Degree Offering Departments:


Sl. No.


Degree Offered

1. Agricultural Extension and Rural Development (AER) MS & PhD in Agricultural Extension and Rural Development
2. Agroforestry and Environment (AFE) MS & PhD in Agroforestry and Environment
3. Agricultural Engineering (AGE) MS in Irrigation and Water Management
4. Agro-processing (AGP) MS in Agro-processing
5. Agronomy (AGR) MS & PhD in Agronomy
6. Crop Botany (CBT) MS & PhD in Crop Botany
7. Environmental Science (ENS) MS in Environmental Science
8. Entomology (ENT) MS & PhD in Entomology
9. Genetics and Plant Breeding (GPB) MS & PhD in Genetics and Plant Breeding
10. Horticulture (HRT) MS & PhD in Horticulture
11. Plant Pathology (PLP) MS & PhD in Plant Pathology
12. Soil Science (SSC) MS & PhD in Soil Science
13. Aquaculture (AQC) MS in Aquaculture
14. Fisheries Biology and Aquatic Environment (FBE) MS in Fisheries Biology and Aquatic Environment
15. Fisheries Technology (FIT) MS in Fisheries Technology
16. Fisheries Management (FMG) MS in Fisheries Management
17. Genetics and Fish Breeding (GFB) MS in Genetics and Fish Breeding
18. Animal Science and Nutrition (ASN) MS in Animal Nutrition
19. Dairy and Poultry Science (DPS) MS in Dairy Science
MS in Poultry Science
20. Gynecology, Obstetrics and Reproductive Health (GOR) MS in Theriogenology
21. Pathobiology  (PBL) MS in Pathology
22. Agricultural Economics (AEC) MS & PhD in Agricultural Economics
23. Agribusiness (AGB) MS in Agribusiness Economics



  1. Institute of Biotechnology & Genetics Engineering (IBGE) – MS & PhD in Biotechnology & Genetics Engineering

Academic Unit:

  1. Seed Science and Technology Unit (SST) –            MS & PhD in Seed Science and Technology


Supporting Departments

  1. Computer Science and Information Technology (CST)
  2. Statistics (STT)


Six departments of which course layout with contents are approved as follows:

  1. Medicine (MED)
  2. Microbiology and Public Health (MPH)
  3. Physiology and Pharmacology (PHP)
  4. Anatomy and Histology (ANH)
  5. Surgery and Radiology (SRA)
  6. Animal Science and Nutrition (ASN)