiting behaviour in Kakrol HRT MS Aut/ 98    
389 Md. Moqbul Hossain Job performance of Block supervisors working under the Department of Agricultural Extension AEE MS Aut/ 98    
390 Md. Manirul Islam Yield and yield attributes of some local and exotic genotypes of Ash Gourd HRT MS Aut/ 98 41  
391 Md. Kamruzzaman Production and marketing of Broier in Gazipur District. AEC MS Aut/ 98    
392 Md. Aminur Rashid Population Density and source sink Manipulation effects on sesame AGR MS Aut/ 98    
393 A.K.M. Golam Kibria Estimation of Soil Microbial Biomass carbon and Nitrogen from Different sources of Organic Materials. SSC MS Aut/ 98    
394 Md. Abu Yousuf Miah Performance of Kakrol Genotypes grown on different trellis. HRT MS Sum/ 1998    
395 Amatur Rahman Socio-Economic Aspects of Ribbed Gourd cultivation in Homestead Area. AEC MS Win/ 98    
396 Dilara Begum Economic Analysis of farm house hoids under Alter native farming systems in selected Area of Bangladesh AEC MS Win/ 98    
397 Md. Zia Uddin Akon An Economic Analysis of Milchcow Rearing and Beff fattening Programmes of Bangladesh Rural adv. Committee AEC MS Win/ 98    
398 Moss. Anjuman Ara Begum Supply response of Wheat in Bangladesh AEC MS Win/ 98    
399 Amanullah Khan Eusuf Zai Performance of some Chickpea varities to Rhizobium Inoculation SSC MS Win/ 98    
400 Md. Mazharul Anwar Comparative Profitability of Different Vegetables cultivation in a selected area of Rangpur District. AEC MS Win/ 98    
401 Md. Abdul Maleque Judicious Application of insecticide for the management of Brinjal shoot and fruit borer ENT MS Win/ 98    
402 Bashir Ahmad Performance of True Potato Seed progenies in Different Clonal Generations. GPB MS Win/ 98    
403 Md. Atiquel Islam Production and Marketing of Katarib Hog Rice in Dinajpur District. AEC MS Win/ 98    
404 Rukhsana Akhter Effect of Seedling date of Mustard on  Resource Allocati on in Honad and fat of Mustard Adhid and yield of Mustard ENT MS Win/ 98    
405 Imdadul Haque Economic Aspect of date palm Based Agroforestry system in Jessore District. AEC MS Win/ 98    
406 M. M. H. chowdhury Effect of Straw Mulch and Soil Moisture regime on yields and Water use of Indigenous Potato. SSC MS Win/ 98    
407 K.M. Shameem Kamal Marketing and Consumption Pattern of fine Grain rice in some selected Areas of Dhaka and Gazipur District. AEC MS Win/ 98    
408 Md. Ikhtiar Uddin Effect of Row Spacing and Nitrogen Level on the growth Protein Content and yield of Short Duration Garden Pea. SSC MS Win/ 98    
409 Md. Abdul Baqui Determination of the Suitable time in Controlling the country Bean aphid with Insecticide ENT MS Win/ 98    
410 Md. Shohidul Islam Serological Detection of PLRV and Pvy from Foundation Potato seed and their Impact on yield PLP MS Win/ 98    
411 Amirul Bahrain Investigation of Seif-Incompatibility in Mustard. GPB MS Win/ 98    
412 M.M. Alam Farm Level status of HYV Rice in a selected union of Gazipur district. AEE MS Win/ 98    
413 Mohammad Ahsanul Haque Seasonal Abundance and management of Okra shut and fruit borer in summer ENT MS Win/ 98 68  
414 M. Ahsanul Haque Seasonal Abundance and Management of Okra Shoot and Fruit Borer in Summer ENT MS Win/ 98    
414 Md. Abbas Ali Growth and Yield of Mung Bean Genotypes under sun and Shade Conditions. AGR MS Win/ 98    
415. M. Samaun Safa Socio-Economic Impact of A Participatory Agroforestry Project in the Sal Forest area of Gazipur District. AEC MS Win/ 98    
416 M.A.M Talukder Planting Density effects on Productivity of old and Modern varieties of Rice in Relation of Canopy Structure and Light Interception. AGR Ph.D Win/ 98    
417 M. Ataur Rahman Photosynthesis Shoot and Root Growth, nitrogen uptake and yield of wheat under irrigation … SSC MS Win/ 98    
418 Md. Mostofa Kamal Genotypic variation in Mung Bean Seed quality as Influenced by seed position and Radiation Regimes AGR MS Win/ 98    
419 Md. Ferdaus Ahmed Effect of organic amendment of soil and their application time of the growth and yield of Cauliflower HRT MS Sum/ 99    
420 Kawserul Islam Sikder Profitability and Resource use effficiency of Commercial Dairy farms in some selected areas of Dhaka and Gazipur District AEC MS Sum/ 99    
421 Md. Abdul Halim Serodiagnosis of Plrv and Pvy from certified Potato seed and their Impact on yield. PLP MS Sum/ 99    
422 Mofiz Uddin Ahmed Performance of  lines in Hybrid seed Production of Rhdish GPB MS Sum/ 99    
423 Asaduzzaman Bulbul Races and Biovars of Ralastonia Solancearum in Bangladesh an its Reaction to some crop species. PLP Ph.D Sum/ 99    
424 Sripati Sikder Heat Tolerance in Wheat under late seeded conditons. CBT MS Sum/ 99    
425 Aleya Nasreen Some Biochemical Charactersistics of Lablab Bean grown in Rabi and Kharif Seasons. CBT MS Sum/ 99    
426 Humayun Kabir Effects of Various Nutrients and seed ling Raising Methods on seedling vigour and yield of Ashgourd and Cauliflower. HRT MS Sum/ 99    
427 Azizur Rahman Fruit Morphology and Nutritive value of some selected Jujube. HRT MS Sum/ 99    
428 Shafyet Ahammad Siddiqui Population density and source sink Manipulation effects on Rapesed. AGR MS Sum/ 99    
429 Arifur Rahman Effect and Residues of two seiected insecticides Applied for the control of shoot and fruit eggplant ENT MS Sum/ 99    
430 Md. Jahangir Effect of Industrial waste Water on the Performance of Tomato and Soil Chemical Properties in Pot culture. AFE MS Sum/ 99    
431 Kausar Hossain Shade Effects on the yield and Quality of Pineapple in a Jacke fruit pineapple Agroforestry system. AFE MS Sum/ 99    
432 Khairul Anam Homestead Agroforestry in the level Barind Tract a Diagnostic study. AFE MS Sum/ 99    
433 Md. Helal Uddin Effect of Plant Growth Regulators on Flowering,

Pod set and yield attributes in Mung Bean.

CBT MS Aut/ 99    
434 Shah Md. Akramul Hoque Farmer’s Response to organic matter use for Ingreasing soil Productivity in Meherpur Sadar Thana. AEE MS Aut/ 99    
435 Subol Kumar Saha Determination of Fumigation Toxicity, Vertical Mobility and Protection Efficacy of Camphor. ENT MS Aut/ 99    
436 Kaberi Sultana Development of Components of Spot Block on Wheat due to Inoculation with Bipolaris orokiniana. PLP MS Aut/ 99    
437 Md. Ashraf Ali Performance of Red Amaranth and Ladys finger grown at different Orientations and Distances under Guava and Drums Tick. AFE MS Aut/ 99    
438 Md. Woziullah Response of Gladiolus to fertilizer planting Distance and Vaselife. HRT MS Aut/ 99    
439 Md. Nasir Uddin Yield and Quality of Jack Bean (Canavalia ensiformis L.) Influenced by Nitrogen and Phosphorus. HRT MS Aut/ 99    
440 Nazma Akther Effect of Spacing and Top Removal on the growth, Vegetable Pod yield and grain yield Pea. AGR MS Aut/ 99    
441 Md. Ruhul Amin Respons of old and modern varieties of Rice to Nitrogen Fertilizer AGR MS Aut/ 99    
442 Thamina Taslim Wheat Production and Market participation of the Wheat Growers in Jamalpur District AEC MS Aut/ 99    
443 Abdus Samad Azad Economics of Cattle Raising at Farmers level in Sylhet Area AEC MS Aut/ 99    
444 Sabera Ahsan Growth and yield of garden pea as affected by different row spacing and phosphorus SSC MS Aut/ 99    
445 Shikh Md. Bokhtiar Response of Radish to varying levels of Irrigation and potassium SSC MS Aut/ 99    
446 Abul Khaiar Md. Nurul Islam Physico-Chemical Properties of two soil series of Madhupur tract. SSC MS Aut/ 99    
447 Tanayanandh Rema Credit utilization and repayment Behaviour of Woman members under Saver Thana of World Vision Project. AEC MS Aut/ 99    
448 Md. Ahaduzzaman Impact of income Generation activities on rural woman of rangrapara Project of World Vision wat Halughat Thana AEC MS Aut/ 99    
449 Abul Basar Md. Ziaur Rahman Genetic diver gence in Brinjal GPB MS Aut/ 99    
450 Abu Sayed Md. Hasan Masum In Vitro Plant Regeneration Ginger GPB MS Aut/ 99    
451 Md. Mahamudul Hasan Khurram Performance of TPS progenies under Ordinary Storage condition GPB MS Aut/ 99    
452 Uttam Kumar Saha Interactions of Phosphate potassium and Ammonium with Hyproxy-in Terlayeredexa panda Ble phyliosilicates Adsorption Fixation and Exchange Phenomena and Their mahamsns. SSC Ph.D Aut/ 99    
453 Md. Mozahar Ali Former Extension Worker  Interaction and upstream information transfer in the T & V Extension system in Bangladesh. AEE Ph.D BAU    
454 Md. Saiful Alam Talukder Effects of Plant Density on the Green yield and seed Production in Different cultivars of stem Amaranthus. HRT MS Win/ 99    
455 S. M. Abubaker Saiful Islam In Vitro Propagation of Ghrysan Themum HRT MS Win/ 99    
456 Md. Khurshid Alam Performance of Tuberlet size from TPS and Characterization of Modern potato varities HRT MS Win/ 99    
457 Md. Rezaul Haque Effect of Fertilizer and Manure on Gurd and seed yield in Caulifilower HRT MS Win/ 99    
458 Golam Rasul Influence of nitrogen and phosphorus on flower yield and bulb production in Tuberose HRT MS Win/ 99    
459 Md. Jamal Uddin Impact of IPM Training on rice farmers educational Behaviour cognitive and Affective Domains. AEE MS Win/ 99    
460 Ahmmed Hossain Farm level status of improned winter vegetable technologies in Sadar of Jhenaidha Dist. AEE MS Win/ 99    
461 Sk. M. Ahaduzzaman Adoption of modern T. Aman Technologies among the rice growers in Sadar Thana of Rangpur District. AEE MS Win/ 99    
462 Kamruzamman Sarker Light interception dry matter distribution growth and yield of some selected rice cultivars AGR MS Win/ 99    
463 Altab Hossain Root growth nutrient uptake and yield performance of groundnut genotypes as inpluenced by Nitrogen and phosphorus ertilization AGR Ph.D Win/ 99    
464 Rathi Mohamud Morshed Effect of Irrigation and Nitrogen on growth and yield of carrot. SSC MS Win/ 99 75  
465 Md. Ataur Rahman Howlader Effect of organic residues on mineralization and microbial biomass dynamics in paddy soil. SSC MS Win/ 99 78  
466 Most. Nasrin Begum Effects of Irrigation and Phosphorus on the yield and quality in Tomato SSC MS Win/ 99 71  
467 Jagandish Chandra Roy Seasonal Trends in the reproouctive potential and population development of mustard ENT MS Win/ 99 69  
468 Md. Yousuf Evalution of different indices and effects on natural enemies for judicious use of cypermstrin against Brinjal shoot and fruit borers ENT MS Win/ 99    
469 SM Afsaruzzaman Ecological aspects of bean aphid,aphis craccivora koch and their application on country bean ENT Ph.D Win/ 99 175  
470 Md. Akhtaruzzaman Intergated management of fruit fly on cucumber ENT Ph.D Win/ 99 193  
471 Md. Monsur Alam Synchrony Evaluation of plant age aphid performance and insecidicde application in controlling in Mustard ENT MS Win/ 99 89  
472 Kazi Tanvir Mahmud Impact of crediti on income and employment of women members of Savar Thana under world vision project AEC MS Win/ 99 55  
473 Md. Golam Kibria An Economic analysis of improved mungbean production in Jessore District AEC MS Win/ 99 111  
474 Md. Mouin Uddin Growth Trend and supply response of mungbean in Bangladesh AEC MS Win/ 99 86  
475 Md. Mamunur Rashid Economic Assesment of local and improved mungbean production in greater Kushtia District. AEC MS Win/ 99 90  
476 Jahangir Kabir An Economic Evaluation of Okra and Ash gourd vegetable in Gazipur and Chitagong District of Bangladesh AEC MS Win/ 99 127  
477 A.S.M. Golam Hafiz Vegetable marketing system in Bangladesh a perspective on participation and role of private sector. AEC MS Win/ 99 124  
478 Kh. Habibul Alam Growth and yield of Mungbean as infulence by Naa and Gazz CBT MS Win/ 99 55  
479 Md. Haider Hossain Studies on different aspects of seed tuber inffection by PLRV and PVY contributing Degeneration of Potato. PLP MS Win/ 99 121  
480 P. Kumar Mondal Biological control of seedling mortality of chickpea caused by sclerotium rolfslluning antagonistyic fungi PLP MS Win/ 99 65  
481 Hasanuzzaman Floral Biology of snake gourd GPB MS Win/ 99 70  
482 Abdul Wadud Performance of four summer vegetable under reduced light condtion for agrofoestry system AFE MS Win/ 99 89  
483 Farid Uddin Ahmed Homestead Agroforestry in Bangladesh as case study of Gazipur District AFE MS Win/ 99 81  
484 Sheikh Md. Abdur Rahman Physico-Chemical and microbial properties of some Tea soil of Bangladesh SSC MS Aut/ 2000 72  
485 Mousumi Khondaker Response of some pea varieties to Rhizobum inoculation SSC MS Aut/ 2000 88  
486 Zarzis Ahamed Response of Bu Ash Gourd 1 to NPK and Organic manure SSC MS Aut/ 2000 68  
487 Md. Anisur Rahman Role of Molybdenum and boron on nodulation nitrogenase activity growth and yield of soybean (gl yeinmax (L) mer) SSC Ph.D Sum/ 2000 172  
488 Md. Lutful Bari Al Ousmani Response of Mungbean to planting density and source sink manipulation AGR MS Sum/ 2000 91  
489 Md. Jahangir Murshed Root growth and productivity of some selected chickpea genotypes under Irrigated and non Irrigated conditions AGR MS Sum/ 2000 115  
490 Prodip Kumar Raptan Salinity induced changes in dry matter production and mineralion accumulation in vigna spp. AGR MS Sum/ 2000 71  
491 Badal chandra Biswas Performance of seed potato stored in different cold storages AGR MS Aut/ 2000 75  
492 Md. shariful Islam Evaluation of Selected morphological characters and genetics of one endemio and five introduced long grain rice varieties AGR MS Sum/ 2000 124  
493 Md. Mustafa Khan Canopy structure light intercaption dry matter production and allocation in mungbean plants AGR MS Sum/ 2000 78  
494 A.N.M. Waliullah Communication Behaviour of frontling Extension workers and farmers in Relation to rice production in Bangladesh AEE Ph.D Aut/ 2000 255  
495 Manjumul Haque Information media used in adopting vegetable production technology by the female households of gheor Thana in Mahikgonj District. AEE MS Sum/ 2000 56  
496 Md. Delwar Hossain Mazumder Factors Associated with the Extent of Availity of Modern variety seed to Boro Rice growers AEE MS Aut/ 2000 101  
497 Md. Akhtar Hossain Existing Homestead vegetables production and utilization system in some selected areas of pabna District AEC MS Sum/ 2000 90  
498 A.H.M. Mahbubul Baset Bhuiyan An Economics analysis of HYV Boro rice cultivition in some selected sites of Kishorgong District AEC MS Sum/ 2000 98  
499 Md. Shaheen Miah Capital Formation and utilization in case of social development sangshad at bashal Thana under Tangail District. AEC MS Sum/ 2000 78  
500 A.T.M. Rezaul Hoque Productivity profitablity and allocative efficiency of local and improved mungbean production in some selected sites of Jamalpur District. AEC MS Sum/ 2000 114  
501 Tanvir Mahmud Bin Hossain An Economic study on Rice-cum-Fish culture in some selected Areas of Mymensingh District. AEC MS Sum/ 2000 140  
502 Mohammad Aminul Akanda Evaluation of Fertilizer supply marketing system and utilization at Farm level in Boro Season AEC MS Sum/ 2000 93  
503 Md. Abdul Awal Chowdhury Comparison of chemical composition decomposition rate and nutrient release from leaves potential agroforestry tree AFE MS Aut /2000 136  
504 Samir chandra Ghosh Performance of Tree Crop association under Irrigated condition AFE MS Aut /2000 114  
505 Md. Abul Waduo


Performance of four summer vegetable under reduced light conditions for Agroforestry Systems AFE MS win /99 89  
506 Md. Abul  Kalam Azad Studies on some aspects of four colletotrichum spp. PLP MS Sum /2000 85  
507 Haripada Mondal Effect of seed and soil borne incula of bipolaris sorokiniana-on-seeolin mortality and spot blotch of wheat PLP MS Aut/ 2000 78  
508 Jinnat Ara Begium Effect of Growth factors on and its sensitivity to Fungicides PLP MS Aut/ 2000 78  
509 Sanjoy Kumar Adhikary Study on the variability in isolatees of bipolaris sorokinian causing spot blotch of Wheat PLP Ph.D Aut/ 2000 163  
510 Md.Salim Haider Prevalence and control of Fus Arium Oxyspoprum F.Sp. vasinfectum Causing seedling mortality of Goesypium Arboreum PLP MS sum/ 2000 52  
511 Md. Sirazul Islam Physiological and Pathological studies on selerotium Rolfsh PLP MS   131  
512 Md. Fakrul Alam Effect of growing Amendments and Nematicides on root-knot Nematode of Okra PLP MS Sum/ 2000 47  
513 Md. Abu Ashraf Khan Studies on Radio Identification of  Phytopathogenic Bactera PLP Ph.D Sum/ 2000 131  
514 Sayed Liaquat Hossain Reaction of wheat germplasm to Bipolaris Sorokiniana at different growth stages PLP MS Aut/ 2000 36  
515 Md. Tauhid Parvez Prevalence and phsiology of fusarium oxysporum F.Sp. Vasinfetum causing wilt of gossypium Arboreum PLP MS Sum/ 2000 50  
516 Nasima Akter Biological control of seedling mortality of different crops caused by selfrotium  Rolfsii using anta gonistio fungi PLP MS Sum/ 97 72  
517 Niharika Das Gupta Occurence of Tomato yellow leaf curl virus (Tylcv) and Tomato purelevin virus (TPW) and their effects on growth and yield of Tomato PLP MS Aut/ 2000 77  
518 Md. Alamgir Hossain Mrida Characterization of xanthomonas oryzae pv oryzicola the causal organism of bacterial leaf streak of rice PLP MS Sum/ 2000 72  
519 Paresh Chandra Golder Studies on growth yield and quality of Banana as affected by growth regulators HRT Ph.D Sum/ 2000 183  
520 Mia Abdur Rasid Effect of fruit retention and spacing on the yield and quality of Okra (Abelmoschusesculentu) seed HRT MS Aut/ 2000 60  
521 Md. Basharat Ali Sarker Characterization Evaluation and improvement of Muskmelon (Cucumismelo) HRT Ph.D Sum/ 200 207  
522 Md. Saiful Islam Effect of sowing time and plant density on the performance of Edible podded Pea. HRT MS Aut/ 2000 60  
523 Syed Md. Mizanur Rahman Performance of in Vitor plantlets with conventional suckers as influenced by desuckering techniques on Banana production HRT MS Aut/ 2000 79  
524 Md. Saiful Islam Effect of sowing time and plant density on the performance of Edible poded pea HRT MS Aug/ 2000 79  
525 Nilfar Yesmin Effects of different media for in vitro seed propagation of two native orchids HRT MS Aug/ 2000 42  
526 Md.  Abdul Jalil Khan Micropropagation establishment growth naia and irrigation requirment for the production of Afarican Violt (Saintpaulia ionantha) HRT Ph.D Sum/ 2000 97  
527 Kaser Khan Genetic diversity, combiging ability and heterosis in yard long bean HTR Ph.D Sum/ 2000 125  
528 Rumena Yasmen Effect of salinity at the reproductive phase of rice


CBT MS Aut/ 2000 55  
529 Shah Abdul Hye Salinity tolerance in chickpea CBT MS Sum/ 2000 79  
530 Sheikh Murshidul Karim Heat Tolerance and late seeding respones in wheat CBT MS Aug/ 2000 95  
531 Md. Abdul Latif



Biology of Rice Weevil Sitophilus oryzae linn in Rice grains and its control using camphor in stored rice ENT MS Sum/ 2000 75  
532 Md. Razab Ali


Resistance sources among different pulses and Efficacy of their extracts against pulse beetles. ENT MS Sum/ 2000 107  
533 Md. Abdul Basher Effect of Adapted Fertilization on the development of mustrad aphid. (Lipaphis erysiml kalt) ENT MS Sum/ 2000 55  
534 Sheikh Shah Shamul Hoque Relationship Between rice hispa, dicladispa armigera (Olivier) damage and grain


ENT MS Aug/ 2000 65  
535 Md. Shalim Uddin In Vitro Propagation of Pointed gourd (trichosanthcs dioica Rox) GPB MS Aut/ 2000 57  
536 Md. Shahidul Islam Genetic Variability, Correllation and path analysis of different morpho-Anatomical traits of Tossa Jute (C alitariur L.) GPB MS Sum/ 2000 76  
537 Md. Mamunur Rashid Genetic Divergence in Cucurbith moschata GPB MS Aut/ 2000 56  
538 Mahmiud Al Hossain Studies on Genetic variability correlation and path analysis in kenae (Hibiscus camnabisus L) GPB MS Sum/ 2000 54  
539. Shalim Arifa Nabi Organogenesis in teasle gourd (Momondica diaich Roxb) GPB MS Aug/ 2000 43  
540. Md.  Akter Hossain Development of Stable malesterile line for hybrid seed production in radishi GPB Ph.D Aug/ 2000 96  
541 Alok Kumar Paul Fertility management of newely Developed genotype of pea SSC MS Aug/ 93 49  
542 Abu Zafar Md. Mosilehuddin Mineralogy and potssium chemistry of Bangladesh Paddy soils AGR Ph.D 1998 100  
543 Sheikh Abdul Quader Seed quality of wheat as affected by production technology AGR Ph.D 1992 224  
544 Md. Nazmul Huda Effects of quality of certifield seed and farmers seed on the productivity of rice and wheat AGR Ph.D 1992 230  
545 Ali Muhammad Scientists perception on determinants of research productivity in crop science AFE Ph.D 1994 337  
546 Md. Amzad Hossain Studies on physiology ecology and control of torpedograss in sugarcane Agril.Sc. Ph.D 1999 292  
547 Shahidul Islam Field ecology pest status and management of rice Hispa in Bangladesh Tech.Sci. Ph.D 1997 130  
548 Khairul Bashar Genetics studies on rice root xylem vessels and related  characters in relation to drought avoidance mechanisms GPB `MS 1987 179  
549 Mohammad Abdul Aziz Miah Studies on the inheritance of callus induction ability through anther culture and evaluation of dihaploid lines in rice GPB Ph.D. 1983 119  
550 Md. Abul Bashar Homegarden agroforestry impact on biodiversity conservation and household food security, a case study of gazipur district, Bangladesh Agril. MS. 1999 110  
551 Subrata Kumar Nandy Direct and residual effects of micronutrients on growth, yield and nutrient uptake of crops in a rice-rice sequence SSC MS Dec/ 99 128  
552 Muhammad Ruhul Amin Factors Related to the adoption of multiple cropping in two villages of comilla District AEE MS July/ 82 139  
553 Author A study on the performance of thirteen chinese cabbage lines HRT MS Mar/ 87 31  
554 Author Effect of different levels of nitrogen on the growth, yield and quality of Banana CV. Amritasagar HRT MS Feb/ 87 47  
555 Md. Altab Hossain NItrogen and phosphorus fertilizer effects on root growth, nutrient uptake and yield performance of groundnut AGR Ph.D. 1999 283  
556 Md. Ahsanul Kabir Miah An economic analysis of aromatic and nonaromatic rice cultivation in some selected areas of dinajpur district AEC MS 2000 112  
557 Mahmudul Islam Nazrul In vitro propagation of grapes (Vitis vinifera L.) HRT MS Sum/ 01 57  
558 Golam Mowla Factors association with the problems facted in utilizing irrigation water by the boro growers in sadar upazila of gazipur AER MS Win/ 00 77  
559 Md. Yusuf Ali Influence of phosphorus fertilizer and soil moisture regimes on root system development, growth dynamics and yield of chickpea AGR Ph.D. Win/ 00 221  
560 Dilip Kumar Biswas Canopy structure, light interception, Gas exchange, pattern of resource allocation, and productivity of Blackgram at variable population densities AGR MS Sum/ 01 95  
561 Mst. Dilafroza Khanam In vitro cormel production of gladiolus (Gladiolus grandiflorus) HRT MS Win/ 00 68  
562 M. Atiqur Rahman Mazumder Morphological characteristics and yield potential of different coriander genotypes HRT MS Win/ 00    
563 Md. Wahidul Islam Sarker Effect of water stress on nitrogen fixation dry matter accumulation and yield in chickpea SSC MS 2000 62  
564 Hosneara Khanam Evaluation of mungbean genetic resources for adaptation in nutrient-Poor and nutrient-Rich Environments AGR Ph.D. Wint/ 00 60  
565 Kamal Uddin Ahmed Performance of farmers seed potato in relation to germination, plant growth, yield and disease reaction AGR MS Sum/ 01 89  
566 Md. Ataur Rahman Grafting compatibility of cultivated Eggplant with wild solanum root stocks HRT MS Win/ 00 54  
567 A.K.M. Mizanur Rahman Assessment of variability in the segregating populations of exotic hybrid radish GPB MS Win/ 00 55  
568 Md. Delowar Hossain Performance of some mungbean varieties to Rhizobium inoculation SSC MS Win/ 00 92  
569 Md. Abdul Mannan Plant biodiversity in the homesteads of Bangladeah and its utilization in crops improvement GPB Ph.D. 2000 214  
570 Md. Altaf Hossain Effect of IBA and plant spacing on the growth and yield of potato raised from TPS seedlings HRT MS Sum/ 01 59  
571 Md. Azharul Islam Cognitive performance of the cane development assistants as affected by their annual refresher training AER MS Win/ 00 90  
572 Md. Rezaul Islam Characterization of pest Altoia spp. Based on Morphological characteristics Host range isozyme analysis …………. vitro PLP MS Sum/ 01 98  
573 Shima Rani Ghosh Adoption of improved cultivation practices by the sugarcane growers of non-Mill Zone AREA in Shibganj Upazila AER MS Sum/ 01 100  
574 Md. Abiar Rahman Effect of alley cropping with different nitrogen levels of crop productivity and soil properties in upland ecosystem AFE MS Sum/ 01 103  
575 Nasira Sultana Morphological variability in Bipolaris sorokiniana PLP MS Win/ 00 47  
576 Roll No. 7 Effect of Manuring and split application of nitrogen on grain yield and quality of Maize AGR MS Nov/ 96 77  
577 Roll No.32 Effect of Sesbania Rostrata Biomass and nitrogen on the performance of Transplant aman Rice CV. BR-11 AGR MS May/ 97 97  
578 Roll No.10 Effect of variety and fertilization on grain yield and quality of wheat AGR MS Nov/ 96 70  
579 Roll No.53 Effect of minimum tillage on Aus Rice (CV. BR21) under different intercultural practices AGR MS June/ 97 70  
580 Roll No.56 A study on the effect of fertilization on grain yield and quality of transplanted Aman rice AGR MS Nov/ 96 80  
581 Md. Main Uddin Miah Performance of five winter vegetables under different light conditions for agropforestry systems AFE MS Sum/ 01`88    
582 Taru lata shapla Performance of some cultivars of chilli (Capsicum annum) under different levels of light as for agoforestry systems AFE MS Aut/ 01 46  
583 Kaniz Fatema Performance and nutritive value for F1 Muskmelon and their parents HRT MS   60  
584 Md. Yeasin Ali Effect of intercropping legume vegetaables on the performance of tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill.) HRT MS Aut/ 01 70  
585 Md. Mizanur Rahman Effect of scion storage condition and Duration on the success of veneer grafting in mango HRT MS Aut/ 01 54  
586 Md. Saykhul Arifin Influence of N P K and cowdung on the yield performance of IPSA Seams\-3 HRT MS Aut/ 01 60  
587 Fahmida Rahman Effect of sowing time and population density on the growth, yield and quality of garden pea HRT MS Aut/ 01 71  
588 Md. Abdul Mannan Selection efficiency at Early stages of sugarcane breeding GPB Ph.D. Aut/ 01 137  
589 Nargis Akter Morphological attribute and stem histology in relation to fibre yield and biomass of high land jute (C. Olitorius L.) GPB MS Aut/ 63    
590 Umakanta Sarker Combining ability analysis of CMS and Restorer Lines in Rice (Oryza sativa L.) GPB MS Aut/ 01 97  
591 Almasi Enam Prevalence of tomato purple vein virus (TPVV) and its impact on growth and yield of four tomato varieties PLP MS 01 71  
592 Md. Omar Faruque Tarafder Development of Root-knot nematode in Bunching onion PLP MS Aut/ 01 62  
593 Md. Rafiqul Azam Prevalence and effect of tomato yellow leaf curl virus (TYLCV) on growth and yield of nethouse grown seedlings in tomato PLP MS Aut/ 01 69  
594 S.M. Badrul Alam Prevalence of mungbean yellow mosaic virus and its effect on growth and yield of mungbean PLP MS Aut/ 01 77  
595 Mst. Masuma Akhter Effect of nitrogen fertilizer on growth and yield of rapeseed (Brassica napus L.) AGR MS Aut/ 01 78  
596 Md. Khairul Alam Bhuiyan Productivity and economic feasibility of grain legumes intercropped with maize AGR MS Aut/ 01 75  
597 A.K.M. Ferdous Effects of nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizers on nutrient uptake and productivity of Edible podded pea AGR MS Aut/ 01 120  
598 Md. Sirazul Islam Water stress tolerance of Phaseolus

