Welcome to the Department of Microbiology and Public Health (MPH).

The department is committed to contribute producing outstanding graduate/researcher particularly at microbiology through its organized teamwork leading to develop livestock population of Bangladesh which would ultimately meet up the nutritional deficiency of people for building a healthy nation that would face the challenges of 21st century. The research initiatives conducted by the members of the department has remarkable, leading to numerous important ground-breaking discoveries across a variety of fields from elementary to advanced applied research. The extensive research interests of our Faculty members in biological and health sciences cover the fields of Microbiology, Virology, Immunology, Mycology and the Microbiome.

Courses of microbiology at undergraduate programs cover a wide variety of topics in biological and health sciences whilst offering different hands on laboratory courses and research training opportunities aiming to produce competent veterinarian. Students at undergraduate level can learn about the life cycle and pathogenesis of various animal as well as human pathogens which include bacteria, viruses and fungi, at the same time they can learn how immune system functions and protects host against these important disease-causing microorganisms. The most advanced courses cover host-pathogen interactions and prevention of host before and after infection by vaccination and antimicrobial chemotherapy respectively.