Project ideas for BSMRAU Innovation Fund 2020

To support and materialized the innovative ideas of the young faculty members and graduate students, BSMRAU has generated an Innovation Fund from last year. This competitive Fund is intended to solve challenges associated with national food and nutritional security by sustainable management of natural resources. Young faculty members (below the rank of Associate Professor) and graduate students (MS & PhD) of BSMRAU (through major professor) are eligible to compete for this innovative fund by submitting project under following themes:

  • Conservation agriculture (CA)
  • Increase cropland intensity
  • Green solution: soil improvement, pest & disease control
  • Urban agriculture / Vertical farming
  • Hydroponics / Aquaponics (Crop & Fish)
  • Low cost and innovative feed for fish, poultry and livestock
  • Reproductive performances of the farm animals
  • Animal welfare
  • Sustainable management disease and pests
  • Digital agriculture (e-agriculture)
  • Innovations in horticulture / agronomy
  • Farmers innovation
  • Innovative tools for dissemination of new technology and outreach
  • Frontier technology in agriculture
  • Food and feed safety
  • Blue economy

For more details you are asked to contact Director (Research), BSMRAU (