The Department offers courses for Undergraduate (BS) Program and Postgraduate studies to (MS) an PhD degree. The Department of Horticulture offers 05 undergraduate courses 16 postgraduate courses along with practical oriented laboratory classes. The department has a will facilitated undergraduate laboratory and tow post graduate laboratories (1 general + 1 tissue culture laboratory). The department has also a will developed research field in which teachers and students conduct their researches. The department has major research programs on improvement of horticultural crops, production technology , post harvest technology and processing , seed production, biotechnology and marker aided selection of horticultural crops

Course Title         : Fundamentals of Horticulture

Course Code        : HRT 140

Course Credit      : 3+1.5

Course Content : Economic importance and classification of horticultural crops and their culture-nutritive value-area, production exports and imports fruit and vegetable zones of Bangladesh. Soil and climate vegetable gardens –kitchen garden and other types of gardens. Planning and layout and management of orchard and planting systems. Horticultural production practices for vegetable crops, nursery techniques and management of vegetable crops principles and methods of pruning and training of horticultural crops. Water management- weed management –fertility management in Horticultural crops, cropping system. Bearing habits- factors influencing the fruitfulness and unfruitfulness and rejuvenation of horticultural crops-principles of organic farming, hydroponics in vegetable production –harvesting, post harvest handling, processing and marketing and storage of horticultural crops.

Course Title         : vegetable and Spices Production

Course Code        :HRT 255

Course Credit      : 3+1.5

Course Content    : Importance and scope of vegetable production. Classification of vegetables. Vegetable farming. Cropping system. Nursery management and seedling transplanting. Climate, soil and nutrient requirement of vegetables. Production technology of cole crops, root crops. Tuber crops, solanaceous, cucurbits, leguminous and other miscellaneous vegetables. Hydroponics technique in vegetable production . post harvest handling , storage and processing of vegetables. Marketing and exports of vegetables.

Scope and importance of spice corps. Classification of spices. Production technology of chilli, onion, garlic, ginger, turmeric, coriander, cumin, black pepper, cinnamon, cardamom,clove and bay leaf and other important spices.


Course Title         : Fruits and Plantation Crop Production

Course Code        : HRT 280

Course Credit      : 3+1.5

Course Content: Status of fruit production in Bangladesh. Production technology of major fruits(Mango,Jackfruit,Litchi,Banana,Ber,Guava,Papaya,pineapple),Minor fruits (Pomello,Amra,Sapota,Bael& Cothbael,Lotkon,Palmyra Palm, Tamarind, Anonaceous fruit, Bilati Gad & Chalta), Ezotic fruits (Apple, Pear,Grave, Passion fruit, Strawberry, Dates,Cashew nut) and plantation crops (Tea, Coffee,Rubber) of Bangladesh.

Course Title         : Floriculture and Landscape Horticulture

Course Code        : HRT 370

Course Credit     : 3+1.5

Course Content: Scope and importance of floriculture. Classification and pruning. Production techniques of flowering plants like rose, marigold, chrysanthemum, dahlia, tuberose and other bulbous plant, carnation, gladiolus, gerbera, jasmine, house plants, orchid, cacti and other succulents. Importance, cultivation and uses of ornamental trees, climbers, shrubs and hedges. Post harvest technology of cut flowers of cut flowers in respect of commercial flower crops. Landscaping, basic principles and components. Principals of gardening, styles of gardening, lawn making and management, methods of designing rockery, water garden, botanical garden etc. Floral arrangement. Making bonsai.

Course Title         : Propagation and Nursery Management

Course Code        : HRT 415

Course Credit      : 3+1.5

Course Content : Plant propagation , Seed propagation: advantage and disadvantages, Seed germination & Dormancy, Seed formation, Seed development, Vegetative propagation: Methods, advantages & limitation, Propagation by specialized vegetative structures, Propagation by apomictic seedling, Techniques of propagation by cutting, Cutting and its factors, Use of plant growth regulators in rooting of cutting , Layering , Theoretical aspects of grafting & budding, Methods of grafting, Graft incompatibility, Methods of budding , Union between stock & scion , Factors affecting the healing of graft or bud union, Tissue culture and Micropropagantion .