As Major Professor (Supervisor)

Name of the student Registration number Title of the thesis Year of passing
1. Dilruba Karim 2002-08-1105 Variability, genetic parameter, correlation and path analysis in aromatic rice Winter, 2004
2. Jugal Kishor


2003-05-1192 Study of genetic divergence in T. aman rice Summer, 2005
3. Ramimun Akther 2004-05-1380 Variability assessment in F4 generation of aromatic rice Winter, 2005
4. A. S. M. Safiul


2004-05-1362 Line x tester analysis in hybrid rice (Oryza sativa L.) Autumn, 2006
5. Md Nur Alam


2007-05-1845 Out crossing characteristics and yield potentiality of restorer line of rice Winter, 2008
6. Md Ariful Islam 2006-11-1812 Synchronization and stability of hybrid rice seed production in different environment Summer, 2009
7. Mir Aszad Ali 2006-11-1810 Genetic divergence of boro rice (oryza sativa l.) Autumn, 2009
8. Md. Mizan-Ul-Islam 2007-05-1825 Estimation of heterosis in local boro rice Winter, 2009
9. Ripon Kumar Roy 2007-08-1985 Diallel analysis of local and HYV rice (Oryza sativa L.) Winter, 2009
10. Hasan Ud Daula 2008-05-2130 Genetic variability, correlation and path analysis in T. Aman rice Summer, 2010
11.  Md . Zahirul Alam Talukder 2005-08-1638 Genetic diversity of coconut (Cocos nucifera L.) in Barisal region.


 Summer, 2010
12. Kaniz Fatema 2008-08-2168 Genetic divergence of hybrid maize in excess water stress Autumn, 2010
13. Md. Muradunnabi 2008-08-2166 Genotype-environment interaction in hybrid maize (Zea mays L.) Winter, 2010
14.  Mst. Umma Kulsum 2000-11-934 Stability of BRRI developed promising hybrids for yield and its related traits Winter, 2010
15. Faysal Mohammad Ali 05-05-1576 Estimation of heterosis in exotic hybrid rice Summer, 2011
16. Md. Rokebul Hasan 09-05-2311 Genetic diversity in micro-nutrient dense rice Winter, 2011
17. Md. Golam Azam 10-05-2526 Morphological and molecular diversity in maize (Zea mays L.) inbred lines Summer, 2012
18. Sahadeb Chandra Das 05-05-1579 Inbreeding depression in F2 generation of T. Aman rice (Oryza sativa L.) Summer, 2012
19. Arindam Biswas 07-05-1889 Genetic diversity and genotype x environment interaction of maize inbreds under salinity stress. Autumn, 2013
20. Pankaj Kumar Rai 2011-08-2706 Genetic variability, correlation and path analysis in F4 generation of T Aman rice Summer, 2014
21.Md.  Sofiqul Islam 2012-11-2901 Variability in mineral profile of vegetable amaranth Winter, 2014
22. Md. Asif Iqbal 2009-05-2238 Comparative study on morpho-nutritional traits in vegetable amaranth under different water stress conditions Autumn, 2015
23. Tonmoy Chakrabarty 2010-05-2503 Variability in mineral composition, yield and yield contributing traits in stem amaranth (Amaranthus lividus). Autumn,2016
24. Md Mainul Islam Rashad 2014-11-3458 Genetic variations for morphological traits in vegetable amaranth (Amaranthus lividus) Winter, 2016
25. Md. Abul Kalam Azad 2009-05-2299 Heterosis and combining ability in Aman rice Winter, 2016
26. Tonusree Roy 2010-05-2488 Genetic variability on morpho-physiological traits and biochemical parameter in relation to drought tolerance in spring wheat Summer, 2017
27. A. S. M. Faysal 2015-08-3789 Genetic variability, character association and path coefficient analysis in T. Aman rice genotype Autumn, 2017
28. Ummy Kulsum Mukta 11-05-2577 Genetic variability, heritability and interrelationship in newly developed salt tolerant lines of T. Aman Autumn, 2017
29. Nishat Jahan 11-05-2562 Genotypic variability in morphological traits and bioactive compound in vegetable amaranth Winter, 2017
30. Md Nazmul Hossain 2014-05-2789 Effects of salinity stress on morphological and bioactive compounds of Amaranthus lividus leafy vegetables Summer, 2018


As Member

Name of the student Registration number Title of the thesis Year of passing
1. Md.  Hafizur


2002-05-1059 Out crossing characteristics of A, B and R lines developed for hybrid seed production in rice (Oryza sativa L.) Winter, 2004
2. Mohammad

Zakirul Alam


2002-11-1127 Assessment of seed production potentiality and self incompatibility mechanism in open pollinated population of exotic radish Summer, 2005



3. Md Abdul Muqtadir 2006-05-1679 Development of an efficient plant regeneration protocol for eggplant Autumn, 2008
4. ATM Hamim Ashraf 2007-05-1872 Comparative performance, variability and diversity in okra Summer, 2009
5. Dharitry Barma 2006-11-1827 Growth, yield and profitability of potato influenced by cut seed and spacing Summer, 2009
6. Ratan Kumar Ganapati 2008-08-2145 Generation mean and mather scaling test in salt tolerant rice Summer, 2010
7. Md. Shamim Sharker 2014-11-3438 Growth and yield of broccoli as affected by different organic and inorganic fertilizer doses Winter, 2016
8. M. Shariful Hasan 2010-05-2466 Genotypic variation in growth and productivity of short duration Aman rice Winter, 2016
9. Polash Nandi 2010-05-2453 In Vitro selection of rice (Oryza Sativa) somaclones under salf stress Winter, 2016
10. Farzana Zarin Eivy 2010-05-2430 Effect of plant growth promotingRhizobacteria (PGPR) on growth promotion, suppression of bipolaris leaf blight and drought stress tolerance in wheat Summer, 2017
11.  Kazi Rakib Zobair 2010-05-2463 Evaluation of potentiality of PGPR Bradyrhizobium to improve plant growth and to control collar rot (sclerotium rolfsii) of soybean Summer, 2017
12. Md Salim 2011-08-3970 Autumn, 2017
13. Labanya Biswas 2014-11-3441 Effect of nitrogen on yield, quality and  shelf life of Indian spinach Autumn, 2017
14. Shadman Akand 2011-05-2633 Winter, 2017
15. Md Nurul Huda 2016-08-4123 Molecular characterization and geospatial mapping for allelic richness of date palm at Sounth-Central Bangladesh Summer, 2018