List of research projects implemented by faculty members of different academic departments in the period of 2012-2017

Year: 2017-2018

  1. Screening of wheat genotypes against drought stress (PI: Prof. Dr. Jalal Uddin Ahmed, CBT)
  2. Development high yielding and wider adaptive country bean variety(ies) in Bangladesh (PI: Prof. Dr. Md. Golam Rasul, GPB)
  3. Development of hybrid variety of Brassica napus utilizing CMS system (PI: Prof. Dr. A.K.M. Aminul Islam, GPB)
  4. Development of Biofortified Rice Variety: Fe and Zn Enrich Hybrids (PI: Prof. Dr. Nasrin Akter Ivy, GPB)
  5. Study the relationship of fruit ripening gene expression and biochemical changes in tomato (PI: Dr. Md. Sanaullah Biswas, HRT)
  6. Development of short duration, high yielding premium quality rice variety for aus and aman season (PI: Prof. Dr. M. Moynul Haque, AGR)
  7. Identification of suitable amendments to mitigate salinity effect on winter pulses (PI: Prof. Dr. M. A. Mannan, AGR)
  8. Collection, characterization and evaluation of available gladiolus and hippeastrum germplasm for variety development (PI: Prof. Dr. Md. Azizul Haque, HRT)
  9. Development of high yielding Aus rice for rainfed condition (PI: Dr. Md. Arifur Rahman Khan, AGR)
  10. Developing improved cropping systems for increasing productivity within the context of changing environmental conditions in the coastal area of Bangladesh (PI: Prof. Dr. Md. Rafiqul Islam, AGR)
  11. Development and comparison of different fruit tree based agroforestry systems in term of productivity, profitability and land use for vegetables (PI: Prof. Dr. Md. Abiar Rahman, AFE)
  12. Physiological and biochemical appraisal of drought stress tolerance in rice (PI: Dr. Md. Moshiul Islam, AGR)
  13. Improving productivity of soybean under low soil moisture conditions in the context of climate change scenario of Bangladesh (PI: Prof. Dr. M. Abdul Karim, AGR)
  14. Biorational management of sucking insect pests and their impact on virus diseases of okra, tomato and potato (PI: Prof. Dr. Md. Ramiz Uddin Miah, ENT)
  15. Identification and characterization of new races of pyriculariaoryzae, host resistance and nano-formulation for rice blast management (PI: Dr. Md. Motaher Hossain, PLP)
  16. Monitoring and evaluation of pesticide residues in seasonal vegetables and fruits of Bangladesh for public health risk assessment (PI: Dr. Habibur Rahman, ENT)
  17. Population dynamics and sustainability of bio-control agent Trichoderma harzianumin in reference to Trichoderma fortified compost against major soil-borne diseases of potato (PI: Prof. Dr. Md. Khurshed Alam Bhuiyan, PLP)
  18. Soil structural stability and carbon sequestration under different agro-ecological zones in Bangladesh (PI: Prof. Dr. Md. Mizanur Rahman, SSC)
  19. Solid waste management bioconversion of biodegradable solid wastes by potential fungal strains in order to prepare value added bio-organic fertilizer (PI: Prof. Dr. Md. Abul Hossain Molla, ENS)
  20. Roles of Mono and Multispecies biofilms on plant growth promotion, production of bioactive compounds and improvement of soil fertility (PI: Dr. Md. Manjurul Haque, ENS)
  21. Development of multistoried fruit production model for increased fruit availability, nutritional security and higher income (PI: Prof. Dr. Md. Main Uddin Miah, AFE)
  22. Effect of salt stress on physiological and biochemical responses of three important medicinal plants (PI: Dr. Shohana Parvin, AFE)
  23. Modeling adsorption kinetics of heavy metal on biochars derived from different organic materials (PI: Prof. Dr. G K M Mustafizur Rahman, SSC)
  24. Farm level performance of selected BSMRAU Technologies (PI: Prof. Dr. Md. Safiul Islam Afrad, AER)
