Sl. Name of the student Thesis Title
1. Mikail Shipar Extent of adoption of crop diversification programme-supported crops by the farmers of Kapasia thana under Gazipur district.
2. Shankar Kumar Mazumder Relationship of the selected characteristics of vegetable growers with their level of knowledge in vegetable production technology.
3. A.K.M. Jahangir Choudhury Factors affecting adoption behavior of boro rice growers: A case study on farmers attitude and accepted practices in Nowabgonj, Dhaka.
4. A.K.M. Waliullah Information media used by vegetable growers in Kashimpur union under Gazipur sadar thana.
5. Md. Mizanur Rahman Factors affecting the communication behaviour of winter vegetable growers of Shepur thana under Bogra district
6. Md. Abdus Sattar Khan Training needs of farmers on rice production in sadar than under Gazipur district.
7. Mohammad Gofran Loan utilization and repayment behaviour of women-members in Basan Gazipur branch of Grameen bank.
8. Md. Mahashin Adoption of high yielding winter vegetable varieties by the farmers of Mainamati union under Comilla district.
9. Syed Sarwar Jahan Attitude of extension personnel of the department of agricultural extension towards agricultural support services project.
10. Md. Masud Sultan Achievement from and utilization of foundation training course by the subject matter officers conducted at CERDI
11. A.F.M. Saiful  Islam Achievement and utilization of teaching methods training course by the subject matter officers.
12. Md. Monir Hossain Credit utilization and repayment behaviour of cereal crop farmers.
13. Sunil Kumar Roy Factors  associated with the extent of adoption of integrated pest management practices by the boro rice grower in Sadar thana of Magura distirct.
14. Md. Ibrahim Khalil Information sources used by farmers in producing HYV rice.
15. Md. Moqbul Hossain Job performance of block supervisors working under the department of agricultural extension.
16. Mohammad Mahmudul Alam Farm level status of HYV rice in a selected union of Gazipur district.
17. Shah Md. Akramul Hoque Farmers’ response to organic matter use for  increasing soil productivity in meherpur Sadar thana.
18. Ahmed Hossain Farm level status of improved  winter vegetable technologies in Sadar than of Jhenaidha district.
19. SK.M. Ahaduzzaman Adoption of Modern T. Aman technologies among the rice growers in Sadar thana of Rangpur district.
20. Md. Jamal Uddin Impact of IPM training on rice farmers’ educational behaviour: Cognitive and affective domains.
21. Md. Azharul Islam Cognitive Performance of the Cane Development Assistants
22. Khalifa Shah Alam Impact of training on farmers’ knowledge, attitude and adoption of modern sugarcane production technologies.
23. Sufia Begum Adoption of Cauliflower Production Technology in Homestead Area by the Rural Housewives in Savar upazila of Dhaka District.
24. Md. Abdul Kader Factors Affecting farmers’ awareness about latest sugarcane production technologies in some selected areas of Bangladesh.
25. Aklema Ashan Participation of rural women in homestead vegetable production program in sadar upazila of Gazipur district.
26. Abul Kashem Mohammad Jahangir Hossain Socio-Economic Impact of Social Forestry Project upon the Beneficiaries in Some Selected Villages of the RDRS Command Area
 27. Mohammad Safiullah Mazumder Impact of ASA micro Credit Program Towards Upliftment  of Rural Women Under Sada Upazila of Patuakhali District.
28. Md. Abu Syed Socio-Economic Impact of Thengamara Mohila Sabuj Sangha’s Poverty Alleviation Program on the Beneficiaries under Sirajgonj District
29. Md Mosharef Hossen Identification of Indigenous Technologies in Agriculture and Its Use by the Farmers
30. Md. Faruk Hossain Role of Farmers Promoters in Disseminating Knowledge, Skills and Access to Services Among the Beneficiaries under Farmer Led Extension Project of Rangpur District
31. Shaikh Shamim Hasan Farmers’ Response to Integrated Plant Nutrition System for Increasing Soil Fertility
32. Sk. Harunur Rashid Ahmed Fertilizer Use Gap Between Recommended and Farmers’ Practices for Sustaining Soil Productivity