vulgaris L. as affected by potassium

AGR MS Aut/ 01 69  
599 Abul Bashar Talukder Performance of master trainers in conducting training for extension workers of the departmentof agricultural extension Bangladesh AER Ph.D. Aut/ 01 150  
600 Ferdousi Begum Contribution of farmwomen in Post-harvest Activities of boro rice, Pulses and oilseed crops in Narsingdi District of Bangladesh AER Ph.D. Aut/ 01 201  
601 Sufia Begum Adoption of cauliflower production technology in homestead Affa by the Rural Housewives in Savar Upazila of Dhaka Distrit AER MS Aut/ 01 60  
602 Md. Abdul Kader Factors Affecting Farmers awareness about latest sugaricane production technollogies in some selected areas of Bangladesh AER MS Aut/ 01 93  
603 A.K.M. Ziaur Rahman Use of Visual color Ribbons and some other management Approaches against the cucurbit fruit fly (Bactrocera cucurbitae coquillett) in Bitter Gourd ENT MS Aut/ 01 96  
604 Md. Moinul Haque Effect of different light levels on the morphology, physiology and yield of four selected vine crops CBT MS Aut/ 01 119  
605 Bidhan Chandra Paul Response of tomato to NPKS fertilization in shallow red-brown terrace soil SSC MS Aut/ 01 127  
606 Sharif Mohammad Asaduzzaman Effect of Biomass incorporation and crop combination in mitigating scouring problem in an alley cropping system Forestry Ph.D. Oct/ 00 163  
607 Md. Ruhul Amin Factors Related to the adoption of multeple cropping in two villages of Comjlia District AER MS July/ 82 144  
608 A.S.M. Masuduzzaman Screening and selection for tolerance to salinity in rice GPB MS 00 88  
609 Shaharuk Ahmed Linkage performance between go and NGO: a case of DAE and Care-Bangladesh in Implementing an interfish Agricultural Development Project AER Ph.D. win/ 01 153  
610 Nasir uddin Ahmed Performance of upland rice in ablle cropping systems at different levels of nitrogen AFE MS Win/ 01 88  
611 Dewan Shazzadul Hoque Uzzal Host preference and performance of Aphis gossypii Glover ENT MS Win/ 01 67  
612 Jahidul Islam Performance of Edible podded pea as influenced by Rhizobium Inoculation,  Nitrogen and Phosphorus SSC MS Win/ 01 109  
613 Mohammod Jalal Uddin Morphogenetic diversity and gene action in sesame (Sesamum Indicum L.) GPB Ph.D. 01 192  
614 Atika Ayub Studies on control of Alternaria Blight of Cauliflower seed crop PLP Ph.D. Win/ 01 88  
615 Satya ranjan Saha Heat Tolerance in sweet pepper (Capsicum annuum L.) HRT Ph.D Win/ 01 236  
616 Md. Shawkat Ali Mallik Hydraulic characterization of an inceptisol for Agronomic Evaluation of wheat grown under different moisture regimes SSC Ph.D. Win/ 01 202  
617 Mohammad Apel Mahmud Participation of the Tribal Women in Homestead vegetable production program in Madhpur Upazila of Tangail District AER MS 01 93  
618 K.M. Deloar Rahman Khan Seasonal Variation in leaf photosynthesis and productivity of two mungbean varieties AGR MS Win/ 01 67  
619 Md. Sohidul Islam Morphio-Physiology of Blackgram and Mungbean As influenced by Salinity AGR MS Win/ 01 87  
620 Dulal Chandra Biswas Effect of irrigation and population density on growth and producvity of field bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) AGR MS Win/ 01 97  
621 Mohammad Anwarul Karim Chowdhury A study on HYMV in Respect to prevalence, Field spread and Impact on growth and yield of mungbean PLP MS win/ 01 81  
622 Md. Abul Fazal Mollah Quality evaluation of jute seeds collected from two different sources AGR MS Win/ 01 77  
623 Nazneen Ara Sultana An investigation to some aspects of TYLCV and TPVV infecting tomato PLP MS Win/ 01 90  
624 Md. Shah Alam Evaluatio of physical Barrier and insecticide against the Brinjal shoot and fruit borer, Leucinodes orbonalis guenee and on natural enemy conservation ENT MS Sum/ 02 91  
625 Kalam Mohammod Abul Bashar Influence of Variety and sowing date on the abundance of insect pests in Blackgram ENT MS Sum/ 02 75  
626 Aklema Ahsan Participation of rural women in homestead vegetable production program in sadar upazila of Gazipur District AER MS Sum/ 02 82  
627 A.K.M. Jahangir osmani Role of the ladybird beeile (Menochilus sexuaculatus fab.) on the consumption of bean aphid (Aphis craccivora koch.) at different densities in the laboratory ENT MS Sum/ 02 74  
628 Nirmal Chandra Shil Effect of organic manure on phosphorus availability in some soils of Bangladesh SSC MS Sum/ 02 108  
629 Md.Khaled Sultan Combining ability and genetic studies for physiological traits in maize GPB Ph.D. 2002 82  
630 Bilkish Begum Inlfuence of planting dates on performance of lablab bean nines HRT MS Sum/ 02 47  
631 Mohammad Nayemul Hassan Evaluation of commercially Avalable Insecticides on Ladybird Beetles ENT MS Sum/ 02 67  
632 Md. Shahidur Rashid Bhuiyan Interspecific Hybridization in oleiferous brassica with special emphasis on shattering behavior GPB Ph.D. March/02 176  
633 Mohammad Hemayatul Islam Productivity of wheat, tomato and cabbage in Alley cropping sysytem as affected by tree species and levels of nitrogen in upland ecosystem AFE MS Sum/ 02 135  
634 Sanjoy Kumar Paul Management of TYLCV in respect to growth and yield of tomato using net house grown seedlings and insecticidal spray PLP MS Sum/ 02 107  
635 Md. Al-Amin Hossain Talukder In vitro Propagation of Gerbera (Gerbera jamesonii Bolus) HRT MS Sum/ 02 79  
636 Fourrukh Ahamed Marketing and consumption of jackfruit in some selected areas of Mymensingh and Gazipur Districts AEC MS Sum/ 02 86  
637 Md. Zohurul Haque Heat tolerant characteristics in wheat under late seeded condition CBT MS Sum/ 02 106  
638 Md. Majibar Rahman Studies on ralstonia solanacearum and its Antagonistic Bacteria PLP MS Sum/ 02 58  
639 Md. Golam Rabbani Effects of Rhizobium Leguminosaruk, Phosphorus and Molybdenum on pea SSC MS Sum/ 02 105  
640 Mr. Tapan Kumar Dey Occurence and management of bacterial wilt of potato and survivability of Ralstonia Solanacearum PLP Ph.D. Win/ 01 186  
641 S.M. Faisal In vitro Morphogenesis and plant regeneration of chrysanthemum (Chrysanthemum morifolium Ramat) HRT MS Sum/ 02 59  
642 Md. Ansar Uddin Polyculture Effects on insect pests and their natural enemies ENT MS Sum/ 02 76  
643 Md. Zamsed Ali Studies on the mating and oviposition behaviour of Hog-Plum Beetle podontia 14-Punctata and its chemical control ENT MS Sum/ 02 80  
644 Gopal Chandra Paul Properties of sugarcane soils and contribution of organic materials on soil microbial biomass dynamics and dry matter yield sugarcane SSC Ph.D. Sum/ 02 200  
645 Md. Abdus Samad Host preference and performance of Aphis Gossypii glover on different cucurbits ENT MS Sum/ 02 89  
646 Khalifa Shah Alam Impact of Training on Farmers knowledge, attitude and adoption of modern sugarcane production technologies AER MS Win./00 67  
647 Md. Shahaduzzaman Performance of Brridhan29 at a range of population densities in comparison with hybrid rice AGR MS Sum/ 01 113  
648 Mira Rani Das Variation in yield and quality of tomato under different sowing times CBT MS Win/ 00 51  
649 Jahan Afroze Cultivar Differences in Germination, Vigor and Quality of Frice Seeds AGR MS Sum/ 96 76  
650 Ratan Kumar Chakraborty Study on Quantitative Characters in N2 Generation of Mungbean (Vigna Radiata (L.) Wilczek). GPB MS Aut/ 94 77  
651 Sbyamali Saha Yield and some quality charactgers of local and modern rice cultivars GPB MS 1998 73  
652 Ing. Arunendra Bhowmik Institutul Agronomic Nioolae Balossour – Bucuresti facultatea De Agricultura   Ph.D.   184  
653 Mohammad Khalequzzaman Development of Drought Resistant Varieties of Rice (Oryza sativa L.) Through in Vitro Hybridization CEE Ph.D. Sept/ 02 175  
654 Enamul Haque Performance of rice IPM farmers under farmer firld school in Department of Agric, Extension AFRD Ph.D. 02 190  
655 Md. Khairul Bashar Genetic and Morpho-Physiological Bases of Heterosis in rice (Oryza sativa L.) GPB Ph.D July/ 02 147  
656 Shahabuddin Ahmad Genetics of fruit set and related traits in Tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill.) Under hot-Humid conditions HRT Ph.D. Aut/ 02 236  
657 Biresh Kumar Goswami Variability among the isolates of Rhizoctonia solani in Bangladesh PLP Ph.D Aut/ 02 120  
658 Nitya Ranjan Sharma Studies on the Rhizoctonia Sheath Disease complex of Rice in Bangladesh PLP Ph.D. Aut/ 02 152  
659 Delowara Khanam Biodiversity of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi in Agricultural Crops and their interaction with Rhizobium on Chickpea (Cicer Arietinum L.) SSC Ph.D Aut/ 02 226  
660 Md. Sirajul Islam Tillage, Mulchand Irrigation Effects on soil Physical Properties, Nutrient Uptake, Water use and Yield of Wheat SSC Ph.D. Aut/ 02 229  
661 Atoa Rpljsama Early variety IPSA bean Marketing System in some selected Areas of Bangladesh AEC MS Aut/ 02 90  
662 Apurba Sarker Gender participation in cauliflower seed production in Sadar upazilla of Tangail District AER MS Aut/ 02 63  
663 Abul Kashem Mohammad Jahangir Hossain Socio-economic impact of social forestry project upon the beneficiaries in some selected villages of the RDRS command Area AER MS Aut/ 02 100  
664 Sherin Sultana Binta Rahman Effect of storage Period on some bio-chemical changes in tomato CBT MS Aut/ 02 71  
665 Kabir Uddin Ahmed Pest complex, Yield loss Assessment and their control in country bean ENT MS Aut/ 02 92  
666 Lata Anjumanara Begum Host preference of fruit fly and red pumpkin Beetle to different cucurbit vegetables grown in summer ENT MS Aut/ 02 64  
667 Zarif Uddin Ahmad Integrated management of Mustard Aphid, Lipaphis Erysimi Kalt. ENT MS Aut/ 02 89  
668 Sabitra Kumer Nag Effect of Temperature on growth and population kincrease of cotton – Melon Aphid, Aphid, Aphis Gossypii glover on brinjal ENT MS Aut/ 02 78  
669 Md. Khalid Jamil Influence of Date of sowing on growth and yield of Garcen Pea (POisum sativum L.) HRT MS Aut/ 02 53  
670 Monuwarul Haque Effect of contrition of seedling raising and insecticide spray on prevalence of Tylcv and its impact on growth and yield of tomato PLP MS 02 91  
671 Afroza Parvin Effect of condition of growing seedling and sowing time on prevalence of TYLCV and its impact on growth and yield of tomato PLP MS Aut/ 02 99  
672 Mst. Sabera Sultana Effect of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, sulphur and boron on okra SSC MS Win/ 02 73  
673 Md. Nazzamul Islam Management of the Brinjal Shoot and Fruit Borer, Leucinodes Orbonalis Guene using Different Methods and Conservation of Natural Enemies ENT MS Win/ 02 72  
674 Mohammed Manjur Alam Studies on biology, leaf consumption and alternate hosts of podontia 14-punctatal., infesting hog plum ENT MS Win/ 02 72  
675 Mohammed Abu Bokor Faruquel Effect of water stress on morpho-Physiological Changes in Vigna radiata L. Wilczek Grown under Saline conditions AGR MS Win/ 02 78  
676 Sheikh Md. Ruhul Amin Performance of different oyster mushroom (Pleurotus spp.) varieties HRT MS Win/ 02 66  
677 Azimul Kabir Small scale irrigation management:  impact on Farm productivity and livelihood of the Rural people AEC MS Win/ 02 95  
678 Mia Md. Bashir Performance of Blackgram and Mungbean Varieties under different light levels AFE MS Win/ 02 95  
679 Md. Jahedur Rahman Performance, nutritive value and postharvest loss in sweet pepper (Capsicum Annuum L.) HRT MS Win/ 02    
680 Jasmin Akhter Effect of sosurces and methods of fertilizer Application on fertilizer use efficiency of Irrigated lowland rice AGR MS Win/ 02 88  
681 Md. Aminur Rahman Screening of okra varieties for agroforestry system under reduced light conditions AFE MS Win/ 02 78  
682 Md. Abu Hasan Physiological Changes in Wheat under Late Planting Heat Stress CBT MS Win/ 02 104  
683 Syed Md. Zainul Abedin Studies on Bioecology and Management Approaches of Termites ENT Ph.D. Win/ 02 197  
684 Md. Aziz Zilani Chowdhury Self-Incompatibility and combining ability studies in oleiferous Brassica Rapa GPB Ph.D. Aut/ 02 103  
685 Md. Lataf Hossain Impact of flower and nectar attribute os mistard in attracting apis mellifera L. and crop yield ENT MS 02 83  
686 Laila Nasrin Farmers perception and practice of using healthy BRRI dhan-28 seed and its impact on farm productivity in some selected Areas in, Gazipur. AEC MS Win/ 02 67  
687 Md. Khayrul Alam Leaf gall of Arjun (Terminalia Arjuna Roxb. And its chemical control ENT MS Win/ 02 74  
688 Naline Ranjon Basak Study on composition of trees in Homesteads at Different ecological zones in Bangladesh AFE MS Win/ 02 104  
689 Md. Enamul Kabir Role of Nutrients (N, P and K) on salinity Tolerance of Mungbean (Vigna Radiata L. Wilczek) AGR MS Win/ 02 119  
690 Md. Nazrul Islam Bio-control potentiality oftrichoderma harzianum and its mass culture using organic substgrates PLP MS Win/ 02 92  
691 Hasina Akter Screening of Available Pea Genotypes for Resistance to the Pulse Beetle, Callosobruchus Chinensis (LINN.), Coleoptera: Bruchidae ENT MS Win/ 02 85  
692 Abdul Latif Shah Phosphorus nutrition of rice varieties in relation to phosphorus sources and rates on a phosphorus deficient soil SSC Ph.D 02 184


693 Mohammad Rezzur Rahman Sarker Investigation of Bushbean Diseases PLP MS Win/ 02 127  
694 Jalal Uddin Ahmed Yield and quality of Carrot at Different Harvesting Dates CBT MS Win/ 02 66  
695 Mosammat Afruza Begum Prevalence and Spread of Okra Yellow vein Clearing Mosaic virus (OkYVCMV) in the field and its impact on growth and yield of OKRA PLP MS Win/ 02 135  
696 Md. Moniruzzaman Plant density age of seedling and N-P fertilizers effects in lettuce HRT MS Win/02 104  
697 Md. Yusuf Ali Influence of Phosphorus Fertilizer and soil Moisture Regimes on Root System Development, Growth Dynamics and Yield of Chickpea AGR Ph.D. Win/ 00 221  
698 Mohammad Nurul Islam Competitive interference and Productivity in Maize-Bean Intercropping system AGR Ph.D. Win/ 02 160  
699 Mohammad Bashir Ahmed Impact of Shrimp Farming on socio-Economic, Agriculture and Environmental Conditions in Paikgacha Upazila of Khulna District AER Ph.D. Sum/ 03 184  
700 Mohammad Zakaria Induction and Performance of potato microtubers HRT Ph.D 2003 182  
701 Mst. Rahmat Ara Viruses infecting weeds and ornamentals at BSMRAU Campus PLP MS 2003 91  
702 Md. Mohabbarullah Nutrient management in summer onion SSC Ph.D 2003 164  
703. Md. Hasanuzzaman Comparative study of sugarcane production as monoculture and intercorpping with CDP crops in some selected areas of Kushtia Dist. AEC MS 2003 75  
704 Sk. M. Ahaduzzaman Extension agent-farmer linkage in Bangladesh AERD Ph.D 2003 224  
705. S.M. Mahbub Ali Effect the phenology, seed yield and seed quality of late sown tossa jute AGR MS 2003 67  
706 Md. Azizur Rahman Heterosis in Egg plant (Solanum melongena L.) HRT MS 2003 108  
707 Md. Zahid Al Rafiq Yield performance of mesta as influenced by fertilizer and population levels AGR MS 2003 50  
708 Farhana Islam Input-out put relationship and profitability of rice wheat based cropping system in a selected area of Comilla District. AEC MS 2003 106  
709 Marufuzzaman Comparative economic impact of comunity farming and traditional farming on boro rice cultivation at sadar thana under satkhira District AEC MS 2003 79  
710 Tofayel Ahmed Effect of different light levels on growth, yield and quality of tomato varieties AFE MS 2003 84  
711. Mosi Uddowla Reza Input-out put relationship and resource use efficiency of snake gourd cultivation in a selected area of Gazipur District. AEC MS 2003 95  
712. Bg\hagya Rani Banik Variability, gene action and heterosis in snake gorud GPB Ph.D 2003 185  
713 Sayed Jiaul Karim Influence of long term nutrient management on different soil properties in rice wheat cropping system SSC MS 2003 78  
714 Shafiqul Islam Mamin Photosynthesis, shoot reserve translocation, lodging and nitrogen use efficiency of modern and traditional varieties of rice AGR Ph.D. 2003 272  
715. Paritosh Kumar Malaker Studies on black point of wheat and its management PLP Ph.D 2003 166  
716. Habibur Rahman Variability of papaya ring spot virus-papaya strain infecting papaya in Bangladesh PLP Ph.D 2003 180  
717. Md. Rafiqul Islam Eco-physiology of soil flooding tolerance in mungbean AGR Ph.D 2003 196  
718. Subrara Mowlick Investigation to certain aspects of PRSV-P and development of its mild strains using mutagenic treatments PLP MS 2003 86  
719. Khadija Akhter Effect of date of sowing on the prevalence of tomato and impact of TYLCV infection on growth and yield contributing characters of tomato varieties PLP MS 2003 112  
720. Md. Mosharraf Hossain Performance of eight tomato varieties against infection under field condition PLP MS 2003 114  
721. Farhana Shahriar Effect of sowing dates on the management of tomato purple vein virus PLP MS 2003 90  
722 Md.Abdul Jalil Yield components and seed quality of wheat as affected by flag leaf removal CBT MS 2003 68  
723. Nazmun Naher Yield and nutritional quality of Radish as affected by different harvest dates CBT MS 2002 74  
724. Abdullah Baque Potassium inducted changes in the physiology of wheat plants under water stress conditions AGR MS 2003 95  
725. Razia Sultana Chowdhury Gas exchange characteristic and biomass accumulation pattern of mungbean under elevated AGR MS 2003 66  
726. Mahbubul Alam Performance of Maize at various levels of nitrogen fertilizer and population density AGR MS 2003 95  
727. Abu Hadi Md. Asadur Rahman Growth and yield performance of eight tomato varieties infected with under field condition PLP MS 2003 140  
728 Md. Babar Ali Influence of physiological factors on mycial growth of oyster mushroom fungus (Pleurotus ostreatus) PLP MS Aut/ 03 48  
729 Samsun Nahar Integrated management of seeling mortality of bushbean caused by Sclerotium Rolfsii and Rhizoctonia solani PLP MS Aut/ 03 74  
730 Kawser-E-Jahan Biological control of bacdterial wilt of tomato using antagonistic  bacteria PLP MS Aut/ 03 48 d0
731 Md. Sakhawat Hossain Integrated approach for the management of Alternaria Blight of Cabbage seed crop PLP Ph.D Aut/ 03 138 d0
732 Aminul Islam Sorption Characteristics and Practionation of Arsenic in some soils of Bangladesh SSC MS Aut/ 03 103  
733 Md. Shafiqul Islam Impact of long-term application of organic matter on soil properties and crop production SSC Ph.D. Aut/ 03 208  
734 K.M. Kabir Alam Seed production potential of Lablab Bean (Lablab purpureus L. Sweet) Genotypes at three sowing times HRT MS Aut/ 03 72  
735 Md. Abdur Razzaque Linkage perpromance between extension and research: A case of department of agricultural extensiion and Bangladesh rice research Institute AERD Ph.D. Aut/ 03 201  
736 Mohummed Shofi Ullah Mazumder Impact of ASA micro credit program towards upliftment of rural Women under Sadar Upazila of Patuakhali District AERD MS Aut/ 03 91  
737 Bhagya Rani Banik Vrariability, Gene Action and Heterosis in Snake Gourd (Trichosanthes Anguina L.) GPB Ph.D. Sum/03 185  
738 A.H.M. Fazul Kabir Growth and Yield of Chickpea Cultivars as affected by Sowing time under rainefed conditions AGR MS Aut/ 03 100  
739 Mohammed Monhi-Ud-Din Post-Anthesis Physiology of Wheat Flag Leaf Under Heat-Stressed Environment CBT MS Aut/ 03 103  
740 Md. Anwar Hossain Radical Acid Phosphatase Activity and Phosphorus Uptake in Wheat Genotypes CBT MS Aut/ 03 63  
741 Md. Ishaqul Islam Evaluation and selection of Biosassay methods for monitoring the insecticide resistance in brinjal shoot and fruit borer ENT MS Aut/ 03 59  
742 Golam Azam Khan Plant parasitic nematodes associated with soil of tea (Camellia sinensis L.) Seedling in Bangladesh PLP MS Aut/ 03 58  
743 Md. Sohelur Rahman Biological and chemical control of sclerotium Rolesii and Rhizoctonia solani causing seedling mortality of pea PLP MS Aut/ 03 65  
744 Biplab Tapader Effect of herbicides on weed control, plant growth and soil environment in transplanted aus rice AGR MS Aut/ 03 84  
745 S.M. Khalid Shaifullah Viruses infecting pumpkin in southern Bangladesh PLP MS Aut/ 03 64  
746 Md. Rafiqul Islam Phosphorus chemistry in wetland rice soil profile of a vertic haplustept SSC MS Aut/ 03 119  
747 Mohammad Shahjahan Growth, yield, quality and nutrient uptake of groundnut as influenced by phosphorus and molybdenum application SSC Ph.D.   204  
748 Mohammad Shaidul Haque Genotypic variation in the physiology mungbean (Vigna Radiata L). Under Elevated CO2 AGR MS Aut/ 03 82  
749 Mohammad Zashim Uddin Studies of Flower Dropping problems in off-season Lablab bean (Lablab purpureus l. weet) HRT MS Aut/ 03 119  
750 Mosammat umma Kulsum Growh, yield and nutrient uptake in Blackgram at different nitrogen levels AGR MS Aut/ 03 93  
751 Nirmal Kumar Dutta Sudies on the resistance of some local tomato genotypes against whitefly, bemisia tabaci (genn.) ENT MS Aut/ 03 56  
752 Md. Imrul Ahsan Effect of varieties and planting dates on the incidence of insect pests attacking tomato ENT MS Aut/ 03 83  
753 Md. Abdul Aziz Growth, Yield and some physiological mechanisms of salinity tolerance in mungbean AGR Ph.D. Aut/ 03 223  
754 Biplab Tapader Effect of herbicides on weed control, plant growth and soil environment in transplanted aus rice AGR MS Aut/ 03 84  
755 A.S.M. Iqbal Hussain Effect of population density and N-fertilizer appcation on the growth and yield of BRRI dhan 29 AGR MS Aut/ 03 91  
756 Fatema Begum Intergrated control of seedling mortality of Lentil caused by Sclerotium Rolesii PLP MS Win/03 57  
757 Mohammad Nazmul Haque Biological and serological relatedness and impact of WMV-2 and ZYMV on cellular components and physiology of pumpkin leaves PLP MS Win/03 70  
758 Niger Sultana Interation of Trichoderma and Fungicides for control of seedling mortality of wheat caused by Sclerotium Rolfsii PLP MS Win/ 03 61  
759 Md. Golam Raihan Integrated control of seedling mortality of peanut caused by Rhizoctonia solani and sclerotium rolfsii PLP MS Win/ 03 82  
760 Md. Hafizur Rahman Nursery practices of the village and farm forestry project supported nurseries in Rajshahi, Natore and Pabna Districts AFE MS Win./03 127  
761 Mohammad Hedayetul Islam Profitability and technical effieiency of wheat production in some selected areas of Dinajpur district AEC MS Win/2003 88  
762 Md.Abu Sayed Socio-economic impact of thengamara mohila sabuj sangha’s poverty allevation program on the beneficiaries under sirajgang district


AER MS Win/03 90  
763 Md. Noor Alam Performance assessment of the beneficiaries in pond-fish culture under integrated aquaculture development project of rdrs Bangladesh


AER MS Win/03 134  
764 Sultana Kudrati Khoda Foliar spray of Fungicides and Botanicals to control Stalk Rot and Alternaria Blight of Cauliflower seed crop PLP MS Win./03 60  
765 Mosammat Lubna Sultana Prevalence and control of seed Borne Fungi of pea PLP MS Win/03 50  
766 Md. Mosaref Hossen Identification of Indigenous Technologies in Agriculture and Its use by The farmers AER MS Win/ 03 124  
767 Mahbura Moonmoon Correlates of the socio-economic characteristics of the poultry farmers with their knowledge on different aspects of poultry rearing in nine selected villages of Gazipur Sadar Upazila. AER MS Win/ 03 92  
768 Suvash Chandra Dey Cold tolerance of rice seedling and reproductive stages CBT MS Win/03 57  
769 Nasima Akhter Morpho-physiological Changes of Garden pea under different light  condition CBT MS Win/03 94  
770 Md. Ataur Rahman Howlader Biodynamics of microbial biomass nitrogen and sulfur in organic matter amended soil and their roles on the yield of wheat SSC Ph.D. Win/03 152  
771 A.T.M. Anwarul Islam Mondol Integrated nutrient management for sustaining soil fertility and wheat productivity SSC MS Win/03 81  
772 Md. Zuleiqar Ali Viruses infecting cucumber in Rajshahi District of Bangladesh PLP MS Win/03 56  
773 Md. A. Alim Impact of N and K on soil Properties and growth, yield and nutrient uptake of jute SSC MS Win/03 75  
774 Md. Mizanur Rahim Khan Yield performance of lablab bean genotypes under different supports and assessment of their nutritive values HRT MS Win/03 76  
775 Md. Wozi Ullah Integrated technologies for the production of quality onion seed in Bangladesh HRT Ph.D. Win/03 198  
776 Mohammad Siddiqur Rahman Influence of nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizers, and planting system on the growth, yileld and nutrient use efficiency of composite and hybrid maize AGR Ph.D. Win/03 173  
777 MST.Asma Huq Effect of nitrogen fertilization on dry matter aromatic rice cultivars AGR MS Win/03 84  
778 Md. Kamrul Hasan Mitu Genetic Analysis of yield and Related Characters in pea (Pisum Sativum L.) GPB MS Win/03 83  
779 Zakia Sultana Variability assessment of pea(Pisum sativum L.) in F 5 generation GPB MS Win/03 155  
780 Syed Md. Rafiqul Amin Effect of intercropping on the diversity and management of insect pests and their natural enemies in brinjal ENT MS Win/03 81  
781 Md. Atikul Islam In vitro Embryo culture of coconut (Cocos nucifera L.) GPB MS Win/03 61  
782 Md. Rayhanul Islam Seasonal variatin in the pattern of seed grwoth, seed yield and seed quality of Blackgram cultivars in two growing seasons AGR MS Win/03 69  
783 Zahir Uddin Mahmud Seed quality improvement in cauliflower (Brassica oleracea var. botrytis L.) HRT Ph.D. Win/03 212  
784 Mohammad Quamrul Islam Matin Chracteristics amd mitrotove Values of some minor fruits grown in Gazipur District CBT MS Sum/03 73  
785 Md. Rezaul Haque Post Harvest loss Assessment, Shelf life and quality Improvement of tomato HRT Ph.D. Sum/04 170  
786 Naznin Khadija Evaluatin of Pea Germplasms for their Resistance Against Food and Root rot PLP MS Sum/03 46  
787 Md. Faruk Hossain Role of Farmers promoters in disseminating knowledge, skills and access to services among the beneficiaries under farmers led extension project of rangur district AER MS Sum/ 04 76  
788 Mohammad Abu Safique Haque An investigation to virus Like Disease of China Rose PLP MS Sum/04 49  
789 Shahana Parvin Performance of four okra varieties in Relation to okra yellow vein clearing mosaic virus (OKYVCMV) PLP MS Sum/04 97  
790 Prakit Chandra Dev Sharma Influence of planting method and time to leaf and seed production and postharvest assessment in Lettuce (Lactuce sativa L.) HRT MS Sum/04 89  
791 Mohammad Abdul Aziz Khan Integrated management of seedling mortality of Chickpea Caused by Sclerotium Rolfsii PLP MS Sum/04 80  
792 Md. Rafiqul Islam Producers and Traders Efficiency in Mango Marketing of Rajshahi district AEC MS Sum/04 70  
793 Ratan Kumar Sen Influence of sowing & Harvesting time and calcium chloride on Broccoli (Brassica oleracea Var. Italica L.) HRT MS Sum/04 71  
794 Bijon Kumaer Mitra Effect of Weed control Treatments on weed seed Bank, Weed Dynamics and the performance of Three Transplanted Aman rice Varieties AGR Ph.D. Sum/04 143  
795 Md. Hafizur Rahman Sowing time effect on seed quality and its Impact on stand establishment of Mungbean AGR MS Sum/04 49  
796 Hosneara Assessment of outcrossing rate in CMS Line and Performance of BU hybrid MULA-1 (Raphanus sativus L) GPB MS Sum/04 86  
797 Sikdar Mohammad Marnes Rasel Identification of borer infesting jackfrutt Trunk and Assessment of its Damage severity ENT MS Sum/04 83  
798 Mohammad Mohidur Rahman Response of Wheat Genotypes to late seeding Heat stress CBT MS Sum/04 86  
799 Md. Mosharef Hossaen Influences of different potting media on the growth, flower production and postharvest quality in African Marigold (Tagetes erecta L.) HRT HRT Sum/04 51  
801 Quazi Akhter ul Alam Impact on income and livelihood of the pond Fish farmers: The case of integrated Aquaculture Development project of Rdrs Bangladesh AEC MS Sum/04 101  
802 Mohd. Moniruzzaman Effect of light intensity and nitrogen on the yield and quality of  Bangladhonia (Eryngium foetidum L.) HRT MS Sum/04 107  
803 Zannaton Nahar Effect of nitrogen on its uptake, Water Relations, growth and yield of sesame AGR MS Sum/04 80  
804 Md. Shafiul Alam Indigenous Agroforestry Knowledge: Agro-Economic studies on Latkan (Baccaurea sapida) Production at Narsingdi District AFE MS Sum/04    
805 Muhammad Abul Kalam Khan Producitivity and resource use effecicency of boro rice cultivation in some selected haor areas of Kishoreganj District AEC MS Sum/04 78  
806 Dipangkar Roy Control of okra yellow Vein Clearing Mosaic Virus by Controlling its vector Through insecticidal Spray PLP MS Sum/04 69  
807 Md. Shafiqul Aktar Physiological Differences in yielding Ability of Traditional and Modern Mungbean Genotypes (Vigna Radiata (L.) Wilczek) AGR Ph.D. Sum/04 161  
808 Md. Rayhanul Islam Comparative advantages of fruit fly control Traps over Farmers practices in cucurbits in some selected areas of Bangladesh AEC MS Sum/04 103  
809 Md. Sultan Mahamud Performance of prodmising genotypes of Mungbean Against Major Insect Pests ENT MS Sum/04 84  
810 Akkas Mahmud Impact of IPM programme of the Deptt. of Agricultural Extension on Animal Biodiversity and yield of Rice ENT MS Sum/04 76  
811 Md. Mesbahul Islam Storage and marketing of potato in rangpur district AEC MS Sum/04 107  
812 Mohibul Hasan Effects of stem borer damage on rice and evaluation of farmers chemical control efforts ENT Ph.D. Sum/04 161  
813 S.M. Mizanur Rahman Evaluation of some IPM packages for the suppressioin of brinjal shoot and fruit borer, leucinodes orbonalis guenee ENT MS Sum/04 84  
814 Md. Mizanur Rahman Management of insect pest complex of mungbean using insecticides and neem neem extracts ENT MS Sum/04 59  
815 Ayesha Siddika Efficacy of some addivives for suppressing rice moth (Sitotroga cerealella) in stored rice ENT MS Sum/04 79  
816 Saiful Haque Comparative technical Efficiency and profit ability of potato, tomato and cauliflower production in a selected Area of Netrokona District AEC MS Sum/04 71  
817 A.K.M. Mazibur Rahman Genotype-Environment interaction, Heterosis and sex Modification in snake Gourd (Trichosanthes Anguina L) GPB Ph.D. Sum/04 148  
818 Md. Abul Hossain Molla Solid State Bioconversion of Domestic Wasstewater Treatment plant Sludge into compost by Screened Filamentous Fungi Malaysia Ph.D. June/02



819 Md. Abdul Monayem Miah Production and marketing of livestock and livestock products in selected peri-Urban areas of Bangladesh AEC Ph.D. Oct/ 02 379  
820. Mohammad Majiharul Kawser Response of rice toelevated (Co2) and NaCl levels AGR MS Sum/05 74  
821. Siddarth Kumar Roy Characterization and yield variation in Bush bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) AGR MS Win/ 05 69  
822. Savrin Farzana Effect of spacing and introgen application mehtod on nitrogen uptake and productivity of garden pea AGR MS Aut/ 04 71  
823 Shamima Akter Effect of soil flooding on morpho-physiology of mungbean (Vigna Radiata (L.) Wilzzek) AGR MS Win/ 04 63  
824. Md. Altaf Hossain Root growth and nutrient uptake in mungbean AGR Ph.D. Aut/ 04 166  
825. Abdul Momen Seed size effects on immbibition and hard seedeness in mungbean genotypes AGR MS Win/ 04 67  
826. Selina Hasan Effect of phosphorus fertilizer on phosphorus uptake growth and yield in sesame AGR MS Sum/05 55  
827. Asmaul Husna Morphology phenology and yield variation in pigecnpea genotypes planted in rabi season AGR MS Win/ 04 51  
828. Md. Mazharul Islam Effect of irrigation and nitrogen on the performance of bush bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) AGR MS Win/ 04 73  
829. Md. Roknuzzaman Seed quality as influenced by growting environments and its subsequent effect on stand establishment and yield of mungbean AGR MS Aut/ 04 67  
830. Jesmin Akter Effect of elevated CO2 and temperature on the growth physiology and yield of rice AGR MS Aut/ 04 59  
831. K.M. Shamsul Haque Effect of nitrogen on yielding ability of indigenous aromatic rice cultivars under stacking and non-staking conditions AGR MS Aut/ 04 72  
832. M.Nazmul Hoque Siddiquey Genetic divergence and characters association in groundnut (arachis hypogaea L.) AGR MS Win/ 04 47  
833. Afroza Naznin Effect of irrigation and phosphours on the performance of bush bean (phaseolus vulgaris L.) AGR MS Aut/ 04 85  
834 Md. Mosharrof Hussain Yield quality of bush bean (phaseolus vulgaris L.) genopypes as influenced by date of sowing AGR MS Sum/05 67  
835 Md. Humayun Kabir Effect of water management and weed control treatments on weed seed bank weed dynamics and the performance of transplanted aman rice AGR MS Sum/05 113  
836 Md. Nurul Alam Siddique Defollation effects on mazie on crop competition and productivity of  cowpea and groundnut inter cropping systems AGR MS Win/ 04 58  
837 Mst. Salma Pervin Factors affecting submergence tolerance of rice ( Orysa sativa L.)seedling CBT MS Sum/05 113  
838 Most. Bilkis Banu Flowering behaviour, flower morphology and nutritional composition of passion fruit(Passiflora edulis sims) CBT MS Aut/ 04 49  
839 Khondokar Mizanur Rahman Effect of municipal solid waste in tomato CBT MS Wint/ 04 62  
840 Shahrina Akhtar Evaluation of seed vigor, crop phenology and yield of chickpea genotypes CBT MS Wint/04 76  
841 A.K.M.Naim-Uzzaman Comparative profitability of brinjal, yard long bean and cucumber cultivation in comillah district AEC MS Aut/ 04 91  
842 Farida Yesmin Production and marketing of organic vegetables initiated by proshika in mymensingh district AEC MS Sum/ 05 96  
843 Nakul Chandra Mahanta Profitability and technical efficiency of potato production in some selected areas of rangpur district AEC MS Sum/05 87  
844 Muhammad Anisur Rahman Estimation of factor demand and output supply of carp production in mymensingh district AEC MS Sum/05 84  
845 A.M. Shamsuddula Comparative economics of HYV-boro and hybrid rice production in terms of profitability and efficiency in myminsingh AEC MS Aut/ 04 68  
846 Mahmuda Akter Socio-economic impact of IPM-CRSP technologies for vegetable production in selected  areas of Bangladesh AEC MS Aut/ 04 137  
847 Md. Abul Hossain Women’s participation in selected income generating activities undertaken by small holder agricultural improvement project of  department of agricultural extension AER MS Sum/ 05 69  
848 Md. Latiful Haider Farmer’s response to integrated pest management for increasing brinjal production AER MS Sum/ 05 107  
849 Sk. Harunur Rashid Ahmed Fertilizer use gap between recommended and farmer’s practices for sustaining soil productivity AER MS Sum/ 05 84  
850 Md. Delwar Hossain Mazumder Constraints to production, storage, distribution and marketing of quality rice seed at public and private sectors  in Bangladesh AER Ph.D. Win/ 04 245  
 851 Md. Mahmudul Hasan Farmers participation in farm and community level activities for their socioeconomic upliftment AER MS Sum/ 05 77  
852 Shaikh Shamim Hasan Farmers’ response to integrated plant nutrition system for increasing soil fertility AER MS Aut/ 04 98  
853 Mst.Jannatul Ferdoushe Ara Effect of photosynthetically active radiation and miosture regimes on the performance of tomato(Lycopersicon esculentum Mill.) AFE MS Sum/ 05 62  
854 Airin Sultana Plant biodiversity in homestead microsites in ganges floodplain bioecological zone of Bangladesh AFE MS Win/ 04 80  
855 Stamina Halder Study on production, socioeconomic and marketing aspects of Aloe vera: a potential medicinal plant at natore district in Bangladesh AFE MS Sum/ 05 73  
856 Salauddin Ahmed Performance of tomato, brinjal and cabbage in alley cropping system as affected by four tree species and levels of nitrogen in upland ecosystem AFE MS Aut/ 04 92  
857 S.M. Alam Production, processing and economic aspects of agar tree (aquilaria malacensis) as an agroforestry species un moulvi Bazar District of Bangladesh AFE MS Aut/ 04 86  
858 Md. Monirul Amin Growth and yield of jackfruit tree at different ages in homestead and field conditions AFE MS Win/ 04 57  
859 Md. Jahangir Alam Farmers’ experiences on eucalyptys: growth, use and impact on associated crops AFE MS Win/ 04 97  
860 Md. Mizanur Rahman Effect of coriander as an intercrop for the management of insect pests of brinjal ENT MS Aut/ 04 65  
861 Tazreen Suriya Munun Host performance and preference of Lipaphis erysimi (kal T.) on different crucifers ENT MS Sum/05 59  
862 Ashraf ul Karim Role of Bush in Harboring natural enemies and other beneficial insects ENT MS Sum/05 62  
863 Mohammad Arifur Rahman Host preference of Trathala Flavoorbitalis on brinjal shoot and fruit folder ENT MS Sum/05 75  
864 Md. Hasanur Rahman Effectiveness of various IPM packages for the management of fruit fly on sweet gourd ENT MS Sum/05 62  
865 Mohammad Abu Zafar Mousa Effect of host plant stage, weather and colony size on the performance and alate exule formation of mustard aphid, Lipaphis erysimi (Kal T.) in mustard ENT MS Win/ 04 69  
866 Abul Basger Mohammad Anwar Uddin Brinjal shoot and fruit borer female sex pheromone: trap optimization and application in IPM trials ENT MS Win/ 04 88  
867 Anadi Bhusan Das Effects of irrigation and nitrogen on the growth and yield of cabbage SSC MS Aut/ 04 85  
868 Mohammed Solaiman Talukder Characterization of some Rhizobium strains and their effectiveness on host legumes SSC MS Sum/05 90  
869 Mohammed Zia Uddin Kamal Effects of irrigation and nitrogen on the growth and yield of hybrid chinese cabbage SSC MS Wun/04 87  
870 Shamima Aktar Effect of irrigation and sulphur on the growth and yield of onion SSC MS Sum/05 70  
871 Md. Alamgir Kabir Effects of inorganic, organic and biofertilizer on pea SSC MS Win/ 04 125  
872 MM Mostafifizur Rahman Effect of dual inoculation of rhizobium and arbuscular mycorrhiza on pea SSC MS Sum/05 96  
873 Md. Jamal Hussain Effects of nitrogen and boron on the yield and hollow stem disorder of broccoli SSC MS Win/ 04 128  
874 Md. Monjur Rahman Characterization and performance of nine anthurium(Anthurium spp.) genotypes HRT MS Sum/ 05 63  
875 Md.Ehsanul Kabir Performance of heat tolerance Tomato  hybrids(Lycopersicon esculentam Mill.) in summer-rainy season HRT MS Sum/05 65  
876 Md. Shirajul Islam Chowdhury Study of genetic diversity and characterization of some cultivars of eggplant (Solanum melongena L.) HRT MS Sum/ 05 70  
877 Md.Noor-E-Alam Siddique In vitro propagation of hippeastrum(Hippeastrum hybridum) HRT MS Aut/ 04 66  
878 Jakia Sultana Investigation on phenology, in vitro bulb production and vase life of  hippeastrum (Hippeastrum hybridum) HRT MS Win/ 04 69  
879 Md. Yamin Kabir Genetic analysis of yield and its related attributes in lablab bean (Lablab purpureus L. Sweet) HRT MS Aut/ 04 82  
880 Md. Ashrafuzzaman Yield and post harvest quality of oyster mushroom as influenced by organic and inorganic amendments HRT MS Aut/ 04 70  
881 Mst. Hanunnahar Changes of quality in broccoli (Brassica oleracca var.italica) after blanching and storage at different temperatures HRT MS Aut/ 04 85  
882 Md. Ashraful Alam Effects of variety, scion length and age of seedling on the stone grafting in mangi HRT MS Aut/ 04 64  
883 Nirod Chandra Sarker Oyster mushroom(Pleurotus ostreatus) production technology suitable for Bangladesh and its nutritional and postharvest behavior HRT Ph.D. Win/ 04 227  
884 Kabila Anjuman-Ara Characterijation and Impsovement of Dendrobiuon Orchids the Tissue Culture


