Welcome to the Faculty of Forestry and Environment

Academic Calendar 2022-2023

The Faculty of Forestry and Environment was established in 2022 with the aim of producing professionally trained graduates in the field of forest. To achieve this, the Faculty offers the BS in Forestry. The BS in Forestry is multidisciplinary, including forest management, policy, biodiversity, silviculture, ecology, resource conservation, economics, etc. In addition, students are given exposure to professional training in the public and/or private agencies to improve their skills, possess talents and problem-solving capabilities.

The Faculty is well-equipped with essential laboratories for teaching purposes such as soil science, forest operation, hydrology, entomology, pathology, seed technology, information technology, physiology, forest ecology, GIS and remote sensing.

With the combination of the human capital and equipment available, the faculty offers academic courses to enhance knowledge and skills in forestry and environment.

Vision: Education, research, and human resource development for conserving and expanding our limited forest resources, ensuring its sustainable development and congenial environment.

Mission: Teaching, Training, and Research in the various fields of forestry and environment for the creation, care, conservation, and utilization of forest resources towards the sustainable environment and improve forestry sector in Bangladesh.

Objectives: To provide need-oriented training, education, and research opportunity to the students in

  1. Forest distribution, ecology, and silviculture
  2. Forest inventory, monitoring, and auditing (inventory and mensuration)
  3. Atmospheric and oceanic environment and their dynamics in Bangladesh
  4. National, international forest and environmental policy
  5. Forest management, GIS and remote sensing
  6. Forest utilization
  7. EMP, EIA and Environmental Auditing
  8. Participatory forestry (agroforestry, community forestry, social forestry)
  9. Forest genetics and improvement
  10. Forest protection, wildlife management
  11. Ecosystem, soil and watershed management
  12. Natural resource management (light, air, water, and soil) and biodiversity conservation
  13. Climate change adaptation, natural disaster and hazard management.