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Department : Agricultural Extension & Rural Development (AER)

SL No               Title         Author    Call No.
01 Modernizing Indian agriculture in 21st century edited by B. S. Hansra, G. Perumal & K. Chandrakandan 630.715


02 Communication in extension: a teaching and learning guide by Harry A. Carey 630.715


03 Advances & challenges in agricultural extension & rural development by T. Rathakrishnan 630.715


04 Extension strategies for agriculture and rural development edited by Ashok K. Singh 630.715


05 Extension education for human resource development by Birendra Kumar & B. S. Hansra. 630.715


06 Improving agricultural extension : a reference manual edited by  Burton E. Swanson, Robert P. Bentz and Andrew J. Sofranko. 630.715


07 New developments in categorical data analysis for the social and behavioral sciences edited by L. Andries van der Ark, Marcel A. Croon and Klaas Sijtsma. 630.715


Department : Agronomy (AGR)

SL No Title Author Call No.
01 Principles of crop physiology by Mallika Vanangamudi & S. S. Purohit 630


02 Organic agriculture and biopesticides by V. N. Tiwari & M. R. Pandey 630


03 Farming system : concepts and approaches by C. Jayanthi & D. Ravisankar 631.58


04 Remote sensing techniques in agriculture by D. D. Sahu and R. M. Solanki 631.3


05 Post harvest food grain storage by Barman Himangshu 630


06 The physiology of plants under stress : abiotic factors  by Erik T. Nilsen and David M. Orcutt. 630


Department : Agro-processing (AGP)

SL No Title Author Call No.
01 Post harvest technology & engineering by  Dev Raj 664.02


02 Drying technology for foods : fundamentals and applications

Part I and Part II

edited by Prabhat K. Nema, Barjinder Pal Kaur & Arun S. Mujumdar 664.02


03 Handbook of food powders : processes and properties edited by Bhesh Bhandari…[et. al]. 664.02


04 Biochemistry by Mary K. Campbell and Shawn O. Farrell 572


05 Principles of food chemistry by John M.   Deman 639.2


Department : Computer Science & Information Technology (CST)

SL No Title Author Call No.
01 ICT4D information communication technology for development by Parveen Pannu and Yuki Azaad Tomar. 001.6


02 Management information systems by Kenneth C. Laudon and Jane P. Laudon 004


Department : Entomology (ENT)

SL No Title Author Call No.
01 Agricultural insect pests of the tropics and their control by Dennis S. Hill 595.7


02 Bio pest management : entomopathogenic nematodes microbes & bioagents by  H. C. L. Gupta, A. U. Siddiqui & Aruna Parihar 595.7


Department : Genetics & Plant Breeding (GPB)

SL No Title Author Call No.
01 Breeding field crops by David Allen Sleper and John Milton Poehlman 631.53


Department : Plant Pathology (PLP)

SL No Title Author Call No.
01 Laboratory manual on plant pathology by Usha Bhale…[et al.]. 632.3


02 A-Z plant diseases by Gyan Deep Singh 632.3


03 Postharvest pathogens and disease management by P. Narayanasamy 632.3


04 Postharvest diseases of fruits and vegetables : development and control by Rivka Barkai-Golan 632.3


05 Postharvest physiology and pathology of vegetables edited by Jerry A. Bartz and Jeffrey K. Brecht 632.3


06 A dictionary of plant pathology by Paul Holliday 632.303


07 Molecular methods in plant pathology edited by Rudra P. Singh and Uma S. Singh 632.3


Department : Soil Science (SSC)

SL No Title Author Call No.
01 Soil fertility and fertilizers : an introduction to nutrient management by John L. Havlin….[et al.]. 631.4


02 Soil microbiology, ecology and biochemistry edited by Eldor A. Paul 631.4


Department : Fisheries Technology (FIT)

SL No Title Author Call No.
01 An introduction to practical biochemistry by David T. Plummer 572


02 Outlines of biochemistry  by E. E. Conn… [et al.]. 574.192


03  Alcamo’s fundamentals of microbiology  by Jeffrey C. Pommerville 579


04 Food microbiology by William C. Frazier and Dennis C. Westhoff. Adapted by N.M. Vanitha. 576.163


05 Quality assurance in seafood processing: a practical guide by A. D. Bonnell. 664.02


Department : Gynecology, Obstetrics & Reproductive Health ( GOR)

SL No Title Author Call No.
01 Applied veterinary gynaecology & obstetrics   by Pradeep Kumar. 636.08981


02 Comparative reproductive biology edited by Heide Schatten 636.08981


03 Reproduction in farm animals edited by B. Hafez and E. S. E. Hafez 636.08981


 Department : Pathobiology (PBL)

SL No Title Author Call No.
01  A textbook of veterinary systemic pathology  by J. L. Vegad and Madhu Swamy. 636.089101815


02 Veterinary microbiology and microbial disease by P. J. Quinn…[et al.]. 636.089101815


 Department : surgery & Radiology (SRA)

SL No Title Author Call No.
01 Essentials of veterinary surgery by A. Venugopalan. 636.089


 Department : Agriculture Finance & Cooperatives (AFC)

SL No Title Author Call No.
01 Money, banking, international trade and public finance  by D. M. Mithani. 338.13


02 Financial management : a conceptual approach (with problems, cases & review questions) by P. V. Kulkarni & B. G. Satyaprasad . 338.13


03 Essentials of microeconomics by Bonnie Nguyen and Andrew Wait. 338.13


 Department : Agri-business (AGB)

