BSMRAU Nature Conservation and Sustainability Club (NCSC)


What BSMRAU NCSC is focusing on:

  • Study on Nature and Conservation,
  • Conservation of the forest, wildlife and aquatic ecology,
  • Conservation of biodiversity and natural resources in a sustainable way,
  • Gaining knowledge on renewable energy sources,
  • Knowledge on Environment & Environmental Science, and
  • Creating awareness and capacity building of the students and future leaders.


  • Observing and celebrating important national and international days and occasions
  • Organizing or conducting workshops, training and seminars on conventional and modern conservation concepts
  • Organizing case studies, field trips, surveys, and research excursions
  • Organizing case study competitions and Olympiad-style competitions
  • Conducting awareness campaigns and services
  • Publishing magazines, souvenirs, posters, leaflets etc.
  • Coordinating seminars and events with both domestic and foreign collaboration
  • Sending out representatives to national and international endeavors