Minimum Course and Research Requirement for M.S. Degree1

A. Major courses Credit Minor courses Credit
1a. Core: 12 2a. Core: 6
FMG501 Fisheries Resource Management 3 AQC501 Openwater Aquaculture 3
FMG532 Fish Health Management 3 STT510 Design of Experiment 3
FMG535 Fish Stock Assessment 3
FMG560 Integrated Coastal Zone Management 3
1b. Elective: 6 2b. Elective: 6
FMG503 Water Quality and Environmental Impacts 3 AER501 Agricultural Extension & Communication 3
FMG504 Community Based Fisheries Management 3 STT501 Methods of Statistics 3
FMG505 Fisheries Resources Legislation 3 AEC511 Farm Management 3
FMG516 Fish Pathology 3 AQC521 Aquafarm Operation 3
FMG517  Fish Immunology 3 HRT541 Research Methodology 3
FMG545 Marine Ecosystems, Biodiversity and Conservation 3  



Other Courses2

FMG555 Estuarine and Coastal Dynamics 3
FMG564 Climate Change and Fisheries 3
B. Seminar 1
FMG598 Seminar 1
C. Thesis Research 12
FMG599 Thesis Research variable
Total 43

1 Degree requirements may be changed on the recommendation of the Board of Studies and the Student’s Advisory Committee.

2 Approved by the student’s Advisory Committee.