Department of Environmental Science

(formerly Bioenvironmental Science)

The Department of ‘Bioenvironmental Science’ has been renamed as the Department of ‘Environmental Science’ since April, 2015.  This Department has been launched of its academic activities since Winter, 2013. Since then, the Department of Environmental Science is focusing Master of Science (MS) program only. The academic program is running on course-credit based education and relevant research on environmental science discipline, and therefore currently this department is offering the degree of MS in Environmental Science.

The Department of Environmental Science has been conducting the various research activities. For instance, wetland ecosystem service and biodiversity, carbon sequestration by wetland ecosystem, nutrient cycling, climate change and its connectivity with natural disasters, soil –air and water pollution/salinity problem in coastal region, uses of Mycorrhizae for the reduction of toxic substances, exploitation of native microbes (fungi and bacteria mostly) for bioremediation, heavy metals (Chromium, Arsenic, Nikel etc) removal through biofilm development and bio-bleaching of industrial as well as domestic wastewaters; assessment of environmental degradation such as ecosystem cut-off and services, natural resources pollution and biodiversity. Bioconversion and recycling of biodegradable wastes as value added products, bio-fertilizer and bio-pelletes production for crop and soil health improvement.