• To create a platform for the students who want to write or draw and hence encourage the creativity in them and develop their writing/drawing skill.
  • To accumulate the best writings from the students and serve a good magazine for the readers.


  • Magazine Publication: Chief editor is the head of editorial team at a publication. He mainly accomplishes all the magazine-related work. Bringing out a new magazine is his prime job.
  • Brainstorming Story Ideas: Making large-scale editing decisions about what content will be published and what will not; Making decisions about visual aesthetics.
  • Proofreading & Editing: Ensuring the final check that articles are free of grammar, spelling, punctuation and contextual errors.
  • Setting Publication Standards: He creates the tone of the publication by deciding the layout, design, and style.
  • Page Management: He runs the Facebook page of Proportion with his team. He collects short articles written by his team members, then proofreads and uploads them on a regular basis.