Course Title       :  Farm Mechanics

Course Code        :  AGE 180 and AGE 261

Course Credit      : 3+1.5


Theory ( 3.0 Cr)

Farm Mechanization : Definition, history, scope, importance and limitation of farm mechanization, Different approach of mechanization, Sustainability of agricultural mechanization;

Farm Power : Sources of Farm Power, Engine and its classification, Operating principles of two stroke and four stork engines and their difference, Engine working systems-fuel, ignition, cooling, lubricating & transmission system, Engine trouble shooting, repair& maintenance;

Farm Implement and Machinery: Definition and classification of farm implements and machinery, Introduction to tillage implements, pre and post harvest farm machinery, and plant protection machinery, Selection of farm machinery;

Post Harvest Technology : Definition and importance of post harvest technology (drying and  storage of food grains) Principles and methods of drying and storing of food grains, Moisture content of food grains, fruits & spices and its determination;

Engineering Materials: Definition and importance of construction materials, Constituents, classification and uses of Bricks, Sand, Cement, Timber, Steel and other construction materials;

Irrigation and Drainage: Importance and scope of litigation, irrigation development in Bangladesh. Methods of irrigation and water requirement of crops, Irrigation pumps and wells, their classification, uses, maintenance and trouble shooting, Drainage and its importance in agriculture in Bangladesh;


Practical (1.5

  • Identification and uses of common hand tools used in a machinery workshop,
  • Identification and explanation of function of different parts of IC engines,
  • Identification and description of different farm implements and pre & post harvest machinery,
  • Measurement of disc angle and tilt angle of a standard disc plough and their adjustment in the field,
  • Identification and description of different functional components of a power tiller,
  • Identification and description of different functional components a tractor,
  • Identification of description components oaf seed drill machine and its calibration,
  • Field operation of power tiller and tractor with different farm implements and measurement of their field performances,
  • Identification and uses of different irrigation water pumps/lift, water conveyance and control structure,
  • Uses of different irrigation water measuring structures/equipment
  • Farm machinery visit at BARI and BRRI, etc.