HRT PhD Sum/05 204  
885 Md. Belal Hossain Effects of “RIPEN-15 “ and “crops care” on the fruit set and yield in cucumber and bitter gourd HRT MS Win/ 04 72  
886 Sidrat Abdullah Genetic variability and path coefficient analysis in sweet pepper(Capsicum annuum L.) HRT MS Sum/05 84  
887 Dilruba Karim Variability, genetic parameter, correlation and path analysis in aromatic rice GPB MS Win/ 04 63  
888 Md. Hafizur Rahman Outcrossing characteristics of A,B and r lines developed for hybrid seed production in rice( Oryza sativum L.) GPB MS Win/ 04 100  
889 Md. Nakibul Hasan Genetic variability and inheritance of yield related traits in french bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) GPB MS Aut/ 04 96  
890 Md. Zakirul Alam Sarker Assessment of seed production potentiality and self-incompatibility mechanism in open pollinated populations of exotic radish GPB MS Sum/05 79  
891 Md. Nurul Islam Genetics of earliness and quality characters in garden pea(Pisum sativum L.) GPB MS Aut/ 04 89  
892 Khaleda Akter Combining ability analysis for new plant type(NPT) traits in rice(Oryza sativum L.) GPB MS Win/ 04 134  
893 AKM Mahabubul Alam Invitro plant regeneration of groundnut (Arachis hypogeae L.) GPB MS Sum/ 04 58  
894 Jugal Kiasor Nath Study of genetic divergence in T.Aman rice GPB MS Sum/ 05 69  
895 Md.Motiar Rahman Effect of growth regulators and sex types on in vitro culture and eastablishment of carica papaya L. Explants GPB MS Sum/05 67  
896 Marin Sultana Flowering behaviour and seed production potentiality of onion (Allium cepa L.) germplasm GPB MS Sum/05 59  
897 Jahan Al Mahmud Health stutus of wheat seeds collected from the farmers of rangpur district PLP MS Sum/05 52  
898 Miss Nurzahan Khatun Control of ufra disease ( Ditylenchus angustus ) of rice with nematicides PLP MS Win/ 04 48  
899 Kalyan Kumar Adhikary An investigation on the diseases of tuberose (Polyanthes Tuberosa) PLP MS Sum/05 47  
900 Alaul Hossain Md. Sharif Control of colletotrichum capsici causing anthracnose of chilli (Capsicum Annuum L.) by botanicals, chemicals and biocontrol agents PLP MS Sum/05 60  
901 Farzana Akmed Screening of fifteen tomato varieties against tomato purple vein virus (TPVV) under field condition PLP MS Sum/05 91  
902 Md. Masum Haider Biological and chemical control of rhizoctonia dry root rot and foliar blight of soybean (Glycine Max L. Merr) PLP MS Sum/05 68  
903 Mst. Ferdousy Rahman Prevalence of papaya ringspot virus- watermelon strain (PRSV-W) in pumkin and its control through coss protection PLP MS Aut/ 04 59  
904 Rahana Sultana An investigation to virus like disease og marigold PLP MS Aut/ 04 44  
905 Iqbal Ahmed Integrated approach for controlling seedling morality of cauliflower  (Brassica oleracea var. capitatalinn.)caused by sclerotium rolfsci PLP MS Win/ 04 54  
906 Md.Khairul Kabir Control of seedling  mortality of radish (Raphanus stativus ) trichoderma and fungicides PLP MS Win/ 04 60  
907 Chitra Basu Control of zucchini yellow mosaic virus in pumpkin by cross protection PLP MS Aut/ 04 61  
908 Aziza Begum An investigation to the viruses of chili PLP MS Sum/ 05 49  
909 Mst. Syfun Nahar Health status of potato seeds collected from farmers in Bangladesh PLP MS Sum/05 54  
910 AKM Sadiqul Islam Characterization of soft rot bacterial pathogen of some vegetables PLP MS Aut/ 04 69  
911 Md.Mynul Islam Control of foot and tuber rot of tuberose (Polianthes tuberosa L.)caused by sclerotium rolfsii with trichoderma and fungicid PLP MS Sum/05 62  
912 Md. Zakir Hasnat Integrated approach to control foot and root rot disease of soybean  glycine max (L.)merr caused by sclerotium rolfsii PLP MS Aut/ 04 62  
913 Md. Kabir Uddin Sarker Impact of gur processing actvity from golpata (nypa fruticans) in improving livelihood status of the beneficiaries AERD MS Aut/ 05 73  
914 Moh. Nazrul Islam Sikder Farmer’s knowledge of quality rice seed production and presevation in Gazipur Sadar Upazilla AERD MS Aut/ 05 85  
915 Moh. Jahangir Hossain Impact of micro-credit in the poverty alleviation of BRAC women beneficiaries under sreepur upazilla of Gazipur District ARED MS Aut/ 05 71  
916 Md. Rabiul Islam Adoption of Pashu Pusti (Cattle feed concentration) in cattle rearing at farmers level AERD MS Aut/ 05 107  
917 Muhammad Asif Alam Knowledge and decision making ability of IPM farmers in rice pest management AERD MS Aut/ 05 91  
918 Saleh Md. Shihab Uddin Control of Okra yellow vein clearing mosaic virus (ok YVCMV) by checking its vector through adjusting sowing dates AERD MS Aut/ 05 69  
919 Md. Habibur Rahnab Management of tomato purple vein virus (TPVV) using trap crops and spraying inseciticides PLP MS Aut/ 05 73  
920 Md. wahiduzzaman Effect of seed borne fungi on germination disease severity and yield of wheat PLP MS Aut/ 05 64  
921 Syeda Farah Deeba Culrural and Chemical control of tomato payple vein virus PLP MS Aut/ 05 76  
922 Zinnnat Karim Effect of polythene mulch and fertilizer on the management of tomato purple vein virus (TPVV) in the field


MS Aut/ 05    
923 Md. Rafiqual Islam Impact of cattle breeding prorames in a selected area  of Bangladesh


MS Aut/ 05 76  
924 Md. Ramjan Ali Profiability and efficiency of pineaple production in some selected areas of Tangail district AEC MS Aut/ 05 85  
925 A.N.M. Ferdous Socio-economic impact of cotton IPM programme in selected areas of Bangladesh AEC MS Aut/ 05 88  
926 Sharifur Rahman Bhuiyan Demand, supply and utilization of maize in Bangladesh AEC MS Aut/ 05 75  
927 Moh. Hafizur-Rahman Khan Cost-benefit of the soil conservation technology for hill farming in Khagrachari  District of Bangladesh AEC MS Aut/ 05 89  
928 Zakia Sultana Competitiveness of poultyr and dairy agri-business in Bangladesh AEC MS Aut/ 05 91  
929 Md. Ziaur Rahman Comparative host perference of whitefly bemisis tabaci (gennadius) on some winter vegetables inder field condition ENT MS Aut/ 05 58  
930 Golam Mostafa Khan Insect Pest Management in potato through intercropping ENT MS Aut/ 05 73  
931 Md. Saiful Islam Attact of ectoparasitic mite tropilaelaps  clareae on honey bee apis mellifera I. colonines its effects and management  tracts ENT MS Aut/ 05 85  
932 Abu Zafor Md. Sadel Incidence and infestation intensity of insect pests and their natural enemies in stored cereal products of Joydebpur Market in Gazipur Distract ENT MS Aut/ 05 77  
933 Hurmat  Taiarem Efficacy of botanicals physical materials and chemical procettants in protecting stored rice against insect pests under farmers storage conditions ENT MS Aut/ 05 55  
934 Md. Firoj Ali Management of insect pests and their natural enemies in chickpea through intercropping ENT MS Aut/ 05 68  
935 Israt Jahan Efficiency of hybrid beetle menochilus sexmachlatus as a predator a matural aphids at different densities in laboratory condition ENT MS Aut/ 05 74  
936 Tajalla Mahmuda Binte Reza Growth and yield of mungeba varieties as influence by different light levels AFE MS Aut/ 05 94  
937 Mohammad Kamrul Hasan Agrono-economic performance of pineapple agroforesty, system in Madhupur rtract AFE MS Aut/ 05 72  
938 Eshrat Sharmeen Akand Mecicinal plant species and their contribution to income generation and bioderversity conservation AFE MS Aut/ 05 144  
939 Moh, Rafiqul Islam Floral biology and fruit set in bitter gourd HRT MS Aut/ 05 68  
940 Md. Khahlur Rahman Bhuiyan Organogenests and in vitro conservation of colocasia esculenta var globulifera HRT Ph.D Aut/ 05 222  
941 Taslim Ahamed


Combining ability and heterosis in Tomato HRT MS Aut/ 05 88  
942 Rubayest Ara Effect of nitrogen and harvesting frequencies on yield and quality of spinach HRT MS Aut/ 05 72  
943 Tapas Dhasli Development of vegetables and fruits processing dryer and its multiple uses HRT MS Aut/ 05 52  
944 Md. Harnur Rasid Effect of nitrogen phosphorus and potassium on the yield in yielding bean SSC MS Aut/ 05 83  
945 Md. Atiqul Islam Phosphorus fractions, sorption characteristics and supplying capacity of piedmont plains in north east Bangladesh SSC Ph.D Aut/ 05 204  
946 Razu Ahmed Effect of inoculation mehtods of rhizobium on pea SSC MS Aut/ 05 90  
947 Rina Rani Shaha Physiological aspects of yield and seed qaultiy of mungbean AGR Ph.D Aut/ 05 158  
948 Md. Abdur Razzaque Elevated carbon dioside and nitrogen effects on photosynthesis, growth and nutrient composition of rice AGR MS Aut/ 05 108  
949 Md. Mahfiuz Bazzaz Effect of nitrogen and boron on phosysynthesis growth, culm reserve translocation, yield and nutrient uptake in wheat AGR MS Aut/ 05 118  
950 Md. Nadim Khan Seasonal variation of growth, yield and seed quality of sunflower genotypes CBT MS Aut/ 05 57  
951 Kohinoor Begum Utilization of some food sources for mass rearing of brinnal (GUENEE) under laboratory condition ENT MS Win/ 05 72  
952 A.S.M. Mesbah uddin Influence of sowing time and plant population on growth and yield of french bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) HRT MS Win/ 05 83  
953 Md. Mehedi Masud Seed source and seeding production techniques ofncommonly ocuring tree species in central trace ecosystem of Bangladesh AFE MS Win/ 05 98  
954 Md. Nure Yousuf Effects of phosphorus and zinc application on OKRA (Abelmoschus esculentus l. moench) SSC MS Win/ 05 67  
955 Md. Kamrul Hassan Khan Environemtnal knowledge of the farmers on the use of AGRO Chemicals in rice cultivation AER MS Win/ 05 94  
956 Mollah Md.ahabubul Alam Indigenous knowledge techniques used in processing storage and marketing of raw sugar from golpata sap. AER MS Win/ 05    
957 Md. Matiul Islam Women’s partidipation in poverty alleviation through different agricultural income generating activities AER MS Win/ 05    
958 Md. Samiul Karim A study on the pestalotia spp isolated from three different plams PLP MS Win/ 05 56  
959 Most Shamsunnahat Changes in rematode community structure in vegetable fields tranitioning from conventional to organic manamgement PLP Ph.D Win/ 05 107  
960 Ranjit Chandra shil Impact of OKRA yekkiw vein clearing mosaic virus on physiology cellular component and yield of four OKRA varities PLP MS Win/ 05 50  
961 Rawnaq Nazeen Chowdhury Exogenous application of plant griwth regulators for parthenoecarpic fruit development in teasle gourd (Monordica dioica Roxb) GPB MS Win/ 05 56  
962 Md. Mubarak Ali Metrospore embryogenesis and the performance of micdrospore dericed double haploid in BRASSICA sp. GPB MS Win/ 05 66  
963 Sujan Chandra Shah Identification male sterility maintainer lines in Brasica napus L. GPB MS Win/ 05 53  
964 Rahman Akter Variability Assessment in F4 generation of aromatic rice GPB MS Win/ 05 61  
965 Md. Mohsin Ali Sarker Input-output relationship and technical efficiency to tobacco production in some selected areas of Rangpur District AEC MS Win/ 05 95  
966 Imtiaj Ara Profitability of pangas monoculure in Trishal Upazila of Mymensingh District AEC MS Win/ 05 85  
967 Md, Atiqur Rahman Profit efficiency of tilapia monoculure in Trishal Upazila of Mymensingh District AEC MS Win/ 05 97  
968 Md. Rashid Hayder Comparative profitability and technical efficiency of contract and non-contract broiler farming Gazipur district of Bangladesh AEC  MS Win/ 05 102  
969 Shannaj Parveen Empowderment of rural women in Bangladesh household level analysis AEC MS Win/ 05 225  
970 Mohammad Belayet Hossain Performance of Mungbean Genotypes (Vigna radiata L. wilezek ) Under non-irrigated conditions AGR MS Win/ 06 57  
971 Lutiful Lahil Kader Impact of mushroom culture on the farmers livlihood in a selected areas of  Bangladesh AEC MS Win/ 00 80  
972 == Impact of micro credit on rural poor in sadr thana of Rangpur District AEC MS 2006 66  
973 Mashuda Khanom Profitable of commercial layer farming in some selected areas of savar of Dhaka District AEC MS 2006 84  
974 Md. Nur Alam Hill Farming technology in Bangladesh prodictivity tisk and impact on income of the farmers AEC MS 2006 88  
975 Mahbuba Khanom Profiable of commercial layer farming in some selected areas of savar of Dhaka District AEC MS 2006 84  
976 Rawshan Jahan Impact of healthy rice seed technology on farm income in some selected areas of Gazipur District AEC MS 2006 59  
977 Nahid Jahan Trend stability and supply response of vegetables pulses and spices of Bangladesh AEC MS 2006 57  
978 Sarkar Chandan Kumar Farm level status of winter vegetable cultivation by the farmers of thakurgaon sadar Upazilla AERD MS 2006 60  
979 Mohammad Gofran Impact of micro-credit based activities on the livelihood of rural farmers in Bangladesh through development projects undertaken by Department of Agriculture Extension AERD MS 2006 164  
980 Shahinul Kabir Farmers constraints of adopting ecofriencly rice farming practices AERD MS 2006 61  
981 Md. Moynul Hoque Sarker Involvement of landless rural youtyh in income generating activities in the two selected  villages of gobindaganj Upazila Under Gaibanda District AERD MS 2006 63  
982 Md. Ziaul Huda Farmers Response to Modern Maize cultivation in Kapasia Upazilla Under Gazipur Distracrt AERD MS 2006 58  
983 Jhanto Chandra Saha Loan utilization and repaytment behaviour of clientele in scotia branch of Bank Aasia Limited AERD MS 2006 68  
984 Md. Shafiqul Islam Sustanible livelihood of Rural Community through comperchensive village development programme of Bangladesh Academy for rural development AERD Ph.D 2006 289  
985 Md. Moshin Ali Adoption of organic manute for boro rice production at sadar uazila in Gazipur District AERD MS 2006 73  
986 Md. Foezullah Talukder Farmer’s response of modern in sharimg culture in assasuni upazilla under Satkhira District AERD MS 2006 63  
987 A.B.M. Sohel Mahmud Adoption of modern wheat cultivation technologies by the farmers of Birganj Upazila under Dinajpur District AERD MS 2006 68  
988 Arabinda Kumar Roy Development of Agronomatic cytosource for Hybrid Rice Production GPB Ph.D 2006 166  
989 Abu Hena Mostafa Kamal Genetic Diversity in Rapesed and Mustard GPB MS 2006 60  
990 A.S.M. Shaiful Alam Line x tester Analysis in Hybrid Rice (Oryza sativa L.) GPB MS 2006 60  
991 Rajib Podder Genetic analysis and Heterosis study in snakegourd (Trichosanthes anaguina L.) GPB MS 2006 95  
992 Niti Rani Debnath Genetic Divergence in Buck wheat (Forgopyrum esculenturm Moemch) GPB MS 2006 75  
993 Md. Abdul Hakim Combining ability analysis for economic Traits in wheat (Triticium aestivum L.) GPB MS 2006 79  
994 K.M. Ashraful Islam Variability and Geneotype-Environment Interaction in Ginger (Zingiber officianale Rose) GPB MS 2006 62  
995 Tahid Akter Efficacy of Fungicidal spray to pruduce healthy seed of cauliflower PLP MS 2006 46  
996 Mst. Shamima Pervin A study on the virus inflecting summper cosmos PLP MS 2006 45  
997 Md. Raisussin Bhuyiyan Shaheen Health stauts of Cauliflower seed produced by farmers of Tangail District PLP MS 2006 49  
998 Dawam Md. Moshiur Rahman Prevalence of seed brone fungi of chlli (capsicum annum L.) and their control using fungicides and Botanicals PLP MS 2006 58  
999 Abdul Muqit Management of Tomato yellow leaf curlvirus (TYLCV) in Bangladesh PLP Ph.D. 2006 187  
1000 Musfiqa Hagerin Effect of Photysynthetically active Radiation and Irrigation level on the yield and yield attributes of cabbage AFE MS 2006 63  
1001 Kazi-Noor-E- Alan Jewel Nrisery Techniques for production and management of commonly occuring tree species in floodplain Ecosystem of Bangladesh AFE MS 2006 83  
1002 Md. Enamul Hoque Idenification use and economic improtance of Medicinal plants species in Netrokona District AFE MS 2006 101  
1003 Md. Rabiul Hasan Effect of tree levels on crop productivity and soil properties at different nitrogen levels AFE MS 2006 60  
1004 Md. Wahiduzzaman Akon Evulation of some botanicals, chemicals and physical materials in protecting stored pulse seeds against pulse bettle ENT MS 2006 71  
1005 Mohammed Ali Bioecology and Management of the Legume Pod Borer, Maruca vitrata (Fabricius) (Lepidoptera Pyralidae) Infesting country Bean ENT Ph.D 2006 221  
1006 Nurul Amin Effects of food substitutes on honey bee apismellifera L. Colonies for maintaining their population ENT MS 2006 44  
1007 Mohammad Mannu Molla Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Association in Different Leguminous Crops and its interaction with Rhizobium of Mungbean SSC Ph.D 2006 210  
1008 A.F.M Shamin Ahsan Scope of using Poultry Manure with Bulking agents in onion cultivation CBT MS 2006 73  
1009 Md. Siddique Amin Performance of Heat Tolerant Tomato (Lycoperslcon exculenlum Mill) Hybrid under hot humid condition HRT MS 2006 62  
1010 Md. Zahedul Alam Quality of Fresh and Preserved Banana as influenced by Ripening stage HRT MS 2006 108  
1011 Sanjida Akhter Effect on Poultry Manure with Inoefnix Nitrogen on Growth and Yield of Onion CBT MS 2006 67  
1012 Mohammad Shariful Islam Response of Agronomic Rice to applied Nitrogen AGR Ph.D 2006 179  
1013 Sazzad Karim Exploring plant tolerance to biotic and abiotic stresses N.Sc. Ph.D 2007 67  
1014 Mohammad Razu Ahmed Effects of pre Harvest and Post Harvest Application of calcium chloride and fungicide on the quality in mango HRT MS 2006 67  
1015 Md. Abdus Sattar Variability study in potato (Solamum tuberosum L). HRT MS 2006 70  
1016 Most Marufa Khatum Effect of pod age, blanching and freezing on nutritional quality of Bush Bean (phaseolus vulgaris) Genotypes HRT MS 2006 59  
1017 Md. Iqbal Hossain Effect of soil and follar application of nitrogen on the growth and yield of sweet Potato (Ipomoea batatas L.) HRT MS 2006 47  
1018 Auna Biseas Comparative Performance and stability analysis for yield and yield components in BSMRAU developed Radish varities GPB MS 2006 78  
1019 Farhana Afroze Genetic Diverence in Ash Gourd (Benincasa hispida Thumb.) GPB MS 2006 60  
1020 Tamanna Aktar Jahan Variability and Heterosis in sweet Gourd (Cucurbita mosehala Dutch ex. Poir) GPB MS 2006 59  
1021 Sharmin Jui Field screeeing of some ginger genotypes for resistance to the rhizome fly,mimegralla coceruleifronts (Diptera Micropezidae) ENT MS 2006 50  
1022 Tarafder Md. Arifur Rahaman Effects of artificial foods during the dearth period for the population development of honeybee (Apis Melifera L)  ENT MS 2006 50  
1023 Mohamaed Showkat Hasan Khan Economic analysis of potential benefits of selected genetically modeified crops to solve specific problems in Bangladesh AEC MS 2006 78  
1024 Rumena Yasmeen Physiology of rice genotypes under salt stress conditions CBT Ph.D 2006 16  
1025 Muhbub Hasan Low phosphorus tolernce of chickpea vareties in acidic soil CBT MS 2006 62  
1026 Suprity Roy Effect of Boron and Molybdenum of the yield of cabbage in the shallow red-trown terrace soil SSC MS 2006 71  
1027 Anil Kumar Das Effect of applied phosphorus on the growth nutrient uptake and yield in chickpea AGR MS 2006 58  
1028 Md. Jahangir Alam Variation in seed growth, viaility and vigour of the five bush bean genotypes over time AGR MS 2006 42  
1029 Rafiqul Alam Khan Effictiveness of group approach in disseminating farm information the farmers AER MS 2006 60  
1030 Syed Estiak Ali Impact of Thengamara nahila sobuj sangha on the development activities of rural women AER MS 2006 64  
1031 Md. Ahasan Habib Women’s participation in decision making at Homestead Agricultural activities AER MS 2006 56  
1032 A.H.M. Fazle Rabbi Adoption of maize production technologies under sadar upazilla of Thakurgaon distrect AER MS 2006 45  
1033 Tobmoy Kumer Shaha Perception of farmers on farmer information needs assessment AER MS 2006 53  
1034 Md. Zahirul Islam Khan Production processing and economic aspects of catechu tree (acacia catechu wild) in Bangladesh AFE MS 2006 83  
1035 Md. Kazi Golam Mortuza Performance of cotton genotypes in association with jackfruit trees of Gazipur District AFE MS 2006 64  
1036 Jahura Akter Growth and fodder production of dual purpose mungbean as affected by different light and nitrogen levels AFE MS 2006 62  
1037 Abdul Awal Social Forestry program of forest department:activties and impacts on socio-economic conditions of the beneficiaries AFE MS 2006 62  
1038 Ahmad Al Farooq Growth and yield performance of eight tomato varieties infected with tomato spotted wild virus (TSWV) under field condition PLP MS 2006 144  
1039 Md. Delwar Hossain Prevalence of seed-borne fungi associated with chickpea seeds and biological botanical and chemical control of fusarium oxysportum causing with disease PLP MS 2006 45  
1040 Din Islam An investigation on fruit rot of papays (Carica papaya L.) PLP MS 2006 63  
1041 Daulogan Aktar Banu Varietal diversity of aromatic rice in response to blast disease ( Pyruclari Grisea ) PLP MS 2006 57  
1042 Sheik Shariful Islam Efficacy of gungicides to produce healthy seeds of radish and seed treatment against seedborne (alternaria spp) PLP MS 2006 48  
1043 Md. Tahmidur Rahman An investigation on blossom blight (fusarium equiseti)disease of tubers(pollanthes tuberosa L>) its management PLP MS 2006 64  
1044 Latifur Rahman Shovan Detection of seed-borne fungi of soybean and in vitro control of two seed-borne pathogens using botanicals, chemicals and trichoderma PLP MS 2006 66  
1045 Rabeya Khatun Integrated control of foot and root rot of blackgram caused by fusarium sxysporum and selerotium rolfsii PLP MS 2006 67  
1046 Md. Abul Kashem Prevalence of seed-borne fungi of onion and their control using fungicides and botanicals PLP MS 2006 60  
1047 Shazia Affin S study on seed-borne fungi and incidence of field diseases of mexican coriander (Eryngium poetidum) PLP MS 2006 63  
1048 Umime Shirajum Monira Nutrient status in tomato grown on organic manure treated soil SSC MS 2007 45  
1049 Md. Firoz Hossain Foraging behaviour of Apis melliferal L. and the honey production in the mustard field ENT MS 2007 71  
1050 Md. Abdul Mazad Studies on the mating behavior and sex pheromone on leucinodes orbonals guenee ENT MS 2007 82  
1051 Md. Abdur Raquib Assessing lady bird beetle as an agent of biological control of mustard aphid ENT MS 2007 73  
1052 Md. Mohaiminur Rahman Effect of three micronutrients on fruit fly infestation in bitter gourd ENT MS 2007 63  
1053 Israt Jahan Effect of foraging distance of mudtard field from the apis mellifera L. hive on the yield of mustard ENT MS 2007 67  
1054 Mohammad Abduhu Quality of okra seed collected from farmers and control of seed borne pathogens by seed treatment ST MS 2007 57  
1055 Md. Abul Hossain Participation and empowerment of rural women ghrough NGO intervention in Bangladesh AER Ph.D 2007 240  
1056 A.K.M. Wali


