Welcome to the Department of Entomology

Since its inception (1983) the Department started offering MSc (Ag) degree in Entomology under the BAU Academic umbrella. In1991, the Department started its journey independently offering MS (in Entomology) degree under course based curriculum with thesis research program. The Department introduced PhD program from 1995.

Achievement Number
Total PhD degree awarded 27
Total MS degree awarded 151
Current PhD student 01
Current MS  student 25
Total Publication 490

The Department of Entomology has a major research thrust on

i) biological and ecological studies of arthropod pests;

ii) studies on biocontrol agents, pollinators and their utilization in crop production;

iii) collection, identification and preservation of insect pests and their natural enemies;

iv) industrial insects and their commercialization;

v) integrated pest management (IPM); and

vi) pesticides and environmental toxicology.