Welcome to the Department of Entomology


Message from the Head

The Department of Entomology, one of the leading departments under the faculty of Agriculture started to offer MS (in Entomology) degree from 1991 and introduced PhD program in 1995. Currently, the department is offering courses at BS, MS and PhD levels with recent and advanced courses by its dedicated expert faculty members. The department has a 3 ha of experimental field and well-designed laboratories with advanced equipment facilitating world-class applied and basic research funded by different government and international organizations. A total of 213 MS and 35 PhD degree has been awarded from the department and the alumni are working in different organizations for managing insect pests for human welfare and ensuring food security of the country. 

The Department of Entomology has a major research thrust on

  1. Biological and ecological studies of arthropod pests;
  2. Studies on biocontrol agents, pollinators and their utilization in crop production;
  3. Collection, identification and preservation of insect pests and their natural enemies;
  4. Industrial insects and their commercialization;
  5. Integrated pest management (IPM) emphasizing the environmental toxicology of pesticides
  6. Molecular and phylogenetic study of social insects