Faculty members

1   Dr. A. J. M Sirajul Karim


BSc(Ag), BAU; M.Sc. Ag (Soil), BAU; MS(Soil), USA and PhD and Post doc. (Kyushu Univ.), Japan

E-mail: sirajul_bsmrau@yahoo.com

Research area: Soil and Water management

Cell: 01552-601070, 01966-640280

No. of publications: 107

CV of Dr. A. J. M Sirajul Karim

2   Dr. A. R. M. Solaiman


BSc(Ag), BAU; MSc (Soil Science), BAU and PhD (The Queen’s University of Belfast), UK

E-mail: arm_solaiman@yahoo.com

Research area:Soil Microbiology and Soil Fertility

Cell: 01552-495381

No. of publications: 138

3   Dr. GKM Mustafizur Rahman


BSc(Ag), BAU; MSc (Soil Science), BAU and PhD (Chiba Univ.), Japan

E-mail: mustafiz@bsmrau.edu.bd

Research area:Biogeochemistry, Soil Pollution and Climate Change

Cell: 01718-186642

No. of publications: 67

CV Mustafiz 


Dr. Md. Shafiqul Islam


BSc(Ag), BAU; MSc (Soil Science), BAU and PhD(BSMRAU)

E-mail: shafiq_bsmrau@yahoo.com

Research area: Soil Fertility and Physical Aspect of Soil and Water Management

Cell: 01552-420855

No. of publications: 30

5   Dr. Md. Yunus Miah


BSc(Ag), BAU; MSc. And PhD (Tokyo Univ.), Japan

E-mail yunus@bsmrau.edu.bd

Research area: soil Science and plant nutrition

Cell: 01672-645440

No. of publications: 30 (11 papers are international with SCI)

CV of Dr. Yonus Miah

6   Dr. Md. Mizanur Rahman


BSc(Ag), BAU; MS and PhD (AIT), Thailand

E-mail: mizan@bsmrau.edu.bd

Research area:Carbon Sequestration, Climate Change and Soil Fertility Management

Cell: 01710-659303

No. of publications: 47

CV of Dr. Md. Mizanur Rahman

7   Dr. Mohammad SaifulAlam

Associate Professor

BSc(Ag), BAU; MS (Soil Science), BAU and PhD (Chinese Academy of Sciences), China

E-mail: saiful@bsmrau.edu.bd

Research area: Environmental Soil Microbiology and Soil Fertility

Cell: 01724-720655

No. of publications: 21

CV of Dr. Mohammad Saiful Alam

8   Dr. Mohammed Zia Uddin Kamal

Associate Professor and Head

BSc(Ag), PSTU; MS (Soil Science), BSMRAU and PhD(TAUT), Japan.

E-mail: zia_ssc@yahoo.com

Research area:Soil and Air Pollutants, Plant Nutrition and Stress Physiology

Cell: 01720-638706

No. of publications: 15

9   Md. HumayunKabir

Assistant Professor

BS(Ag), BSMRAU and MS (Soil Science), BSMRAU

E-mail: humayun@bsmrau.edu.bd

Research area:GIS Research on Soil Aspects

Cell: 01717-888636

No. of publications: 06

Personal website link

10   Md. Dhin Islam


BS(Ag), BSMRAU and MS (Soil Science), BSMRAU

Research Area: Spatial Distribution of Nutrients

E-mail: dhinislam51@gmail.com

Cell: 01933-689857

No. of publications: 02

CV of Md. Dhin Islam

1 Md. Shajedul Islam Lab. Assistant
2 Md. Rezaul Karim Office Assistant 01983343969
3 Md. Kamal Hossain Senior MLLS 01715341633