Implementation of block grant based development projecta and its effect of rural development AER Ph.D 2007 140  
1057 Shah Muhammad Shakhawat Hossain Adoption of commercial flower cultivation by the farmers in a selected area of Jessore AER MS 2007 64  
1058. Md. Sarwarul Hoque Performance assessment of the beneficiaries involved in high value crop production AERD AER MS 2007 87  
1059 Mahmuda Khanam Effect of arsenic on the growth of bipolaris sorokiniana and development of bipolaris leaf blight of wheat PLP MS 2007 42  
1060 MST Sabiha Sultana Antagonism of trichoderma against selerotium rolfsii and the rhizoctonia solani and effect of arsenic and organic matter on their mycelial growth PLP MS 2007 47  
1061 Mst. Begam Nahid Hossain Prevalence of seed-borne fungi of rice and their control using fungicides and garlicc PLP MS 2007 61  
1062 Shalina Begum Effect of arsenic on the development of root-knot nematode (Meloidogyne incognita) in roselle (Hibiscus sabdariffa) PLP MS 2007 51  
1063 Mohendro Nath Paul Production and marketing of pineapple in madhupur upazilla under Tangail District AEC MS 2007 87  
1064 Md. Aminul Islam Growth and yield of wheat under optium and suboptium management practices AGR MS 2007 99  
1065 Md. Alamgir Akter Identification use and conservation of indigenous medicinal plant species in north west region of Bangladesh AFE MS 2007 76  
1066 Talukder Humayun Kabir Posthearvest loss assessment and product development from jackfruit guava and hogplum HRT Ph.D Sum/ 2007 118 With CD
1067 A.S.M. Harunor Rashid Studies on improvement and production technology in french bean (phaseolus vulgaris L) HRT Ph.D 2007 241  
1068 Sk. Md. Rezaul Islam Morphological and nutritional variation in local bitter gourd (Momordica charantia L.) genotypes HRT Ph.D 2007 201  
1069 Md. Kamrul Hasan Yield gap in whaet production: a perspective of farm specific efficiency in Bangladesh AEC Ph.D 2006 263  
1070 Syed Md. Rafiqul Amin Effect of antixenotic charcteristics of Brinjal  and integrated approachesons arthropod diversity and management of Bribjjal shoot and fruit borer ENT Ph.D 2007 180  
1071 Md. Abdul Latif Effectiveness of some in secticides in managing brinjal shoot and fruit borer leucinodes orbonals Guenee and their impact on artropod biodiversity and soil microbial respiration ENT Ph.D Aut/ 2007 236 With CD
1072 Md. Mohabbat Hossain An intregrated approach for the management of fruit fly in sweet gourd ENT MS 2007 70  
1073 Md. Ruhul Kabir Effectiveness of some insecticides for the management of okra shoot and fruit borer (Earias vittella F.) ENT MS 2007 68  
1074 Md. Shariful Islam Effectiveness of some IPM pakages for the management of brinjal shoot and fruit borer (Leucinodes orbonals guenee) ENT MS 2007 61  
1075 Farhana Karim Changes in nutritional qualities of some frozen and dried vegetables during storage HRT MS 2007 51  
1076 Hashanul Banna Md. Abdul Kader Influence of N-K fertilizer and seedling age on the yield and quality of vegetable beet (Beta vulgaris L. subsp.esculenta) HRT MS 2007 77  
1077 Md. Azizul Hoque Characterization, floral biology propagation, storage behaviour and processing of pummelo HRT Ph.D Aut/ 2007 215 With CD
1078 Jahidul Hassan Effect of sowing dates on yield and postharvest temperature management of spinach (Spinacea oleracea) HRT MS 2007 83  
1079 Ahmed Shamsul Arafin Siddiqui Effect of harvesting dates on the yield and quality of lettuce (Lacluca salloa L.) HRT MS 2007 55  
1080 Md. Shafayet Hossain Effect of seed size and cutting methods on the growth yield and profitability of potato HRT MS 2007 65  
1081 Kazi Shahnewaz Impact of training on poultry and nursery raising by the Nawabeyke gonomukhi foundation” beneficiaries AER MS 2007 69  
1082 Md Azahar Ali Impact of pineapple cultivation on the socio-economic condition of farmers AER MS 2007 69  
1083 Ali Ahmned Job Performance of sub assistant agriculture officer working under the department of agricltural extension AER MS 2007 64  
1084 F.M. Mahbubur Rahman Food security through homesteat vegetable production in the smallholder agricultural improvement project area AER MS 2007 71  
1085 Sabina Sultana Impact of micro-credit on empowerment of rural women AER MS 2007 78  
1086 Md. Tasdiqur Rahman Assessment of gognitive domain of cotton field officer on cotton technology AER MS 2007 56  
1087 Abu Torab Impact of new agricultural extension policy intervetions on changiing pattern of small farmers livehood in Bangladesh AER Ph.D Aut/ 2007 231 With CD
1088 A.K.M. Nazmul Hoque Participation of rural and suburb women in different farm and non-farm activities AER MS 2007 76  
1089 Md. Golam Rabbani Changes in soil organic matter due to long-term manuring and their influence on cabbage SSC Ph.D Aut/ 2007 190 With CD
1090 Sabikunnaher Arsenic and other ionic status of shallow tube-well irrigation water at chatkhill Upazilla SSC MS 2007 78  
1091 Moh. Mohi Uddin Chowdhury Minimization of soil loss and nutrient depletion through agricultural practices in the chittagong hilltracts of Bangladesh SSC Ph.D 2007 158  
1092 Md. Abdur Rahim Assessment of demand and consumption of meat and egg in Mymensingh and Dhaka City AEC MS 2007 89  
1093 Rubana Sharmin Assessment of demand and consumprion of Dairy products in mymensingh and Dhala City AEC MS 2007 86  
1094 Md. Anwar Hossain Impact of RDRS poultry credit on the livelihood of rural women of Panchagarh District AEC MS 2007 100  
1095 Kamrul Hasan Effects of nitrogen and phosphorus fertlizers and stages of maturity on the seed yield and quality of Okra Seed MS 2007 75  
1096 Moh. Hasan Kabir Moisture level packaging material and storage condition effects on viability and vigour of rice seed Seed MS 2007 84  
1097 Md. Abdul Khaleque An appraisal of promotional activities and bysiness development of some selected seed companies in Bangladesh Seed MS 2007 73  
1098 Dodrun Nessa Performance of Lentil genotypes under excess soil moisture condition AGR MS 2007 63  
1099 Sayedur Rahman Studies on the performance of seed potato produced by BSDC against PVY and PLV PLP Ph.D Aut/ 2007 176 With CD
1100 Md. Shamim Akhter Studies on a virus causing leaf distortion disease of Papaya PLP MS 2007 72  
1101 Shaikh Sharmin Siddique Pathological and Physiological studes of fusarium oxysporum F.Sp. Phaseoli infecting Bushbean and its chemical control PLP MS 2007 72  
1102 Md. Shymum-Ur-Rahman Prodhan Integrated control of seedling mortality of tomato caused by Fusarium oxyspsrum F.SpLycopercisi PLP MS 2007 58  
1103 Kaniz Fatema Mittu Gene Action and Heterosis in Garden Pea (Pisum sattaam L.) GPB MS 2007 63  
1104 A.H.M. Kadir Identification Growth behaviour and economic importance of waterlogged tolerant tree species AFE MS 2007 43  
1105 Md. Sirajul Islam Khan Agro-economic performance of traditional agroforestry systems in Madaripur tract of Bangladesh AFE MS 2007 120  
1106             Duplicate of   T-64
1107 H.M.  Moniruzzaman Quality Assessment of wheat seed and production of health seed by seed treatment and fungicidal spray Seed T MS 2007 63  
1108 Md. Akhtar Hossain Khan Studies on the extent of damage on stored mungbean seed caused by Callosobruchus chinensis linnaeus and its’ control with botanicals Seed T MS 2007 79  
1109 Abu Hasnat M Shohidul Hoque Seed production potentiality of open pollinated BU radish variety Seed T MS 2007 71  
1110 Md. Afsar  Ali Sorption, desorption and fractionation of phosphorus in acid and calcareous soil SSC Ph.D 2007 322  
1111 Abu Wali Raghib Hassan Effects of zinc, boron and molybdenum on different varieties of mustard SSC Ph.D 2007 153  
1112 Md. Rafiqul Islam Influence of soil acidity factors on rhizobium sp. (cicer) SSC Ph.D 2007 194  
1113 A.T.M Sakhawat Hossain Effect of different aged poultry liter on wetland rice cultivation SSC MS 2007 82  
1114 Sanjay Kumar Bhowmik Socio-economic impact of roadside forestry programme of proshika AFE MS 2007 102  
1115 S.M. Zubair Al Arman Effect of different mulch materials on erosion and crop yield under orange based agrnforestry system at mode rate hill slope AFE MS 2007 140  
1116 A.K.M. Julhaz uddin Mozumdar Effect of tree species and alley width on cabbage yield at different nitrogen levels in upland ecosystem AFE MS 2007 95  
1117 Md. Sazedul Islam Impoact assessment of intensive afforestation project of barind multipurpose dev elopment authority form farmers perspective AFE MS 2007 79  
1118 A.K.M Hhorshedduzzaman Characterization of resistance in selected brinjal genotypes to brinjal shoot and fruit borer ENT Ph.D 2007 186  
1119 Md. Mahmudunnabi Abundance of diversity of predaceous insects and spiders on different crops as a habitat ENT MS 2007 63  
1120 Mst Mahbuba Aktar Effect of inseciticides and organic oil spray on the incidence of tomato yellow leaf curl virus (TYCLV) its impact on growth  and yield  of tomato PLP MS 2007 90  
1121 A.K.M. Saiful Islam Permormance of fifth generation seed potato against potato virus (PYV) and potato leaf roll virus (PLRV) PLP MS 2007 82  
1122 Sahana Sarmin Effect of insecticides and soybean oil spray on incidence of tomato purple vein virus and its impact on growth and yield of tomato PLP MS 2007 80  
1123 Md. Aminul Islam Effect of shade on the leaf coloration plant growth and development of caladium (Caladium bicolor) HRT MS 2007 65  
1124 Md. Mizanur Rahman Performance of commercial cauliflower variety and improvement of shelf life HRT MS 2007 106  
1125 Emrul Kayesh Influence of fertilizer on production and chemical for vase life improvement in gypsophilla HRT MS 2007 59  
1126 Mohammad Ali Development of parental lines for aromatic hybrid rice GPB Ph.D 2007 219  
1127 Abu Syed Md. Jobaydul Alam Impact of food security project on crop production AER MS 2007 81  
1128 Quazi Afzal Hossain Effectiveness of “Hridoye mati-o-manush;television programme in disseminating agricultural information AER MS 2007 118  
1129 Md. Abiar Rahman Potential application of tree leaves for crop production and soil environment change during the dry season of Bangladesh AFE Ph.D 2008 129  
1130 A.K.M Shahed Bin Mannan Performance of six different potato varieties grown from 7th generation seed potato against PLRV and PVY PLP MS Win/ 2007 76  
1131 Shohana Parvin Response of Kalmegh (Andrographic paniculata) to nitrogen and cowdung AFE MS Aut/ 2007 76  
1132 Md. Maniruzzaman Khandaker Stem Canker and black scurf disease of potato in Bangladesh: its severity, characteristics of the causal organism and management practices CBT Ph.D 2004 224  
1133 Mian Sayeed Hasan Evaluation of rice genetic resources for low nutrient environments CBT Ph.D 2006 192  
1134 Md. Hazrat  Ali Morphology nutritional Quality and Propagation technique of different Bale (Aegle marmelos Corr.) Genotypes HRT Ph.D 2008 99  
1135 Bahauddin Ahmed Influence of different organic approaches on the yield and nutritive values in cabbage HRT MS 2008 66  
1136 S.M. Sharifuzzaman Moephological vriability and quality flower production in gerbear (Gerbera jamesonii Bolus) . HRT Ph.D 2008 134  
1137 Mohammad Nurul Huda In Vitro Propagation of Aspragus (Asparagus officinallis) . HRT MS 2008 67  
1138 Md. Shahidul Islam Genetic Diversity, Combining ability and  heterosis in Hyacinth bean (Lablab purpueus L) Sweet. HRT Ph.D 2008 190  
1139 Md. Humaun Kabir Growth, yield nutritional  Qualities of some country bean genotypes HRT MS 2008 56  
1140 Muhammad Nazim Uddin Morpho-Molecular Characteriuzation diversity and heterosis in cocumber (Cacumis Salious) HRT Ph.D 2008 190  
1141 Bimal Chandra Kundu Morpho-Biochemical diversity and heterosis in bitter gourd (Momordica charnita L.) HRT Ph.D 2008 234  
1142 Shovon Kumar Paul Studies on the flying behavior of brinjal shoot and fruit borer (Leucinodes orbonalis genenee) and the efficiency of sex pheromone as a management tool ENT MS Aut/ 2007 63 With CD
1143 Md Mamunur Rahman Management of Apis Melifera L. in an apiary in the dearth period as a preparation for migratory beekeeping ENT MS 2008    
1144 Md. Shahidul Islam Water stress in mungbean (Vigna radiata (L.) Wilezek) and its response to application of plant growth regulators AGR Ph.D 2008 223  
1145 Md. Mizanur Rahman Improvement of farmers practices for the management of brinjal shoot and fruit borer in brinjal ENT Ph.D Aut/ 2008 263 With CD
1146 Md. Razzab Ali Bio-ecology, host preference and management of the whitefly  Bemisia tabaci gennadius on mungbean in Bangladesh ENT Ph.D 2008 235  
1147 Md. Nazir Ahmed Agro-economic performance of guva based agroforestry system in the southern part of Bangladesh AFE MS 2008 64  
1148 Habiba Nasrin Effect of moisture regimes and tree leaf mulches on the performance of tomato AFE MS 2008 80  
1149 Noor Shaila Sarmin Plant biodiversity around the homestead pondsite and its impact on fish production and household income AFE MS 2008 104  
1150 Md. Abdul Jabber Impact of homestead farming activities under agricultural deversification and intensification project AFE MS 2008 86  
1151 Md. Amjed Hossain Impact of social forestry program of forest department on the ecology and socio-economic condition of the beneficaries at coastalbelt of Bangladesh AFE MS 2008 96  
1152 Nazneen Akter Bithi Effect of tree leavls and nitrogen application on brinjal and soil properties AFE MS 2008 64  
1153 Md Razib Rahman Effect 0f organic fertilizer (Lalon) on the yield components and yield of tomato SSC MS 2008 48  
1154 Hafijul  Ahmed Effect of organic fertilizer (Lalon) on  the yield components and yield of cauliflower SSC MS 2008 67  
1155 Most Fahmida Pervin Effect of different nutrients on the yield and yield attributes of newly developed onion variety SSC MS 2008 57  
1156 Md Sadekur Rahman Farmer’s response to towards the cultivation of  BRRI dhan33 to mitigate Monga AER MS 2008 78  
1157 A.K.U Farhad Coping strategies practised by the farmers against flood in Bangladesh AER Ph.D 2008 248  
1158  Md. Aminul Islam Farmers knowledge system and dissemination of mungbean cultivation in the south-western region of Bangladesh AER MS 2008 107  
1159 Md. Sazzadur Rahman Nitrogression of salt tolerance into Bangladesh mega rice variety BR11 through marker assisted backcrossing CBT MS 2008 105  
1160 Sarder Mohammad  Jamil Azad Production and evaluation of micropropagated ginger (Zingiber officinale rosc) plant GPB Ph.D 2008 129  
1161 Md. Nur Zahid In vitro screening of aromatic rice under salt stresses GPB MS 2008 64  
1162 Mohammed Harun Or Rashid Genetic variability and induction of male sterility in onion GPB MS 2008 87  
1163 Masud Iqbal In vitro plant regeneration capacity of six aromatic rice varieties GPB MS 2008 64  
1164 Koushik Prasad Ghosh Genetic variability in F2 Segregating population of exotic tomato hybrids GPB MS 2008 105  
1165 Asfakun Siddika Genetic variability in advanced generations of vegetable pea (Pisum sativum ssp hrotanse) GPB MS 2008 77  
1166 Md. Eleyash Mahmud Assessment of variability in F5 generation of T. Aman rice GPB MS 2008 63  
1167 Nasrin Akter Ivy Development and utilization of self incompatible lines for hybrid seed production in radish GPB Ph.D 2008 172  
1168 Md. Humayun Kabir Effect of three calcumrich compounds on the incidence of Tomato purple vein virus and its impact on growth and yield of tomato PLP MS 2008 67  
1169 Most Shahida Parvin M anagement of tomato yellow leaf curl. virus (TYLCV) infecting tomato by using calcium rich compounds PLP MS 2008 85  
1170 Shefa Moni Performance of different generations of seed potato in respect of PVY and PLRV infection PLP MS 2008 63  
1171 Zehad Pervez Prevalence of mycoflora assoicated with Oyster mushroom (Pleurotus ostreats) substrates and their chemical control PLP MS 2008 53  
1172 Mohammad Siddiqur Rahman Performance of chilli varieties against antheracnose and major viral diseases PLP MS 2008 90  
1173 Md. Mahmud Hassan Seed production potential and seed quality of ten yard long bean cultivares SST MS 2008 80  
1174 Md Ziaul Haque Seed production potentiality of vagetable pea (Pisum sativum ssp. hortese) varieties under varied planting times SST MS 2008 107  
1175 Md Abdul Halim Seed yield and seed quality of some okra (Abelmoschus esculentus (L.) Moench) cultivars SST MS 2008 60  
1176 Abdul Awal Miah Seed priming effect  on seed quality and stand establishment of chickpea (cicer arietinum) at different moisture regimes SST MS 2008 38  
1177 Naresh Chandra Deb Barma Genetic study of morpho-physiological traits related to heat tolerance in spring wheat GPB Ph D 2006 150  
1178 Md. Abdul Muktadir Development of an efficient plant regeneration protocol for eggplant (Solanum melongena L.) GPB MS 2008 57  
1179 Md. Shafiqul Islam Genetic diversity and characters association in B & R lines of quasi-aromatic hybrid rice GPB MS 2008 100  
1180 Fatama Nusrat Ahsan Heterosis in snakegourd (Trichosanthes cucurminata) GPB MS 2008 54  
1181 Ferdousi Begum Morphogenetic diversity in eggplant (Solanum melongena L.) GPB MS 2008 65  
1182 Md. Nur Alam Siddique Outcrossing characteristics and yield potentiality of restorer line of rice GPB MS 2008 84  
1183 Md. Zakir Hossain Genetic diversity for morpho-physicochemical characters and microsatellite DNA markers in fine grain and aromatic landraces of rice (Oryza sativa L.) GPB Ph D 2008 132  
1184 Arif Mohammad Ullah Comparative profitability and technical efficiency of aromatic and non-aromatic aman rice production in dinajpur district AEC MS 2008 77  
1185 Mohd. Mostofa Kamal Management of Mungbean yellow mosaic virus using four selected chemicals PLP MS 2008 69  
1186 Md. Ali Akbar Farmers’ perceotion on harmful effects of using pesticides in crop production AER MS 2008 85  
1187 Shamsoon Nahar Tania Biology and host preference of pulse beetle (Callosobruchus chinensis L.) on some mungbean varieties under storage conditions ENT MS 2008 56  
1188 Prodip Kumar Roy Effect of organic manures on growth and yield in stem amaranth SSC MS 2008 71  
1189 Mahmuda Anwar Efficacy of cowdung and poultry manure on hybrid cauliflower cultivation through IPNS approach SSC MS 2008 80  
1190 Md. Serajul Islam Effects of growth regulators and NPK on morpho-physiological attributes and yield of bitter gourd CBT Ph.D 2008 180  
1191 Parimol Sarker Growth, yield and quality of chilli as influenced by mulches, ANN N-fertilization CBT Ph. D 2008 141  
1192 Mst. Farhana Yasmin Effect of planting time and plant density of top shoot cuttings in potato production HRT MS 2008 64  
1193 Md. Fazle Rabby Study on growth, yield and quality of broccoli (Brassica oleracea var. italica L) under organic farming HRT MS 2008 65  
1194 Haridas Chandra Mohanta Effects of genotypes, micronutrients and plant growth regulators on the seed production of tropical carrots HRT Ph. D 2008 160  
1195 Talia Hoque Influence of NPK on the yield and shelf life of lettuce (Lactuca sativa L.) HRT MS 2008 73  
1196 Md. Mostofa Kamal In vitro propagation of stevia (Stevia rebaudiana) HRT MS 2008 77  
1197 Ferdous Zahan Characterization and diversity in pumpkin genotypes HRT MS 2009 78  
1198 Ummey Lotifa Characterization and genetic diversity in bitter gourd genotypes HRT MS 2009 56  
1199 Md. Iqbal Hossain Response of follar application of GA3 and differentplant ages for seed production in carrot HRT MS 2009 76  
1200 Israt Jahan Effects of boron and zinc on growth and yield of french bean ( phaseolus vulgaris L.) HRT MS 2009 56  
1201 Dharitry Barma Growth, yield and profitability of potato influenced by cut seed and spacing HRT MS 2009 63  
1202 Zakiya Gulshan Ara Characterization and evaluation of bottle gourd genotypes HRT MS 2009 58  
1203 A. T. M. Hamim Ashraf Comparative performance, Variability and diversity in Okra HRT MS 2009 78  
1204 Md. Jahangir Hossain Characterization, evaluation and production technology of chilli ( Capsicum spp.) HRT Ph.D. 2009 206  
1205 Tabassum Rahman Growth, yield and chips quality of potato HRT MS 2009 57  
1206 Tapan Kumar Paul Technology of sweet pepper production in Bangladesh HRT Ph.D 2009 225  
1207 Md. Adil In vitro plant regeneration in indigenous aromatic rice under salt stress conditions GPB MS 2009 91  
1208 Md. Ariful Islam Synchronization and stability analysis of hybrid seed production of rice in different environment GPB MS 2009 70  
1209 Samsun Nahar Bhuyan Genetic variability for yield related and quality traits in pumpkin (Cucurbita moschata Dutch. ex Poir.) GPB MS 2009 85  
1210 Firoz Mahmud Investigation and characterization of component lines for Brassica Napus L. hybrid development GPB Ph.D 2009 186  
1211 Md. Shahadath Hossain Integrated non-chemical management of major insect pests of year round country bean ENT Ph.D 2009 209  
1212 Md. Shaheen Hasan Refinement of different combination’s of IPM components for managing BSFB (brinjal shoot and fruit borer) in brinjal ENT MS 2009 62  
1213 Md. Gulam Mostofa Climate variability and impact of salinity on the profitability of T.Aman rice production in the coastal region of Khulna AEC MS 2009 63  
1214 Bandana Rani Roy Effects of S. Zn. B and Mo on the yield and quality of spinach (Spinacia oleracea) HRT MS 2009 46  
1215 Md. Alamgir Impact of shrimp farming on homestead production systems in shyamnagar upazila of satkhira district AFE MS 2009 112  
1216 Mst. Momtaz Sultana Temperature effects on germination of grain legumes SST MS 2009 48  
1217 Md. Imam Hossain Effect of nitrogen, potassium and sulphur on the yield and quality of onion seed SST MS 2009 80  
1218 Md. Sadek Hossain Planting time effect on growth, yield and seed quality of long grain rice, BUdhan 1 SST MS 2009 59  
1219 Md. Mamun ur Rashid Integrated use of urea with cowdung, poultry manure and urban wastes in a rice-rice cropping pattern SSC Ph.D 2009 137  
1220 Md. Delowar Hossain Response of cabbage to manure and fertilizer application in salna silty clay loam soil SSC Ph.D 2009 153  
1221 Md. Abdur Rauf Influence of soil arsenic on yield and arsenic accumulation in rice and wheat SSC Ph.D 2009 210  
1222 Md. Safiul Islam Afrad Impact of arsenic mitigation program in Bangladesh AER Ph.D Sum/ 2009 203 With CD
1223 Akkas Mahmud Impact of modern agricultural technology on livelihood status of CHARLAND farmers AER Ph.D 2009 205  
1224 Sonia Adoption of vegetable cultivation in selected area of patuakhali district AER MS 2009 62  
1225 Wasim Ahmed Impact of shrimp farming on rice and vegetable production in coastal region of Bangladesh AER MS 2009 75  
1226 Suchanda Roy Farmers’ attitude and use of indigenous technical knowledge in agricultural practices in north-west eco-system of Bangladesh AER Ph.D 2009 203  
1227 S. M. Nasim Hossain Impact of shrimp farming on homestead production systems in Paikgacha upazila of Khulna district AFE MS 2009 107  
1228 Subrata Kumer Sarker Effect of tree species and alley widths at different nitrogen levels on Tomato production and soil fertility in upland ecosystem AFE MS 2009 77  
1229 Md. Sanaul Haque Diversity for seed characters in aromatic rice SST MS 2009 59  
1230 S.M. Maruf Akther Cabbage yield and changes of soil chemical properties in response to tree leaves and nitrogen application AFE MS 2009 76  
1231 Chowdhury Afroza Akther Variability for yield and its component characters in stem amaranth (Amaranthus Tricolor L.) GPB MS 2009 75  
1232 Nuruzzaman Howlader Genetic divergence and path analysis in Mungbean (Vigna radiata (L.) wilezek) GPB MS 2009 93  
1233 Md. Mostafizur Rahman Varietal performance and post harvest quality assessment in lettuce ( Lactuca sativa L.) HRT MS 2009 50  
1234 Ershad Ali Sarker Characterization and genetic diversity in Cucumber genotypes HRT MS 2009 66  
1235 Md. Rabiul Islam Heterotic performance of winter Tomato HRT MS 2009 81  
1236 Arjun Mondol Variability study in some genotypes of country bean (Lablab Purpureus L.) HRT MS 2009 71  
1237 Jannatul Ferdousi Yield and quality of broccoli influenced by nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and molybdenum HRT MS 2009 72  
1238 Md. Mahbub Alam Patwary Genetic diversity and heterosis in heat tolerant Tomato HRT Ph.D 2009 201  
1239 Md. Sharaf Uddin Genetic divergence and heterosis in eggplant for heat tolerance HRT Ph.D 2009 189  
1240 Shailendra Nath Mozumder Seed production potentiality of bangladhonia (Eryngium foetidum L.) influenced by plant growth regulator and population HRT Ph.D 2009 177  
1241 Md. Nazrul Islam Genetic diversity and floral biology of BER (Zizyphus mauritiana Lam.) HRT Ph.D 2009 233  
1242 Alhaz Uddin Ahammed Characterization, genetic diversity and quality assessment of stem amaranth genotypes HRT Ph.D Aut/ 2009 248 With CD
1243 Fatima-tuz-Zohora Time of harvesting and varietal performance on the yield, quality and shelf life of sweet Potato HRT MS 2009 63  
1244 Shamal Kumar Roy Comperative yield and storage quality of commercial Tomato varietes of Bangladesh HRT MS 2009 53  
1245 Farjana Nasrin Khan Techniques of corm and cormel production in Gladiolus HRT Ph.D 2009 205  
1246 Mir Aszad Ali Genetic divergence of boro rice (Oryza sativa L.) GPB MS 2009 55  
1247 Afsana Ansari Variability of floral traits in component lines of hybrid rice GPB MS 2009 100  
1248 Ratna Rani Majumder Outcrossing characteristics of identified B (Maintainer) and R (Restorer) lines in aromatic rice GPB MS 2009 100  
1249 Susmita Banik Performance of F1 hybrid developed through self-incompatibility mechanism in radish GPB MS 2009 74  
1250 Soniya Ferdousi In vitro plant regeneration of aromatic rice under salt stress GPB MS 2009 71  
1251 Md. Nooruddin Variablity and character association in CMS and maintainer lines in rice ( Oryza sativa L. ) GPB MS 2009 66  
1252 Md. Mohasin Hussain Khan Bioecology and integrated management of pumpkin beetles (Chrysomelidae: coleoptera) infesting cucurbits ENT Ph.D Aut/ 2009 201 With CD
1253 Satyen Mondal Effect of alley widths of Gliricidia sepium and nitrogen levels on rice productivity and soil properties AFE MS 2009 70  
1254 Md. Abu Hasan Physiology of sustaining wheat yield under late planting heat stressed environment CBT Ph.D 2009 201  
1255 Tania Pervin Field evaluation of six Mungbean genotypes for flooding tolerance AGR MS 2009 70  
1256 Apurba Kanti Choudhury Water stress tolerance of french bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) AGR Ph.D 2009 203  
1257 Md. Zabied Ali Seed quality and field performance of some Mungbean varieties and production of healthy seed using fungicides SST MS 2009 72  
1258 Md. Ashraful Alom A comparative study on seed yield and quality of some Onion (Allium cepa L.) cultivars SST MS 2009 69  
1259 Md. Bazlur Rahman Harvesting stage and post harvest ripening effects on quantity and quality of Tomato seed SST MS 2009 34  
1260 Md. Zahid Hassan Heterosis and seed quality in aromatic rice SST MS 2009 91  
1261 Md. Monirul Islam Integrated nutrient management for homestead gardening in Gazipur SSC Ph.D 2009 268  
1262 Manisha Saha Study on Orobanche and Loranthus species occur in some areas of Bangladesh PLP MS 2009 64  
1263 Pabitra Kr. Bhanderi A study on seed crop management of Okra for disease free and quality seed production PLP Ph.D 2009 157  
1264 Nasrin Jahan Growers’ response to Mushroom cultivation technologies disseminated by Mushroom development project AER MS 2009 61  
1265 Md. A. Mannan Response of soybean genotypes to salinity stress AGR Ph.D 2009 182  
1266 Paritosh Chandra Roy Genetic variability and heterosis in submergence tolerant rice (Oryza sativa ) genotypes GPB MS 2009 83  
1267 Ripon Kumar Roy Diallel analysis in local and HYV rice (Oryza sativa L.) GPB MS 2009 99  
1268 B.M. Rashedul Islam Performance of exotic tomato (Solanum lycopersicum L.) genotypes in F3 generation GPB MS 2010 75  
1269 Sakila Afroza Geneticdiversity in exotic rice germplasm GPB MS 2010 83  
1270 Md. Mahbubur Rahman Genetic variability and genotype-environment interaction in wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) GPB MS 2009 81  
1271 Nur-E-Afrin Jahan Heterosis for yield related traits in radish GPB MS 2010 55  
1272 Ratan Kumar Ganapati Variabilitty, character association and generation mean analysis in submergence tolerant rice (Oryza sativa L.) GPB MS 2010 86  
1273 Md. Motasim Billah Combining ability and heterosis in maiza (Zea mays L.) GPB MS 2009 55  
1274 Hazira Khatun Genetic diversity in brassica rapa GPB MS 2010 68  
1275 Kaniza Fatema Genetic divergence of hybrid maiza in excess water stress GPB MS 2010 47  
1276 Md. Mizan ul Islam Estimation of heterosis in local boro rice GPB MS 2009 65  
1277 Md. Nur Alam Combining ability and heterosis of new plant type (NPT) traits in rice (Oryza sativa L.) GPB MS 2009 96  
1278 Sharmin Rahman Morphological amd molecular characterization on grasspea (Lathyrus sativus L.) GPB MS 2010 76  
1279 Most. Nur-E-Safa Sarkar In vitro regeneration of aromatic rice genotypes under salt stress conditions GPB MS 2010 73  
1280 Mahjabin Jahan Genetic variability and diversity for outcrossing traits in exotic rice genotypes GPB MS 2009 73  
1281 Muhammad Ashraful Habib Somatic embryogenesis in eggplant (Solanum melongena L.) GPB MS 2010 43  
1282 Md. Hasan-Ud-Daula Genetic variability, correlation and path analysis in T-Aman rice (Oryza sativa L.) GPB MS 2010 68  
1283 Mohammad Aminul Islam Diversity and heterosis in exotic eggplant (Solanum melongena L.) GPB MS 2010 113  
1284 Mohammad Zahirul Alam Talukder Genetic diversity of coconut (Cocos nucifera L.) barisal region GPB MS 2010 63  
1285 Md.Mizanur Rahman Genetic variability in some advanced lines of vegetable pea GPB MS 2010 74  
1286 Md. Mostake Ahmed Geneotype X environment interaction in snakegourd (Trichosanthes cucurmerina L.) GPB MS 2010 91  
1287 Zerina Haque Performance and character associatin for reproductive traits in advanced lines of aman rice GPB MS 2010 65  
1288 Kanika Rani Adhikari Genetic variability and character association in potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) GPB MS 2010 62  
1289 Tabassum Mustari Yield performance of exotic hybrid rice germplasm during aman season GPB MS 2010 64  
1290 Md. Mamunur Rahman Morpho-Physiological and molecular variation in T Aman rice (Oryza sativa L.) varieties GPB MS 2009 100  
1291 Haider Iqbal Khan Mycoremediation of industrial effluenct and its impact on seed germination and seedling establishment CBT MS 2010 79  
1292 Mazharul Aziz Performance of cotton genotypes in respect of earliness yield and fibre quality CBT MS 2010 148  
1293 Chitra Saha  Contribution of tesm reserves to grain development of wheat under late seedling condition CBT Ph.D 2009 165  
1294 Parimal Chandra Sarker Morphoi-physiolgical and yield attributes of rapseed mustard as affected by sowing dates, fertilizers and plant growth regulators CBT Ph.D 2010 225  
1295 Md. Noor-Alam Siddique Response of bush bean to applied nitrogen and phosphorus AGR Ph.D 2010 204  
1296 Anil Kumar Das Planting configuration and nitrogen management in cereal-legume intercropping system AGR Ph.D 2010 268  
1997 Md. Roknuzzaman Seed priming effects on seed quality, stand establishment growth and yield of direct seeded aus rice AGR Ph.D 2009 93  
1298 Md. Anwar Hossain Howlader Influence of germination temperature and incubation period on the relative contribution of heterotrophic- and autotrophic growth to seedling vigor and their impact on rice yield AGR Ph.D 2009 99  
1299 Fatema Wadud Impact of commercial flower cultivation on the livelihood of its growers in Bangladesh AER Ph.D 2010 160  
1300 Sk. Harunur Rashid AhmedarunuHHH Farmer’s participation in on-farm research activities on Bangladesh agricultural research institute AER Ph.D Win/ 2009 2001 With CD
1301 Md.  Latiful Haider Integrated pest management club for postering farmer’s empowerment in rice production AER Ph.D 2010 187  
1302 Md. Abul Hossain Impact of food security project of the department of agricultural extension on the livelihood and food security status of the beneficiaries AER Ph.D Win/ 2009 182 With CD
1303 Masuda Khanom Comparative study on the growth and yield of thirteen Tomato varieties HRT MS Aut/  2010 65 With CD
1304 Mohammad Badiuzzaman Talukder Combining ability and heterosis in Bitter Gourd HRT MS 2009 107  
1305 Md. Khalid Jamil Bulb and flower production of hippeastrum in Bangladesh HRT


Ph.D 2010 232  
1306 Mohammed Abu Taher Masud Molecular characterization and marker aided selection for the development of hybrid rootstock parents and disease resistant lines in tomato HRT Ph.D 2010 187  
1307 Sima Kundu Study on seedling diseases of cotton and control of seedling mortality caused by rhizoctonia solani PLP Ph.D 2010 130  
1308 Md. Jamal Uddin Health and quality status of rice seeds of three, sources in Bangladesh PLP Ph.D 2010 166  
1309 Parvin Akter A study on the anthracnose disease of chilli and its control PLP Ph.D Aut/ 2010 67 With CD
1310 Mustafa Kamal Shahadat Mulch and irrigation effects on tomato performance and weed infestation AFE MS 2010 70  
1311 Moshih Uddin Ahmed Green manuring with tree leaves for maize production and soil properties change at different nitrogen levels AFE MS 2010 62  
1312 Md. Mahi Imam Mollah Effect of most commonly used insecticides on biological control agents in country bean exosystem ENT MS 2010 87  
1313 Mahbuba Nasrin Effect of different food materials on the growth and development of corcyra cephalonica and sitotroga cerealella and their egg parasotpid, trichogramma chilonis ENT MS 2010 54  
1314 MST Afsun ara Begum Host preference and mating behavior for developing packages (s)  for the management of cucurbit fruit fly bactrocera cucurbitae coquillett ENT Ph.D 2009 188  
1315 Mohammad Munir Hossain Quality of jute seed produced in conventional and late sowing method and performance of ten jute varieties in late sowing seed production method SST MS 2010 67  
1316 Md. Shoebur Rahman Effects of vine pruning on quality and seed yield in sweet gourd (Cucurbita moschata Duch.ex Poir.) SST MS 2010 71  
1317 Tapas Kumer Hore Floral structure, true seed production and seed quality of Momordica spp. SST MS 2010 60  
1318 Parvin Akter Ewffects of nitrogen phosphorus and maturity period on fresh yield and seed yield in bitter gourd SST MS 2010 74  
1319 Mohammad Nazrul Islam Shikder Seed quality assessment in hybrid rice SST Ph.D 2010 187  
1320 Md. Imrul Hasan Genotypic variation in degree of hardseededness in mungbean SST MS 2010 45  
1321 Md. Nazmul Islam Manik Characterization and genotype-environment interaction of aromatic rice (Oryza sativa L.) SST Ph.D Win/ 2009 105 With CD
1322 Mohammad Shafiqul Islam Effect of integrated nutrient management on yield and nutrient use efficiency of rice-rice cropping system SSC Ph.D Sum/ 2010 223 With CD
1323 Md. Khairul Alam Effect of tillage depths and cropping patterns on soil properties and crop productivity SSC MS 2010 90  
1324 Md. Harun-r-Rashid Biswas Response of rice varieties and vegetable crops to different levels of soil arsenic SSC Ph.D 2009 214  
1325 Md. Golam Ambia Effects of irrigation and integrated use of organic and inorganic fertilizers on soil physical properties and yield of wheat SSC Ph.D 2010 188  
1326 Md. Moniruzzaman Fate of carbofuran in soil brinjal plant system SSC Ph.D Win/ 2009 137 With CD



1327 Md. A. Salam Nutrient balance in rice-based cropping patterns in salna silty clay loam soil SSC Ph.D Win/ 2009 234 With CD
1328 A.K.M. Shamsul Hoque Long-term manuring and nitrogen fertilization effect on soil properties and performance of wheat in a rice-wheat cropping sequence SSC Ph.D Win/ 2009 216 With CD
1329 Thamamma Yesmin Suma Influence of sowing time and spacing on growth and yield of gysophila HRT MS Win/ 2010 67 With CD
1330 Swapna Rani Adhya Characterization and evaluation of dahlia (dahlia spp.) germplasm HRT MS 2010 79  
1331 Mohd. Moniruzzaman Foliage and seed production technplogy of coriander HRT Ph.D Sum/ 2011 265 With CD
1332 Sultan Mahmud Yield performance and stem quality of some promising amaranth genotypes HRT MS Sum/ 2011 49 With CD
1333 Farzana Islam Production of gladiolus from cormel influenced by GA3 and NPK HRT MS Sum/ 2011 66 With CD
1334 Bimal Chandra Dey Effect of casing materials, post composting supplements and plant growth reguylators on the yield of white button mushroom and its marketing in Bangladesh HRT Ph.D Win/ 2010 191 With CD
1335 Farzana Islam Influence of organic amendments and effective micro-organism on yield and preservatives in vase life of gladiolus HRT MS 2011 58  
1336 Mohammed Razu Ahmed Protocol development of precessed products from sweet potato HRT Ph.D Sum/ 2011 149 With CD
1337 Shah Md. Luthfur Rahman Production technology of strawberry in Bangladesh HRT Ph.D Sum/ 2011 185 With CD
1338 Md. Nazmul Islam Sarker Growth and yield profitability of potato as influenced by planting density and cut tuber HRT MS Sum/ 2011 67 With CD
1339 A.K.M.  Quamruzzaman Genetic diversity and heterosis of bottle gourd HRT Ph.d Sum/ 2011 168 With CD
1340 Kaniz Fatema Rokshana Phenology yield and seed quality of rice as infulenced by planting dates ion late aman season SST MS 2010 51  
1341 Syed Rafuul Haque Yield potential and seed quality of garden pea varieties at varierd harvesting dates SST MS 2011 89  
1342 Aziza Begum Characteristic of self, incompatrible lines and their hybrid performance in Radish SST Ph.D Sum/ 2011 157 With CD
1343 Gazi Md. Farhad Hossain Performance of cotton genotypes for growth, yield and seed quality SST MS 2010 65  
1344 S.M. Mahbub Ali Nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizer effects on yield and physiological and biochemical quality of jute seed under field and storage conditions SST Ph.D Sum/ 2011 140 With CD
1345 Naznin Akter Varietal performance and seed quality of some exotic rice genotypes SST MS 2011 84  
1346 A.K.M. Yousof Harun Study on genetypic variability in seed dormancy and seed quality of soybean (Glycine max 0L.) SST MS 2010 67  
1347 Mst. Salina Akter Genetic diversity and character association for reproductive trains in onion GPB MS 2011 62  
1348 Md. Kamrul Hasan Khan Variability and character association for reproductive traits in exotic rice genotypes GPB MS Sum/ 2011 64 With CD
1349 S.M. Abdullah al Mamun Characterization and genetic diversity for agronomic traits in exotic rice GPB MS 2011 95  
1350 Md. Saki Ul Arafin Variability and heterosis in bottle gourd GPB MS Win/ 2010 68 With CD
1351 Mosammat Umma Kulsum Stability of BRRI developed promising hybrid for yield and its related traits GPB MS Win/ 2010 101 With CD
1352 Md. Hafizur Rahman Hybrid seed production in BRRI hybrid Dhane2 at different GA3 and row levels GPB MS 2010 86  
1353 Israt Tanzia Line X tester analysis in maize (Zea mays L.) GPB MS Sum/ 2011 59 With CD
1354 Afrida Ali Genetic diversity in cucumber (cucumis sativus L) GPB MS Sum/2011 72 With CD
1355 Md Shamsur Rahman Khan Characterization of component lines for developing hybrid rice GPB MS 2010 92  
1356 Tania Akter Characterization and genetic diversity for productive traits in exotic rice germplasm GPB MS 2010 93  
1357 Liakat Ali Heterosis in selected combinations fo A and R Lines in rice (Oryza sativa) GPB MS 2011 66  
1358 Faysal Mohammad Ali Estimation of heterosis in exotic hybrid rice GPB MS Sum/ 2011 69 With CD
1359 Md. Muradunnabi Genotyes-environment interaction in hybrid maize (Zea mays L.) GPB MS 2010 56  
1360 Benoy Chandra Sen Management of carrot diseases caused by rhizoctonia solani and sclerotiumrolfsii PLP Ph.D Aut/ 2010 180 With CD
1361 Md. Golam Kibria Control of okra yellow vein clearing mosic virus and pseudocercospora leaf spot of okra seed crop PLP Ph.D Sum/ 2011 143 With CD
1362 S.M. Kamrul Hasan Chowdhury Identification of strains of xanthomonas oryaze pv. Oryzae causing bacterial leaf blight of rice in Bangladesh and screening of some exotic rice genotypes against the pathogen PLP MS 2011 68  
1363 Karima Akter Evaluation of some hybrid, HYV and local varities of rice in respact pf prevalence of fungal pathagens in the field PLP MS 2011 54  
1364 Md. Tanbir Rubayet Management of stem rot of potato caused by sclerotium rolfsii PLP MS Win/ 2010 82 With CD
1365 Sabiha Afroz Chaity Prevalence of seed-borne fungi in soybean and their control using chemical fungicides and botanicals PLP MS Sum/ 2011 71 With CD
1366 Ahsanul Haque Management of ufra (Ditylenchus angustus) disease of rice PLP MS 2010 50  
1367 Md. Johirul Islam Quality improvement of farmers stored chickpea seed and its relation to disease development PLP MS Sum/ 2011 82 With CD
1368 Md. Abdul Aziz Studies on the production of quality and healthy jute seeds PLP Ph.D Win/ 2010 187 With CD
1369 Afroza Sultana Performance of seventeen tomato varieties when insected by tomato yellow curl virus (TYLCV) field condition PLP MS 2011 84  
1370 Md. Majibar Rahman Studies on bacterial soft rot disease of potato and onion in trorage and its management PLP Ph.D Win/ 2010 154 With CD
1371 Md. Farhad Hossain Prevalence and effect of tomato viral diseases on different tomato varieties in Bangladesh PLP MS Sum/ 2011 106 With CD
1372 Md. Asad-Uz-Zaman Integrated management of black root of strawberry caused by rhizoclona solani PLP MS Sum/ 2011 68 With CD
1373 A.S.M. Kamruzzaman Bioecology of jute yellow mite polyphagot arsonemus latus (Bank) (Arachnida: Acari: Tarsonemidae) and screeening of some jute varieties against this mite ENT MS 2010 104  
1374 Marufa Fatema Uswe pattern of insecticides in brinjal and their residues in farm gate and market samples ENT MS Sum/ 2011 75 With CD
1375 Md. Ruhul Amin Integrated management of fruit flies on bittergourd unsing some genotypes chemicals and non-chemical measures ENT Ph.D Win/ 2010 237 With CD
1376 Md. Shamim Hossain Insecticide based management pckage against pod borer of yield-long bean and qualification of residue ENT MS Sum/ 2011 75 With CD
1377 Muhammad Ziaul Hoque Role of farming system towards househods food security in selected charland of Bangladesh AER MS Win/ 2010 83 With CD
1378 Hossain Ahamad Imran Coping strategies practiced by displacees for rive bank erosion AER MS Sum/2011 74 With CD
1379 Khandsker sazia Afrin Farmers’ response regarding impact of industrial wastes on soil, water and crop production AER MS Sum/ 2011 86 With CD
1380 Tanvir Manower Socio-economic impact of alla in paikgacha upazilla under khulna District AER MS Sum/ 2011 57 With CD
1381 Md. Moktar Hossain Study on allelopathic effect of moringa oleifera on mungbean AFE MS 2011 55  
1382 Nurunnaher Akter Improving drought tolerance in maize by exogenous application of gibberellic acid and cytokinin AGR MS 2010 57  
1383 Shah-Al-Emran Source sink manipulation and population density effects of green fodder and grain yield in hybrid maize AGR MS 2011 97  
1384 Md. Mahbubr Rahman Yield performance and seed quality mungbean grown in salinity stressed condition CBT Ph.D 2011 211  
1385 Rehana Banu Effect of management of organic manure and crop residue on soil properties and crop performance under wheat-mungbean T. aman cropping pattern SSC Ph.D Sum/ 2011 200 With CD
1386 Md. Atikur Rahman Effect of nutrient solution and yield and quality of okra SSC MS Sum/ 2011 74 With CD
1387 Md. Sarwarul Haque Integrated nutrient management for sustainable productivity and soil health in maize-rice cropping pattern SSC Ph.D Sum/ 2011 177 With CD
1388 Saiful Islam Efficacy of different organic waste compost to improve soil fertility and crop productivity SSC MS 2010 75  
1389 Esrat Jahan Control of Bipolaris leaf blight of wheat PLP MS Aut/ 2011 62 With CD
1390 Nilufar Hossain Prevalence and control of fusarium wilt in chickpea PLP MS Aut/ 2011 61 With CD
1391 Md. Nazmul Arefin Disease free seed production of radish PLP MS 2011 50  
1392 Wasira Akhter Integrated management of seedling mortality caused by rhizoctonia solani and yield improvment of pea PLP MS 2011 49  
1393 Abu Hadi Md. Asadue Rahman Status of seed tomato grown by BADC in different zone of Bangladesh in respect of PVY and PLRV infection PLP Ph.D 2011 167  
1394 Mst. Safia Aktar Post Harvest papaya diseases and their management PLP MS 2011 49  
1395 Md. Raihan Talukder Effect of arbuscular mycorrhizae in suppessing damping off disease their selected vagetable PLP MS Aut/ 2011 93 With CD
1396 Tania Rukshana Effect of root-knot nematode (meloidogyne incognita) infection on growth of some vegetable crops PLP MS Aut/ 2011 43 With CD
1397 Moinak Ahammed Production and marketing channels of tuberose in some selected areas of Jessore District AEC MS Aut/ 2011 70 With CD
1398 Sanjukta Bardhan Production and marketing of Banana some selected areas of Narsingdi District AEC MS Aut/ 2011 74 With CD
1399 Saleh Mohammad Shahriar Response use ffficiency and profitablity of potato production in two selected areas of Bangaladesh AEC MS 2011 72  
1400 Shamima Akter Profitability and resource use efficiency of rice production in old brahmaputra floodplain areas AEC MS Aut/ 2011 74 With CD
1401 Md. Lutfar Rahman Carbon emission and accumulation from different organic wastes in soil SSC MS 2011 69  
1402 Rafiqul Alam Khan Effects of household wastes and poultry manure on soil properties, growth, yield and quality of okra SSC Ph.D Aut/ 2011 222 With CD
1403 Md. Shafiqul Islam Characterization of aromatic rice (oryza sativa L.) germplasm through morphological, biochemical and molecular techniques SST Ph.D Aut/ 2011 190 With CD
1404 Karimatul Ambia Seed yield and quality of different genotypes of spinach SST MS 2011 53  
1405 Sultana Zaman Chowdhury Effect of Phosphorus and Born on the yield and quality of lettuce seed SST MS Aut/ 2011 63 With CD
1406 Fatema Sultana Morphological variablity nnd character association in cucumber (cucumis sativus L.) GPB MS 2011 58  
1407 Md. Tarik Mahmud Razim Genotype-environment interaction in pumpkin (cucurbita moschata Dutch ex.Poir) GPB MS Aut/ 2011 72 With CD
1408 F.M.Mahbubur Rahman Hybrid rice cultivation and its impact on social inequality in some selected areas of Banladesh AER Ph.D Aut/ 2011 199 With CD
1409 Asrafun Nahar Tuli Women’s participation in household and agricltural activities in selected area of Gazipur District AER MS Aut/ 2011 71 With CD
1410 A.K.M Hedayet Ullah Chowdhury Adoption of BRRI dhan47 in the  coastal saline areas of Bangladesh AER MS 2011 71  
1411 Hasina Sultana In vitro propagation of Strawberry ( Fragaria x ananassa Duch) and it’s field performance HRT MS Aut/ 2011 77 With CD
1412 Lotifa Yesmin Characterization and evaluation of Tomato genotypes for inbred and hybrid seed production potentiality HRT MS Aut/ 2011 83 With CD
1413 Md. Riazul Islam In vitro growth of Potato under salt stress HRT MS 2011 51  
1414 Minhaz Ahmed Study on climate variability to homestead production systems in central terrace ecosystem of Bangladesh AFE MS 2011 94  
1415 Mira Rani Das Floral biology, fruit setting and quality of passion fruit CBT Ph.D Aut/ 2011 122 With CD
1416 Fatema-Tuj- Johora Optimizing sowing date of direct seeded Boro rice CBT MS Aut/ 2011 138 With CD
1417 S. M. Shahriar Parvej Soil puddling and nitrogen effects on growth and yield of Mungbean AGR MS 2011 58  
1418 Sharif Ahmed Growth, productivity and profitability of rice as influenced by integrated crop and resources management AGR MS 2011 91  
1419 Mani Shankar Mandol Influence of monopodia removal, plant spacing and N.P.K application on yield and quality of cotton lint AGR MS 2011 80  
1420 Md. Shibly Noman Intercropping mustard with four spices crops to suppress aphid, lipaphis, erysimi, kalt. and its effect and yield ENT MS 2011 63  
1421 Md. Iftekhar Mahmud Akhand Effects of neem products for the management of yellow stem borer in boro rice ENT MS Aut/ 2011 64 With CD
1422 Rozalin Nova Use  pattern of insecticides in country bean and their residues in edible pods, soil and water samples ENT MS Aut/ 2011 89 With CD



