List of Seminar Papers

  1. Quazi Mostaque Mahmud (17-05-4492) Growth Promotion and Disease Suppression of Crop Plants by Mycorrhizae.

  2.  Sharmin Akter (14-05-3156) – Exploitation of Apomixis in crop improvement

  3. Ashim Kumar Das 14-05-3142 – Homestea.d production system: A promising approach for household food and nutritional security.

  4. Mst. Razia Sultana (18-05-4872) – Presence of phytochemicals in horticultural crops and its functional activities.

  5. Bushra Islam Binte (14-05-3256) – Floating agriculture technology in waterlogging areas if Bangladesh.

  6. Mir Jannatul Maua (14-05-3262) – Golden rice for malnutrition solution.

  7. Niloy Paul (14-05-3183) – Oxidative stress and acclimation mechanisms in plants
  8. Aziza Akter Zhinuk (13-05-3058) – Health beneficial bioactive peptides from milk and milk products

  9. Md. Sazzad Karim (13-05-3050) – Estrus synchronization and embryo transfer in goats

  10. Naznin Haque Tompa (14-05-3150 –Role of Abscisic acid(ABA) in abiotic stress tolerance of land plants
  11. Kamrun Nahar Ruma – (18-05-4876)Maintenance of gynoecious lines of cucumber through modification of sex using plant growth regulators

  12. Sumi Sarkar – (17-11-4524)Effect of salinity stress on reproductive and yield traits of rice

  13. Fahriya Yasmin (14-05-3128) Biodiversity of different Arthropods in tomato Agroecosystem

  14. Arpan Baidya (14-05-3286) Seaweed: A sustainable feed source for aquaculture

  15. Md. Mehedi Hasan Tarek (17-11-4530) Physo-chemical properties and nutritional benefits of pineapple based food products

  16. Nipa Rani Paul (14-05-3270) Management of bacterial leaf blight disease in rice

  17. Tasfia Hassan Tabassum (14-05-3210) Prospects of botanicals in management of plant diseases caused by bacteria
  18. Sridebi Das (14-05-3216) Mechanism of abiotic stress tolerance in plants
  19. Md. Parvez Kabir (14-05-3218) Nano fertilizers for smart agriculture
  20. Khadiza Zannth Hemo (14-05-3182) Sustainability management of soil borne diseases of vegetables crops
  21. Tasmina Akter (17-08-4495) Vaccine to prevent streptococcal infection in fishSalma Naznin Rimmi (14-05-3144) Integrated nutrient management for soil fertility and sustainable crop production
  22. Samsun Nahar Shimu (14-05-3174) Morpho-physiological and biochemical derivation of rice under saline stress
  23. Mansura Afroz (14-05-3224) Impact of weather factors on the abundance of major insect pests of mango
  24. Md. Al Amin (13-05-3054) Prospects and problems of artificial insemination in Bangladesh
  25. Cynthia Elisia Mrong (14-05-3294 Toxicity and bio-concentration of organophosphorus pesticides in freshwater fish
  26. Md. Apon Dulal (14-05-3282) Role of plant antioxidant compounds on the quality and shelf life enhancement of preserved fish and shellfish
  27. Rebeka Jahan (14-05-3160) Management of soil-borne diseases for sustainable crop production
  28. Fatematuzzahara Anny (14-05-3300) Gelatin coating enriched with natural extracts improve the quality and shelf life of fish fillets during storage
  29. Shaida Akter (14-05-3278) Sea level rise and vulnerability of coastal region in Bangladesh
  30. Tasnia Umma Kulsum (14-05-3164) Integrated nutrients management and carbon sequestration in soil
  31. Farhad Hossain  (18-05-4885) Shifting cultivation versus agroforestry practices- problems and prospect
  32. Fatama Islam (14-05-3314) Effects of bacteria as probiotics on fish emphasizing growth, haematology, immunology and reproduction
  33. Kamrunnaher Kole (14-05-3306) Agricultural pesticide toxicity to aquatic organisms
  34. Rezwana Parvin (14-05-3228) Improvement of drought resistance in rice: Focus on molecular breeding
  35. Shrabani Majumdar Tripty (13-05-3046) Epidemiological risk factors associated with clinical mastitis in Bangladesh