Message of Dean: The university BSMRAU was established by transforming the then Institute of Postgraduate Studies in Agriculture (IPSA) in 1998 with the promulgation of an act (Act No. 1, 1998) by the parliament of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. IPSA started offering graduate degree program (MS & PhD) in different fields of Agriculture in 1991 and since then it has been serving as ‘Centre of Excellence’ for graduate program in agriculture education. Initially IPSA was under the administrative control of the Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute (BARI) and academically affiliated to Bangladesh Agricultural University (BAU). Subsequently IPSA became completely autonomous in 1994 with the promulgation of an ordinance (Ordinance No. 3, 1994) followed by an act (Act No. 1, 1994) passed by the parliament of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. The graduate program of the institute was merged as the Faculty of Graduate Studies after transforming into university. The Dean, Faculty of Graduate Studies is the academic head of the faculty and co-ordinates the academic activities of the University at graduate level. At present 23 academic departments, one academic unit and one institute are offering MS and PhD degree under the Faculty of Graduate Studies. Another six departments are going to offer MS degree very soon. In addition, the Department of Statistics (STT) and Computer Science & Information Technology (CST) offer supporting courses required for the degrees.