Year: 2014-2015

Genotypic variability in vegetable amaranth for bioactive compounds

PI= Umakanta Sarker, GPB

Salt tolerant mechanism and involvement of AOX gene in wheat cultivars in Bangladesh

PI= Md. Nurealam Siddiqui,BCH
Co- PI=Prof. Dr. Jalal Uddin Ahmed, CBT


Evaluation of selected mint (Mentha sp.)germplasm and variety development

PI= Dr. Md. Azizul Hoque, HRT

Development of short duration green pea variety

PI= Dr. Nasrin Akter Ivy, GPB

Morpho-physiological response of soybean to water deficit stress

PI= Dr. M. A. Mannan, AGR

Molecular characterization of watermelon genotypes for the development of variety

PI= Dr. Emrul Kayesh, HRT

Development of large seeded mungbean variety

PI= Dr.M. Moynul Haque, AGR

Development of new gynodioecious papaya variety

PI= Dr. M. A. Khaleque Mian , GPB

Molecular characterization of strawberry genotypes for tropical variety development

PI= Dr. M. Mofazzal Hossain, HRT

Impact of alley cropping on cabbage productivity and soil environment

PI= Tofayel Ahamed , AFE

Studies on growth promotion of rice by indole-3 acetic producing endophytic bacteria

PI= Dr. Md. Tofazzal Islam, BTL

Studies on submergence tolerance of aman rice varieties

PI=Dr.M. Abdul Karim,AGR
Co-PI=Md. Abdullh Al Mamun, AGR


Evaluation of aus rice genotypes in relation to yield performance and drought tolerance

PI= Md. Arifur Rahman Khan, AGR
Co-PI=Prof. Dr. M. Abdul Karim, AGR


Microbial biopriming for plant growth promotion, disease suppression and abiotic stress tolerance in wheat

PI= Dr. Md. Motaher Hossain, PLP

Molecular characterization of Trichoderma spp. based on RAPD and ITS-PCR

PI= Dr. Rayhanur Jannat, PLP

Management of aphid jassid of cotton plants using botanicals

PI= Dr. Md. Ramiz Uddin Miah, ENT
Co-PI= Mst Fatema Khatun, ENT


The potential of chitosan and two microbial agents (Trichoderma sp. & Bacillus sp.) for the management of tomato diseases in Bangladesh

PI= Md. Mahidul Islam Masum, PLP
Co-PI= Dr.Md. Khurshed Alam Bhuiyan, PLP


Chemodynamics of cypermethrin insecticide in okra ecosystem

PI= Md. Shamim Hossain, ENT
Co-PI= Prof. Dr. Md. Mahbubar Rahman


Influence of plant growth promoting bacteria on growth and yield of rice

PI= Dr. A. R. M. Solaiman, SSC
Co-PI= Dr. Mohammad Saiful Alam, SSC


Organochlorine pesticide residues in dairy products in Bangladesh

PI= Dr. Md. Zinnatul Alam, ENT

Assessment of agro-biodiversity degradation in industrial areas of Gazipur district

PI= Dr. Md. Abul Hossain Molla, BES

Bacterial biofilm- mediated bioremediation of pollutants

PI= Dr. Md. Manjurul Haque, BES

Performance of wheat – mungbean-T. aman cropping pattern in aonla (Phylanthus emblica) based multistoried agroforestry system at changing climate

PI= Dr. Md. Main Uddin Miah, AFE

Effect of salt stress on growth and physiological responses of neem seedlings

PI= Dr. Shohana parvin, AFE

Impact of wheat seed reserve utilization on stem reserves translocation for minimizing heat stressed reduction of seed size

PI= Dr. Jalal Uddin Ahmed, CBT

Remote sensing and GIS based analysis of land use change and its driving forces in meghna-dhonagoda irrigation project area

PI= Dr. Md. Rafiqul Islam, AGR

Impact of contract farming approach practiced by PRAN group on socioeconomic status of the farmers in Natore sadar upazila

PI= Dr. Md. Safiul Islam Afrad, AER
Co-PI=Foyez Ahmed Prodhan


Farmers use of ICTs for agricultural product marketing information in selected charland of Bangladesh

PI= Muhammad Ziaul Hoque, AER
Co-PI=Dr. Asif Reza Anik, AEC


Design and develop district level rice productin information system (RPIS) for Gazipur District using MS access

PI= Mr. Gonesh Chandra Saha, CSIT
Co-PI= Md. Roshidul Hasan, CSIT


Effect of vitamin E and selenium on semen quality of rabbit

PI= Dr. Abu Sadeque Md. Selim, ANS
Co-PI= Mr.S.A. Masudul Hoque


Characterization of salmonellae collected from chickens in some selected poultry farms of Bangladesh

PI= Dr. Md. Golam Haider, Pathobiology

Detection of Staphylococcus aureus by culture and real time PCR in milk from bovine mastitis

PI= Dr. Md. Nazmul Hoque
Co-PI= Dr. Md.Golam Haider, GOR, FVMA


Breeding ecology and conservation of some uncommon and rare birds in selected areas of Bangladesh

PI= Dr. Abu Nasar Md. Aminoor Rahman, GOR

Molecular characterization of koi fish (Anabas Testudineus) for conservation and broodstock identification

PI= Dr. Mohmmad Shafiqul Alam, GFB

Rapid molecular identification of bacterial pathogens causing diseases in farmed stinging catfish (Heteropneustes fossilis) and development of their control measures

PI= Dr. Md. Mahbubur Rahman, BTL

Growth performance and production of organically culturd grass carp and tilapia using napier grass and vermicompost

