Researches of the Department of Genetics and Plant Breeding covers the following areas:
Vegetable crop improvement
-          Development of high yielding snake gourd variety
-          Development of hybrid variety of brinjal and tomato
-          Development of high female cucumber variety
-          Development of OP and hybrid radish utilizing SI and CMS system
-          Development of short duration vegetable pea variety
-          Development of high quality sweet gourd variety
-          Development of high yielding bottle gourd variety

Spices crop improvement
-          Development of high yielding onion variety
-          Development of high yielding capsicum variety

Oil crop improvement
-          Development of hybrid Brassica napus variety utilizing CMS system

Cereal crop improvement
-          Development of short duration aromatic hybrid rice utilizing CMS system

Fruit crop improvement
-          Development of gynoecious papaya variety

Plant genetic resources (PGRs)
-          Coastal belt PGRs collection, conservation and maintenance

Molecular plant breeding and biotechnology
-          Molecular diversity analysis of Bangladeshi aromatic rice
-          Molecular characterization of different pea genotypes
-          In vitro regeneration of tomato genotypes under salt stress
-          In vitro selection of salt tolerant somaclones of Bangladeshi aromatic rice

Renewable Energy Research
-          Breeding Jatropha curcas for higher seed and oil yield as a source of renewable energy.