Project activities

Field Day At Shibganj Bogra

Natural Store House for Potato at Farmers Home of Bogra

Field Day at Shibganj, Bogra

Farmers Training at TCRSC, Bogra

Field Day at Kahalu, Bogra

Farmers Training at ARS, Bogra

Store House of Potato

Field Day at Kahalu, Bogra

Field day at Kahalu, Bogra

Academic Research

Plum fruit

Mint explant inoculation

Mint Flower

Drying of chips

Processing of plum

Plum Jelly

Gladiolus (Collection, characterization and evaluation of germplasm)

Some collected germplasm

Gladiolus (Crossing)

After pollination

Fruits of gladiolus

Seeds of gladiolus

Gladiolus seedlings