Faculty of Fisheries

  • FMG101 Physico-chemical Limnology
  • FMG131 Freshwater Ecology
  • FMG161 Biological Limnology
  • FMG201 Estuarine and Marine Ecology
  • FMG261 Fish Pathology-I
  • FMG361 Fish Pathology-II
  • FMG401 Prevention and Control of Fish Diseases
  • FMG402 Oceanography and Marine Biology
  • FMG431 Fish Population Dynamics
  • FMG461 Fisheries Management and Conservation

PDF: Fish Course Layout _FMG_BS_Fisheries


Faculty of Agricultural Economics and Rural Development

  • FMG135 Elements of Fisheries

PDF: Fish Course Layout _FMG_ Agri.Economics