33. Md. Latiful Haider Farmer’s Response to Integrated Pest Management for Increasing Brinjal Production.
34. Md. Abul Hossain Women’s Participation in Selected Income Generating Activities Undertaken by Smallholder Agricultural Improvement Project of Department of Agricultural Extension
35. Md. Mahmudul Hasan Farmers Participation in Farm and community Level Activities for Their Socioeconomic Upliftment
36. Mohammad Jahangir Hossain Impact of Micro-credit in the Poverty Alleviation of BARC Women Beneficiaries under Sreepur Upazila of Gazipur District
37. Md. Kabir Uddin Sarker Impact of Gur Processing Activity from Golpata (Nypa fruticans) in Improving Livelihood Status of the Beneficiaries
38. Muhammad Asif Alam Knowledge and Decision Making Ability of IPM farmers in Rice Pest Management
39. Mollah Mohammad Mahbubul Alam Indigenous Knowledge and Techniques Used in Processing, Storage Marketing of Raw Sugar from Golpata Sap (Nypa fruticans, Wrumb)
40. Md. Khaled Saifullah Participation of Literate and Trained Youth of Savar Upazila in Six Farm Family Traits
41. Md. Mohhin Ali Adoption of Organic Manures for BORO Rice Production at Sadar in Gazipur District
42. Jhanto Chandra Saha Loan Utilization and Repayment Behaviour of Clientele in Scotia Branch of Bank Asia Limited
43. Md. Moynul Haque Sarker Involvement of Landless Rural youth in Income Generating Activities in the Two Selected Villages of gobindaganj Upazilla under  Gaibandha District
44. Md. Ziaul Huda Farmers Response to Modern Maize Cultivation in Kapasia Upazilla under Gazipur District
45. Chandan Kumar Sarker Farm Level Status of Winter Vegetable Cultivation by the Farmers of Thakurgaon Sadar Upazilla
46. A.B.M. Sohel Mahmud Adoption of Modern Wheat cultivation Practices in Some Selected Area of Birgong Upazilla of Dinajpur District
47. Md. Shahinul Kabir Constraints of Adopting Ecofriendly Rice  Farming Practices
48. Tanmoy Kumar Saha Perception of Farmers on Farmer Information Needs Assessment
49. Md. Ahsan Habib Womens Participation in Decision Making at homestead Agril. Activities
50. AHM Fazla Rabbi Diffusion of Maize Production Technologies Under Sadar Upazilla of Thakurgon District.
51. Syed Estiak Ali Impact of Thengamara Mahila Sabuj Sangha” on the Development Activities of Rural Women.
52. Md. Sarwarul Haque Performance Assessment of The Beneficiaries Involved in High Value Crop Production.
53. Md. Tasdiqur Rahman Assessment of Cognitive Domain of Cotton Field Officer on Cotton Technology
54. Ali Ahmed


Job Performance of Sub Assistant Agricultural Officer Working Under the Department of Agricultural Extension
55. F.M. Mahbubur Rahman Food Security Through Homestead Vegetable Production in the Smallholder Agricultural Improvement Project Area.
56. Kazishahnewaz Impact of Training on Poultry and Nursery Raising by the “Nawabeyke Gonomukhi Foundation’  Beneficiaries.
57. A.K.M. Nazmul Haque Participation of rural and Suburb Women in Different Farm and Non-Farm Activities
58. Md. Azhar Ali Impact of Pineapple cultivation on the Socio-economic condition of Farmers
59. Abu Syed  Md. Jobaydul Alam Impact of Food Security Project on Crop Production.
60. Quazi Afzal Hossain Effectiveness of “Hridoye Mati-O-Manush” Television Programme in Disseminating Agriculturral Information.