  25. Assessing future forest area change and crop production practices in the Chittagong Hill Tracts (CHT) area of Bangladesh (PI: Dr. Shaikh Shamim Hasan, AER)
  26. Processed product development, post-harvest loss reduction and value chain development in mango (PI: Prof. Dr. M. Mofazzal Hossain, HRT)
  27. Preparation of concentrates from selected fruits and their utilization in different food formulations (PI: Dr. Md. Ahiduzzaman, AGP)
  28. Use of azolla (Azollapinnata) in the diet of laying hen (PI: Prof. Dr. Md. Aminul Islam, DPS)
  29. Production of live calf with in vitro produced embryos from abattoir derived bovine oocytes in Bangladesh (PI: Dr. A N M Aminoor Rahman, GOR)
  30. Competence of polar lipids from goat milk as hair growth promoting agent (PI: Prof. Dr. Md. Morshedur Rahman, DPS)
  31. Utilization of cotton seed meal as the partial replacer of soybean meal in poultry ration (PI: Dr. Shilpi Islam, ASN)
  32. Molecular characterization and zoonotic risk assessment of diarrheal pathogens, Giardia and Cryptosporidium in calves and children in some selected areas of Bangladesh (PI: Dr. Md. Robiul Karim, Medicine)
  33. Production of crossbreed between native and Vietnam strains of koi (Anabas testudineus) and investigate their aquaculture potentialities (PI: Dr. Mohammad Shafiqul Alam, GFB)
  34. Development of native probiotics, herbal extracts and antimicrobial agents for sustainable management of major fish diseases of Bangladesh (PI: Prof. Dr. Md. Mahbubur Rahman, BTL)
  35. The effects of the dietary chitosan on growth, hematology and reproductive performances of silver barb (Barbonymus gonionotus, Bleeker, 1805) (PI: Dr. Mohammad Abdus Salam, GFB)
  36. Development of low-cost feed for pabda (Ompokpabda) using locally available ingredients (PI: Prof. Dr. Md. Amzad Hossain, AQC)
  37. Environmental impacts (photoperiod, temperature and salinity) on reprodction via changes in dopaminergic activity in the brain of gulsha fish (Mystuscavasius) (PI: Dr. Muhammad Badruzzaman, BMB)
  38. Evaluation of seaweed as fish feed supplement for growth and immune response of different high valued fishes (PI: Dr. Nargis Sultana, FBE).
  39. The role of mangrove and salt plug on ecological parameter distribution in the Pasur river estuary (PI: Dr. Dinesh Chandra Shaha, FM)
  40. Mechanism of arsenic uptake and its mitigation in pulse crops (PI: Mohammad Zahangeer Alam, ENS).


Year: 2016-2017 (RMC)

  1. Development hybrid variety of Barssica napus utilizing CMS system (PI=Prof. Dr. A. K. M. Aminul Islam, GPB)
  2. Development of high yielding and wider adaptive country bean variety in Bangladesh (PI= Prof. Dr. Md. Golam Rasul, GPB)
  3. Development of short duration green pea variety (Pisum sativum L.) (PI= Prof. Dr. Nasrin Akter Ivy, GPB)
  4. Improvement of vegetable soybean variety for Bangladesh (PI= Dr. M. A. Mannan, Associate Prof., AGR)
  5. Development of new gynodioecious papaya variety (PI= Prof. Dr. M. A. Khaleque Mian)
  6. Improvement of B (Maintainer) lines of aromatic rice (PI= Liakat Ali, Lecturer, GPB)
  7. Molecular characterization of watermelon genotypes using RAPD markers (PI=PI=Dr. Emrul Kayesh,  Associate Prof., HRT)
  8. Development of large seeded mungbean variety (PI=  Prof. Dr. M. Moynul Haque, AGR)
  9. Development of antioxidant-rich colored potato varieties: genotypic variation in antioxidant activity (PI= Mohammed Mohi-Ud-Din, Assistant Prof.,  CBT)
  10. Physiological appraisal of drought stress tolerance in rice (PI=Dr. Md. Moshiul Islam, Associate Prof., AGR)
  11. Enhancement of salinity tolerance in rice by plant probiotic bacteria (PI=  Prof. Dr. Md. Tofazzal Islam, BTL)
  12. Evaluation of allelopathic potential of commonly available plant species for controlling agricultural weeds (PI= Prof. Md. Nasimul Bari, AGR)
