Degree Offering Departments :


Sl. No. Faculty Departments Subject(s)

in which degree is offered

1. Agriculture Agricultural Extension and Rural Development (AER)
2. Agroforestry and Environment (AFE)
3. Agricultural Engineering (AGE) Irrigation and Water Management
4. Agro-processing(AGP)
5. Agronomy (AGR)
6. Institute of Biotechnology & Genetics Engineering
7. Crop Botany (CBT)
8. Environmental Science (ENS)
9. Entomology (ENT)
10. Genetics and Plant Breeding (GPB)
11. Horticulture (HRT)
12. Plant Pathology (PLP)
13. Soil Science (SSC)
14. Seed Science and Technology (SST)
15. Fisheries Aquaculture (AQC)
16. Fisheries Biology and Aquatic Environment (FBE)
17. Fisheries Technology (FIT)
18. Fisheries Management (FMG)
19. Genetics and Fish Breeding (GFB)
20. Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science Animal Science and Nutrition (ASN) Animal Nutrition
21. Dairy and Poultry Science (DPS) Dairy Science
Poultry Science
22. Gynecology, Obstetrics and Reproductive Health (GOR) Theriogenology
23. Pathobiology  (PBL) Pathology
24. Agricultural Economics & Rural Development Agricultural Economics (AEC)

Supporting Departments


Sl. No. Departments
1. Computer Science and Information Technology (CST)
2. Statistics (STT)