61. Md. Aminul Islam Farmers’ Knowledge System and Dissemination of Mungbean Cultivation in the South-Western Region of Bangladesh
62. Md. Sadekur Rahman Farmers’ Response Towards the Cultivation of BRRI dhan33 to Mitigate Monga
63. Wasim Ahmed Impact of Shrimp Farming on Rice and Vegetable Production in Coastal region of Bangladesh
64. Md. Ziaul Hoque Role of Farming System towards Household Food  Security in Selected Char Land of Bangladesh
65. A.K.M Hedayet Ullah Chowdhury Adoption of BRRI dhan 47 in the Coastal Saline Areas of Bangladesh
66. Lutfun Nahar Mukta Participation of Rural Women in Homestead Agricultural Activities
67. Tanjila Adoption o Hybrid Rice in Selected Area of Gazipur District
68. Rezaul Karim Adoption of Agro-Technologies for Climate Change in Drought prone Region of Bangladesh
69. Md. Mominul Islam Perception of Sub Assistant Agricultural  Officer on Sustainable  Agricultural Practices
70. Md. Shamsul Arefin Famers’ of Attitude  Towards  Use of AgroChemicals in Rice Cultivation
71. Ashek Mohammad Famers’ Knowledge  and Attitude Towards Floating Agril. For Sustainable Development
72. Lily Chakma Fish Biodiversity and Livelihood Status of Fishermen Living around the Kaptai Lake
73. Md. Akter Faruk Fuad Impact of IPM Practices on Tomato Cultivation
74. Shahriar Hasan Pest Risk Analysis and Management Practices for Increasing Profitability of Lemon Production
75. Sulogna Chakma Contribution of Fruit Production Towards Family Income of

Tribal People


Sl# Name of the student Dissertation  Title
1. Mohammad Gofran Impact of Micro Credit Based Activities on the Livelihood of Rural Farmers in Bangladesh Through Development Projects Undertaken by Department of Agricultural Extension
2. Md. Abul Hossain Participation and Empowerment of Rural Poor Women Through NGO Intervention in Bangladesh
3. A.K.M. Waliullah Implementation and Effect of Block Grant Based Development Projects on Rural Development
4. Abu Torab Impact of New Agricultural Extension Policy Interventions on  Changing of Small Farmers’ Livelihood in Bangladesh
5. A.K.M. Farhad Coping Strategies Practised by the Farmers Against Flood in Bangladesh
6. Md. Saiful Islam Afrad Impact of Arsenic Mitigation Program in Bangladesh
7. Akkas Mahmud Impact of Modern Agricultural Technology on Livelihood Status of Charland Farmers
8. Suchanda Roy Farmers Attitude and Use of Indigenous Technical Knowledge in Agricultural Practice in Northwest Eco-system of Bangladesh
9. Md. Abul Hossain Impact of Food Security Project of the Department of Agricultural Extension of the Livelihood and Food Security Status of the Beneficiaries
10. Sk. Harunur Rashid Ahmed Farmers’ Participation in on-Farm Research Activities of Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute
11. Md. Latiful Haider Integrated Pest Management Club for Fostering Farmers’ Empowerment in Rice Production
12. Fatema wadud Impact of Commercial Flower Cultivation on the Livelihood of Its Growers in Bangladesh
13. F.M. Mahbubur Rahman Hybrid Rice  Cultivation and Its Impacts on Social Inequality in Some Selected Areas of Bangladesh
14. Md. Ali Akbar Impact of Eco-friendly Agricultural Practices on Crop Production in Bangladesh
15. Md. Azhar Ali Impact of Seed Production Project on Changing Knowledge, Attitude, Practice and Livelihood Status of The Beneficiaries
16. A.K.M. Nazmul Hoque Research Extension Linkage Influencing Farmers’ Knowledge, Perception and Adoption on Orange Production Technologies
17. Md. Ibrahim Khalil Socio-economic and Technological Factors Affecting Livelihood of the Potato Farmers
18. Md. Nazrul Islam Effectiveness of Floating agriculture for Adapting Climatic Changes in Southern Bangladesh
19. Md. Mahmudul  Hasan Communication Behavior of Potato Farmers of Bangladesh