Research programs of the department are being conducted mostly on wetland ecosystem service and biodiversity, carbon sequestration by wetland ecosystem, nutrient cycling, climate change and its connectivity with natural disasters, soil-air and water pollution/salinity problem in coastal region, uses of Mycorrhizae for the reduction of toxic substances, exploitation of native microbes (fungi and bacteria mostly) for bioremediation, heavy metals (Chromium, Arsenic, Nikeletc) removal through biofilm development and bio-bleaching of industrial as well as domestic wastewaters, assessment of environmental degradation such as ecosystem cut-off and services, natural resources pollution and biodiversity. Bioconversion and recycling of biodegradable wastes as value added products, bio-fertilizer and bio-pelletes production for crop and soil health improvement.

On going research projects

   Resources pollution, biodiversity degradation and pollutants dynamics by industrial effluents discharges

   Bacterial biofilm mediated bioremediation of pollutants

   Recyclingof industrial effluents contaminated water in agronomic practices

   Native potential microbesisolation and exploitation for necessary treatments (bioconversion, bioremediation and mycoremediation etc.) of relevant wastewaters/wastes

   River waters assessment of the Buriganga and the Turag in respect pollution, biodiversity and food contamination

 Exposure of natural disasters and their coping strategies in context of climate change at Kuakata Coastal Belt in Patuakhali

   Assessment of ecosystem services and their connectivity with water quality parameters at Shitalakkah wetland in Narayangonj

   Uneven water distribution at Teesta river and its impact on aquatic environment in the northern part of Bangladesh

   Vulnerabilities of soil and water salinity at Kalapara Coastal Belt in Bangladesh

   Uses of mycorrhizal stains for the mitigation arsenic/heavy metals in Lentil crops

Accomplished research projects


  Impact assessment of industrial effluents on aquatic biodiversity and water quality in different wetlands of Gazipur district in Bangladesh

  Performance evaluation of Trichoderma enriched biofertilizer on plant growth and development, nutritional quality, yield of tomato and bottle gourd, and soil health.