Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Agricultural University ( BSMRAU) outreach center was established in 1985  which is  now renamed as Kbd. Dr. Kazi M. Badruddoza Outreach Center. The main objective of this center is to disseminate and transfer generated technologies at BSMRAU through training and on-farm activities at farm levels. To achieve the objective, syndicate of BSMRAU approved an ordinance and delineated the activities of outreach program.

List of Facilities:

  1. Twenty five residential room
  2. One training Classroom
  3. Common room
  4. Director’s Office
  5. Guest room
  6. Dining room
  7. Kitchen
  8. Office Room


Administrative Activities:

  1. Provide necessary assistance in organizing training and workshops.
  2. All goods maintenance of the outreach center.
  3. Collecting rent from residents in outreach center.
  4. To deposit the collected money from the residents in the account section.
  5. Provide bill to the labors.
  6. Send different files to budget and account section.
  7. File adjustment.
  8. Save the documents.
  9. Maintenance of the garden in the outreach center.
  10. Supervise the cleaning activities of the outreach center.

Training/Workshop arranged in 2018

Sl. No. Topics Date
1. Seminar on save the frogs 30/01/2018
2. Training on statistical data analysis for MS/PhD students of BSMRAU 04/10/18-06/10/18
3. Seminar  on “A rapid breeding technology of wheat in Australia” 08/11/18

Other activities done in 2018

    1. Arrangement of 2nd general committee meeting.
    2. Visiting demonstration plots in Toke village in Capasia Gazipur.
    3. Renovation of Training room.
    4. Providing facilities to the trainers.
    5. Regular maintenance and management of outreach center.

Training/Workshop arranged in 2019

Sl. No. Topics Date
1. Farmer’s Training on “Technologies developed by BSMRAU” 06 – 07 February, 2019
2. Training on “Career Develpoment” for BS students of BSMRAU 07 – 08 March, 2019
3. Training on “Statistical Data Analysis” for the students    of Graduate program of BSMRAU 19 – 21 April, 2019
4. Seminar  on “The Utilization of Insect Resources” 28 July, 2019
5. Training on “Statistical Data Analysis” for the students of Graduate program of BSMRAU 01 – 03 August, 2019
6. Farmer’s Training on “Technologies developed by BSMRAU 26 September, 2019
7. Seminar  on “ Biodiversity & Wildlife Conservation in Bangladesh” 30 October, 2019
8. Seminar on “Genomics and high-throughput phenotyping for sustainable breeding progress in cereal crops” 12 November, 2019
9. Seminar on “Safe Handlings of Agrochemicals (Pesticieds)” 18 November, 2019

Other activities done in 2019 :

1. Field demonstration at Toke village in kapasia, Gazipur.
2. Providing facilities to the trainees (Seed Science and Technology, 03-07 November 2019)
3. Renovation of outreach center
4. Regular maintenance and management of outreach.