Program offering entity: Faculty of Agriculture

Academic Program: Bachelor of Science in Agriculture

Name of the Degree: B S (Agriculture)

Vision of the Program

Providing world standard education in the field of agriculture

Mission of the Program

Producing high quality graduates equipped with modern knowledge and technology in the fields of agriculture.

 Description of the Program

The Faculty of Agriculture of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Agricultural University (BSMRAU) starts functioning for Undergraduate Program through offering degree of Bachelor of Science in Agriculture [BS (Agriculture)] since Summer 2005 term. The goal of the Faculty is to contribute to the national development by providing intellectual leadership through producing quality graduates in different fields of agriculture. The Faculty of Agriculture follows the North American term-based course-credit system of education having three terms Summer, Autumn and Winter in an academic Calendar Year. There are 15 academic Departments and 01 Academic unit under the Faculty of Agriculture which yield integrated degree as BS (Agriculture). Each Department has highly qualified teachers and well-equipped laboratories. The Dean, Faculty of Agriculture administers the BS (Agriculture) Program. This is a fixed model Program which requires to complete a 200 Credits Hour (Theory & Practical) by 12 terms within four years.

Program Educational Objectives (PEO)

  1. To provide theoretical and practical knowledge on the improvement, production, protection and extension of agricultural technology.
  2. To enable the students, acquire knowledge and skills at per global standard.
  3. To persuade students towards innovative research, and lifelong learning.
  4. To facilitate students with knowledge for natural resources management towards sustainable agriculture.

Program Learning Outcomes (PLO)

After successful completion of the BS (Agriculture) program from BSMRAU, the graduates will be able to:

  1. carry out practice-based tasks in modern agriculture,
  2. express critical thinking and apply problem-solving skills in plant production systems;
  3. demonstrate innovative, and entrepreneurial leadership in the agricultural sector;
  4. communicate effectively both orally and in academic writings;
  5. apply ICT based tools in the management of soil and plant systems;
  6. demonstrate the ability to work in a team while performing individually;
  7. analyze the legal and ethical issues impacting agriculture, and the environment;
  8. create awareness for extension, and integration of smart agricultural technologies;
  9. demonstrate an understanding of the impact of globalization, and diversity in agricultural organizations.

Information about Faculty Member

Total number of Faculty Members

Faculty Members with Ph.D.

Faculty Members on study Leave for Ph.D.





Information on students who completed BS (Agriculture) Program

Batch Graduation Term Male Female Total
1st Winter/2008 47 35 82
2nd Winter/2009 17 23 40
3rd Winter/2010 41 37 78
4th Winter/2011 26 36 62
5th Winter/2012 34 40 74
6th Winter/2013 45 37 82
7th Winter/2014 34 47 81
8th Winter 2015 25 54 79
9th Winter 2016 28 51 79
10th Winter 2017 52 81 133
11th Winter 2018 33 63 96
12th Winter 2019 52 49 101
                               Total= 434 553 987

Information of ongoing students of BS(Agriculture) Program







Native Forgien Total Native Forgien Total
1st Year (16th Batch) 42 5 47 63 7 70 117
2nd Year (15th Batch) 29 7 36 67 5 72 108
3rd Year (14th Batch) 42 42 58 58 100
4th Yea r(13th Batch) 39 39 55 55 94
    Total 152 12 164 243 12 255 419





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