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The faculty of Agricultural Economics and Rural Development at Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Agricultural University was inaugurated in 2012. The faculty of AERD is designed and structured to prepare the scholars for successful career development in the public, private and international world. There is a long-term mission to train and teach the scholars who are able to meet the demands of new promising but also challenging period of Bangladesh agriculture. This faculty will educate students through knowledge and research in economic, social, political, and environmental dimensions of a viable agricultural as well as rural development.


The special characteristic of this faculty is that it combines areas of expertise derived from both sciences and the humanities. The agro-technical knowledge is essential for the evaluation of management intervention at the level of agricultural enterprises and the economic value of general measures of agricultural policy.


The Dean of the Faculty of Agricultural Economics and Rural Development is the academic head of the undergraduate program. There are 5 academic departments under the Faculty of AERD. The departments are well organized and equipped with highly qualified teachers, and headed by a Head. The academic departmental heads and teachers assist the Dean in operating the academic programs. The academic issues are discussed in the faculty meeting and if necessary the issues are placed at the Academic Council and/or recommended to the Syndicate for approval. The Dean brings the academic issues to the Academic Council. The Dean is directly assisted in day-to-day work by an Assistant Registrar (Academic), a Section Officer and other support staff. The Dean’s office is the primary contact point for the students in all academic matters.




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