Khondoker Mohammad Alam Assessing potentiality of rhizosphere bacteria and fungi against sclerotia forming pahogens of cucumber seedling PLP MS Win/ 2011 89 With CD
1424 Md. Rafiqul Islam Studies on the postharvest diseases of six major fruits of Bangladesh and their management PLP Ph.D Win/ 2011 178 With CD
1425 Farzana Haque Depo Performance of seventeen tomato varieties against tomato purple vein virus (TPVV) in field condition PLP MS Win/ 2011 72 With CD
1426 Akter Sabera Influence of nitrogen and phopphorus fertilizer on growth, yield and shele life lettuce HRT MS 2011 51  
1427 Md.Al-Amin Hossain Talukder Characterization, floral biology and post-havest technology in mandarin HRT Ph.D Win/ 2011 220 With CD
1428 Rahima Khatun Yield and quality of onion as influenced by nirogen fertilizer CBT MS Win/ 2011 48 With CD
1429 Masud Hossain Polash Nature of low temperature injury in rice genotypes CBT MS Win/ 2011 56 With CD
1430 Ashoke Kumar Roy Excess water tolerance in chilli CBT Ph.D Win/ 2011 222 With CD
1431 Md. Alamgir Miah Assessment of component lines for hybrid development in Brassica napus L GPB Ph.D 2011 223  
1432 Md. Al-Amin Khan Effect GA3 on hybrid rice ..seed production GPB MS Win/ 2011 63 With CD
1433 Hasan-uz-Zaman RAIHAN Heterosis in relation to genetic diversity in snakegourd GPB MS Win/ 2011 60 With CD
1434 Md. Mahamudul Hasan Genetic diversity for heat tolerance traits in spring wheat GPB MS 2011 131  
1435 Shahadat Hossain Screeing of advanced breeding lines of uplant rice for tolerance to drought GPB MS Win/ 2011 41  
1436 Md. ROKEBUL Hasan Genetic diversity in micronutrient dense rice GPB MS Win/ 2011 93  
1437 Kaniz Fatema Genetic variation for grain quality in aromatic rice GPB MS Win/ 2011 66 With CD
1438 Md. Abdul Mazed Study in the bioecology of okra shoot and fruit borer and its integrated management ENT Ph.D Win/ 2011 223 With CD
1439 Mafroza Akter Foraging behaviour of apis mellifera l. in litchi orchard nd honey production ENT MS Win/ 2011 60 With CD
1440 Md. Rajaul Karim Effect on nitrogen on growth, productivity and seed quality of long grain rice SST MS Win/ 2011 44 With CD
1441 Md. Mosharraf Hossain Quality status of farmers mungbean seeds, and production and storage of quality seeds SST Ph.D Win/ 2011 173 With CD
1442 Md. Shafayet Hossain Yield potential,storage behaviour and degeneration of potato varieties in Bangladesh SST Ph.D Win/ 2011 195 With CD
1443 Bithi Sarma Majumder Effect of phosphorus and potassium fertilizer on the bulb seed production of simmer onion SST MS Win/ 2011 50 With CD
1444 Sarder Md. Raihan Kabir Seedling age effects on growth characterisics productivity and seed quality of long grain rice SST MS Win/ 2011 70 With CD
1445 Abhijit Shah Genetic divergence in relation to reproductive traits and seed quality attributes in indigenus aman rice genotypes SST MS 2011 69  
1446 A.S. M. Iqbal Hussain Optimizing management practices for quality seed production of rice SST Ph.D Win/ 2011 85 With CD
1447 Benazir Binte Borhan Productivity, profitability and resposes use efficiency of mustard production in Manikgonj and Jessore Districts AEC MS Win/ 2011 79 With CD
1448 Md. Hasibul Hasan Production and marketing of tomato in some selected areas of Bangladesh AEC MS Win/ 2011 98 With CD
1449 Asma Jahan Carbon sequestration fertility improvement in soils under different tillage and rice straw management practices SSC MS Win/ 2011 72 With CD
1450 Mahbuba Sultana Effect of different organic waster in tomato cultivation and soil fertility SSC MS Win/ 2011 57 With CD
1451 S.M.Rezaul Karim Adaption of agro technologies to address climate change in drought prone region of Bangladesh AER MS Win/ 2011 111 With CD
1452 Lutfun Nahar Mukta Particiption of rural woment in homestead agricultural activities AER MS Win/ 2011 61 With CD
1453 Md. Ibrahim Khalil Socio-Economic and technological factors affecting livelihood of the potato farmes AER Ph.D 2011 199  
1454 Tanjila Adoption of hybrid rice in the selected area of Gazipur District AER MS Win/ 2011 71 With CD
1455 Mominul Islam Perception of sub assistant agriculture officer on sustanable agriculture practices AER MS Win/ 2011 72 With CD
1456 A.H.M. Fazlul Kabir Nutrient uptake and yield response of sesame to NPKS application and source-sink manipulation AER Ph.D Win/ 2011 225 With CD
1457 Md. Mahbub Hasan Effect of herbicides on weed control, crop performance and soil properties in boro rice AGR MS Win/ 2011 109 With CD
1458 Mahmudul Hasanin Faruque Evaluation of rice genotypes for their tolerance to salinity AGR MS 2011 75  
1459 Mohammad Rezaul Karim Evaluation of different irrigation and tillage methods in boro rice based on principles of conservation agriculture AGR MS Win/ 2011 99 With CD
1460 Kabir Uddin Ahmed Biecological and Integrated Management of Jackfruit borer in Agroforestry System ENT Ph.D Aut/ 2012 211 With CD
1461 Abdul Awal Effectiveness of selected insecticides on brinjal shoot and fruit borer and their compatibility with biological control agents and impact on arthropod diversity ENT Ph.D Aut/ 2012 163 With CD
1462 Md. Shafi Uddin Insect Pest Complex and integrated management of major insect pests of yard long bean ENT Ph.D Sum/ 2012 234 With CD
1463 Niyanta Barman Effectiveness of some IPM packages consisting of chemical and non chemical components for suppressing pod borer and aphid in summer conutry bean ENT MS 2012 70 With CD
1464 Nasrin Perven Genetic variability in Ash Gourd HRT MS 2012 66  
1465 Sirajum Munira Evaluation of potato varietes against salinity stress HRT MS Aut/ 2012 96 With CD
1466 Abdullah-Al-Mahmud Improvement of drought tolerant potato variety HRT Ph.D Aut/ 2012 207 With CD
1467 Md. Abdullah Al-Mamun Effect of planting time and plant density of top-shoot cuttings on multiplication of breeder seed potato HRT MS Aut/ 2012 63 With CD
1468 Md. Nasir Uddin Seed Hardening effects of physio-chemical properties storability and quality of jute seed SST Ph.D Aut/ 2012 104 With CD
1469 Selim Ahmed Effect of plant nutrients on yield and shelf life of corinder seed SST Ph.D Aut/ 2012 201 With CD
1470 Md. Kabir Uddin Sarker Study on the producton and storage technology of onion seeds SST Ph.D 2012 168  
1471 Md. Sultanul Alam Assessment of seed qual;ity and ifield performnce of rice hybrid SST Ph.D Aut/ 2012 252 With CD
1472 Khandaker Mahfuzul Haque Morphological physiological and biochemical characterization of seeds of prench bean genotypes SST MS Sum/ 2012 61 With CD
1473 Md. Abdul Halim Yield and quality of onion seed as influenced by production and postharvest practices SST Ph.D Sum/ 2012 172 With CD
1474 Md. Mubarak Ali Self-incompatibility, combining ability and heterosis brassica rapa L GPB Ph.D Aut/ 2012 106 With CD
1475 Sahadeb Chandra Dsa Inbreeding depression in F2 generation of T.Aman Rice (Oryza sativa L) GPB MS Sum/ 2012 54 With CD
1476 Mohammad Amir Hossain Exploitastion of diversified male sterile cytosources in developing hybrid rice GPB Ph.D Aut/ 2012 249 With CD
1477 Kamrul Islam Marker –Assisted Breeding for Introgression of flash flooding tolerant QTL SUB1 into BRRI dhan33 GPB MS Aut/ 2012 131 With CD
1478 Kumkum Rani Genetic variability and genotype-environment interaction in ash gourd GPB MS 2012 73  
1479 Md.Enamul Kabir Maeker-Assisted breeding for Introgressin of bacteial blight resistant genes into BRRI dhan52 GPB MS Aut/ 2012 105 With CD
1480 Sadia Sabrina Alam Combining ability and  hererosis in tomato GPB MS 2012 57  
1481 Md.Golam Azam Morphological and molecular diversity in maize inbrid lines GPB MS 2012 109  
1482 Nasrin Akter Genetic vaiability for morphological and quality thaits in pumpkin GPB MS 2012 99  
1483 Md. Abu Sayeed Miah Studies on postharvest diseases of selected vgetables and spices and their management PLP Ph.D Sum/ 2012 135 With CD
1484 Mohammed Ziaul Hoque Study on diseases of improved varieties of jujube grown in Bangladesh PLP Ph.D Sum/ 2012 149 With CD
1485 Shoheli Jabbar Management of leaf blight disease of onion caused by alternaria porri PLP MS 2012 76  
1486 Md. Al Mamun Hasan Contribution of forest poroduct on the livelihood of the households of Madhupur SAL forest area AFE MS Aut/ 2012 83 With CD
1487 Shamim Reza Performance of indian spinach under fruit tree based agroforestry system AFE MS Aut/ 2012 54 With CD
1488 Md. Forhad Hossain Agro-economic study of fruit tree-vegetable based agroforestry system in Bangladesh AFE Ph.D Aut/ 2012 333 With CD
1489 Pryanka Roy Genotypic variation in phenology, yield and seed quality of mungbean AGR MS Sum/ 2012 60 With CD
1490 Munnujan Khanam Growth and development changes in modern varieties and landrances of rice in response to variable agromomic paracices AGR Ph.D Sum/ 2012 77 With CD
1491 Md. Rafiqul Islam Study of different industrial effuents on soil fertility and rice production SSC Ph.D 2012 193  
1492 Zebunnesa Toxi metals contamination in soil-crop sysetm through industrial wastes and its Bioremediation SSC Ph.D Sum/ 2012 110 With CD
1493 Md. Rafiqul Islam Carbon stock and nutrient contents in the northern and eastern piedmont plants and madaripur tract of Bangladesh SSC MS Sum/ 2012 67 With CD
1494 Farzana Alam Effect of micronutrients on the yield and nutrient uptake of garlic under red brown terrace soil SSC MS Aut/ 2012 63 With CD
1495 Ashraful Arif Production and marketing of some selected exportable horticultural crops in Bnngladesh AEC Ph.D Aut/ 2012 280 With CD
1496 Md. Mamnuor Rashid An economic assessment of livestock production and consumption in Bangladesh AEC Ph.D Aut/ 2012 181 With CD
1497 Sheik Fayeem Uddin Adoption and relative profitablity of BARRI, released mustard variety in Manikjonj district AEC MS Aut/ 2012 83 With CD
1498 Md.  Ali Akber Impact of eco-friendly agricultural practices on crop production in Bangladesh AER Ph.D Sum/ 2012 158 With CD
1499 Samira Sharine Women Participation in homested vegetable cardening to enhance food security for char land people in Manikgonj District AER MS Aut/ 2012 70 With CD
1500 Rayhana Wazed Ruma Evaluation of eggplant genotypes against soil flooding Tolerance CBT MS 2012 61  
1501 Mahbub Uddin Ahmed Study on seedling disease of wheat in Bangladesh Botany Ph.D 2009 227  
1502 Mukta Chakma Identification and production of minor vegetables by tribal people AER MS Win/ 2012 75 With CD
1503 Moushumi Hossain Poverty alleviation of rural women through different agril, income generating activities AER MS Win/ 2012 69 With CD
1504 Sagir Uddin Ahmed Utilization and effectiveness of ICT for dissemination agricultural technologies anong the farmers AER Ph.D Win/ 2012 142 With CD
1505 Foyez Ahmed Prodhan Barriers and preparedness of agricultural extension workers towards ICT utilization in Gazipur District AER MS Win/ 2012 84 With CD
1506 Md. Hashmi Sakib Adoption of modern aquaculture technologies by the farmers in selected area of Bogra District AER MS Win/ 2012 105 With CD
1507 Israt Zerrin Suchi Students attitude towards sustainable diploma agricultual education AER MS Win/ 2012 62 With CD
1508 Nasir Uddin Mahmud Heavy metals in veetables at industrial effluent polluted soils SSC MS Win/ 2012 73 With CD
1509 Mohammad Nasir Effects of gliricidia sepium and cassia siamea on weed control, crop performance and soil properties in aman rice AGR MS Win/ 2012 65 With CD
1510 Tanuja Mandal Effect of some nutrient elements on fruit Fly infestation in bitter gourd ENT MS 2012 67  
1511 Fatama Jarin Expression of glyoxalase-under salinity stress in onion GPB MS 2012 72  
1512 Anjuman Ara Introgression of SUB1 QTL into BRRI dhan49 using marker assisted backcrossing technique GPB MS Win/ 2012 68 With CD
1513 Rahima Nusrat Remme Purification of sodium chloride (NaCl) induced salinity responsible glatathione S-Transferase from maize (zeamays L.) GPB MS Win/ 2012 70 With CD
1514 Shaikhul Islam Isolation and utilization of endophytic rhizobactria for stimulating palnt growth and controlling phytophthora blight of cucumber PLP MS Win/ 2012 101 With CD
1515 Fatematuz Zohara Isolation and characterization of antagonistic bacteria from plant and soils agrainst late blight pathogen phytophthora capsici PLP MS Win/ 2012 104 With CD
1516 Debashish Sarker Isolation and utilization of Edophytic rhizobacteria for stimukating plant growth and contolling damping off disease of cucumber PLP MS Win/ 2012 57 With CD
1517 Ananya Prova Isolaion, identification and characterization of white mold disease in marigold (tagets officinals L) and hyacinth ben (lablab purpureus) cased by sclerotinia scerotiorum PLP MS Win/ 2012 72 With CD
1518 Md. Ferdous Alam Integrated management foot and root for sisease of Bush bean caused Sclerotium rolfsii PLP MS Win/ 2012 68 With CD
1519 Munshi Rashid Ahmed Genetic diversity and molecular characterization for the improvement of Guava HRT Ph .D Win/ 2012 162 With CD
1520 Md. Moshiur Rahman Characterization production and postharvest technology of strawberry HRT Ph.D Win/ 2012 228 With CD
1521 Mohammad Ahmmed Ali Effect of bulb size and Ga3 on quality seed production in onion HRT MS Win/ 2012 47 With CD
1522 Md. Shydyzzaman Roni Effect of plant spacing and nitrogen levels on growth, yield and quality of Broccoli HRT MS Win/ 2012 96 With CD
1523 Sumaia Mahmuda Estimation of heterosis for heat tolerance in Tomato HRT MS Win/ 2012 79 With CD
1524 Sushan Chowhan Nutritive value,shelf, life and yield potential of strawberry genotypes HRT MS Win/ 2012 80 With CD
1525 Sonia Rashid Soni Influence of nitrogen and phosphorus on free yield nutritional quality and seed yield of caulflower HRT MS Win/ 2012 85 With CD
1526 Mohammad Sidula Islam Health status of seed potato of public and private cold storage and effect of soil amendments on production of healthy seed potato SST MS Win/ 2012 79 With CD
1527 Muhammad Shamsul Huda In Vitro plantlet production and their performance producing sed potato SST MS 2012 81 Blank CD
1528 Mohammad Abduhu Effect of Production practices storage and investigation on seed quality of okra SST Ph.D Win/ 2012 189 With CD
1529 Md.Jahangir Alam Effects of follior application of NPKSB on growth yield nutrient content and seed quality of soybean SST Ph.D 2012 99  
1530 Bashir Ahmmed Nitrogen and potassium fertilzer application, Dehaulming effects on tuber development, physiological and biochemical properties of seed potato SST Ph.D Win/ 2012 86 With CD
1531 M.M.Shah Neaz Influence of Tree leaves incroporation and nitrogen on maize production and soil environment AFE MS Win/ 2012 100 With CD
1532 Tahmina Afroz Community-based forestry and liveihood in the context of climate change in Madaripur region of Bangladesh AFE MS Win/ 2012 86 With CD
1533 Hasan Iman Performance of wheat varieties under different agroforestry system AFE MS Win/ 2012 83 With CD
1534 Mohammad Shah Alam Tree Leaf Mulching for irrigation water saving soil environment change and weed infestation in tomato production AFE MS Win/ 2012 80 With CD
1535 Md. Rafiul BARI Profitability and technical efficiency of BRRI dhan 29 in some selected areas of Bangladesh AEC MS Win/ 2012 72 With CD
1536 Md. Jahirul Islam Comparative economic analysis of local and modern varieties of potato production in some selected areas of Rangpur AEC MS Win/ 2012 76 With CD
1537 Avijit Sarker Effects of selected herbicides on weed control, crop growth and yield performance in transplanted aman rice AGR MS Sum/ 2013 79 With CD
1538 Md. Zillur Rahman Optimizing nitrogen application in wheat using spad-502 chlorophyll meter AGR MS Sum/ 2013 64 With CD
1539 Ashifa Tanzin Mishu Alleviating constraints of soil puddling for legume establishment through various tillage practices AGR MS Sum/ 2013 65 With CD
1540 Md. Fakhre Alam Ibne Tabib Planting pattern and nutrient management effect on the productivity of cotton + mungbean intercropping systems AGR Ph.D Sum/ 2013 240 With CD
1541 Md. Maniruzzaman Effects of drought and high temperature stress on maize AGR MS Sum/ 2013 69 With CD
1542 Hossain Md. Ferdous Effect of sowing dates on growth, yield and quality of tropical sugar beet AGR MS Sum/ 2013 70 With CD
1543 Sobnom Mustari Evaluation of selected herbicides on weed control and productivity of wheat AGR MS Sum/ 2013 62 With CD
1544 Md. Ariful Islam Idenfification and evaluation of component lines from exoitc rice germplasm for hybrid variety development GPB Ph.D Sum/ 2013 282 With CD
1545 Md. Mahfuzur Rahman Responses of maize glutathione s-transferse under abiotic stresses GPB MS Sum/ 2013 86 With CD
1546 Mohammad Forhad Amin Genetic diversity and variability in spring wheat GPB MS Sum/ 2013 75 With CD
1547 Reshma Sultana Development of gynodioecious variety using papaya landraces in Bangladesh GPB Ph.D Sum/ 2013 125 With CD
1548 Afsana Hoque Akhi Character association and purification of restorer lines in aromatic rice GPB MS Sum/ 2013 77 With CD
1549 Salma Akter Genetic variation for yield and quality traits in pumpkin GPB MS Sum/ 2013 84 With CD
1550 Nazah Salawat Knowledge and attitude of mushroom growers at selected upazillas of Dhaka District AER MS Sum/ 2013 82 With CD
1551 Tahmina Shireen Tanni Impact of mushroom cultivation on socio-economic condition of beneficieries AER MS Sum/ 2013 68 With CD
1552 Md. Abdus Salam Genotype variation in biochemical and physiological quality of cotton seed stored under ambient condition SST Ph.D Sum/ 2013 138 With CD
1553 Joyanti Ray Canopy temperature effects on yield, grain growth and seedling establishment in wheat CBT MS Sum/ 2013 83 With CD
1554 Soyema Khatun Carbohydrate accumulation and seed reserve utilization in wheat under variable temperatures CBT MS Sum/ 2013 97 With CD
1555 Nishat Farhana Effects of micronutrient and spacing on growth and yield of rice SSC MS Sum/ 2013 80 With CD
1556 Md. Anowar Hossain Effect of alley cropping system on wheat productivity and soil fertility AFE MS 2013 91 With CD
1557 Md. Golam Mortuza Performance of selected perennial and annual crops in aonla (Phyllanthus emblica) based multistoried agroforestry system in terrace ecosystem of Bangladesh AFE Ph.D Sum/ 2013 277 With CD
1558 Md. Rezwanul Islam Screening of tree species for saline and drought prone areas of Bangladesh in relation to climate change AFE MS Sum/ 2013 105 With CD
1559 Effat Sharmin Influence of nitrogen and phosphorus on growth and yield of cucumber (Cucumis sativus) HRT MS Sum/ 2013 67 With CD
1560 Tuhina Hasan Yield and process quality of potato varieties HRT MS Sum/ 2013 114 With CD
1561 Fahmida Sabrin Sama Influence of date of planting and plant spacing on the yield of potato mini-tubers produced from tissue culture derived plantlets HRT MS Sum/ 2013 66 With CD
1562 Rayhana Parvin Influence of planting material with plant spacing and seeding depth on the  production of Gladiolus HRT MS Sum/ 2013 63 With CD
1563 Md. Anwarul Hafiz Effect of planting times on growth and yield of broccoli genotypes HRT MS Sum/ 2013 62 With CD
1564 Rewana Islam Rimi Performance of cucumber genotypes in different planting times HRT MS Sum/ 2013 70 With CD
1565 Amena Khatun Epiphytic rhyzoplane bacteria as biopesticide against BTL MS Sum/ 2013 77 With CD
1566 Most Waheda Rahman Ansary Effects of extract, endophyte and secondary metabolities from medicinal plant against BTL MS Sum/ 2013 94 With CD
1567 Md. Kamruzzaman Isolation and characterization of plant probiotic bacteria from the rhizosphere of native plants to control Cucumber late blight pathogen BTL MS Sum/ 2013 81 With CD
1568 Md. Ataur Rahman Bioecology and integrated management of stem borer infesting sugarcane ENT Ph.D Sum/ 2013 224 With CD
1569 Md. Jahangir Alam Genetic variation and genotype x environment interaction on iron and zinc uptake in lentil GPB MS Win/ 2013 98 With CD
1570 Israt Jahan Morpho-gnenatic-Diversity in Mustard (Brassica rapa L) GPB MS Aut/ 2013 68 With CD
1571 Md. Shhel Rana Combining ability of quality traits in pumpkin (Cucurbita moschata Duch.ex. Poir.)


GPB MS Aut/ 2013 67 With CD
1572 Farjana Simi Parental diverit and heterosis in ccumber (Cucumis sativus L) GPB MS Aut/ 2013 71 With CD
1573 Md. Ashabul Hoque Improvement of yield attributes and quality traits in pumpkin (Cucurbita moschata Duch ex. Poir) GPB Ph.D Aut/ 2013 203 With CD
1574 Shaikh Shakin Ahmed Genotype x Environment interaction on the field performance of Amaranth (Amaranthus sp.) GPB MS Aut/ 2013 92 With CD
1575 Arindam Biswas Genetic diversity and genotype x environment interaction of maize inbreds under salinity stress GPB MS Aut/  2013 71 With CD
1576 Somara Kaabir Ima Performance of Local and Exptic Okra (Abelmoschus esculentus L. Moench) Cultivars GPB MS Aut/ 2013 64 With CD
1577 Mohammad Anwar Hossain Khan Morphologial characterization and diversityin sponge gournd GPB MS Win/ 2013 68 With CD
1578 Hasib-Bin-Saif Effects of sunflower plant extract on weed control and productivityof wheat AGR MS Win/  2013 74 With CD
1579 Uswatun Hasana Hashi Potassium in Mitigation of salinity stress in soybean AGR MS Win/ 2013 72 With CD
1580 Md. Mahfuz Bazzaz Morpho-Physiology and yield response of wheat to variable water regimes AGR Ph.D Aut/ 2013 228 With CD
1581 Md. Shawquat Ali Khan Evaluation of soybean genotypes in relation to yield performance, salinity and drought tolerance AGR Ph.D  Aut/ 2013 188 With CD
1582 Md. Arafat Hossain Management of puddled soil through organic amendments for post rice mungbean production AGR MS Win/ 2013 76 With CD
1583 Sharmin Akter Comparative assessment of microbials, chemical insecticide and mechanical control for suppressing brinjal shoot and fruit borer ENT MS Aut/ 2013 64 With CD
1584 Mohammed Sakhawat Hossain Status of beekeeping in Bangladesh and dearth period management to improve bee health for quality honey production ENT Ph.D Win/ 2013 182 With CD
1585 Mofasshera Moni Effectiveness of nutrient elements for the management of fruit fly attacking bitter gourd ENT MS Aut/ 2013 66 With CD
1586 Shakura Namni Insect visitors and their impact on mango based agroforestry system ENT MS Win/ 2013 66 With CD
1587 Sharmin Akther Study on red spider mites (Tetranychus spp.)in country bean and  its management ENT MS 2013 53  
1588 Md. Shahinoor Rahman Chemodynamics of cypermenthrin in eggplant ecosystem ENT MS Win/ 2013 73 With CD
1589 MST.Nur Mohal Akhter Banu Study on bioecology of mango mealybug and its management ENT Ph.D Aut/ 2013 175 With CD
1590 Md. Shah Alam Bioecology of  A learval parasitoid  bracon  hebetor say for the management of some vegetables pests ENT Ph.D Win/ 2013 168 With CD
1591 Kohinoor Begum Study on bioecology of trichogramma spp. And its use in IPM of some vegetable, pests ENT Ph.D Win/ 2013 123 With CD
1592 Md. Mazadul Islam Effects of Industrial Effluents on Germination and growth of summer Leafy Vegetables HRT MS Win/ 2013 96 With CD
1593 Afroza Naznin Influence of organic  amendments and bio-control agent of yield and quality of tuberose HRT MS Win/ 2013 72 With CD
1594 Shamsun Nahar Characterization  and genetic divergence in Cauliflower genotypes HRT MS Win/ 2013 75 With CD
1595 Md. Zafar Ahmed Effect of sowing time and spacing on growth and yield of back cumin HRT MS Win/ 2013 87 With CD
1596 Mohammad Matin Akand Heterosis and combining ability of summer tomato HRT MS Win/ 2013 81 With CD
1597 Mohammad Rezaul Karim Characterization and genetic divergence in eggplant genotypes HRT MS Win/ 2013 147 With CD
1598 Kaniz Rezowana Effect of nitrogen and potash fertilizer on the yield of exotic and indigenous cultivars of garlic HRT MS Win/ 2013 55 With CD
1599 Most Sharmin Sultana Effect of plant spacing on broccoli genotypes and quality analysis depending on blanching time and shelf-life HRT MS Win/ 2013 90 With CD
1600 Shakila Islam Efect of stem cutting and spacing on yield and quality of mint HRT MS Win/ 2013 72 With CD
1601 Farzana Jahan Effect of different post harvest management practices on shelf life and nutritional qualities of pointed gourd HRT MS Win/ 2013 81 With CD
1602 Md. Azhar Ali Impact of seed production project on changing knowledge, attitude, practice and livelihood status of the beneficiaries AER Ph.D Aut/ 2013 151 With CD
1603 Mithun Kumar Ghosh Farmers’ response towards sustainable agriculture AER MS 2013 83  
1604 A.K.M Nazmul Hoque Research-Extension linkage influencing farmers’ knowledge, perception and adoption of orange production technologies AER Ph.D Win/ 2013 122 With CD
1605 Md. Shamsul Arefeen Farmers’ attitude towards use of agro-chemicals in rice cultivation AERD MS Win/ 2013 75 Dam. CD
1606 Sonia Yasmin Impact of liming on vegetable production in acid soils of belabor upaziaal uner Narsingdi District AERD MS Aut/ 2013 83 With CD
1607 Shamsun Nahar Adoption of BRRI dhan28in the coastal areas of Banladesh AERD MS Aut/ 2013 81 With CD
1608 Naima Sultana Womens’ participation in rice husking mills in sherpur District Town AERD MS Aut/ 2013 71 With CD
1609 Ashek Mohammad Farmer’s knowledge and attitude towards floating agriculture for sustainable development AERD MS Win/ 2013 64 With CD
1610 Sanjida Ananna Zaman Job satisfaction and food security of the women garments worker in selected garments of Gazipur District AERD MS Aut/ 2013 73 With CD
1611 Shifat Sultana Womens’ participation in food for work program in Kapasia Upazilla under Gazipur District AERD MS Aut/ 2013 77 With CD
1612 Md. Ashraf Hasan Performance of newly breed yard long bean genotypes SST MS Aut/ 2013 67 With CD
1613 Biswas Pankaz Plant characterization and seed quality of some dware soybean genotypes SST MS Win/ 2013 63 With CD
1614 A.K.M. Badruzzaman Satu Grain yield and seed quality of wheat as influenced by planting time SST MS Aut/ 2013 78 With CD
1615 Shamsun Nur Akhi Variability in earliness disease reaction yield and seed quality of mungbean SST MS Win/ 2013 65 With CD
1616 Md. Sadiqur Rahman Morphology, yield disease incidence and seed quality of aus rice SST MS Win/ 2013 71 With CD
1617 Md. Ziaul Haq Development of seed production technologies in black cumin SST Ph.D Aut/ 2013 190 With CD
1618 Md. Sanaul Haque Effects of plant nutrients on yield, quality and storability of true onion seeds


