Person Position & Expertise Research interests Remarks
Dr. Md. AbulHossain Mollaahmollah Professor

Bioconversion/Mycoremediaiton of wastes & wastewaters

● Bioremediation/bio-bleaching of wastewaters

● Biodegradable solid wastes management & recycling

● Climate change and agriculture

● Environmental degradation and biodiversity

● Enriched bio-pelletes & bio-fertilizer production for crop improvement by exploiting native microbes

Head of the department
Dr. Md. Manjurul Haquemonjur Associate Professor

Environmental Microbiology and Genetic Engineering

·      Isolation, characterization and identification of bio-functional microorganisms from diverse environment

·      Biofilm-mediated bioremediation of pollutants

·      Application of plant probiotics for yield and quality of crops

·      Molecular plant-microbe-environment interaction

·      Biodiversity & climate change

Mohammad Zahangeer Alamzahangeer Assistant Professor

Mycorrhizae/ Arsenic and other heavy metals/wetland biodiversity and ecosystem services/ Natural disasters/ soil-air and water quality/ climate change

·       Uses of Mycorrhizae for the reduction of toxic substances

·      Wetland ecosystem service and biodiversity

·      Carbon sequestration by wetland ecosystem

·      Nutrient cycling

·      Climate change and its connectivity with natural disasters

·      Soil –air and water quality

·      Natural Hazard’s /soil and water salinity


Md. Raihan Talukder Assistant Professor


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