Long Term Research Review Workshop 2017-2020

Establishment of BSMRAU in 1998 from the then Institute of Postgraduate Studies in Agriculture gave a sound footing in basic and applied research in different disciplines of agriculture in this new university. The university has been conducting researches from its inception shouldering active roles in national and international agricultural research arena. Teaching excellence and effective research are conclusively interrelated in academics and that of innovation in programs. Classrooms teaching are continually powered and enriched by those faculty members who are actively engaged in research. Faculty members of this university have many long and short term research projects and these projects are prepared as per national agricultural research needs and implemented. Some of the faculty members also prepare and implement research projects in collaboration with the national and international research scientists. In many cases, the postgraduate student research is linked with the research projects of the faculty members. The functions of the research management wing are to integrate the research programs undertaken by different academic departments, allocate budget, publish research abstracts, a biennial journal (Annals of Bangladesh Agriculture) and annual report, invite Research Management Committee (RMC) funded research project proposals, and to evaluate, implement and monitor these projects.

Mission :

The mission of the Office of Director (Research) is “to support the development of research programs of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Agricultural University and to provide quality service and effective administrative expertise to the community of the University Research”.

Objective :

The strategic aims of RMC is to develop and enhance research which accepts BSMRAU as Center of Excellence in Agricultural Education and Research.


  • Handle Research Program of the University
  • Invite Research Project Proposal From the Faculty Members for Funding after Evaluation
  • Coordinate Activities of Research Farm Management and Development
  • Update the Faculty Members about Funding Opportunities
  • Publish University Journal (Annals of Bangladesh Agriculture)
  • Monitor Sponsored Projects from National and International Sources
  • Promote Technology Transfer throughout the University