SST Ph.D Aut/ 2013 176 With CD
1619 Md. Rafiqul Islam Genetic purity of rice hybrids using morphological and molecular markers SST Ph.D Aut/ 2013 208 With CD
1620 A.K.M.Mizanur Rahman Genetic variability in parental lines for floral and seed quality traits in hybrid rice SST Ph.D Win/ 2013 233 With CD
1621 Md. Sadek Hossain Micrtuberization in potato and its storage and field performance SST Ph.D Win/ 2013 152 With CD
1622 Md. Obaidul Islam Effect of potassium on quality seed production and its storage behavior in wheat SST Ph.D Aut/ 2013 201 With CD
1623 H.M. Moniruzzaman Seed quality assessment of three successive generations of wheat SST Ph.D Win/ 2013 87 With CD
1624 Md. Akhtar Hossain Khan Nitrogen, potassium and spacing effects on yield quality and nutrient uptake of seed sized potato SST Ph.D Win/ 2013 124 With CD
1625 Nadira Mokarroma Growth and tuber formation in processing potatoes in relation to soil temperature CBT MS Win/ 2013 63 With CD
1626 Swaty Khandker Economic comparison of freshwater and breakiswater shrim farming in the south west region of Bangladesh AEC MS Aut/ 2013 84 With CD
1627 Fahmida Rahman Effect of different organic manures and chemical fertilizers on carbon sequestration in soils under rice-rice cropping pattern SSC Ph.D Win/ 2013 112 With CD
1628 A.T.M. Rezaul Hoque Study on yield gap and farm specific efficiency in boro rice cultivation in north western region of Bangladesh AEC Ph.D Win/ 2013 253 With CD
1629 Mir Mehedi Hasan Impact of dolochon use on productivity and profitability of crop production in acidic soil of shreepur upazilla. AEC MS Win/ 2013 82 With CD
1630 Sadiqur Rahman Impact of irrigation water on cropping intensity and profitability in ganges tidal floodplain AEC MS Win/ 2013 86 With CD
1631 Joity Hossain Screeng of tomato varieties for fruit tree based agroforestrt system AFE MS Aut/ 2013 72 With CD
1632 Aminul Islam Long-term potassium fertilization effects on soil potassium characterization and rice plant nutrion SSC Ph.D Win/ 2013 267 With CD
1633 Mst.Afrina Akhter Effects of nitrogen and spacing on growth and yield of transplanted aman rice SSC MS Aut/ 2013 63 With CD
1634 Md. Jamal Hossain Integrated nitrogen management of yield and quality of broccoli SSC Ph.D Aut/ 2013 214 With CD
1635 Md. Humayun Kabir Spatial variability of  soil and rice grain arsenic in different land types SSC MS Win/ 2013 100 With CD
1636 Hanif Uddin Performance of Indian spinsch and papaya in litchi based agroforestry system AFE MS Win/ 2013 60 With CD
1637 Ajnabi Sultana Performmance of BRRI dhan28 in mango based agroforestry system of coastal region of Bangladesh AFE MS Win/ 2013 61 With CD
1638 Md. Riaj uddin Land use change and its impact on ecosystem services ad livelihood in Tanguar Haor wetlnd of B/D AFE MS Win/ 2013 87 With CD
1639 Md. Masumur Rahman Impact of climatic vulnerabilities on rice cultivation in a coastal area of Bangladesh AFE MS Aut/ 2013 56 With CD
1640 Rezwana Rahman Trichoderma fortified compost in controllig diseases and increasing yield of tomato PLP MS Win/ 2013 65 With CD
1641 Tahmina Akter Characterization of soft rot bacterial pathogens of some vegetables and their control PLP MS Aut/ 2013 70 With CD
1642 Md. Mofassal Hoque Household waste management for vegetable production and soil health improvement SSC MS Win/ 2013 54 With CD
1643 Masuda Begum Integrated nutrient management of boro rice and its residual effect on okra SSC Ph.D Win/ 2013 187 With CD
1644 Shukdeb Kumar Das Growth yield and seed quality of short duration Aman Rice varities as influenced by plant density and rates of nitrogen fertilizer SST Ph.D Aut/ 2013 110 With CD
1645 Md. Rakibul Islam Effect of ethrel at different maturity stages of Tomato on its physical and biochemical characteristics HRT MS Aut/ 2013 61 With CD
1646 Md. Mahbubur Rahman Salim Genetic diversity combining ability and heterosis in winter tomato HRT Ph.D Win/ 2013 217 With CD
1647 Sultana Subrin Floral biology and fertilizer management of golden Apple var. BARI, Amra-1 HRT MS Win/ 2013 66 With CD
1648 Md. Altaf Hossain Low Cost Micropropagation and seed production of potato HRT Ph.D Aut/ 2013 200 With CD
1649 Miltan Chandra Roy Foraging and growth responses of armyworrm to biophysical characteristics of cotton varieties ENT MS Aut/ 2014 60 With CD
1650 Md. Nizam Uddin Bioechology and management of two-spotted spider mite, Tetranychus urticae Koch (Acari:tetranychidae) infesting country Bean ENT Ph.D Aut/ 2014 150 With CD
1651  Abdul Awal Miah Grain yield and seed quality of early maturing dwarf  soybean (glycine max) genotypes as influenced by planting time and spacing SST Ph.D Sum/ 2014 116 With CD
1652  Md. Tasdiqur Rahman Effect of foliar application of nitrogen, potassium and boron on seed yield and quality of cotton SST Ph.D Sum/ 2014 100 With CD
1653 Md. Bazlur Rahman Quality seed production and storability of eggplant seed as influenced by stage of maturity and post harvest ripening SST Ph.D Aut/ 2014 119 With CD
1654 Md. Mahbubur Rahman Interaction of genotype and environment in respect to disease incidence, seed yield and quality of mungbean SST PhD Aut/ 2014 121 With CD
1655 Md. Mamunur Reza Influence of GA3 on Growth yield and shelf life of Broccoli HRT MS Sum/ 2014 98 With CD
1656 Sabnam Moonsat Effect of Potash Fertilizer on yield and chips quality of different potato varieties HRT MS Aut/ 2014 71 With CD
1657 Mohidul Islam Effect of Boron on yield and quality of Different Broccoli Genotypes HRT MS Sum/2014 94 With CD
1658 Md. Shahinul Islam Technology of leaf and seed production in lettuce HRT Ph.D Aut/ 2014 218 With CD
1659 Limu Akter Seasonal and varietal differences in floral biology of eggplant HRT MS Sum/ 2014 66 Blank CD
1660 Mohammed Bin Sadek Effect of textile dyeing effluents on germination, growth, yield and nutritional quality of Okra HRT MS Sum/ 2014 62 With CD
1661 Abdur Rakib Effect of follar application of urea and planofix on the foliage yield of Coriander (Coriandrum sativum L.) HRT MS Aut/ 2014 67 With CD
1662 Asma Rahman Growth and yield of mint in response to planting time and NPK fertilization HRT MS 2014 67  
1663 Avijit Biswas Nutritive value and yield potential of okra genotypes HRT MS Aut/ 2014 56 With CD
1664 Syed Nasir Uddin Studies on production and processing qualities of garden pea HRT Ph.D Summer/ 2014 208  
1665 Zakaria Alam Effect of potassium on yield and storability of different potato varieties under natural condition HRT MS 2014 73  
1666 Sabina Yasmin Farmer’s practices on pesticide use for vegetable cultivation in Sadar Upazilla of Gazipur District AERD MS Aut/ 2014 78 With CD
1667 Shahoriar Ferdous Impact of vulnerable group development program on food security in Kstia Sadar Upazilla of Bangladesh AERD MS Sum/ 2014 65 With CD
1668 Md. Nazrul Islam Effectivness of floating agriculture for adapting climate change in southern Bangladesh AERD Ph.D 2014 136  
1669 Shalina Akther Bioecology and management approaches of termites infesting sugarcane in Bangladesh ENT Ph.D Aut/ 2014 139 With CD
1670  Gazi Md. Akram Hossain Influence of diazotrophic bacteria on growth and yield of sugarcane (Saccharum officinarum L.) SSC Ph.D Aut/ 2014 194 With CD
1671 Md. Imran Ullah Sarkar Effect of integrated plant nutrition system on sustaining rice yield in rice-rice cropping pattern SSC MS Sum/ 2014 66 With CD
1672 Md. Farid Ahmmed Anik Microbial biomass carbon and nitrogen under different land management practices in rice fields SSC MS Sum/ 2014 83 With CD
1673 Mahjabin Khanum Impacts of liming on soil properties and crop yield in acid soils of madhupur tract SSC MS Sum/ 2014 84 With CD
1674 Jakia Sultana Impact of phosphorus on the level of arsenic in cooked rice SSC MS Aut/ 2014 115 With CD
1675 Masudur Rahman Shibli Morphogenetic Characterizatio of country bean (Lablab purpureus) genotypes collected from coatal region of Bangladesh GPB MS Aut/ 2014 84 With CD
1676 Md. Enamul Haque Purification of salinity induced catalase in barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) GPB MS Aut/ 2014 83 With CD
1677 Pangkaj Kumar Rai Genetic variability and charcter association in F4 generation of rice (Oryza sativa L.) GPB MS Sum/ 2014 81 With CD
1678 Md. Saikat Hossain Bhuiyan Performance of test cross hybrid in rice GPB MS Sum/ 2014 69 With CD
1679 Sajia Rahman Morpho-molecular characterization , gene action and heterosis in Muskmelon (cucumis melo L) GPB Ph.D Sum/ 2014 182 With CD
1680 Md.Ranju Ahmed Effects of herbicide concentration and water management on weed control and performance of boro rice AGR MS Sum/ 2014 87 With CD
1681 Md. Abdur Razzaque Genotypic variability in yield and nutrient acquisition of mungbean under low nitrogen and phosphorus conditions AGR Ph.D Sum/ 2014 127 With CD
1682 Md. Rezaul Karim Effect of herbicides on weed control, crop growth and yield performance of jute AGR MS Aut/ 2014 65 With CD
1683 Md. Ruhul Amin Nutrient management and yield performance of mungbean genotypes under soil flooding conditions AGR Ph.D Sum/ 2014 170 With CD
1684 Shafayet Ahammad Siddiqui Mineral nutrition in mitigating water stress effects on morpho-physiology and yield in mungbean AGR Ph.D 2014 253  
1685 Md. Nurul Kashem Effect of sowing date, spacing, nitrogen and potassium on growth, yield quality of tropical sugar beet AGR Ph.D Sum/ 2014 223 With CD
1686 Fatema Begum Breeding for papaya ring spot virus (Prsv-w) disease resistance in pumpkin (Cucurbita moschata dutch,ex.poir.) PLP Ph.D Aut/ 2014 175 With CD
1687 Raihan Mujib Himel Study on soft rot bacterial pathogens of different fruits and their control PLP MS Aut/ 2014 54 With CD
1688 Md. S  aeed Sultan Role of plant disease activators in inducing resistance against ditylenchus angustus in rice PLP MS Aut/ 2014 55 With CD
1689 Md.Tahmidur Rahman Investigation of major fungal diseases resistance in soybean (Glycine max (L.) merill.) genotypes and their integrated management PLP Ph.D Aut/ 2014 192 With CD
1690 Moh. Siddiqur Rahman Selection of chilli genotype resistant to cucumber mosaic virus and anthracnose and their control PLP Ph.D Sum/ 2014 200 With CD
1691 Md. Salim Mian Diversity of pyricularia grisea in Bangladesh PLP Ph.D Sum/ 2014 147 With CD
1692 Md. Nazrul Islam Impact of IPM technology on productivity and technical efficiency of selected crops in Bangladesh AEC Ph.D Aut/ 2014 147 With CD
1693 Tarin Farhana Isolation and molecular characterization of plant growth promoting endophytic bacteria from wheat BTL MS Aut/ 2014 90 With CD
1694 Jannatul Farthouse Isolation and molecular characterization of biofunctional endophytic bacteria from rice BTL MS Aut/ 2014 106 With CD
1695 Farjana Yasmin Tithi Discovery of biofunctional endophytic bacteria from wheat BTL MS Aut/ 2014 97 With CD
1696 Musrat Zahan Surovy Isolation and molecular characterization of novel plant growth promoting bacteria from rice BTL MS Aut/ 2014 82 With CD
1697 A.B.M.Zahidul Hoque Marke-assisted introgression of saltol locus into genetic background of BRRI Dhan49 BTL MS Aut/ 2014 91 With CD
1698 Effi Haque Isolation and molecular characterization of plant endophytic bacteria and their potentials as biofertilizer and biopesticide BTL MS Aut/ 2014 108 With CD
1699 Md. Ferdous R.K.Prince Molecular characterization of novel environmental bacteria and their growth promoting effect of rice BTL MS Aut/ 2014 133 With CD
1700  Atiqur Rahman On-farm study of brinjal under jackfruit based multistoried agroforestry systems in terrace ecosystem AFE MS Aut/ 2014 60 With CD
1701 Umma Salma Effect of companion plants  and incorporation  of Gliricidia leaf on quality of tomato and soil properties AFE MS Aut/ 2014 96 With CD
1702 Md. Emdad Ullah Maimizing latkan (Baccaurea sapida) production through irrigation and fertilizer management at farm level in Narsingdi AFE MS Sum/ 2014 60 With CD
1703 Jannatul Ferdush Impact of alley cropping on wheat productivity and soil fetility AFE MS Aut/ 2014 76 With CD
1704 Md. Abdul Jabber Production, disposal and economics of nursery plant species at government and private levels in different ecosystems of Bangladesh AFE Ph.D Aut/ 2014 220 With CD
1705 Maliat Anjum Species diversity and productivity of different homestead  microsites in selected terrace ecosystem of Bangladesh AFE MS Sum/ 2014 71 With CD
1706 Shabrina Sharmin Ecophysiology and performance of kangkongin mango based agroforestry system AFE MS Aut/ 2014 82 With CD
1707 Shah Md. Helal Uddin Effectiveness of urea super granule application on rice cultivation in Bangladesh AEC Ph.D Aut/ 2014 193 With CD
1708 Md. Junaied Alam Profitability of Mango based agroforestry system AEC MS Aut/ 2014 65 With CD
1709 Md.Shahinul Islam Economic Aspects of different Agroforestry practices in Tangail District AEC MS Sum/ 2014 81 With CD
1710 Syada Nizer Sultana Performance of potato in aonla based multistoried agroforestry system AFE MS Win/ 2014 83 With CD
1711 Polly Effect of hormone on early pineapple production in jackfruit-pineapple based agroforestry system AFE MS Win/ 2014 65 With CD
1712 A.T.M Obaidul Islam Performance of sweet gourd and bitter gourd under guava-papaya based agroforestry system AFE MS Win/ 2014 73 With CD
1713 Md. Mahfuz Imran Performane of mungbean varieties in aonla based multistoried agroforestry system AFE MS Win/ 2014 74 With CD
1714 Most.Papia Sultana Performance of  soybean genotypes as affected by spacing and nitrogen management AGR MS Win/ 2014 82 With CD
1715 Johir Raihan Growth and physiological response of mustard to salinity AGR MS Win/ 2014 84 With CD
1716 Md.Nazmul Hasan Precision of nitrogen fertilizer application in wheat using spad-502 chlorophyll meter AGR MS Win/ 2014 73 With CD
1717 Md. Rukunuzzaman Talukder Food security assessment in sylhet haor area emphasizing homestead productivity and agricultural resource utilization AGR MS Win/ 2014 83 With CD
1718 Md. Abdul Gaffar Al-Hadi Evaluation of morpho-physiological and Genetic variability in soybean genotypes using multivariate analysis AGR MS Win/ 2014 73 With CD
1719 Kazi Khayrul Bashar Morphological and molecular characterization of some selected aromatic rice genotypes GPB MS Win/ 2014 109 With CD
1720 Mohammad Zahidul Islam Vriability assessment of aromatic and fine rice genotypes  Through morphological physicochemical traits and microsatellite DNA markers GPB Ph.D 2014 220  
1721 Joynob Rashid Somaclonal variation for development of salt tolerance in aromatic rice (Oryza sativa L.) GPB MS Win/ 2014 61 With CD
1722 Md.Sofiqul Islam Variability in mineral profile of vegetable maranth (amaranthus tricolor L) GPB MS Win/ 2014 65 With CD
1723 Md. Mahbubur Rahman Regeneration ability and their smaclonal variation  in sugarcane GPB MS Win/ 2014 163 With CD
1724 Pronita Roy In vitro screening for salt tolerance in aromatic rice (Oryza sativa L.) varieties GPB MS Win/ 2014 75 With CD
1725 Kamrul Hasan Impact of alternate wetting and drying technique on rice production in drought prone areas of Bangladesh AER MS Win/ 2014 75 With CD
1726 Abu Habib Md. Abdullah Status and prospects of biotechnological products in Bangladesh AER MS Win/ 2014 116 With CD
1727 Nahid Shahnewaz Role of union information and service centre in community development AER MS Win/ 2014 116 With CD
1728 Mursaleen Zebin Turin Feedback of agricultural extension worker towards sustainable agriculture AER MS Win/ 2014 80 With CD
1729 Shahriar Mursalin Mehedi Yield gap of major crops in selected area of sadar upazilla of Mymensingh District AER MS Win/ 2014 101 With CD
1730 Shanzida Akter Empowerment of rural women through agricultural technology intervention AER MS Win/ 2014 76 With CD
1731 Md. Noim Imtiazy Spatio-temporal variation of flushing time in the pasur river estuary FMG MS Win/ 2014 82 With CD
1732 Saima Sultana Genotype environment interaction in quality seed production in mungbean SST MS Win/ 2014 57 With CD
1733 Sharmin Afroz Plant parasitic nematodes of brinjal (Solanum Melongena) in some areas of Bangladesh PLP MS Win/ 2014 47 With CD
1734 Md. Jahangir Alam Liton Application of trichoderma fortified compost in controlling soil-borne diseases of  Bush    Bean PLP MS Win/ 2014 59 With CD
1735 Rashida Afrin Comparative resistance of some cotton varieties against aphids and jassids ENT MS Win/ 2014 70 With CD
1736 Md. Lutfar Rahman Management practices for carbon sequestration and reducing carbon dioxide emission from soils SSC Ph.D 2014 139  
1737 Md. Johirul Islam Management practices for rice production and soil fertility improvement in nachole upzilla of Chapai Nawabganj SSC MS Win/ 2014 47 With CD
1738 Orthita Howlader Growth analysis and yield performance of four potato varieties HRT MS Win/ 2014 85 With CD
1739 Sampa Halder Field performance and storability of gerbera genotypes HRT MS Win/ 2014 66 With CD
1740 Md. Meftahul Karim Effect of irrigation on growth and yield performance of black cumin genotypes HRT MS Win/ 2014 93 With CD
1741 Msuma Akter Impact Assessment of dyeing industry wastewater irrigation on tomato cultivation HRT MS Win/ 2014 97 With CD
1742 Md.Faruq H.Chowdhury Performance of rootstock in off season tomato production HRT MS Win/ 2014 80 With CD
1743 Kazi Tahmina Akter In vitro regeneration of mint (Mentha sp.) using different growth regulators and explants HRT MS Win/ 2014 96 With CD
1744 Sazib Biswas Performance of eggplant grafted Tomatoes under open and rain shelter conditions HRT MS Win/ 2014 76 With CD
1745 Jasmine ara Chowdhury Growth, yield and stress tolerance mechanisms of soybean under drought conditions AGR Ph.D Win/ 2014 184 With CD
1746 Roksha Ara Response of soybean genotypes to waterlogging AGR MS Sum/ 2015 65 With CD
1747 Munny Akter Photosynthesis, dry matter partitioning and yield variation I five sesame genotypes AGR MS Sum/ 2015 66 With CD
1748 Md. Iqbal Hossain Enhancing salinity tolerance of chickpea using plant growth regulators AGR MS Sum/ 2015 62 With CD
1749 Miceli Chakma Effect of chemical fertilizers on the performance of soybean genotypes AGR MS Sum/ 2015 70 With CD
1750 Marcia Mabin Morphological characterization of sesame (sesamum indicum L.) genotypes AGR MS Sum/ 2015 59 With CD
1751 Md. Shoeb  Hasan Performance of selected new generation herbicides on weed suppression and yield of boro rice AGR MS Sum/ 2015 111 With CD
1752 Dalia Sultana Grain growth nutrient  content and yield performance of five selected soybean genotypes AGR MS Sum/ 2015 67 With CD
1753 Nusrat Jahan Nishat Effect of nitrogen and phosphorus on growth, yield and quality of tomato HRT MS Sum/ 2015 70 With CD
1754 Khaleda Parvin Assessment of postharvest losses and quality nutrient and heavy metal content in major fruits of Bangladesh HRT MS Sum/ 2015 52 With CD
1755 Shamim Ahammed Hybrid variety development of cucumber utilizing local germplasm HRT Ph.D Sum/ 2015 193 With CD
1756 Jamila Akter Tuly In vitro regeneration of nine mint genotypes using differern explants HRT MS Sum/ 2015 63 With CD
1757 Sharmila Rani Mallick Minituber yield potentials  of Potato varieties of Bangladesh HRT MS Sum/ 2015 63 With CD
1758 Syed Md. Mizanur Rahman Morphological characteristics and yield potentiality in plantain HRT Ph.D 2015 172  
1759 Nusrat Jahan Yield potential and nutritional quality of different genotypes of black cumin (Nigella sttivaL.) HRT MS Sum/ 2015 56 With CD
1760 Md. Abdul Hannan Molecular identification and bio-control of vibriosis in shrimp FMG MS Sum/ 2015 102 With CD
1761 Md. Ataur Rahman Fish biodiversity and socio economic condition of fishing community of Talma river in  Panchagarh FMG MS Sum/2015 69 With CD


1762 Afia Farzana Growth performance  and production of grass carp (Ctenopharyngodon idella) and Tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) using german grass (Holcus mollis) and vermicompost FMG MS Sum/ 2015 97 With CD


1763 Md. Rafi Afruz Sony Seasonal variation of mixing and property distributions in pasur river estuary FMG MS Sum/ 2015 92 With CD


1764 Gazlima Chowdhury Molecular identification and control of the pathogens associated with black spot disease in prawn and shrimp FMG MS Sum/ 2015 101 With CD


1765 Md. Mahmudur Rahman Effects of vermicompost on growth and production performance of Tilapia Oreochromis niloticus FMG MS Sum/ 2015 77 With CD


1766 Md. Abu Syed Identification of quantitative trait loci (QTL) for arsenic phytotoxicity tolerance in rice (Oryza sativa L) GPB Ph.D Sum/ 2015 215 With CD


1767 Md. Sabbir Mohamud Diversity and heterosis for quality and agronomic characters n snake gourd GPB MS Sum/ 2015 76 With CD


1768 Sudipto Das Haplotype diversity and development of molecular markers for the improvement of submergence tolerance in rice GPB MS Sum/ 2015 122 With CD


1769 Nadira Bilkish In vitro screening of aromatic rice genotypes for drought tolerance using polyethylene glycol GPB MS Sum/ 2015 68 With CD


1770 Mithun Paul Chemodynamics of cypermethrin insecticide in summer contry bean ecosystem ENT MS Sum/ 2015 82 With CD


1771 Md. Tanbir Ahmed Evaluation of some plant products against aphid and pod borer of country bean and their impact of beneficial insect ENT MS Sum/ 2015 84 With CD


1772 Asfia Sultana Biology of pulse bettle (CallosobruchusChinensis L.) and its host performance on soybean genotypes uner laboratory conditions ENT MS Sum/ 2015 56 With CD


1773 Pabitra Sutradhar Nutritional indices and biology of the armyworm (spodopteralitura) on five cotton varieties ENT MS Sum/ 2015 54 With CD


1774 Morsheda Khatun IPM packages using chemical, botanical and some mechanical approaches for combating whitefly (Bemisia Tabact) attacking tomato ENT MS Sum/ 2015 75 With CD


1775 Milia Bente Momtaz Effectiveness of some eco-friendly IPM packages for the management of fruit flyinfesting Cucumber ENT MS Sum/ 2015 67 With CD


1776 Rubi Akter Role of women on conservation of homeasted plant biodiversity AER MS Sum/ 2015 105 With CD


1777 Pinu Chakma Chakma women and shifting cultivation in Khagrachari District AER MS Sum/ 2015 91 With CD


1778 Lily Chakma Fish biodiversity and livelihood status of fishmen living around the kaptailake AER MS Sum/ 2015 92 With CD


1779 Akter Faruk Fuad Impact of IPM practices on tomato cultivation AER MS Sum/ 2015 99 With CD


1780  Arafat Hossain Nutrient uptake, growth and yield in tomato under salt stress SSC MS Sum/ 2015 66 With CD


1781 Amena Begum Influence of Rhizobium in combination with urea and poultry manure on growth and yield of rice (Oryza SativaL.) SSC MS Sum/ 2015 90 With CD


1782 Khandoker Khalid Ahmed Nutrient requirement for short-duration mustard SSC MS Sum/ 2015 58 With CD


1783 Md. Dhin Islam Spatial variability of trace elements in ganges floodplain river soils SSC MS Sum/ 2015 54 With CD


1784 Tasmia Rezoana Khan Spatial variability of heavy metals in ganges  floodplain soil of Rajbri District SSC MS Sum/ 2015 56 With CD


1785 Shaikh Jafar Mojiuddin Molecular mapping of quantitative trait loci conferring grain zinc content in rice BTL MS Sum/ 2015 152 With CD


1786 Abdullah As Sabir Molecular characterization of strawberry growth ro pathogen and enhancemenht of tawberry yield by plant probiotics BTL MS Sum/ 2015 No pag With CD
1787 Nazmun Nahar Regulation of pectate lyase enzyme produced by Erwinia sp. BTL MS Sum/ 2015 51 With CD
1788 Roksana Akter Effect of trichoderma fortified compost in controlling seedling mortality and stem rot of soybean caused by sclerotium rolfsii PLP MS Sum/ 2015 41 With CD
1789 Md. Abul Kalam Al Azad Influence of smut disease (Ustaligo scitaminea) of sugarcane on yield and its control through sett treatment, cultural practices and fungicidal spray PLP Ph.D Sum/ 2015 83 With CD
1790 Rumpa Biswas Identification of bacteril blight pathogen of mungbean and its in vitro chemical control PLP MS Sum/ 2015 46 With CD
1791 Atika Sultana Effect of salt stress on the morphological and physiological attributes of aromatic fine rice CBT MS Sum/ 2015 113 With CD
1792 Shah  Md. Yusuf Ali Physial chemical characteristics of pineapples grown in Bangladesh AGP MS Sum/ 2015 61 With CD
1793 A.T.M. Morshed Alam Genotype and environment effects on yield and quality of jute (Cochrous olitorius L.) seed in lte season SST Ph.D Sum/ 2015 144 With CD
1794 Muntasir Rahman Moleculr identification, pathogenicityand iocontrol of Enterococus faecalis collected from fish and fish feed BTL MS Sum/ 2015 83 With CD
1795 A.Q.M. Robiul Kawser Growth response, feed utilization and nutrient retention in monosex Tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) fed with floating and sinking pellets in a recirculating aquaponic system AQC MS Sum/ 2015 57 With CD
1796 Md. Mezanur Rahman Elucidation of salinity tolerance mechanisms of acacia auriculiformis AFE MS Sum/ 2015 174 With CD
1797 Md.Golam Mostofa Physiological and biochemical mechanisms associated with Trehalose and hydrogen sulfide induced biotic stress tolerance in rice PES Ph.D 2015 195  
1798 Rubaiya Jesmin Genetic diversity for reproductive traits CMS restorer lines of rice GPB MS Aut/ 2015 70 With CD
1799 Md. Asif Iqubal Comparative study on morpho nutritional traits in vegetable amaranth (Amaranthus lividus)under different water stress conditions GPB MS Aut/ 2015 76 With CD
1800 Fatema Moli Genetic variability and metroglyph analsis in country bean


GPB MS Aut/ 2015 72 With CD
1801 Md. Eleyash Mahmud Morpho-molecular characterization of local rice germplasm collected from the coatal belt of Bangladesh GPB Ph.D Aut/ 2015 161 With CD
1802 Paritosh Chandra Roy Restorer development, hybrid evaluation and GXE Interaction of component lines of Brassica napus Hybrid GPB Ph.D Aut/ 2015 169 With CD
1803 Taufika Taheri Genetic diversity in S1 generation of pumpkin GPB MS Aut/ 2015 75 With CD
1804  Raisa Tasneem Effect of phosphorus and boron on growth, yield and quality of tomato HRT MS Aut/ 2015 75 With CD
1805 Momena Akter Sweety Yield potential ,molecular characterization and shelf life of strawberry HRT MS Aut/ 2015 117 With CD
1806 Raihana Rumman Characterization and evaluation of twenty two mint genotypes HRT MS 2015 54  
1807 Rifat Sultana Influence of different levels and sources of nitrogen on growth , yield and quality of cucumber HRT MS Aut/ 2015 62 With CD
1808 Tania Sultana Effect of spacing and NPK on growth and yield of late planted Onion var. BARI Piaz-1 HRT MS Aut/ 2015 80 With CD
1809 Md.Anamul Haque Effect of nitrogen on growth, yield and nitrogen use efficiency of transplanted aman rice AGR MS Aut/ 2015 47 With CD
1810 Syed Sajeeb Rana Enhancement of pollen viability and yield of late planted agronomic rice cv. Kataribhog through foliar applied boron AGR MS Aut/ 2015 65 With CD
1811 Md. Manjur Morshed Effect of nitrogen on weed infestation and performance of boro rice under two selected herbicides AGR MS Aut/ 2015 97 With CD
1812 S.M.Shafiul Abedin Performance of tidal local aman rice at not tidal condition using use AGR MS Aut/ 2015 81 With CD
1813 Afsana Mimi Response of soybean genotype to water stress AGR MS Aut/ 2015 73 With CD
1814 Erin Zaman Morpho-physiology of selected wheat varieis under water deficit conditios AGR MS Aut/ 2015 73 With CD
1815 Afrin Sultana Knowledge of farm women on nutritional value of farm products AER MS Aut/ 2015 83 With CD
1816 Md. Ashiqur Rahman Contributio of crop and homestead forest production towards household economy AER MS Aut/ 2015 84 With CD
1817 Rumman Akter Kafura Use of ICT as extension tool by the farmers of Gazipur district AER MS Aut/ 2015 116 With CD
1818 Jnnatul Hema Development of nutritious instant dried powder by mixing bulb and seed of the jackfruit AGP MS Aut/ 2015 77 With CD
1819 Nasimul Islam Characteristics of oil extracted from locally available rice bran in Bangladesh AGP MS Aut/ 2015 78 With CD
1820 Md. Nafi Iqbal Extraction and characteristics analysis of jatropha (jatropha curcas) seed oil AGP MS 2015 70  
1821 Md. Mahbubur Rahman Potentials and prospects of pond fish farming in kaliakair Upazilla under Gazpur District FMG MS Aut/ 2015 89 With CD
1822 Arefin Rahman Effect of substrate on the cage culture of stiingt catfish Heteropneustes fosills AQC MS Aut/ 2015 59 With CD


1823 Riyadh Arefin In vitro regeneration for screening against salt stress in rice (Oryza sativa L) GPB MS Aut/ 2015 73 With CD


1824 Israt  Jahan Eva Effect of salt stress on growth and physiological responses on neem seedlings AFE MS Aut/ 2015 81 With CD


1825 Mosheur Rahman Vermicompost application for improving soil environment and nutritional quality of cabbage (Brassica oleracea) ENS MS Aut/ 2015 54 With CD


1826 Sujan Barua Role of Trichoderma-enriched bio-organic fitilizer for bottle gound production ENS MS Aut/ 2015 85 With CD


1827 Yeakub Khan Assessment of Trichoderma-enriched  biodertiliz on soil health yield and quality of tomato ENS MS Aut/ 2015 71 With CD
1828 Aslam Hossain Sheikh Assessment of aquatic biodiversity of polluted and non polluted wetlands in Gazipur District ENS MS Aut/ 2015 94 With CD
1829 Sumaia Jabbar Determination of breeding season of freshwater goby, glossogobius giuris (Hamilton,1822) by Gonadosomatic index and gonadal development GFB MS Win/ 2015 51 With CD
1830 Chayanika Pondit Length-Length relationahip, length weight relationshop and condition factor: an index of growth pattern for five stocked carp fish …. Area in Bangladesh GFB MS Win/ 2015 55 With CD
1831 Most. Rokeya Khatun Integrated nutrient management for sustaining soil fertility and crop yield in maize – mungbean-T. Aman rice cropping pattern SSC Ph.D Aut/ 2015 185 With CD
1831-A Tahsina Sharmin Genetic variation in four populations of channa striata (Channidae: Pereiformes)   revealed by PCR-Relp and Sequence analysis of mitochondrial gene GFB MS Win/ 2015 52 With CD
1832 Md. Tapon Mahmud Production performance of  stinging catfish (Heteropnustw fosilis, BLOCH) monoculture at two different location FBE MS Win/ 2015 83 With CD
1833 Sabiqun Nahar Genetic variation between Bangladeshi, Thai, and Vietnamese climbing perch (Anabas testudineus) revealed by PCR-Rflp and Sequence analysis of mitochondrial DNA


GFB MS Win/ 2015 49 With CD
1834 Uttam Kumar Ghosh Evaluation of direct seeded aus rice varieties in relation to yield performance under rainfed condition AGR MS Win/ 2015 131 With CD
1835 Rumana Yeasmin Genotype and density interaction effect on productivity of short duration Mungbean AGR MS Win/ 2015 55 With CD
1836 Tanver Iqbal Cultural and chemical management of common scab (Streptomyces Scabies) disease of potato PLP MS Win/ 2015 59 With CD
1837 Md. Mahmud Hassan Development of new dwarf and vine type yard long bean advanced line advanced line for high quality pod and seed yield SST Ph.D Aut/ 2015 192 With CD


1837-A Subhadra Mondal Effect of textile dyeing waste water irrigation on growth and yield of radish and cauliflower HRT MS Win/ 2015 75 With CD
1838 Mahmuda Akter  Morphological characterization and nutritional quality assessment of strawberry genotypes HRT MS Win/ 2015 71 With CD
1839 Md. Helal Uddin Carbon sequestration and microclimate modification in aonla based multristoried agroforestry system AFE MS Win/ 2015 88 With CD
1840 Mohammad Mahbub Islam Prouctivity and profitability of jackfruit based multistoried agroforstry system in terrace ecosystem of Bangladesh AFE Ph.D Win/ 2015 200 With CD
1841 Md. Shariaj Biswas Suppression of Tomato fruit borer helicoverpa armigera (Hubner) using some bio-rational management approaches ENT MS Win/ 2015 61 With CD
1842 Habibur Rahman Residues and risk analysis of selected organochlorine organophosphate and synthetic pyrethroid insecticides in different matrices in Bangladesh ENT Ph.D Win/ 2015 212 With CD
1843  Mahmuda Akter Spatial variation and accumulation of hevy metal in industrial effluent contaminated paddy field soil in Dhaka division of Bangladesh SSC MS Win/ 2015 55 With CD
1844 Md.Imam Hosain Soil fertility assessment of Keshorita village under Gazipur District SSC MS Win/ 2015 57 With CD
1845 Masud Iqbal Response of different rice varieties to soil arsenic SSC Ph.D Win/ 2015 130 With CD
1846 Jakaria Chowdhury Onik Formulation and nutritional analysis of jackfruit yogurt AGP MS Win/ 2015 61 With CD
1847 Md.Hafizur Rahman Formulating and analyzing consumer preference of ggluten free bread AGP MS Win/ 2015 62 With CD
1848 Nusrat Bari Quick screening of heat tolerant wheat genotypes by seed endosperm utilization and thermotolerance in autotrophic plant CBT MS Win/ 2015 92 With CD
1849 S.M.Raihanun-Nabi Molecular identification of probiotic bacteria and their influence on growth and yield of wheat BTL MS Win/ 2015 62 With CD
1850 Nelema Rani Sarker Efficiency of trichoderma strains in crop seed germination ENS MS Win/ 2015 66 With CD
1851 Md.Zahid Hasnat Tanvir Characterization of biofilm producing bacteria isolated from wastewater for bioremediation of heavy metals ENS MS Win/ 2015 68 With CD
1852 Apurba Saha Evaluation of full-sib and Half-sib families grown from BU Papaya-1 GPB MS Win/ 2015 66 With CD
1853 A.S.M Solaiman Performance of three wheat varieries in aonla based multistoried agroforestry AFE MS Win/ 2015 64 With CD
1854 Asmaul Rizal Replacement of sodium nitrate in kosaric medium with urea for culture of spirulina platensis AQC MS Win/ 2015 52 With CD
1855 MST Fahamida Yeasmin Effect of using commercial grade sodium bicarbonate in kosaric medium for culture of spirulina platnesis AQC MS Win/ 2015 54 With CD


1856 Md. Hasan S.Rahman In vitro screening of potato lines for sal tolerance using physiological parameters and rapd maker analysis BTL MS Win/ 2015 65 With CD


1857 Md. Ibrahim Ali Effect of Zinc fertilizer application on growth, yield and zinc partitioning in rice AGR MS Win/ 2015 99 With CD
1858 Nur-A-Azima Molecular characterization of ric using simple sequence repeat(SSR) markers GPB MS Win/ 2015 54 With CD
1859 Moh. Quamrul Islam Matin Parental diversity, combining ability and heterosis of maize hybrid under water logging condition GPB Ph.D Win/ 2015 148 With CD
1860 Mahbuba Rahman Performance of tube rose under saline condition HRT MS Win/ 2015 65 With CD
1861  Mohammad Jalal Uddin Apatial variability of arsenic in soil as affected by phosphorus and iron irrigation water SSC Ph.D Sum/ 2016 189 With CD
1862 Shaila Pervin Impact assessment of nitrogen fertilization on yield of maize using apsim model SSC MS Sum/ 2016 78 With CD
1863 Tasfia Haque Effect of organic and inorganic fertilizers and tillage practices on soil physical properties under rice-rice cropping pattern SSC MS Sum/ 2016 70 With CD
1864 Nusrat Farzana Impact assessment of sowing date on yield of maize using APSIM model SSC MS Sum/ 2016 86 With CD
1865 Suchitra Barman Response of Garlic as affected by nitrogen and potassium application SSC MS Sum/ 2016 71 With CD
1866 Md. Selim Reza Impact of organic fertilizers on yield and nutrient uptake of cabbage SSC MS Sum/ 2016 85 With CD
1867 Md. Shazzadul Islam Combined effect of rhizobacteria and urea on growth and yield of rice SSC MS Sum/ 2016 93 With CD
1868 Md. Firoj Ali Characterization of bacterial wilt pathogen isolated from solanceous crops and its in-vitro control PLP MS Sum/ 2016 62 With CD
1869 Md. Mejbah uddin Screenig if BARI released potato varieties against common scab disease and its management PLP MS Sum/ 2016 57 With CD
1870 Prosenjit Talukdar Effect of Trichodermafortified compost on disease suppression, growth and yield of chickpea PLP MS Sum/ 2016 50 With CD
1871 Md. Shahadat Hossain Characterization of soft rot cauing bacteria from fruit and vagetales and their control PLP MS Sum/ 2016 67 With CD
1872 Shahar Banu Disease of yield performance of an advanced line of rice in Aman season PLP MS Sum/ 2016 67 With CD
1873 Nusrat Jahan Nitu Application of chutosan and trichoderma against soil-borne pathogen and their effects of yield of tomato PLP MS Sum/ 2016 70 With CD
1874 Kallol Kishore Sarkar Morpho-Physiological response of soybean to water deficit stress AGR MS Sum/ 2016 73 With CD
1875 Md. Mahmudul H.Akand Screening of soybean genotypes against drought stress AGR MS Sum/ 2016 111 With CD
1876 Md. Shahinur Islam Physiological mechanism of drought tolerance in maize applied with cytokinin AGR MS Sum/ 2016 67 With CD
1877 Tanmay Kumar Saha Effect of plant spacing and method of weed control on the performance of Boro rice AGR MS Sum/ 2016 99 With CD
1878 Md. Zahirul Islam Submerence Tolerance in rice:search for short-drought aman rice varieties and high yielding traits AGR MS Sum/ 2016 63 With CD
1879 Md. Mustafa Khan Response of wheat genotypes to salt stress AGR Ph.D Sum/ 2016 238 With CD
1880 A.N.M.Tauhidul Islam Effect of weed infestation pattern on growth and yield performance of Mungbean AGR MS Sum/ 2016 91 With CD
1881 Sulogna Chakma Contribution of fruit production toward family income of tribal people AER MS Sum/ 2016 91 With CD
1882 Shahriar Hasan Pest risk analysis and management practices for increasing profitability of lemon production AER MS Sum/ 2016 69 With CD
1883 Sharifunnahar Kazal Women’s participation in rice mill: current status and problems AER MS Sum/ 2016 73 With CD
1884 Ibrahim Rashid Evaluation of semen composition and sperm quality parameter of silver Barb Barbonymus gonionotus (Bleeker, 1850) and its effects on motility FBE MS Sum/ 2016 61 With CD
1885 Mohammad Maruf Billah Effects of different planktivore fish composition on Heteropneuses fossillis grow-out pond environment and production FBE MS Sum/ 2016 73 With CD
1886 Hoomayra Yasmin Integration of Hydroponic with aquaculture inpond environment FBE MS Sum/ 2016 83 With CD
1887 Kamrul Hassan Suman Enhancement of fish production and biodiversity conservation in selected floodplains of chalan beel through community enterprise approach FBE MS Sum/ 2016 108 With CD
1888 Md. Neamul Hasar Shovon Heavy metals (Pb,Cd and Ni) concertration in different organs of three commonly consumed fish in Bangladesh GFB MS Sum/ 2016 46 With CD
1889 Md. Khaled Monsur Mallik Fecundity,Gonadosomatic index and ganadal development of gangtic leaffish GFB MS Sum/ 2016 50 With CD
1890 Sayada Khanam Liza Efect of vitamin E on growth Ovarian  Development and Breeding Performance of Thai Sarpunti GFB MS Sum/ 2016 59 With CD
1891 Ummay Saima Heavy metal concentration in fish from the river Turag GFB MS Sum/ 2016 73 With CD
1892 Sharmin Akhter Probiotic-enriched dietary effect on the reproduction of butter catfish Ompok pabda (Hamilton-Bouchanan, 1822 GFB MS Sum/ 2016 45 With CD
1893 Arifuzzaman Genetic variation in climbing perch (Anabas testudineus)from the chalan Beel  wetland in Bangladesh Revealed by PCR-RFLP and sequence analysis of Mitochondrial Gene GFB MS Sum/ 2016 45 With CD
1894 Anukul Chandra Sinha Impact of different diets on the breeding performance of stinging catfsh Heteropneustes fossillis (Bloch,1794) GFB MS Sum/ 2016 53 With CD
1895 Al-Mamun Effects of Probiotics on production of the sex reversed Tilapia Fry GFB MS Sum/ 2016 47 With CD
1896 Sayeda Zaman Jui Effect of different chemical and non-chemical IPM packages for suppressing mustard aphid 9Lipaphis, Erysmi) ENT MS Sum/ 2016 51 With CD
1897 Md.AmzedHossain Chowdhury Management of Brinjal shoot and fruit borer (BSFB) Leucinodes Orbonals Guenee using some environment friendly approaches ENT MS Sum/ 2016 75 With CD
1898 Md.Ashaduzzaman Noor Economic suppression of brinjal shoot and fruit borer (BSFB) of brinjal by utilizing some bio-rational management approaches ENT MS Sum/ 2016 63 With CD
1899 MST.Sanjida Sultana Population fluctuation of leaf eating caterpillers of cabbage and their bio-rational based management ENT MS Sum/ 2016 74 With CD
1900 Ferdousi Bagum Development of Dware Hybrid Maize for Wider Adaption GPB Ph.D Sum/ 2016 139 With CD
1901 Md.Taharat Al Tauhid Combining abiity and Heterosis in pea (Pisum sativum L) GPB MS Sum/ 2016 48 With CD
1902 Most. Shaika Shafin Heterosis and combining ability in pumpkin Inbreds GPB MS Sum/ 2016 88 With CD
1903 Fatema Najmim Performance in growth, yield and fruit characters of five half-Sib Families of Papaya GPB MS Sum/ 2016 62 With CD
1904 Nasira Akter Characterization of Near Isogenic lines of BRRI dhan29 for Cold Tolerence at Seedling Stage GPB MS Sum/2016 91 With CD
1905 Farzana Mustafa Era Growth, yield and fruit characteristics in Papaya lines grown from differenct cross combinations GPB MS Win/ 2015 74 With CD
1906 Sk. Jaber Ahamed Molecular Characterization of selected sast tolerant and sensitive rice genotypes using Microsatelite Makrkers BTL MS Sum/ 2016 83 With CD
1907 Nafia Hassan Bonechar carrier of Multifunctional Probiotic Bacteria and Fertilizer of Crop Plants BTL MS Sum/2016 113 With CD
1908 Nabila Mustafy Genetic Diversity of eight Bangladeshi Potato Cultivars Assessed by Rapd Analysis BTL MS Sum/ 2016 43 With CD
1909 Nipa Akter Impact of alley Cropping on Wheat Productivity and Soil Fertility AFE MS Sum/ 2016 73 With CD
1910 Md. Masumur Rahman Impact of Climate Change on Wheat Production in Northwest Region of Bangladesh AFE Ph.D Sum/ 2016 136 With CD
1911 Sadia Afrin Jui Performance of Gerbera Genotype as Influenced by Different Soil Amndments and in Vitro Callus Formation from leaf Explant in Gerbera HRT MS Sum/ 2016 66 With CD
1912 Bahauddin Ahmed Combining ability and Heterosis in Pumpkin (Cucurbita moschata Duch.ex Poir.) HRT Ph.D Sum/ 2016 152 With CD
1913 Sheikh Arafat Nihad Antioxidant Activity of Mint Genotypes CBT MS Sum/ 2016 61 With CD
1914 Md. Abu Shama Effects of Vermicompost and Inorganic Fertilizer on Growth Performance of Oreochromis Niloticus and Anabas Testudineus FMG MS Sum/ 2016 49 With CD
1915 Sharifa Alam Shimu Effect of Phosphorus Supplemenyation on the Growth and Yield of Azolla Pinnata AQC MS Sum/2016 70 With CD