PI= Dr. Dinesh Chandra Shaha, FM

Probiotic-enrich dietary effect on the reproduction of butter catfish Ompok pabda (Hamilton-Bouchanan, 1822)

PI= Mohammad Lutfar Rahman, GFB
Co-PI= Prof.Dr. Amzad Hossain, AQC


Development of recirculating aquaponic system

PI= Dr. Md. Amzad Hossain,Aquaculture, FIS

Development of low-cost diet for stinging cat fish (Heteropneustes fossilis) by substituting fish meal with aquatic ferm, azolla pinnata

PI= Mousumi Das, Aquaculture, FIS
Co-PI=Prof. Dr. Md. Jahangir Alam


Cadmium induced metallothionien expression in tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus)

PI= Dr. Zinia Rahman,,GFB

Collection and evaluation of table banana

PI= Dr. Satya Ranjan Saha, AFE

Trichoderma-fortified compost in controlling plant diseases

PI= Dr. Md. Khurshed Alam Bhuiyan, PLP

Arsenic and heavy metals remediation in contaminated soils using biochar

PI= Dr. G. K. M. Mustafizur Rahman , SSC Co-PI=Md. Humayun kabir

Effects of herbicides on weed management crop performance and soil environment i rice-based cropping systems

PI= Md. Nasimul Bari, AGR

Effect of supplementation of multivitamin of acidifier and its combination on the growth performances of broiler chickens

PI= Dr. Md. Aminul Islam, ANS
Co-PI=Mr. S.A. Masudul Hoque


Development of cost effective concentrate mixture for dairy cattle using sal (shorea robusta) seed and oil cake

PI= S. A. Masudul Hoque, ABG
Co-PI= Dr. Abu Sadeque Md. Selim, ANS


Substrate-based cage nursery system for mass seed production of freshwater giant prawn, Macrobrachium rosenbergii

PI= Dr. Md. Jahangir Alam, FBAE

Changes in chemical composition during storage of sun-dried fishes available in Bangladesh

PI= Dr.A. K. M. Azad Shah, FT

Development of high yielding and wider adaptive country bean variety (ies) in Bangladesh

PI= Dr. Md. Golam Rasul, GPB

Improvement of B (Maintainer) lines of aromatic rice

PI= Liakat Ali, GPB
Co-PI= Prof. Dr. M.A. Khaleque Mian, GPB


Mechanisms of drought tolerance in wheat

PI= Nurunnaher Akter,
Co-PI=Dr. M. Abdul Karim, AGR</st


Amelioration of salinity on tomato (solanum lycopersicum L.) by exogenous application of calcium and foliar spray of putrescine

PI= Prof. Dr. Md. Abdul Baset Mia, CBT

Determination of suitable harvesting date of processing potato varieties by chemical maturity monitoring

PI= Mohammed Mohi-Ud-Din
Co- PI=Dr. Jalal Uddin Ahmed, CBT


Integrated use of vermicompost and trichocompost for increasing yield and improving the quality of cabbage

PI=Md. Raihan Talukder, BES
Co-PI=Prof. Dr. Md. Abul Hossain Molla, BES


Evaluation of trichoderma treated bioorganic fertilizer on the yield performance of bittergourd

PI=Haider Iqbal Khan, CBT
Co-PI=Prof. Dr. Jalal Uddin Ahmed


Studies on drought tolerance of soybean genotypes

PI= Md. Abdullah Al Mamun
Co-PI= Prof. Dr. M. Abdul Karim


Molecular characterization of soft rot bacterial pathogens of some vegetables and their control

PI= Dr. Md. Abu Ashraf Khan, PLP

Molecular mechanisms involved in synthesis of pectate lyase enzyme by Erwinia spp

PI= Dr. Md. Ashraful Haque, BTL

Influence of long term field fertilization (organic and chemical) on soil properties and crop yields

PI= Dr. Mohammad Saiful Alam
Co-PI=Dr. A. J. M. Sirajul Karim, SSC


A GIS based hot spot analysis for human – elephant conflict at chunati wildlife sanctuary

PI= Dr. Hasan Muhammad Abdullah, AFE

Sequestered standing carbon stock of major agroforestry tree species

PI= Minhaz Ahmed, AFE
Co-PI=Dr. Md. Main Uddin Maih, AFE


Documentation of nutrient status of selected plots of BSMRAU Technology village

PI= Dr. Md. Mizanur Rahman, SSC

Assessing effective factors in development of organic tea farming in panchagarh District of Bangladesh

PI= Foyez Ahmed Prodhan,
Co-PI-Dr. Md. Safiul Islam Afrad, AER


Study on agricultural information delivery through ICT centers in Gazipur district

PI= Md. Roshidul Hasan, CSIT

Effect of Cryopreserved of rabbit sperm on fertility

PI= Dr. Ziban Chandra Das, GOR

Molecular characterization of E. coli and Staphylococcus spp. from street vended food samples

PI= DR. Mueena Jahan, MPH
Co-PI= Prof. Dr. Md. Morshedur Rahman, ANS


Effect of storage period on sperm motility and fertilization rate of silver barb, Barbonymus gonionotus semen

PI= Md. Shakhawate Hossain, FBAE

The effect of vitamin E on growth, gonadal development, breeding performance and survival of freshwater gobi, Glossogobius giuris

PI= Dr. Mohammad Abdus Salam, GFB
Co-PI=Prof. Dr. Md. Jahangir Alam, FB


Functional properties of isolated starch from shoti (Curcuma zedoaria)

PI= Hafij Al Kader, BMB
Co-PI= Dr. Mohammad Bodruzzaman, Biochemstry