Welcome to the Department of Entomology

Since its inception (1983) the Department started offering M.Sc(Ag) degree in Entomology under the BAU Academic umbrella. But from 1991 Department started offering MS (in Entomology) degree independently under course based curriculum with sound thesis research program. Department introduced Ph. D program from 1995. Five courses for BS (Agriculture) was developed and offered by the faculty members 2005. A total of 96 students completed their MS degree from this department. At present there are 06 MS students enrolled in this department. A total of 08 Ph.D candidate completed their Ph.D program from the Department of which 03 of them received Ph.D degree in this reporting period. There are 03 more Ph.D candidates are in pipe line to complete their Ph.D program by the end of 2008. At present there are 08 candidates are continuing their Ph.D program.

The Entomology Department has a major research thrust on (i) ecological and biological studies of insect pests and their natural enemies, their behavior and management, (ii) integrated pest management; (iii) biological studies of pollinators and their utilization in vegetable seeds and oil seed production; (iv) environmental toxicology of pesticides and (v) collection, identification and preservation of insect pests and their natural enemies.