Dr. Md. Abul Hossain Molla

Professor, Dept. of Environmental Science &

Dean, Faculty of Graduate Studies

 Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Agricultural University, Gazipur-1706, Bangladesh

 Email: ahmolla60@gmail.com OR ahmolla@bsmrau.edu.bd OR dean.graduatestudies@bsmrau.edu.bd

H/P: +88 01819132761

Dr. Md. Abul Hossain Molla secured Ph.D. in Biochemical Engineering from Dept. of Chemical and Environmental Engineering of Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM), Malaysia in 2002. He was graduated in Bachelor of Agriculture Science (Hons.) in 1982 and M. Sc. (Ag.) in Crop Botany in 1985 from Bangladesh Agricultural University. Moreover, Dr. Molla was awarded both JSPS (Japan) and MOSTI (Malaysia) fellowship as post doctoral fellow for conducting research in Kyushu University (2005/06) and Universiti Putra Malaysia (2004/05), respectively. Besides, Dr. Molla served as Fellow Researcher in Faculty of Engineering, UPM at the period of 28 Sept 2012 to 2 July 2013.


Presently Dr Molla is working as Professor in Dept. of Environmental Science of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Agricultural University (BSMRAU), Gazipur, Bangladesh. His research specialization is in bioconversion/bioremediation of wastes and wastewaters (both domestic and industrial) with filamentous fungi for its environmental safe disposal and recycling as value added product. He has quite good number of scientific publications in journals of relevant field under publishers of Elsevier Science, Springer, Kluwer Academic, Marcel Dekker, Taylor and Francis, NRC and IOS. Moreover, Prof. Molla has been awarded Gold Medal by Research Management Centre (RMC) and R&D Exhibition by Faculty of Engineering, UPM, Malaysia in 2002 and British Invention Show in 2004, and Silver Medal by Ministry of Science, Technology and the Environment (MOSTE) of Malaysia in 2002 and IENA 2004 in Nürnberg, Germany in 2004 for outstanding contribution in research of bioremediation of domestic wastewater sludge for its environmental friendly management and recycling.


Presently he is carrying h index 16 in Scopus and For more information you are invited to visit the following links. Dr. Molla is also acting as Editor of the journal ‘The Agriculturists’ – A Scientific Journal of Krishi Foundation (ISSN- 1729-5211, Biennial).


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