Trail Access to Elsevier Journals:

1. Science Direct

Trial Access to Oxford Journals Online complete Subject Collections

Trial access of Oxford Journals Online complete Subject Collections has been started under University Digital Library Consortium (UDL). This database will be accessible till 31 October, 2017. It publish journals of the highest quality with the greatest impact, presenting innovative research that furthers future advances. It publish over 300 journals in the humanities, social sciences, law, science, and medicine, two-thirds of which are published in partnership with learned and professional societies. A-Z List of Oxford Academic Journals.  Details about the Database.

The database will be accessible using the link:

Visit :  BSMRAU website and click Library menu (E-resources)/(Please Login within campus only).



SubjectOnline e-resources service to Prof. Dr. Yoshio Yamada Library

This is for your kind information of the honorable faculty members and students of BSMRAU that Library authority is providing regularly the following online services.  To avail /receive this online services you are requested to visit the BSMRAU website and click Library menu (E-resources)/(Please Login within campus only).

Month : August 2017

  1. Taylor & Francis Online Journal (Trail Access) : UDL
  2. IEEE – UDL
  3. World Scientific -UDL
  4. SAGE –  UDL
  5. Pearson- UDL
  6. Wiley-UDL
  7. Cambridge University Press


Books (hard copy) :Coming soon  (under process 2016-17)