  13. Response of leaf pigments and antioxidants of vegetable amaranth under varying nitrogen doses (PI = Umakanta Sarker, GPB)
  14. Chitosan for plant growth promotion and disease suppression in eggplant against phomopsis blight and fruit rot disease caused by Phomopsis vexans. (PI= Dr. Rayhanur Jannat, Assistant Prof., PLP)
  15. Effects of intercropping systems on arthropod community composition in vegetable field: impacts on crop yield and seed quality (PI= Prof. Dr. Md. Ruhul Amin, ENT)
  16. Alternatives of traditional use of insecticides for the management of cucurbit fruit fly of bitter gourd (PI= Prof. Dr. Md. Ramiz Uddin Miah, ENT)
  17. Degradation pattern and risk assessment of imidacloprid on country bean (Lablab purpureus) using high performance liquid chromatography (PI= Dr. Habibur Rahman, Assistant Prof. ENT)
  18. Using non chemical methods for the management of southern blight of carrot incited by Sclerotium rolfsii and sustainable crop production (PI= Md. Tanbir Rubayet ,Lecturer, PLP)
  19. Trichoderma and other probiotics in suppression of soil borne pathogens and in increasing yield of vegetables crops (PI= Prof. Dr. Md. Khurshed  Alam Bhuiyan, PLP)
  20. Blast disease of wheat: A new threat of wheat cultivation in Bangladesh (PI= Prof. Dr. Md. Abu Ashraf Khan, PLP)
  21. Microbial priming for plant growth promotion, disease suppression and abiotic stress  tolerance in wheat (PI= Md. Motaher Hossain, Associate Prof., PLP)
  22. Effects of soil depth on the dynamics of soil properties in a long term fertilozation field (PI= Dr. Mohammad Saiful Alam, Associate Prof. SSC)
  23. Heavy metals remediation in industrial effluent contaminated soils using biochar (PI= Prof. Dr. G K M Mustafizur Rahman, SSC)
  24. Effect of plant growth  promoting rhizobacteria on growth and yield of tomato (PI= Prof. Dr. A. R. M. Solaiman, SSC)
  25. Effect of greywater irrigation on the clogging mechanism of drip emitters in field condition (PI=Md. Moinul Hosain Oliver, Assistant Prof., AGE)
  26. Assessment of water pollution by industrial effluents and pollutants dynamics in fishes of Mokesh beel in Kaliakair Upazila of Gazipur district (PI=Prof. Dr. Md. Abul Hossain Molla, ENS)
  27. Assessment of the impacts of land use and modern inputs on soil health and agricultural productivity under the changing environment along Teesta River catchment in Bangladesh (PI= Prof. Dr. Md. Rafiqul Islam, AGR)
  28. Bacterial biofilm-mediated bioremediation of pollutants (PI= Dr. Md. Manjurul Haque,  Associate Prof., ENS)
  29. Determination of air pollutants and their possible health effects at different location in Dhaka city (PI= Mohammad Zahangeer Alam, Assistant Prof.)
  30. Employability of BS (Agriculture) graduate of BSMRAU (PI= Prof. Dr. Md. Safiul Islam Afrad, AER)
  31. Agricultural technology adoption by floriculture growers: A farm level survey in Bangladesh (PI= Jaba Rani Sarker, Assistant Prof., AEC)
  32. Efficacy of marigold (Calendula officinalis) and turmeric (Curcuma longa) paste in wound healing: a comparative approach (PI=DR. Sattwikesh Paul, Lecturer, SRA, FVMA)
  33. Molecular characterization of avian infectious bronchitis virus isolated from different outbreak areas of Bangladesh (PI= Mohammad Ali Zinnah, Assistant Prof.,  MPH)
  34. In vitro maturation of bovine oocytes retrieved from abattoir derived ovaries (PI= Dr. Md. Nazmul Hoque, Assistant Prof., GOR)
  35. Status of commercial pigeon farming, reproduction and health management in selected areas of Bangladesh (PI= Prof. Dr. Abu Nasar Md. Aminoor Rahman, GOR)
  36. Effect of sexual maturity and reproductive phase of oocyte donor on in vitro maturatin and fertilization of black Bengal goat oocytes (PI= Dr. Ziban Chandra Das, Assistant prof., GOR, FVMA)
