Completed Research

Year Project Title Funding Source Person Involve
2018-2020 Development of Low Cost Feed for Pabda (Ompok pabda) RMC, BSMRAU PI: Prof. Dr. Amzad Hossain

Co-PI: Taslima Akter

2019-2020 Nutritional value enhancement of duckweed (Lemna minor) by microbial fermentation and potentiality as a replacement of fish meal for Stinging Catfish Heteropneustes fossilis RMC, BSMRAU PI: Taslima Akter

Co-PI: Md. Rabiul Islam


2014 – 2018 Establishment of a Live Food Culture Laboratory in the Department of Aquaculture. Higher Education Quality Enhancement Project (HEQEP) supported by World Bank SPM

Prof. Dr. Md. Amzad Hossain


Mousumi Das


Dr. Mohammad Shafiqul Alam

Md. Nurunnabi Mondal

2017-2018 Dietary Zinc Requirement of Stinging Catfish Heteropneustes fossilis. Research Management Wing (RMC), BSMRAU PI: Prof. Dr. Amzad Hossain
2016-2017 Formulation of low cost feed for rohu (Labeo rohita) by partial replacement of fish meal with sunflower meal RMC, BSMRAU Md. Rabiul Islam
2015 – 2016 Development of Aquaponics system: Optimizing planting density of Indian Spinach RMC, BSMRAU Prof. Dr. Md. Amzad Hossain
2014 – 2015 Development of a low-cost diet for Silver barb (Barbonymus gonionotus) by substituting commercial feed with Aquatic fern Azolla pinnata. RMC, BSMRAU Mousumi Das
2013 -2014 Growth response, feed utilization and nutrient retention in monosex tilapia fed floating and sinking pellets in a recirculating aquaponic system. RMC, BSMRAU Prof. Dr. Md. Amzad Hossain
2010 – 2011 Development of integrated crop-fish production system using ditch-and-dyke method in low lying areas of Bangladesh. World Bank through Agricultural Research Foundation Prof. Dr. Md. Amzad Hossain
2008-2009 Studies on the dietary mineral requirement of mrigel. UGC, Bangladesh. Prof. Dr. Md. Amzad Hossain
2007-2008 Cage culture of pabda (Ompok pabda): optimization of stocking density. UGC, Bangladesh. Prof. Dr. Md. Amzad Hossain
2008-2009 Food security and income generation through access to common property waterbodies in the Monga affected areas of Bangladesh. FAO through national food security capacity strengthening programme Prof. Dr. Md. Amzad Hossain
2007-2008 Limnological studies of three selected ponds of Gazipur. RMC, BSMRAU Prof. Dr. Md. Amzad Hossain
2005-2006 Mixed culture of Channa punctatutus with Tiapia. UGC, Bangladesh Prof. Dr. Md. Amzad Hossain

Ongoing Research Project:

Year Project Title Funding Source Person Involve
2020-2023 Use of Microalgae as Feed Additives for Enhanced Growth and Immune Response of High Valued Fishes BAS-USDA PI: Prof. Dr. Md. Amzad Hossain


Co PI: Md. Rabiul Islam

2020-2021 Effect of carbon-nitrogen ratio manipulation on the growth performance, body composition and immunity of stinging catfish Heteropneustes fossilis in a biofloc based culture system UGC PI: Prof. Dr. Md. Amzad Hossain



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