1916 Abdur Rahman Assessment of Ecosystem Services and Their Link with Water Quality Parameters at Ahitalakkah Wetland Narayangonj City ENS MS Sum/ 2016 80 With CD


1917 Md. Saiful Islam Shelf-life improvement and processed product development of tomato carrot cabbagr and Cauliflower HRT Ph.D Aut/ 2016 214 With CD
1918 Farhana Shahrin Effecr of nitrogen and Phosphorus on growth and yield of Capsicum HRT MS Aut/ 2016 66 With CD
1919 MST.Umme Mariya Akter Shimu Effect of Organic Amendments on germination and yield of potato in salihe soil HRT MS Aut/ 2016 77 With CD
1920 Md. Asif Rahman Introgression of Saltol QTL introgenetic background of BRRI dhan49 through marker-assisted Breeding GPB MS Aut/ 2016 80 With CD
1921 Md. Borhan Uddin Rony Gene action in yield and related characters of Lablab Bean GPB MS Aut/ 2016 80 With CD
1922 Sabikun Nahar Nima Development of drought tolerant aromatic rice somaclones through in vitro selected GPB MS Aut/ 2016 55 With CD
1923 Tonmoy Chakrabarty Variability in mineral Composition, yield and yield Contributing Traits in stem Amaranth GPB MS Aut/ 2016 72 With CD
1924 Nelufar Yeasmin Tripty Effect of growth regulations on growth yield and yield contributing characters in Bu Papaya 1 GPB MS Aut/ 2016 65 With CD
1925 Sharmin Akter Effect of polyamine of Pigmentation, reactive oxidative species and antioxidant activity under polyethylene glycol introduced drought in maize GPB MS Aut/ 2016 105 With CD
1926 Md. Khairul Mazed Pesticide Application in Bannana Cultivation at selected areas of Bangladesh and Determination of DDT residues in Banana using gas Chromatography ENT MS Aut/ 2016 82 With CD
1927 Tanzia Akhter Siddiqua Ecofriendly Management of Jassid on Cotton Plants using some Botanicals ENT MS Aut/ 2016 68 With CD
1928 Md. Nur Alam Miah Effectivness of cattle urine and its combination with some indigenous plant extracts against scale insects and mealybugs of Sugarcane ENT Ph.D Aut/ 2016 162 With CD
1929 Md. Abdur Razzak Choudhury Development of integrated pest management pack(s) against insect pests of Brinjal and Chemodynamics of the most effective Insectiucide ENT Ph.D Aut/ 2016 259 With CD
1930 Md.Razaul Karim Response of lentil to zinc,boron and molybdenum application in terrace soil of Bangladesh AGR MS Aut/ 2016 62 With CD
1931 Md. Jahidul Islam Shaon Growth and yield response of maize to rice husk Biochar AGR MS Aut/ 2016 66 With CD
1932 Md.Sohel Rana Screening of Backgram Genotypes under Flooding Condition AGR MS Aut/ 2016 72 With CD
1933 Jannatul Ferdous Mitigation of salinity stress in soybean using oeganic Am endments AGR MS Aut/ 2016 65 With CD
1934  Maria Khatun Fisheries Resources and Levelhood of Fisheries in Chalan Beel AER MS Aut/ 2016 86 With CD
1935 Md. Shariful Islam Utilization and Obstracle of ICT use in Agricultural Extension Services AER MS Aut/ 2016 95 With CD
1936 None Gopal Paul Contribution of Livestock,poultry and Fisheries Production to Household Income


AER MS Aut/ 2916 81 With CD
1937 Md. Saruar Hossain Molecular Characterization of fish Pathogenic Aeromonas veronii by Multiplex PCR and Control of Aeromonas Septicemia by Herbal Extracts BTL MS Aut/ 2016 95 With CD
1938 Farzana Sultana Effect of Plant Probiotic Bacteria on Growth and Yield of Rice (cv.BRRI dhan29) BTL MS Aut/ 2016 112 With CD
1939 Mosaddiqur Rahman Growth, yield and quality of strawberry as Incluenced by Plant Probiuotic, Chitosan and Fungicides BTL MS Aut/ 2016 90 With CD
1940 Istiyak Ahmad Effects of Cadmium Accumulastion in Nile Tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus, Linnaeus) GFB MS Aut/ 2016 41 With CD
1941 Shanko Rani Deo Genetic Varition in Climbing Perch (Anabas testudineus)from the Wetland Ecosystem (Haor) in Mymensingh and Dhaka egion Revealed by PCR-RFLP and sequence Analysis of Mitochondrial DNA GFB MS Aut/ 2016 50 With CD
1942 Ali Ahsan Growth Pattern of ten small Indigenous Fish Species in Chalan Beel Area GFB MS Aut/ 2016 66 With CD
1943 Jalil Miah Effect of Hedgerow Species and Nitrogen Level on the Growth and Yield of Okra with Soil Properties Changes AFE MS Aut/ 2016 66 With CD
1944 Md.Sohrab Hossain Performance of Indian Spinach in Aonla ased Multistoried Agroforestry System AFE MS Aut/ 2016 89 With CD
1945 Mst. Ferdousy Rahman Microbial Biopriming for Plant Growth Promotion Disease Suppression and Abiotic Stress Tolerance in Wheat PLP Ph.D Aut/ 2016 153 With CD
1946 Md. Abdul Kader Plant Parasitic Nematodes Associated with Rhizosphere Soils of Potato in Munshigonj and Bogra Districts PLP MS Aut/ 2016 48 With CD
1947 Umme Salma Integrated Nutrient Management in Capsicum Cultivation (Capsicum annunm) SSC MS Aut/ 2016 72 With CD
1948 Jinat Rehana Spatial Variation of Soil Chemical Properties in Industrial Contaminated Soil SSC MS Aut/ 2016 56 With CD
1949 Md.Sipon Howlader Genotypic Differences in Phenology, Growth, Productivity and Seed Quality of Rice SST MS Aut/ 2016 56 With CD
1950 S.M.Zubair Al-Meraj Processing Quality and Anttioxidant Activity in Potato Genotypes CBT MS Aut/ 2016 70 With CD
1951 Ferdous IBN Rahim Evaluation of Fresh Azolla Pinnata as Supplementary Feed for Barbonymus Goionotus in Cage Culture AQC MS Aut/ 2016 75 With CD
1952 Md.Moniruzzaman Monir Exposure of Natural Disasters and Their Croping Strtategies in Context of Climate Change at Kuakara Coasral Belt of Patuakhali ENS MS Aut/ 2016 82 With CD
1953 Aparajita Kundu Haplotype diversity analysis cold tolerant Rice (Oryza sativa L.) BTL MS Aut/ 2015 111 With CD
1954 Fahamida Akter Long-term manuring effect on soil properties and crop productivity SSC MS Aut/ 2015 64 With CD
1955 Lipiara Khatun Integrated nutrient management in amaranth SSC MS Aut/ 2015 71 With CD
1956 Julakha Akter Mukta Effects of plant probiotics, chitosan and fungicides on growth and yield of Strawberry BTL MS Aut/ 2015 89 With CD
1957 Suraiya Salam Management of mustard APHID (LIPAPHIS ERYSIMI KALT.) with some chemical and botanical approaches and their impact on beneficial insects ENT MS Aut/ 2015 73 With CD
1958 Md. Aaseif Uddin Chemodynamics of cypermethrin insecticide in okra ecosystem ENT MS Aut/ 2015 72 With CD
1959 Mahmuda Akter TRICHODERMA fortified compost on disease suppression and yield of Onion PLP MS Sum/ 2016 43 With CD
1960  Md. Khaled Saifullah Participation of literate and trained youth of Savar upazila in six farm family traits AER MS Win/ 2005 74  
1962 Habibur Rahman Resodues and risk analysis of selectyed organochlorine, organophosphate and synthetic pyrethroid insecticides in different matrices in Bangladesh ENT Ph.D 2015 212 VC Off
1963 Md.Moktar Hossain Study on allelopathic effect of Morings oleifera on Mungbean AFE MS 2011 56 VC Off
1964 Miltan Chandra Roy Foraging and growth responses of armyworm to biophysical characteristics of cotton varieties ENT MS 2014 70 VC Off
1965 Khairul Mazed Pesticide applications in banana cultivation at selected areas of Bangladesh and dtermination of DDT residues in banna using gas chromatography ENT MS 2016 82 VC Off
1966 Sharmin Akter Comparative assessment of microbials, chemical insecticide and mechanical control for suppressing brinjak shoot and fruit borer ENT MS 2013 64 VC Off
1967 Gazi Golam Mortuza Performance of selected perennial and annual crops in aonla  based mulristoried agroforestry system in terrace ecosystem of Bangladesh AFE Ph.D 2013 277 VC Off
1968             T-1929
1969 Dilruba Bedana Viability of biogas production in its utilization in rural Bangladesh AEC Ph.D Aut/ 2015 151 With CD
1970             T- 1395
1971 Md. Riazul Islam A Spatio-temporal analysis of land cover, soil fertility and climate for sustainable crop production in the teesta barrage project area of Bangladesh AGR MS Win/ 2016 105 With CD
1972 Avijit Sarkar Effect of nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizers on growth and yield of cowpea AGR MS Sum/ 2017 88 With CD
1973 Tahera Tasmima Morpho-physiological changes of wheat varieties under water deficit condition AGR MS Win/ 2016 155 With CD
1974 Khurshida Jahan Amelioration of salinity on tomato by exogenous application of calcium AGR MS Sum/ 2017 80 With CD
1975 A. A.M. MohammadMustakim Morphological and agronomical characterization of wheat (Triticum aestivum L) accessions AGR MS Win/ 2016 68 With CD
1976 M.Shariful Hasan Genotypic variation in growth and poroductivity of short duration aman rice AGR MS Win/ 2016 53 With CD
1977 Sayed Eshtiak Akter Effect of dose herbicide on weed infestation and performance of wheat under irrigated and mon-irrigated condition AGR MS Win/ 2016 78 With CD
1978 Md. Mahmudul Hasan Communication behavior of the potato growths in Bangladesh AER Ph.D Win//  2016 174 reject
1979 Sabina Yeasmin Fish biodiversity and livelihood status of fishermen living aroubd the titas river AER MS Win/ 2016 83 With CD
1980 Dipanwita Bhattacharjee Chakma women in shifting cultivation: a comparative study in selected area of Bangladesh India AER Ph.D Win/  2016 192 With CD
1981 Fardus Ahamed Nasim Adoption of BU dhan and its impact on farmers food security AER MS Win/ 2016 82 With CD
1982 S. M Tawshifur Rahaman Adoption of aquaculture technologies by the farmers of Gazipur District AER MS Sum/ 2017 85 With CD
1983 Nymphaea Parveen Consumers perception on safety of vegetables and its effect on their vegetable purchasing decisions in Mymensingh city AER MS Sum/ 2017 77 With CD
1984 Lelin Chakama Perception of fisherman fisheries management practices adoption in Kaptallake Area AER MS Win/ 2016 84 With CD
1985 Mersiful Jannat Monira Sustainability of organic vegetable farming:some selected areas in Bangladesh AER MS Win/  2016 84 With CD
1986 Mahmudul Hasan Socioeconomic status fishermen and fish farmers in trishal upazla of Mymensingh District AER MS Win/ 2016 68 With CD
1987 Khairrun Nahar Impact of banning hilsa fishing on the livelihood status of fishermen in Lalmohan Upzilla under Bhola District AER MS Sum/ 2017 91 With CD
1988 Ahsan Habib Khan Farmer’s preference for selectyed rice varieties at Mirzaganj Upzilla of Patuakhali District AER MS Sum/ 2017 88 With CD
1989 Md. Ishtiaque Jahan Study of fish biodiversity,fishing gear and socioeconomic condition of fishermen of the bekak beel at Gazipur District AER MS Sum/ 2017 53 With CD
1990 Himal Thapa Manipulation of substrate in net cage nursery system of giant freshwater prawn FBE MS Win/  2016 89 With CD
1991 Balayet Hossen Effect of extenders at storage periods on motility and fertilization rate of silver barb semen FBE MS Win/  2016 52 With CD
1992 Rokhsana Ethin Landmarke-based morphometric and meristic variations of threatended carp from different rivers of Bangladesh FBE MS Win / 2016 45 With CD
1993 Md.Rejouanul Islam Spatiorwmporal changes of water logged area in sourth western Bangladesh AFE MS Sum/ 2017 71 With CD
1994 Imranul Islam Quantifying the spatial temporal pattern of land use and land cover change in Gazipur AFE MS Sum/ 2017 59 With CD
1995 Ruhul-Amin Howlader Assessment of Climatic variability and its impacts on major crop production in Bangladesh AFE MS Win/ 2016 69 With CD
1996 Rashidul Hasan Anik Characterization of soil profile and assessment of carbon stock under different locations of Bangladesh AFE MS Win/ 2016 86 With CD
1997 MST Nahida Nastarin Evaluation of crop seeds germination by using industrial wastewater ENS MS Win/  2016 87 With CD
1998 Manoranjan Adhikari Impact of uneven water distribution and climatic parameters on aquatic environment at teesta riverline area ENS MS Win/ 2016 69 With CD
1999 Bhubaneshare Deb Barman Analysis of the biofilm formed at the air-liquid interface  by Escherichia coli ensd101 and enterobacter asburiae ensd102 ENS MS Win/  2016 57 With CD
2000 Polash Nadi In vitro selection of rice (Oryza Sativa L.) somaclones under salt stress GPB MS Win/  2016 50 With CD
2001 Abul Kalam Azad Combining ability and heterosis study in aman rice GPB MS Win/ 2016 83 With CD
2002 Tanbin Akter Characterization and identification of short durated cotton Genotypes GPB MS Win/ 2016 75 With CD
2003 Mainul Islam Rashad Genetic variations for morphological traits in vegetable Amaranth GPB MS Win/ 2016 83 With CD
2004 Md.Nazmul Hasan Variability in seed characteristics  of half-sib families of BU Papaya 1 GPB MS Win/ 2016 37 With CD
2005 Irin Sultana Nila  Genetic Polymorphism in rice through microsatellite markers GPB MS Win/ 2016 61 With CD
2006 Md.Monoar Hossain Genetic variability and character association in F2 population of pea GPB MS Win/ 2016 51 With CD
2007 Rished Sharmin In Vitro selection of rice somaclonal variation for salt tolerance GPB MS Win/  2016 45 With CD
2008 Rayhan-Ur-Rahaman Genotype-environment interaction in country bean GPB MS Win/  2016 92 With CD
2009 Tahmina Sadia Jamini Genetic evaluation of roselle genotypes for yield and quality trits GPB MS Sum/ 2017 85 With CD
2010 Mahathir Sarker Maker assisted introgression of seedling stage gold tolerance into BRRI dhan28 GPB MS Win/ 2016 154 With CD
2011 Sakhawat Hosen Galib Morphological characterization and genetic diversity in  aromatic and fine rice GPB MS Win/ 2016 76 With CD
2012 Tonusree Roy Genetic variability on morpho-physiological traits and biochemical parameter in relation to drought tolerance in spring wheat GPB MS Sum/ 2017 98 With CD
2013 Shakil Khandakar Evalation of some plant extracts as insectidice against fruit fly of Bitter gourd ENT MS Sum/ 2017 46 With CD
2014 Zannatul Ferdous Assessment of organochlorine pesticide residues in  edible oil


ENT MS Sum/ 2017 49 With CD
2015 S. M. Alamgir Shafiullah Toxicity and physiological effects of  some plant extrects of fruit fly ENT MS Sum/ 2017 59 With CD
2016 Avishek Chakama Screeing of some tomato varieties against hitefly and fruit borer ENT MS Win/ 2016 54 With CD
2017 Abu Ahmed Tarif Effectiveness of botanical biopesticide and chemical insecticide for management  of insect pests in yard-long bean ENT MS Win/ 2016 46 With CD
2018 Rahul Mazumder Insect pests of green pea and their bio rational management ENT MS Win/ 2016 51 With CD
2019 Shah Johir Rayhan Market integration and value chain analysis of high value vegetable crops in Chittagong hill Districts of Bangladesh AEC MS Win/ 2016 127 With CD
2020 Ashraful Effect of planting desnity on growth and yield  of Indian spinach and Tilapia in a Aquaponic system AQC MS Sum/ 2017 69 With CD
2021 Nusrat Jahan Domestication and induced breeding of freshwater mud ee GFB MS Win/  2016 56 With CD
2022 Md. Mosharraf Hossain Role of rhizobacteria in arsenic mobilization in soils and  uptake by rice plant SSC Ph.D Sum/ 2017 228 With CD
2023 Alamgir Shuvo Effect of peak performance nutrients on soil fertility and yield of rice SSC MS Win/ 2016 72 With CD
2024 Nasrin Akhter Characterization of hill soil of BARI farm at Khagrachhari SSC MS Sum/ 2017 81 With CD
2025 Tahmina Akter Urmi Integrated nutrient management for rice yield and carbon sequestration SSC MS Sum/ 2017 57 With CD
2026 Md. Babu Hossain Carbon mineralization and carbon dioxide emission under different temperature regimes SSC MS Win/ 2016 58 With CD
2027 Abdullah Al Mamun Characterization of some bacterial isolates collected from industrial effluent polluted Agricultural soil SSC MS Win/ 2016 54 With CD
2028 Saiful Islam Influence of diazotrophic bacteria on growth and yield of rice SSC MS Win/ 2016 54 With CD
2029 Sharmin Akhter Biochar and peat application for heavy metal remediation and carbon sequestration in soil SSC MS Sum/ 2017 96 With CD
2030 Jannatul Ferdush Digital mapping of soil organic carbon using random forest regression kriging algorithm SSC MS Sum/ 2017 81 With CD
2031 Zulfiker Ali Effect of rice straw on soil fertility and rice yield SSC MS Sum/ 2017 68 With CD
2032 Mobashira Sharkar Determination of suitable harvesting  date of processing potato variedties using  chemical maturity monitoring CBT MS Win/ 2016 78 With CD
2033 Pavel Mollah Screening of aromatic rice genotypes against salt tresss and their physiological attributes CBT MS Win/ 2016 83 With CD
2034 Md. Shamim Sharker Growth and yield  of broccoli as affected by different organic and inorganic fertilizer doses HRT MS Win/ 2016 80 With CD
2035 Tahsin Nahar Sigma Effect of phosphorus and potassium on flower and bulb production of tuberose HRT MS Win/ 2016 82 With CD
2036 Sujoy Das Phenological characterization and shelf life improvement of lemon in Bangladesh HRT MS Sum/ 2017 78 With CD
2037 Kazi Rakib Zobair Evaluation of potentiality of PGPR and  Bradyrhizobium to improve plant growth and control collar rot  of soybean PLP MS Sum/ 2017 60 With CD
2038 Main Uddin Ahmed Use of chitosan and trichoderma harzianum as alternative to fungicides against southern blight of carrot PLP MS Win/ 2016 47 With CD
2039 Farzana Zarin Eivy Effect of PGPR on growth promotion suppression of bioolaris leaf blight and drought stress tolerance in wheat PLP MS Sum/ 2017 85 With CD
2040 Md. Abdul Azim Characterization of some salt tolerant aromatic rice genotypes in Bangladesh by rapd markers BTL MS Win/ 2016 92 With CD
2041 Sudipta Kumar Pramnnik Identification of fish pathogenic and its inhibition by medicinal plant extracts BTL MS Win/ 2016 60 With CD
2042 Md. Jahurul Islam Assessing marketable and marketed surplus of seasonal fruits for linking hill farmers with market: an empirical study in the Chittagong hill tracts of Bangladesh AEC MS Win/ 2016 118 With CD
2043 Esrat Jahan Yield and seed quality assessment of large seeded munhbean genotypes SST MS Sum/ 2017 53 With CD
 2044 Muhammad Hasanul Abedin Effect of submergence at different growth stages on growth, physiology and yield of Aman rice AGR MS Aut/ 2017 89 With CD
2045 Nazmun Nahar Shibly Screening of Mungbean genotypes for soil flooding tolerance AGR MS Aut/ 2017 66 With CD
2046 Tanzina Afrin Bristy Water relations, physiological changes and yield of wheat varieties differing in water deficit tolerance AGR MS Aut/ 2017 116 With CD
2047 Md. Abdullah Al Mamun Fertilizer management for rice in changes tidal floodplain soils of Bangladesh AGR Ph.D Aut/ 2017 114 With CD
2048 Nusrat Jahan Neashat Field observation of flood tolerance in mungbean genotypes and their molecular characterization AGR MS Aut/ 2017 79 With CD
2049 Halima Khatun Evaluation of the allelopathic potential of mango leaf for weed management in chickpea AGR MS Aut/ 2017 74 With CD
2050 Mahia Khandaker Enhancement of salinity tolerance in rice by plant probiotic bacteria BTL MS Aut/ 2017 61 With CD
2051 Farhana Naznin Genetic diversity of eight Bangladeshi traditional potato cultivars assessed by rapd analysis BTL MS Aut/ 2017 56 With CD
2052 Sudipta Dutta Genomics and field studies of plant probiotic bacteria on improvement of rice yield BTL Ph.D Aut/ 2017 202 With CD
2053 Sanjida Akter Effect of zero valent iron on arsenic uptake by rice and microbial population in soil BTL MS Aut/ 2017 99 With CD
2054 Mia Md. Bashir Maximization of production and income through mango and ber based agroforestry systems in coastal ecosystem of Bangladesh AFE Ph.D Aut/ 2017 196 With CD
2055 Kaniz Fatima Impact of alley cropping on cabbage productivity and soil environment AFE MS Aut/ 2017 63 With CD
2056 Maksuda Manjura Elahi Impact of alley cropping on cabbage productivity and soil fertility AFE MS Aut/ 2017 55 With CD
2057 Shah Rokonuzzaman Roxy Performance of okra under aonla based multistoried agroforestry system AFE MS Aut/ 2017 84 With CD
2058 Shukla Chakma Performance ofdifferent mushroom production technologies and substrates on the growth and yiled of  oyster mushroom HRT MS Aut/ 2017 72 With CD
2059 Sanjida Nawrin Yield and quality of broccoli  as influenced by different sources on nutrients and mulching under open and shade condition HRT MS Aut/ 2017 70 With CD
2060 Labanya Biswas Effeect of nitrogen on yield, quality and shelf life of Indian spinach HRT MS Aut/ 2017 66 With CD
2061 Md.Saddam Hossain Effect of potassium on yield and nutritional quality of strawberry HRT MS Aut/ 2017 79 With CD
2062 Md. Estiak Islam Genetic diversity of lowand taro (colocasia esculenta var.esculenta) genotypes HRT MS Aut/ 2017 98 With CD
2063 Md. Mahbubul Haque Financial profitability analysis of jute cultivation: A field level survey in the Kishoreganj district of Bangladesh AEC MS Aut/ 2017 64 With CD
2064 Md.Abul Hayat Tufael Marketing system of orange in Sylhet region of Bangladesh AEC MS Aut/ 2017 64 With CD
2065 Bidyut Narayan Deb Drivers of profitability and adoption of different fisheries polyculture practices in southern coastal region of Bangladesh AEC MS Aut/ 2017 87 With CD
2066 Hasna Hena Isolation and characterization of salt tlerent bacteria from saline soils of Bangladesh SSC MS Aut/ 2017 60 With CD
2067 Md. Shahadat Hossain Modeling geochemical characteristics of saline soils of Bangladesh SSC MS Aut/ 2017 99 With CD
2068 Nazmun Naher GGE Biplot analysis for yield stability  of lentil genotypes GPB MS Aut/ 2017 50 With CD
2069 A.S.M. Faysal Genetic variability,character association and path coefficient analysis in T aman rice genotypes GPB MS Aut/ 2017 71 With CD
2070 Md. Zahir Rayhan Effect of stockingDensity on growth performance of momosex tilapia (oreochromis niloticus) in a recirculating aquaponic system AQC MS 2017 60  
2071 Bhaskar Chandra Majumdar Changes physioco-chemical and microbiological properties of sun-dried fishes (Mystus vittatus and collisa fasciata) during storage FIT MS Aut/ 2017 84 With CD
2072 Md. Salim Response of four potato varities to water stress condition HRT MS Aut/ 2017 163 With CD
2073 Rupa Saha Impact of industrial discharge on water pollution, biodiversity and pollutant dynamics in fishes of mokesh beel wetland ENS MS Aut/ 2017 124 With CD
2074 Hasnat Zahan Remediation of industrial effluents by native filamentous fungi ENS MS Aut/ 2017 77 With CD
2075 Kaniz Fatema Kanon Genetic variation in five populations of Channa striara(Channidae:Perciformes) revealed by sequence analysis of mitochondrial gene GFB MS Aut/ 2017 64 With CD
2076 Sraboni Islam Yield and seed quality traits in advanced lines of Mungbean SST MS Aut/ 2017 48 With CD
2077 Tajmira Hasan Study on reproductivity biology of puntius sophore collected from Gazipur and Jessor District of FBE MS Aut/ 2017 58 Blank CD
2078 Tasnim Siddika Tonny Salinity tolerance of stinging catfish Heteropneustes fossilis at different ontogenic stages FBE MS Aut/ 2017 72 With CD
2079 Sanjida Akter Effect of zero valent iron on arsenic uptake by rice and microbial population in soil BIT MS 2017    
2080 Ashek Mohammad Population fluctuation of jassid, and shoot and fruit bores of okra and their bio-rational management ENT MS Aut/ 2017 69 With CD
2081 Nabanita Paul Nancy Abundance and diversity of insects, and population dynamics of fruit fly in sween courd field ENT MS Aut/ 2017 62 With CD
2082 Md.Raju Mia Insect abundance, diversity and population dynamics in agroforestry system ENT MS Aut/ 2017 62 With CD
2083 Jahangir Alam Pathology of fowl paratyphoid and molecular characterization of its pathogen PBL MS Aut/ 2017 89 With CD
2084 Milon Shaha Control measures of phomopsis blight and fruit rot of Brinjal PLP MS Aut/ 2017 78 With CD
2085 Md. Abdus Salam Trichoderma fortifield compost for the suppression of soil, borne pathogens and improvement of plant growth and yield of tomato PLP Ph.D Aut/ 2017 141 With CD
2086 Pallab Bhattacharjee Determination of Genetic Idenfify and Origin of wheat Blast in Bangladesh  BTL MS Win/ 2017 98 With CD
2087 Rafia Akter Studies on Germplasms Resistant to wheat Blast Pathogen BTL MS Win/ 2017 46 With CD
2088 Md. Robyul Islam Modulation of Oxidative stress in Maize by 5-Aminolevulinic Acid (ALA) under salinity and drought stress BTL MS Win/ 2017 128 With CD
2089 Sanjida Khanom Studies on antioxidant enzyme activities in plants to wheat blast fungus BTL MS Win/ 2017 53 With CD
2090 Kaniz Fatema Isolation and molecular characterization of plant growth promoting endophytic bacteria from  weeds BTL MS Win/ 2017 94 With CD
2091 Md. Mostafizar Rahman Phenotypic and molecular characterization of aroimatic rice genotypes for salt tolerance BTL MS Win/ 2017 100 With CD
2092 Samiha Sultana Genetic diversity of potato culativars assessed by SSR marker in Bangladesh BTL MS Win/ 2017 55 With CD
2093 Md. Rashidul Islam Genetic diversity analysis of Bangladeshi  local rice germplasm differing in salinity tolerance using molecular markers BTL MS Aut/ 2017 166 With CD
2094 Rumpa Banik Genotypic variation in Photosynthesis, Nodulation and yield Performance of Mungbean in low Fertility soil AGR MS Win/ 2017 53 With CD
2095 Mariam Akter Shashi Mitigation of Drought Stress of Maize using Rice Hush Biochar AGR MS Win/ 2017 63 With CD
2096 Tahmidul Ashik Evallation of wheat Genotypes for their Tolerence to Salinity AGR MS Win/ 2017 86 With CD
2097 Fatema Begum Putul Effect of Phosphorus levels on growth and Productivity of Cowpea Genotypes AGR MS Win/ 2017 85 With CD
2098 Md. Ashraful Alam Evaluation of Aus Rice Genotypes for Yield and Yield Contributing Characters AGR MS Win/ 2017 101 With CD
2099 Shubhati Khisa Insect Pest, Predator and Pollinator Occurrence in Guava Orchard and Seasonality of the Fruit Fly in Guava and Mango ENT MS Win/ 2017 79 With CD
2100 Sanjida Nahid Insect species Diversity and Seasonal Abundance of Fruit Fly in Cucumber Field ENT MS Win/ 2017 67 With CD
2101 Khushi Tripura Effect of Intercropping aand Neem Oil,on Okra Plant Characterization Insect Diversity and Infesytation ENT MS Win/ 2017 70 With CD
2102 Effat Ara Screening of Okra Genotypes Against Jassid and Fruit Borer ENT MS Win/ 2017 48 With CD
2103 Mohsen Ara Sharmin Assessment of Bean Aphid Population Dynamics, Infestations and Deleterious on four Beans Species ENT MS Win/ 2017 56 With CD
2104 Rubaiyat Binte Rahim Study on Pollen Collection Efficiency onf European Honey Bee From Lichit Flower ENT MS Win/ 2017 59 With CD
2105 Mohammad Anisur Rahman Effects of Intercropping Systems on Arthropod Community Composition in Tomato Field ENT MS Win/ 2017 70 With CD
2106 Md. Shahin Miah Insect Abundance and Diversity in Eggplant and Foraging Behavior of Native Pollinators ENT MS Win/ 2017 56 With CD
2107 Mst. Husneara Khatun Mishu Degradation Pattern and Risk Assessment of Imidacloprid in Country Bean Using Gas Chromatography ENT MS Win/ 2017 50 With CD
2108 Md. Mahbobur Rahman Pathology of Pullorum Disease and Molecular Identification of its Pathogen PBL MS Win/ 2017 77 With CD
2109 Jaman Hosen Pathology of Fowl Typhoid and Molecular Characterization of its Pathogen PBL MS Aut/ 2017 72 With CD
2110 Turnalisha Chakma Pathology of Colibacillosis and Molwcular Characterization of Its Pathogen PAT MS Win/ 2017 70 With CD
2111 Mafruha Afroz Differential Colonization of Ralstonia Solanacearum in Solanum Sisymbriifolium and Tomato and Pathogenic and Genomic Variations in Clavibacter Michiganensis subsp. Michiganensis PLP Ph.D Win/ 2017 128 With CD
2112 Ila Rani Das Management of Three Major Soil-Borne Fungal Diseases of Lentil with Trichoderma Fortifield Compost PLP



MS Win/ 2017 60 With CD
2113 Irin Akter Rony Characterization of seed Borne Bacterial Pathogens of Rice and In-Vito Control of Xanthomonas oryzae pv.oryzae  PLP MS Win/ 2017 60 With CD
2114 Samina Akter Simi Application of Trichoderma Fortified Compost in Controlling Anthracnose Disease of Chilli  PLP MS Win/ 2017 58 With CD
2115 Sahadat Hossain Use of Banana Leaf Ash Extract for Culture o f Spirulina Platensis  AQC MS Win/ 2017 71 With CD
2116 Sonia Khatun Replacement of Sodium Bicarbobate and Micronutrients  in Kosaric Medium with Banna Leaf Ash Extract for Culture as Spirulina Platensis  AQC MS Win/ 2017 48 With CD
2117 Md. Imdadul Haque Replacement of Potassium Sulphate in Kosaric Medium with Muriate of Potasium for Culture of Spirulina Platensis AQC MS Win/ 2017 52 With CD
2118 Md. Mahadi Hasan Use of Wheat Bran as an Inexpensive Medium for the Culture of Chlorella Ellipsoidena AQC MS Win/ 2017 55 With CD
2119 Shajeya Akter Saline Soil Management Using Biochar and Its Impact on Rice Growth SSC MS Win/ 2017 77 With CD
2120 Mariam Khanam Isolation and Characterization of Plant Growth Promoting Bacteria Influencing Rice Growth SSC MS Win/ 2017 99 With CD
2121 Jinia Shoukot Short Duration  Stem Amaranth (Amaranthus Oleraceus) Production by Organic Fertilization SSC MS Aut/ 2017 59 With CD
2122 Md. Ashraful Alam Nitrogen Transformation and Carbon Sequestration in Wetland Paddy Field SSC MS Win/ 2017 73 With CD
2123 Fakrul Kabir Effect of Long Term Organic and Inorganic Fertilization on the soil Properties and Yield of Rice SSC MS Win/ 2017 90 With CD
2124 Nishat Jahan Genotypic Variability in Morphological, Treits and Bioactive Compound in Vegetable Amaranth GPB MS Win/ 2017 87 With CD
2125 Swapan Chakrabarty Combining Ability and Heterosis for Yield and Related Traits in Chili GPB MS Win/ 2017 85 With CD
2126 Tanjilul Hasan Genetic Divergence in Advanced Lines of Rice Using Simple Sequence Repeat (SSR) Markers GPB MS Win/ 2017 48 With CD
2127 Ummy Kulsum Mukta Genetic Variability, Heritability and Interrelationship in Newley Developed Salt Tollerant Lines of T. Aman GPB MS Aut/ 2017 110 With CD
2128 MST. Jannatun Rezowana Effects of Phosphors and Potassium on Yield,Nutritive Value and Shelf Life in Tropical Strawberry HRT MS Win/ 2017 72 With CD
2129 Mahmud Hasan Rifat Studies on Yield, Nutritive Value and Shelf Life of Broccoli HRT MS Win/ 2017 75 With CD
2130 Md. Mahbubur Rahman Effect of Spacing on the Growth, Yield and Quality of Garden Pea Variety HRT MS Aut/ 2017 64 With CD
2131 Mahfuza Khanam Yield, Quality and Shelf Life of Papaya Influenced by Nitrogen and Potassium HRT MS Win/ 2017 60 With CD
2132 Srijan Chandra Das Performance of Tuberose (Polianthes tuberose L.) genotypes at Gazipur HRT MS Aut/ 2017 63 With CD
2133 Nosrat Nomary Water pollution and Aquatic Biodiversity Status of the Buriganga Rivers in Two Different Seasons ENS MS Win/ 2017 91 With CD
2134 Md.Nazmul Hossen Tarun Seasonal Variation of Aquatic Biodiversity at Various Haors of Nikli Upizalla in Kishorgonj ENS MS Win/ 2017 102 With CD
2135 Mt. Mimi Talukder Role of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi for the Reduction of Arsenic Accumulation in Lentil Crop ENS MS Win/ 2017 63 With CD
2136 Azima-Ha-mim Khan Nisa Genotoxic Effects of Sumithion on erythrocyte and its Recovery in Zebra Fish (Danio Rerio) FBE MS Win/ 2017 70 With CD
2137 Asaduzzaman Nur Effect of Selected Seaweed Power as a Aupplement of Fish Feed on Growth and Immune system of Tilapia FBE MS Win/ 2017 48 With CD
2138 Md. Nahid Hasan Production of all Female of Heteropneustes fossilis Through Hormonal Manipulation FBE MS Win/ 2017 52 With CD
2139 Muhammad Emran Hossain Performance of Tomato in Aonla Based Multistoried Agroforestry  System AFE MS Aut/ 2017 71 With CD
2140 Jannatul Ferdoush Amina Effect of Three Levels and Nitrogen Levels on Yield and Quality of Tomato AFE MS Aut/ 2017 74 With CD
2141 Bhaskar C.Majumder Changes in Physico-chemical and Microbiological Properties of sun- Dried Fishes during Storage FIT MS 2017 84  
2142 Zahir  Rayhan Effect of Stocking Density on Growth Performance of Monosex Tilapia in a Recirculating Aquaponic System AQC MS Aut/ 2017 60 With CD
2143 Kaniz Fatema Kanon Genetic Variation in Five  Populations of Channa striata Revealed by Sequence Analysis of Mitochondrial Gene GFB MS 2017 64  
2144 M. Shadman Akond Molecullar Characterization of Rice Germplasm Collected From Coastal Region of Bangladesh GPB MS Win/ 2017 40 With CD
2145 Md. Muraduzzaman Spatiotemporal Change Mapping of Delta in Bangladesh AFE MS Win/ 2017 39 With CD
2146 Md. Khaled Mosharaf Regulatory Mechanism of Biofilm Formation and Remediation of Heavy Metals by Enterobacter ludwigii ENSH201, Vitreioscilla sp. ENSG301, Acinetobacter lwoffi ENSG302 and Bacillus thuringiensis ENSW401 ENS MS Win/ 2017 76 With CD
2147 Golam Kibria Assessment of Poultry Manure Quality of some Selected Farms of Gazipur District SSC MS Win/ 2017 45 With CD
2148 Kh. Dil Afroze Influence of Heavy Metal Tolerant Bacteria for Safe Leafy Vegetable Production in Industrial Effluent Contaminated Soil SSC MS Win/ 2017 56 With CD
2149 Sinthia Khan Esha Effect of Irrigation and Potyassium on yield and Quality of Carrot SSC MS Win/ 2017 81 With CD
2150 Sadia Islam Effect of phosphorus and Boron on Growth and Yield of French Bean HRT MS Win/ 2017 83 With CD
2151 Shahria Akter Effect of Nitrogen and Sulphur on Yield and Storability of Onion HRT MS Win/ 2017 68 With CD
2152 Farhana Islam Saimun Foliar application of GA3 on growth and flowering of Chrysanthemum HRT MS Win/ 2017 63 With CD
2153 Shah Newaz Munna Production and Profitability Annalysis of Layer Chicken in Sylhet District of Bangladesh AEC MS Win/ 2017 72 With CD
2154 Syeda Sadia Afrin Badhon Profiablility Analysis of Broiler Production in Some Selected Area of Sylhet AEC MS Win/ 2017 46 With CD
2155 Afsana Khatun Effect of Biochar and Chimcal Fertilizer on Carbon Dioxide Emission and Yield of Transplanted Aus Rice AGR MS Win/ 2017 71 With CD
2156 Md. Hadiur Rahman Screening of Wheat Genotypes Based on Growth and Yield Performance AGR MS Win/ 2017 42 With CD
2157 Most. Atiya Afrin Effect of Number of Seedlings  Per Hill on Growth and Productivity of BUdhan 2IN Aus Season AGR MS Win/ 2017 50 With CD
2158 Sukhesh Chakma Development of Appropriate Weed Management Options for Jhum Cultivation in the Chittagong Hill Tracts AGR MS Win/ 2017 88 With CD
2159 Eeshita Mandal Arthropod Diversity in Mustard Field and Role  of Native Pollination s in Polination ENT MS Win/ 2017 69 With CD
2160 Tahmina Akter Assessment of Residual Behaviour of Imidacloprid in the Soils  of Country Bean Agroecosystem Using Gas Chrommatography ENT MS Win/ 2017 49 With CD
2161 Rakhi Chanda  Management of Jassid and Whitefly of Okra Using Some Botanicals ENT MS Win/ 2017 61 With CD
2162 Md. Khairul Kabir Isolation and Molecular Characterization of Strawberry Grown Rot Pathogen and its Biological Control BTL MS Win/ 2017 74 With CD
2163 Nur Uddin Mahmud Isolation and Molecular Characterization of Potassium Solubilizing Probiotic Bacteria From the Rhizosphere of Rice BTL MS Win/ 2017 93 With CD
2164 Md. Shaid Hossain Morophological and Molecular Characterization of Wheat Blast  Fungus BTL MS Win/ 2017 69 With CD
2165 Mousumi Najnin


