Prevalence and Factors Affecting The Parasitic Infections in Calves at Selected Areas of Bangladesh

M. R. Karim, S. M. M. R. Sumon, S. H. Soad, S. H. M. F. Siddiki, A. R. Dey and M. A. Ehsan

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Detection and Contouring of Bau-Kul Using Image Processing Techniques

M. M. Rahman and M. M. H. Oliver

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Aggregate Stability in Soils of Twelve Argo-ecological Zones of Bangladesh Based on Organic Carbon and Basic Cations

S. Arofi, M. M. Rahman, H. K. Shiragi, M. A. Alam, M. M. Islam, and J. C. Biswas

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Morphological Characterization and Evaluation of Nineteen Gladiolus Germplasm

M. A. Hoque and S. Mahmud

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Pathology of Fowl Typhoid and Molecular Detection of its Pathogen

J. Hosen, M. M. Rahman, J. Alam, Z. C. Das, M. A. H. N. A. Khan and M. G. Haider

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Quest for Suitable Storage Condition for Sustainable Processing Quality of Potato Tubers

D. Parvin, J. U. Ahmed, M. M. Hossain and M. Mohi-Ud-Din

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Performance of Aroid Under Jackfruit-Based Agroforestry System in Terrace Ecosystem of Bangladesh

Z. A. Riyadh, M. A. Rahman, M. G. Miah, S. R. Saha, M. A. Hoque, S. Saha and M. M. Rahman

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Influence of Harvesting Date on Chemical Maturity for Processing Quality of Potatoes

M. Sharkar, J. U. Ahmed, M. A. Hoque and M. Mohi-Ud-Din

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Phenotypic characterization of zinc and iron rich cytoplasmic male sterile lines of rice

S. Mashiat, N. A. Ivy, M. G. Rasul, M. M. Haque and M. S. Raihan

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Agriculture in the fourth industrial revolution

T. Ane and S. Yasmin

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