  37. Development of broiler quail (PI= Md. Mazharul Islam, Lecturer, ABG)
  38. Evaluation of low density lipoprotein (LDL) lowering effect of spirulina along with the hematological changes in layer chicken (PI= Dr. Md. Shahidul Islam, Lecturer, PHP)
  39. Effect of azolla ( Azolla pinnata) on growth performance and lipid profiles content of broiler chicken (PI= Prof. Dr. Md. Aminul Islam, DPS)
  40. Haemoprotozoan diseases in cattle population of Gazipur District in Bangladesh (PI= DR. S. H. M. Faruk Siddiki, Lecturer, Medicine)
  41. Effects of lactic acid bacteria as probiotic, on the growth performance, haematology parameters and sperm quality in Stinging Catfish Heteropneus fossilis (Bloch 1974) (PI= Mohammad Lutfar Rahman, Assistant Prof., GFB)
  42. The induced breeding technique and embryonic development of freshwater pool barb, Puntius sophore (Hamilton 1822) for sustainable aquaculture and conservation (PI=Dr. Mohammad Abdus Salam, Assistant Prof., GFB)
  43. Development of substrate-based cage nursery system for juvenile production of giant freshwater prawn, Macrobrachium rosenbergii (PI=Prof. Dr. Md. Jahangir Alam, FBE)
  44. Molecular characterization of koi fish (Anabas testudineus) for conservation and broodstock identification (PI=Dr. Mohammad Shafiqul Alam, Assistant Prof., GFB)
  45. Bioprospecting marine microorganisms and sea weeds for better fish production (PI= Dr. Md. Mahbubur Rahman, Associate Prof. BTL)
  46. Preparedness to the of recovery vulnerability    of climate change in Bangladesh coastal areas (PI= Mohammed Rokonuzzaman, Assistant Prof., AER)
  47. Formulation of low cost feed for rohu ( Labeo rohita) by partial replacement of fish meal with sunflower meal (PI = Md. Rabiul Islam, Lecturer, AQC)
  48. Assessment of shelf life and quality of grass carp ( Ctenopharyngodon idella) during ice storage (PI=Md. Golam Rasul, Lecturer, FIT)
  49. Use of spirulina to ameliorate residual effect of lead in layer chicken (PI= Dr. Md. Mizanur Rahman,  Assistant Prof.,  PHP)
  50. Occurrence of thermo-tolerant bacteria and spores in commercial powder milk of Bangladesh (PI= Mueena Jahan, Lecturer, MPH)
  51. Cytotoxic effects of calcium carbide in swiss albino mice (PI= Md. Abdullah- Al- Mahmud, Lecturer, ANH)
  52. Identification of ghee adulterated with foreign oils and fats (PI=Shabbir Ahmed, Lecturer, DPS)
  53. Prevalence and antibiogram profile of Staphylococcus aureus isolated from milk samples of lactating cows with subclinical mastitis (PI= Dr. S. M. Mostafizur Rahaman sumon, Lecturer, Medicine)
  54. Phylogenetic analysis of salmonellae isolated from chickens in some selected poultry farms of Bangladesh (PI= Dr. Md. Golam Haider, Pathobiology)
  55. Obstacles and opportunities of information technology adoption in Dimla,Nilphamari (PI=Md. Roshidul Hasan, Associate Prof., CST)
  56. Collection, identification and preservation of available seaweeds in Bangladesh (PI= Dr. S. M. Rafiquzzaman, Associate Prof., FBE)
  57. Effect of heat stress on milk production and composition of dairy cows in Gazipur district (PI= Md. Delowar Hossain, Lecturer, ASN)
  58. Antimicrobial competence of cooked eggs under simulated gastrointestinal condition (PI= Most. Khairunnesa, Lecturer, DPS)
  59. Anatomical appraisal of pulses under salt stress (PI=  Prof. Dr. Md. Abdul Baset Mia, CBT)
  60. Fish biodiversity and plankton composition assessment of belai beel, Gazipur (PI=Golam Mohammod Mostakim,Lecturer, FBE)
  61. Development of high yielding Aus rice for rainfed conditon (PI= Dr. Md. Arifur Rahman Khan, Assistant Prof., AGR)

Year: 2016-2017 (RMC-UGC)



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