SL No Title Author Call No.
01 The agribusiness book : a marketing and value – chain perspective  by Mukesh Pandey & Deepali Tewari. 338.16


02 Marketing management : 15e by Philip  Kotler & Kevin Lane Keller. 338.16


03 Rural entrepreneurship development program- me in India : an impact assessment by Gangadhar Banerjee and Srijeet Banerji. 338.16


04 Entrepreneurship development by K. C. Sharma and foreworded by J. N. Sharma. 338.16


05 Entrepreneurship development : issues and perspectives edited by  Jaynal Ud-din Ahmed and Khundrakpam Devananda Singh. 338.16


06 Breeding and improvement of farm animals  by J. E. Legates and Everett J. Warwick. 636.082


Department : Agricultural Engineering (AGE)

SL No Title Author Call No.
01 Microirrigation for crop production : design, operation and management edited by Freddie R. Lamm, James E. Ayars and Francis S. Nakayama 631.7


Department : Biochemistry & Molecular Biology (BMB)

SL No Title Author Call No.
01 Textbook of biochemistry : with clinical correlations edited by Thomas M. Devlin. 572


02 Biochemistry of signal transduction and regulation by Gerhard Krauss.  572


Department : Environmental Science (ENS)

SL No Title Author Call No.
01 Environmental microbiology by Ian L. Pepper, Charles P. Gerba and Terry J. Gentry. 363.7


Department : Crop Botany (CBT)

SL No Title Author Call No.
01 Plant physiology and development  by Lincoln Taiz…[et. al].       631.58


02 Plant ecology by Ernst-Detlef Schulze, Erwin Beck and Klaus Muller-Hohenstein. 581.5


Department : Entomology (ENT)

SL No Title Author Call No.
01 Ecological engineering for pest management : advances in habitat manipulation for arthropods edited by Geoff M. Gurr, Steve D. Wratten and Miguel A. Altieri 595.7


02 Tropical fruit pests and pollinators : biology, economic importance natural enemies and control edited by J. E. Pena, J. L. Sharp and M. Wysoki. 595.7


Department : Fisheries Biology & Aquatic Environment (FBE)

SL No Title Author Call No.
01  Principles of systematic zoology  by Ernst Mayr. 591


02 Fish reproductive biology : implications for assessment and management edited by Tore Jakobsen…[et al.]. 639.9


Department : Fisheries Management (FMG)

SL No Title Author Call No.
01 Fisheries biology, assessment and management by Michael King. 639.9


02 Limnology by Paul S. Welch. 551.48


Department : Agroforestry & Enviornment (AFE)

SL No Title Author Call No.
01 Agroforestry for the management of waterlogged saline soils & poor-quality waters edited by Jagdish Chander Dagar and Paramjit Singh Minhas. 634.99


02 Agroforestry : the future of global land use edited by P. K. Ramachandran Nair and Dennis Garrity 634.99


03 Valuing agroforestry systems : methods and applications edited by  Janaki R. R. Alavalapati and D. Evan Mercer       634.99


04 Wildlife habitat management : concepts and applications in forestry by  Brenda C. McComb 634.99


05 Ecosystem services – concept, methods and case studies edited by Karsten Grunewald & Olaf Bastian 634.99


Department : Animal Science & Nutrition (ASN)

SL No Title Author Call No.
01 Animal nutrition  by Peter McDonald…[et al.]. 636.0852


02 Basic animal nutrition and feeding by W. G. Pond…[et al.]. 636.085


Department : Dairy & Poultry Science (DPS)

SL No Title Author Call No.
01 Encyclopedia of dairy sciences  edited by John W. Fuquay, Patrick F. Fox and Paul L. H. McSweeney. 636.2403


02 Poultry meat processing edited by Alan R. Sams. 636.5


Department : Veterinary Medicine (MED)

SL No Title Author Call No.
01 Veterinary epidemiology : principles and methods by S. Wayne Martin, Alan H. Meek and Preben Willeberg. 636.089


Department : Micro-biology & Public Health (MPH)

SL No Title Author Call No.
01 Fields  virology edited by David M. Knipe and Peter M. Howley. 636.0898392


02 Principles of virology by Jane Flint…[et al.]. 636.0898392


 Department : Agricultural Economics (AEC)

SL No Title Author Call No.
01 Economics of farm management in a global setting. by Kent D. Olson 338.1


02 Farm management : principles and strategies by Kent D. Olson. 338.1


 Department : Agri-Business (AGB)

SL No Title Author Call No.
01 Designing and managing the supply chain : concepts, strategies and case studies by David Simchi-Levi…[et al.]. 338.16


 Department : Rural Development (RUD)

SL No Title Author Call No.
01 Environmental economics & management : theory, policy and applications by Scott J. Callan and Janet M. Thomas. 307.14


 Department : Statistics (STT)

SL No Title Author Call No.
01 Regression analysis : theory, methods and applications by Ashish Sen and Muni Srivastava. 310


 Bangladeshi Books 

SL No Title Author Call No.
01 Performance of agricultural extension organizations of Bangladesh by M. Hassanullah…[et al.]. 630.715


02 How to help small farmers in Bangladesh by Hugh Brammer. 630.715095492


03 Agroecological aspects of agricultural research in Bangladesh  by Hugh Brammer. 630.72


04 The geography of the soils of Bangladesh by Hugh Brammer 631.495492


05 Agricultural development possibilities in Bangladesh by Hugh Brammer. 630.715


06 Climate change, sea-level rise and development in Bangladesh by Hugh Brammer. 551.6



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