Women in the garments industry of bangladesh: a study on food security and migration from agricultural sectors AEC MS Sum/ 2018 57 With CD
2166 Susmita Das Gupta


Financial analysis and gender distribution of duck farming in haor areas of moulvibazar district AEC MS Sum/ 2018 59 With CD
2167 Md. Khalid Hasan


Access to livelihood capitals by the farmers in char areas: some cases in Bangladesh AER MS Sum/ 2018 71 With CD
2168 Mehedi Hasan Tapu


Farmers’ knowledge and problem confrontation on rice fish integrated farming in Tangail district AER MS Sum/ 2018 59 With CD
2169 Mostakima Binta Monir


Farmers’ perception on impact of industrial effluent contamination in rice production AER MS Sum/ 2018 96 With CD
2170 Moriom Naznin


Farmers’ knowledge and perception on pesticide use for vegetable production in a selected area of Narsingdi district AER MS Sum/ 2018 88 With CD
2171 Shahnaz Khanom


Consumers’ preference and consumption of sea fish in Dhaka city AER MS Sum/ 2018 74 With CD
2172 Mahfujul Islam Bhuiya


Gliricidia leaf incorporation into soil and use of companion plants for safe Tomato production AFE MS Sum/ 2018 81 With CD
2173 Ishita Parvin


Preparation of wood apple (aeglemarmelos l.) Powder and its utilization in yogurt formulation AGP MS Sum/ 2018 64 With CD
2174 Fatema Akter


Isolation and characterization of jackfruit seed’s protein AGP MS Sum/ 2018 63 With CD
2175 Md. Rashidul Islam


Nutritional improvement of rice straw using aerobic cellulytic bacteria isolated from forest soil of Gazipur ASN MS Sum/ 2018 70 With CD
2176 Sulav Indra Paul


Marine sponge and sponge associated bacteria inhibiting fish pathogen BTL MS Sum/ 2018 94 With   CD
2177 Kazi Md. Al-Noman


Exploring bovine raw milk for the potent yeast to produce bioethanol from chhana whey DPS MS Sum/ 2018 78 With   CD
2178 Doly Sultana


Evaluation of pollutants load and aquatic biodiversity in Turag river ENS MS Sum/ 2018 89 With CD
2179 Md. Faridul Islam


Roles of klebsiellapneumoniae ensg303 and pseudomonas fluorescensensg304 in biofilm formation, cellulose and curli expresion and remidiation of heavy metals ENS MS Sum/ 2018 55 With CD
2180 Md. Mobarok Hossain


Management of whitefly (bemisia tabaci) and tomato fruit borer (helicoverpaarmigera) by using bvotanicals and insecticide and their impacts on natural enemies ENT MS Sum/ 2018 77 With CD
2181 Tafhima Binte Awal Luma


Bio-rational management of fruit fly in Bitter Gourd ENT MS Sum/ 2018 63 With CD
2182 Tahmina Akter


Evaluation of persistent pesticides residue in diverse floral honey and their potential risk to consumers ENT MS Sum/ 2018 56 With CD
2183 Sharmin Jahan


Assessment of organochlorine pesticides residue in honey from different geographic regions of Bangladesh ENT MS Sum/ 2018 61 With CD
2184 Md. Taufikul Islam Shah


Screening of chilli germplasm for resistance to Aphid ENT MS Sum/ 2018 46 With CD
2185 Saida Zannat


Assessment of organochlorine pesticide residues in muscles of channa punctata, collected from bhairab river of Jessore region, Bangladesh FBE MS Sum/ 2018 48 With CD
2186 Bilkis Jahan


Bioaccumulation of heavy metals in water and fish of balu  river FMG MS Sum/ 2018 66 With CD
2187 Hosne Ara Khatun


The potentiality of potato (solanumtuberosum) as an alternative source of carbohydrate in fish feed FMG MS Sum/ 2018 45 With CD


2188 Md. Nahid Hossain


Optimization of stocking density of spotted snakehead (channa punctata) in carp polyculture system FMG MS Sum/ 2018 65 With CD


2189 Shammee Akter


Effects of baker’s yeast as feed additive on growth performance and disease resistance of gulsa tengra (mystus cavasius) FMG MS Sum/ 2018 64 With CD


2190 Md. Khokan Hossain


Evaluation of epididymal spermatozoa and fertility rate after artificial insemination in black bengal Goat GOR MS Sum/ 2018 60 With CD


2191 Wali Ahad Setu


In vitro maturation of abattoir-derived balck bengal Goat Oocytes GOR MS Sum/ 2018 54 With CD


2192 Mahmuda Binte Monsur


Oxidative stress tolerance mechanism in rice under salinity GPB MS Sum/ 2018  131 With CD


2193 Mahmuda Maliha Yasmin


Genetic variation of quantitative and quality traits in Rice (oryzasativa l.) varieties GPB MS Sum/ 2018 63 With CD
2194 Md. Nazmul Hossain


Effects of salinity stress on morphological and bioactive compounds of amaranthus lividus leafy vegetables GPB MS Sum/ 2018 98 With CD
2195 Tanzim Jahan


Genetic diversity in mota named local coarse rice [oryza sativa l.] Germplasm based on morpho molecular traits GPB MS Sum/ 2018 70 With CD
2196 Ponkaj Hom Chowdhury


Evaluation of chili genotypes for nutritional phytochemicals GPB MS Sum/ 2018 83 With CD
2197 Md. Nurul Huda


Molecular characterization and geospatial mapping for allelic richness of date palm at south-central Bangladesh GPB MS Sum/ 2018 56 With CD
2198 Mir Sayeada Alam


Seaweed extracts for plant growth promotion and tolerance to salt, drought and blast disease in rice PLP MS Sum/ 2018 73 With CD
2199 Jahanara Akter


Chitosan for plant growth promotion and disease suppression against anthracnose in  chilli PLP MS Sum/ 2018 71 With CD
2200 Bithe Debnath


Occurrence of magnaportheoryzaetriticum in different parts of inflorescence of wheat and its fungicidzal control PLP MS Sum/ 2018 64 With CD
2201 Marjia Effat Supty


Isolation and characterization of rhizobacteria for plant growth promotion, salt stress tolerance and disease suppression in Wheat PLP MS Sum/ 2018 87 With CD
2202 Kamrunnaher


Impact of long term fertilization on soil chemical properties at variable soil depth SSC MS Sum/ 2018 56 With CD
2203 Jannatul Ferdushi


Comparative prospects of biochar with traditional manures on soil chemical properties and yield of broccoli (brassica oleracea l var. Italica) SSC MS Sum/ 2018 77 With CD
2204 Md. Imran Hossain Sazib


Effect of rice straw residues on soil properties and rice yield in rice based cropping pattern SSC MS Sum/ 2018 81 With CD
2205 Rabeka Sultana Smriti


Effect of rice straw derived biochar on soil fertility and capsicum (capsicumannum) yield SSC MS Sum/ 2018 44 With CD
2206 Fahima Akter Misho


Efficiency of rice-husk derived biochar in reducing heavy metal uptake by vegetable SSC MS Sum/ 2018 85 With CD
2207 Momtahina Hasnat


Role of nitrogen fertilizer on mineralization of organic materials SSC MS Sum/ 2018 67 With CD
2208 Most. Shirazum Monira


Nutrient dynamics in soil profile under long term manuring experiment SSC MS Sum/ 2018 101 With CD
2209 Md. Zakir Hossain


Adaptation to adverse impacts of climate change in the coastal area of Bangladesh with changes in cropping pattern AFE Ph.D Sum/ 2018 144 With CD
2210 Mohammad Saidul Islam


Effect of  nutrients and gibberellic acid on plant growth, yield and health of potato tuber SST Ph.D Sum/ 2018 110 With CD
2211 Khandakar Mahfuzul Haque


Quality assessment of soybean seeds of different sources and the effect of npksb foliar fertilizer on yield permormance of the crop SST Ph.D Sum/ 2018 128 With CD
2212 Abul Kashem Mohammad Alauddin Chowdhury


Plant density and applied nutrient effect on growth yield and seed quality of new aromatic  rice SST Ph.D Sum/ 2018 91 BlankCD
2213 Tahmina Ferdous


Backward and forward linkages of broiler farming in gazipur district AEC MS Aut/ 2018 104 With   CD
2214 Md. Tariqul Islam Bhuiyan Comparative profitability of some summer vegetables in Narsingdi district AEC MS Aut/ 2018 71 With   CD
2215 Arif Mahmud


Wellbeing status of indigenous people at Chittagong hill tracts in Bangladesh AER MS Aut/ 2018 71 With   CD
2216 Md. Atik Ullah Patwary


Adoption of e-agriculture in transfer of agricultural information AER MS Aut/ 2018 71 With   CD
2217 Muminul Haque


Impact of anthropogenic activities on fish biodiversity of jamuna river and its effects on profession of fishermen AER MS Aut/ 2018 73 With   CD
2218 Sanjida Sultana Keya


Incorporation of leaves of gliricidia sepium and application of nitrogen in Tomato production AFE MS Aut/ 2018 74 With   CD
2219 Sumon Roy


Productivity and microclimatic modification of lemon-based agroforestry system with different winter vegetables in upland condition AFE MS Aut/ 2018 93 With   CD
2220 Sudipta Saha


Productivity, profitability and microclimatic modification in jackfruit based agroforestry system AFE MS Aut/ 2018 93 With   CD
2221 Rashida Rocksana Mou


Morpho-physiological changes in mangifera indica l. And azadirachta indica l. In response to sea water induced salt stress AFE MS Aut/ 2018 81 With   CD
2222 Md. Nurul Kadir


Assessment of agricultural damage under different simulated flood conditions AGE MS Aut/ 2018 71 With   CD
2223 Md. Moniruzzaman


Evaluation of hydraulic characteristics of micro emitters available in Bangladesh AGE MS Aut/ 2018 86 With   CD
2224 Musarrat Rafiq


Development of appropriate weed management options for Maize AGR MS Aut/ 2018 79 With   CD
2225 Nazmul Ahmed Oli Effect of sodium bicarbonate supplementation to culture medium on growth performance of chlorella ellipsoidea AQC MS Aut/ 2018 55 With   CD
2226 Md. Afzal Hossain


Effect of dietary spirulina platensis supplementation on growth and carcass composition of Pabda (ompok pabda) AQC MS Aut/ 2018 67 With   CD
2227 Md. Saif Uddin Use of wheat bran extract medium as a replacement of kosaric medium for spirulina platensis culture AQC MS Aut/ 2018 85 With   CD
2228 Mst. Sobnom Binta Mofiz


The potential for using azolla extract for culture of spirulina platensis AQC MS Aut/ 2018 57 With   CD
2229 Neepa Dew


Morphological and molecular characterization of fusarium spp. Isolated from head blight of wheat and its biological control BTL MS Aut/ 2018 57 With   CD
2230 Bishwajit Karmakar Sunny Identification of indigenous probiotic bacteria inhibiting fish pathogens BTL MS Aut/ 2018 64 With   CD
2231 Dalia Parvin


Effect of storage conditions on the quality of processing Potato tubers CBT MS Aut/ 2018 87 With   CD
2232 Anika Nazran


Physiological aspects of drought tolerance during early growth stages of Mungbean CBT MS Aut/ 2018 74 With   CD
2233 Mst. Umme Habiba


Searching probiotic bifidobacteria from traditional buffalo milk curd as an emerging safeguard of human health DPS MS Aut/ 2018 82 With   CD
2234 Shishir Mitra


Effect of salinity on agricultural production at Kalapara coastal belt in Patuakhali ENS MS Aut/ 2018 83 With   CD
2235 Eva Armin


Determination of air pollutants and their possible health effects at different locations in Dhaka city ENS MS Aut/ 2018 83 With   CD
2236 Faria Afrin


Effects of chitosan coating on chemical, microbiological and sensory characteristics of labeo rohita fillets during frozen storage FIT MS Aut/ 2018 56 With   CD
2237 Tahia Naznin


Morphological variation in coastal rice (oryza sativa l.) Genotypes GPB MS Aut/ 2018 80 With   CD
2238 Panchali Chakraborty


Evaluation of Brassica napus lines for seed yield and oil composition GPB MS Aut/ 2018 85 With   CD
2239 Onita Mostafiz


Effect of nitrogen and potassium on growth, yield and quality of Carrot HRT MS Aut/ 2018 77 With   CD
2240 Md. Imran Husain


Postharvest quality assessment of tender palmyra (Borassus flabellifer L.) fruit endosperm HRT MS Aut/ 2018  51 With   CD
2241 Ruby Akter


Summer Tomato as influenced by plant growth regulators under open and poly tunnel condition HRT MS Aut/ 2018 97 With   CD
2242 Lutfun Nahar


Response of different explants for indirect organogenesis in Cucumber HRT MS Aut/ 2018 51 With   CD
2243 Nazma Akter


  cultivars growen under organic and conventional fertilization HRT MS Aut/ 2018 97 With   CD
2244 Md. Atiq Ahamed Fattah


Characterization of plant growth promoting rhizobacteria and their influence on Tomato cultivation SSC MS Aut/ 2018 103 With   CD
2245 Sondhi Roy


Soil structural stability and carbon sequestration under different organic and inorganic management practices SSC MS Aut/ 2018 51 With   CD
2246 Mahbuba Sultana


Effect of organic and inorganic fertilizer on growth, yield and nutrient uptake of cauliflower SSC MS Aut/ 2018 86 With   CD
2247 Rahanuma Tarannum Shifa Effect of drought on yield and seed quality of twenty one rice genotypes SST MS Aut/ 2018 59 With   CD
2248 H. M. Hasan Hafiz


Sustainability of rice based farming at coastal areas in Bangladesh AER MS Win/ 2018 86 With CD


2249 Sonjith Das


Farmers’ attitude towards extension services provided by the local extension agent in haor area AER MS Win/ 2018 62 With CD


2250 Md. Shahnewas Kabir


Farmers’ response on cultivation of mustard in between aman and boro rice AER MS Win/ 2018 65 With CD


2251 Md. Zahangir Alam


Performance of cabbage varieties in aonla based multistoried agroforestry system AFE MS Win/ 2018 74 With CD


2252 Md. Zahangir Hossain


Performance of soybean varieties in aonla based multistoried agroforestry system AFE MS Win/ 2018 79 With CD


2253 Zabid-Al-Riyadh


Performance of different vegetable and spice crops in jackfruit based multistorey agroforestry system AFE MS Win/ 2018 100 With CD
2254 Tanjina Yasmin Rita


Performance of stem amaranth in aonla based multistoried agroforestry system AFE MS Win/ 2018 82 With CD


2255 Ashrafun Nahar


Growth and yield performance of foxtail millets under salinity AGR MS Win/ 2018 56 WithCD
2256 Md. Mukhairul Islam


Evaluation of Rice genotyupes under low water condition AGR MS Win/ 2018 64 With CD


2257 Md. Mahbub Sobhan


Effect of probiotic treatment on nutrient content of rice straw and its impact on blood parameters and health status of dairy cows ASN MS Win/ 2018 78 With CD
2258 Priyanka Dutta


Effect of partial replacement of soybean meal protein by cottonseed meal protein on the growth performance and carcass characteristics of broiler chicken ASN MS Win/ 2018 68 With CD


2259 Md. Mahfuzur Rahman


Identification of marine and terrestrial soil microbes inhibiting fish and shrimp pathogen BTL MS Win/ 2018 67 With CD


2260 Rakib Ehsan


Molecular characterization of the pathogens causing streptococcosis in  barbodes gonionotus and tail and fin rot disease in anabas testudineus


BTL MS Win/ 2018 70 With CD


2261 Samia Haque Binto


Regeneration of rare medicinal plant through tissue culture technique CBT MS Win/ 2018 64 With CD


2262 Md. Sohel Rana


Impacts of trichoderma-enriched biofertilizer on bioactive compounds, nutritional and post harvest quality of Tomato (solanum lycopersicum l.) ENS MS Win/ 2018 103 With CD


2263 Polash Kisku Marcus


Decolorization, degradation and detoxification of congo red, methyl orange and remazol briliant blue by different bacterial biofilm consortia ENS MS Win/ 2018 76 With CD


2264 Md. Shohel Rana


Level of occurrence and risk characterization of organochlorine pesticide residues in different river water of Bangladesh ENT MS Win/ 2018 63 With CD


2265 Md. Arafat Sadat


Assessment of persistent organic pollutant residues in the water from different sources and their level of risk for utilization ENT MS Win/ 2018 60 With CD
2266 Taslima Akter Siddiqua


Bio rational management of jassids and their impact on virus diseases of Okra ENT MS Win/ 2018 94 With CD


2267 Mirza Jinat Akter Nishat


Seasonal dynamics of eriophyid mite and its associated predatory mite on coconut ENT MS Win/ 2018 59 With CD
2268 Tejashri Chakma


Fate of carbofuran in ash gourd (benincasahispida) agroecosystem ENT MS Win/ 2018 60 With CD
2269 Md. Foysul Hossain


Red seaweed (hypnea musciformis) powder as a fish feed supplement for growth and immune elicitor of Asian Catfish (heteropneustes fossilis)


FBE MS Win/ 2018 53 With CD


2270 Swagata Aditya


Genetic variation of climbing perch (anabastestudineus) populations in bangladesh revealed by sequenc e analysis of mitochondrial control region GFB MS Win/ 2018 70 With CD
2271 Nayan Chandra Mondal


Breeding performances of netrokona and sylhet koi (anabastestudineus) populations in a semi-artificial condition GFB MS Win/ 2018 46 With CD
2272 Muhammad Sharif


Prevalence and epidemiological risk factors associated with clinical mastitis in dairy Cows GOR MS Win/ 2018   With CD


2273 Suraiya Nishat


Genetic variation for field performance in country bean (lablabpurpureus l.) Genotypes GPB MS Win/ 2018 58 With CD


2274 Abu Sayeed Md. Hasibuzzaman Characterization of local and exotic papaya (caricapapaya l.) Genotypes GPB MS Win/ 2018 81 With CD


2275 Madhuri Debnath


Effect of nitrogen and plant spacing on growth, yield and profitability of Okra HRT MS Win/ 2018 89 With CD
2276 Jeba Tasnia Moon


Performance of heat tolerant lablab bean varieties at varied planting time HRT MS Win/ 2018 56 With CD


2277 Ripa Rani Bhowal


Morphological and molecular characteriation of tropical Strawberry HRT MS Win/ 2018 69 With CD


2278 Salma Sultana


Pathological study of enteric bacterial diseases of Chickens in Gazipur district PAT MS Win/ 2018 104 With CD


2279 Suhuur Mohamoud Abdilahi


Pathological investigation of lung diseases of cattle in Gazipur district PAT MS Win/ 2018 61 With CD


2280 Sayma Tahsin Nira


Isolation, molecular identification and control of alternaria leaf spot in Broccoli PLP MS Win/ 2018 78 With CD
2281 Nusrat Zahan


Isolation, molecular identification and in vitro control of anthracnose in Chili PLP MS Win/ 2018 82 With CD
2282 Nabila Yesmin


Isolation, molecular identification and control of phyllosticta leaf spot of Jackfruit PLP MS Win/ 2018 85 With CD
2283 Preangka Saha Briste


Isolation, molecular identification and control of dragon fruit stem rot caused by lasiodiplodiatheobromae PLP MS Win/ 2018 84 BlankCD
2284 Nasrin Sultana


Isolation, molecular identification and control of coconut grey leaf spot caused by pestalotiopsis species PLP MS Win/ 2018 63 With CD


2285 Mahmuda Haque


Influence of diazotrophic bacteria on growth and yield of wheat SSC MS Win/ 2018 70 With CD


2286 Falguni Khan


Influence of long term incorporation of Rice straw on soil health under variable soil depth and rice (oryzasativa l.) Yield SSC MS Win/ 2018 79 With CD


2287 Ismail  Hossain


Seasonal effects on seed quality of rice SST MS Win/ 2018 58 With CD
2288 Mohammed  Nure Yousuf


Effect of soil moisture levels and nutrient management, on growth, yield and quality attributes of black cumin SSC Ph.D Win/ 2018 165 With CD


2289 Md. Humayun Kabir Shiragi


Mathematical indices for evaluation of physico-chemical properties of Bangladesh soils


SSC Ph.D Win/ 2018 134 With CD


2290 Aliyu Akilu Barau


Crop management and livelihood practices of farmers in selected char lands of Bangladesh AER PhD Sum/ 2019 176 With CD


2291 Mosammat Umma Kulsum


Exploitation and introgression of submergence tolerance in component lines of Hybrid Rice GPB PhD Sum/ 2019 185 With CD


2292 Mohammed Harun Or Rashid


Quantitative analysis of yield and quality traits in Sunflower (helianthus annuus L.) GPB PhD Sum/ 2019 158 With CD


2293 Md. Mokter Hossain Bhuiyan


Nitrogen use efficiency in wheat in wheat-mungbean-t. Aman cropping system SSC PhD Sum/ 2019 231 With CD


2294 Touhid Reza Shawon


Profit efficiency of power tiller operated seeder in some selected areas of Faridpur district AEC MS Sum/ 2019 71 With CD


2295 Sharmin Shifa


An analysis of the extent, determinants and impact of crop diversification in Bangladesh AEC MS Sum/ 2019 76 With CD


2296 Saida Akter Jui


Enhancing supply of indigenous vegetables through adoption of improved varieties and safe environment friendly production technologies AEC MS Sum/ 2019 97 With CD


2297 Sadia Afrin Pranty


Value chain analysis of selected indigenous vegetable in Moulvibazar district AEC MS Sum/ 2019 131 With CD


2298 Mahmud Al Hasan


Impact of climate change on agricultural production in Bangladesh AEC MS Sum/ 2019 62 With CD


2299 Md. Rakib Uddin


Viability of medium scale layer farming in Sreepur upazila of Gazipur district AEC MS Sum/ 2019 63 With CD


2300 Mst. Jinath Ara Begum


Financial analysis of cabbage, cauliflower and tomato production in Gazipur district AEC MS Sum/ 2019 59 With CD


2301 Shadesh Karmaker


Wellbeing status of garo ethnic people at Madhupur upazila in Tangail district AER MS Sum/ 2019 73 With CD


2302 Nusrat Jahan Upoma


Impact of integrated agricultural productivity project on the beneficiaries in Mithapukur upazila of Rangpur district AER MS Sum/ 2019 60 With CD


2303 Zannatul Ferdaous Bony


Productivity and profitability of lemon-based agroforestry systems with different vegetables and spices AFE MS Sum/ 2019  85 With CD


2304 Khokon Chandro Mohanta


Effect of drip and furrow irrigation on bt Brinjal production AGE MS Sum/ 2019   With CD


2305 Md. Yunus Mia


Response of corn to starter fertilizer under different irrigation regimes AGE MS Sum/ 2019 56 With CD


2306 Sharmin Alam


Processing and preservation of aloe vera (aloe barbadensis mill.) Juice and drink AGP MS Sum/ 2019  119 With CD


2307 Md. Akibul Hasan Bakky


Replacement of expensive pure nutrients in kosaric medium with low-cost commercial fertilizers for the culture of spireulina platensis AQC MS Sum/ 2019 40 With CD


2308 Imran Hossain


Larval rearing of stinging catfish heteropneustes fossilis fed with natural and artificial diets AQC MS Sum/ 2019 46 With CD


2309 Masuma Akter Sadia


Effect of different food sources on growth and reproduction of earthworm periomyx excavatus AQC MS Sum/ 2019 55 With CD


2310 Akramul Haque


Use of probiotic to improve nutritional value of rice straw and its effect on digestibility in heifer ASN MS Sum/ 2019 73 With CD


2311 Arshadul Haque


Assessment of the nutritional quality and fungal contamination of commercial poultry feed and raw materials available in Mymensingh and Gazipur district ASN MS Sum/ 2019 80 With CD


2312 Suma Rani Ghosh


Role of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi on growth and biochemical parameters in arsenic treated field pea ENS MS Sum/ 2019   With CD


2313 Moriom Khatun


Characterization of biofilm-producing plant growth promoting rhizobacteria isolated from drought prone areas of Bangladesh ENS MS Sum/ 2019 86 With CD


2314 Md. Wahiduzzaman Nur


Management of aphids and pod borer of country bean with bio-rational approaches and their impact on natural enemies ENT MS Sum/ 2019 74 With CD


2315 Md. Shahab Uddin Bhuiyan


Management of aphid and pod borer of yard long bean using some promising insecticides ENT MS Sum/ 2019 62 With CD


2316 Ryjwana Shahrin


Population dynamics and harmful effects of sucking insect on different tomato varieties ENT MS Sum/ 2019 79 With CD


2317 Homaira Mohsina


Bioefficacy, fate and risk assessment of fipronil in banglamati rice ENT MS Sum/ 2019 53 With CD


2318 Mst. Sabrina Sultana


Dissipation pattern and safety evaluation for dimethoate in yard long bean ENT MS Sum/ 2019 53 With CD


2319 Homaira Alam Jui


Biology and management of pulse beetle callosobruchus chinensis l. On stored mung bean ENT MS Sum/ 2019 59 With CD


2320 Md. Ariful Islam


Arthropod pests infesting ornamental plants in Bangladesh: strategies for management ENT MS Sum/ 2019 102 With CD


2321 Tasmiah Tabassom


Biochemical characterization of presumptive lactobacillus sp. From the intestine of shing (heteropneuestes fossilis) with it’s enumeration of probiotic properties FBE MS Sum/ 2019 59 With CD


2322 Abu Bakar Siddique


Growth and adaptation of stinging catfish (heteropneuestes fossilis) at different salinity FBE MS Sum/ 2019 66 With CD


2323 Sultana Razia


Isolation, biochemical identification and probiotic properties characterization of presumptive lactobacillus sp. From the intestine of tilapia (oreochromis niloticus) FBE MS Sum/ 2019 70 With CD


2324 Ilias Ebne Kabir


Effect of different drying methods on physico-chemical, microbiological and sensing properties of torpedo scad (megalaspis cordyla)


FIT MS Sum/ 2019   With CD


2325 Md. Rayhanur Rahman


Impacts of cage culture on the water quality of the Meghna river at karimpur, Narsingdhi


FMG MS Sum/ 2019 40 With CD


2326 Shafia Mashiat


Screening of zinc and iron rich CMS component lines (A, B and R lines) of Rice GPB MS Sum/ 2019 104 With CD


2327 Urmi Rani Shaha


Development of zinc enrich hybrid rice utilizing cytoplasmic male sterile lines GPB MS Sum/ 2019 88 With CD


2328 Farzana Akter


Effect of salt stress on the development of maize (zea mays l.) Hybrids under hydroponic system GPB MS Sum/ 2019 59 With CD


2329 Tamanna Sharmin


Physiological and morphological responses of hybrid maize under drought stress condition GPB MS Sum/ 2019 64 With CD


2330 Sarnaly Goon Sarna


Genetic analysis for yield and quality traits of Aus rice (oryza sativa l.) GPB MS Sum/ 2019 89 With CD


2331 Sarah Tasnim


Genetic variation and character association in segregating population of pea (pisum sativum l.) GPB MS Sum/ 2019 72 With CD


2332 S.M. Mustafizur Rahman


Effect of vermicompost on growth, yield and quality on B roccoli HRT MS Sum/ 2019 78 With CD


2333 Rafia Akhtar Rimu


Effect of organic and inorganic fertilizer application on the yield and quality of black cumin HRT MS Sum/ 2019 70 With CD


2334 Nahida Akter


Morphological characterization, fruit quality and shelf life of burmese grape genotypes in Bangladesh HRT MS Sum/ 2019 70 With CD


2335 Ananya Sarker


Effect of organic and inorganic fertilizers on biomass and biochemical parameters of garden pea HRT MS Sum/ 2019 51 With CD


2336 A.Z.M. Shafiullah Prodhan


Early and late broccoli performance as influenced by different field condition HRT MS Sum/ 2019 66 With CD


2337 Md. Masud Karim Prodhan Influence of gibberelic acid on seed production of bu cauliflower-1 HRT MS Sum/ 2019 64 With CD


2338 Sharmin Alam


Pathological investigation of reproductive diseases of doe in Gazipur district PBL MS Sum/ 2019 85 With CD


2339 Md. Rabiul Islam


Characterization of sclerotinia sclerotiorum, an emerging fungal pathogen causing blight on pea PLP MS Sum/ 2019 54 With CD


2340 Sirajum Monira


Amendment of industrial effluents contaminated soils using biochar SSC MS Sum/ 2019 74 With CD


2341 Shahida Arofi


Soil aggregate stability in relation of carbon and basic cations SSC MS Sum/ 2019 49 With CD


2342 Md. Mojammel Haque


Biochar on soil fertility crop productivity in Shibalaya upazila of Manikganj district SSC MS Sum/ 2019 63 With CD


2343 Jarin Yeasmin


Yield and seed quality of mungbean genotypes under waterlogging at vegetative stage


SST MS Sum/ 2019   With CD


2344 Sajeda Khanom


Root yield and seed production potential of bu carrot-1 under different ga3 concentrations SST MS Sum/ 2019 50 With CD


2345 Afrin Jahan


Resource use efficiency on pond fish farming in Narsingdi district of Bangladesh AEC MS Aut/


  With CD
2346 Ahmed Asifur Rab


Influence of climatic variables on stability and supply response of selected winter vegetables in Bangladesh AEC MS Aut/


60 With CD
2347 Jannat Ara Prity


Comparative profitability analysis of BARI sarisha-14 and locally cultivated old variety in Manikganj district AEC MS Aut/


  With CD
2348 Anwara Begum


Impact of labor migration on rural livelihood in Pakundia upazila under Kishorgonj district AER MS Aut/


63 With CD
2349 Mst. Runju Akter


Adoption of spices technologies by the growers in Shibganj upazila of Boguna district AER MS Aut/


73 With CD
2350 Sohel Rana


Adoption and profitability of catfish farming in Trishal upazila AER MS Aut/


71 With CD
2351 Ashikur Rahman


Performance of different machine learning algorithms on satellite image classification in rural and urban setup AFE MS Aut/


55 With CD
2352 Mahbuba Meherun


Monitoring the dynamics of wetlands in Dhaka city using geospatial data AFE MS Aut/


64 With CD
2353 Halima Akhtar


Impacts of climate change on reference crop evapotranspiration in the south-western region of Bangladesh AGE MS Aut/


59 With CD
2354 Md. Sydur Rahman Khan


Effecfts of soil moisture regimes on the growth and yield of a newly developed Chickpea variety AGE MS Aut/


48 With CD
2355 Sharmin Akter Sumi


Anticlogging performance evaluation of drip emitters available in Bangladesh AGE MS Aut/


56 With CD
2356 Mohima Jannat


Impacts of climate change on reference crop evapotranspiration in the north-central and south-eastern regions of Bangladesh AGE MS Aut/


61 With CD
2357 Md. Mehedi Hasan


Production of concentrate and toffee from palmyra palm (borassus flabellifer l.) AGP MS Aut/


79 With CD
2358 Md. Saddam Hossain


Waterlogging effects on morpho-physiology and productivity of Soybean AGR MS Aut/


  With CD
2359 Arpita Sen


Biochemical mechanism of salinity tolerance in wheat AGR MS Aut/


  With CD
2360 Laila Parveen Shathy


Enzyme activity, ion accumulation and productivity of wheat genotypes under saline condition




  With CD
2361 Ahmed Mohamed Abdi


Land use change dynamics and its impact on crop productivity in estuarine floodplain of Bangladesh AGR MS Aut/


  With CD
2362 Prasun Chakraborty


Effect of replacing fishmeal protein with earthworm meal protein in practical diet on growth performance and body composition of Pabda ompok Pabda AQC MS Aut/


  With CD
2363 Forida Yeasmin


Ruminal degradation studies of acti-meal and distillers dried grain (DDG) ASN MS Aut/


68 With CD
2364 Md. Shariful Islam


Effect of cottonseed meal on meat quality and biochemical parameters of broiler Chicken ASN MS Aut/


71 With CD
2365 Saif Uddin Khan


Identification of native probiotic bacteria to enhance growth and prevent disease in labeo rohita BTL MS Aut/


58 With CD
2366 Rumana Yeasmin


Inhibitory effects of plant probiotic bacteria and fungicides on wheat blast fungus BTL MS Aut/


  With CD
2367 Kanistha Rani


Morphological, pathological and molecular characterization of rice blast pathogen BTL MS Aut/


67 With CD
2368 Samiya Akter


Evaluation of the performances of probiotic bacteria on growth and yield of rice in a farmer’s field in Jhenaidah BTL MS Aut/


79 With CD
2369 Mst. Mahamuda Khatun


Effect of azolla (azolla pinnata) on the quality and cholesterol content of Chicken Egg DPS MS Aut/


42 With CD
2370 Ashim Chakraborty


Impact assessment of trichoderma-enriched bio-organic fertilizer for bottle gourd and sweet gourd cultivation in field environment ENS MS Aut/


  With CD
2371 Marufa Jahan


Residues and risk assessment of organophosphate and synthetic pyrethroid insecticides in different fruits ENT MS Aut/


No page num. With CD
2372 Saima Sultana


Estimation of organophosphate and pyrethroid insecticide residues in summer vegetables for health risk assessment ENT MS Aut/


73 With CD
2373 Mst. Sumi Akter


Assessment of organochlorine pesticide residues in poultry chicken ENT MS Aut/


56 With CD
2374 Tanzina Alam


Assessment of consumer health risk associated with the presence of persistent pesticide residues in poultry egg ENT MS Aut/


63 With CD
2375 Mansura Afroz


Field screening of sweet gourd entities against insect pests ENT MS Aut/


89 With CD
2376 Rukaiya Sarmin


Detection and quantification of selected insecticide residues in winter vegetables for consumer risk assessment ENT MS Aut/


72 With CD
2377 Md. Omor Faruk


Assessment of shelf life and quality of grass carp (ctenopharyngodon idella) during ice storage FIT MS Aut/


61 With CD
2378 Hasibur Rahman


Diversity of fish fauna in belai beel, Gazipur: present status, threats and recommendations for conservation




73 With CD
2379 Md. Ariful Islam


Effects of probiotic based nutrition on growth, hematology and breeding performance of silver barb (barbonymus gonionotus, bleeker, 1850)




59 With CD
2380 Md. Mamunur



In vitro maturation of abattoir-derived bovine oocytes in Bangladesh GOR MS Aut/


58 With CD
2381 Sumi Sarkar


Characterization of advanced lines of wheat for heat tolerance GPB MS Aut/


75 With CD
2382 Md. Golam Azam


Screening of low phosphorus tolerant maize including hill germplasm in hydroponics culture at seedling stage GPB MS Aut/


62 With CD
2383 Sanjuti Deb Joyee


Enhancement of salt tolerance in rice (ORYZA SATIVA l) through mutagenesis GPB MS Aut/


90 With CD
2384 Md. Atiqur Rahman


Effect of ascorbic acid on the plant growth and shelf life of Tomato HRT MS Aut/


51 With CD
2385 Monjur Morshed


Harnessing biochar potentials for carbon sequestration and soil health improvement SSC MS Aut/


61 With CD